Review: 2016 Arkansas League of the South Conference

As always, I knew I would have a great time.

Here is a wrap up of the event from R.G. Miller who organized the conference:

“Our first annual state conference in Arkansas can be classified as nothing other than a complete success. We began with a presentation on our activism here in Arkansas over the past year. As the state chairman, even I was impressed when looking back at all we have been able to get accomplished in such a short time, especially in our street demonstrations. We have held seven successful demonstrations since our inception in late 2014, and six since around this time last year. Several of these had over 50 participants, and the largest had nearly 70. In addition to this, we have had two billboards here in Arkansas, one of which still stands on the main East/West thoroughfare in Harrison. This presentation was very encouraging to the attendees and gave us a good idea of what the future holds. After that we had three speeches by some of the best speakers in Southern Nationalism. The biggest name was of course James Edwards from the political cesspool, and Brad Griffin from Occidental Dissent, Mark Thomey, and I spoke as well. The speeches were very well received by the audience of around 30 men, women, and children. Another encouraging aspect to this conference was the presence of several new prospective members, which most of us had never met. Southern Nationalism is definitely growing in Arkansas.

We even had a brief period of entertainment after eating dinner together at a local restaurant. After we returned to the library event room, a negro employee of the Faulkner County Library was present with a recording device. As one of the stipulations of using the event location was that it had to be open to the public, initially we decided to ignore the negro and go on as planned. However, after the negro sat through Mr. Thomey’s speech, he could contain himself no more. It seems that a brave, unapologetic white Southerner proclaiming the truth grates against the negro mind that is so used to pandering by cucked whites. After the speech, the negro railed at Mr. Thomey and attempted to cause unrest. However, our people demonstrated maturity and our utter superiority over the uncivil and barbaric discourse of the negro, and the situation was soon resolved when his supervisor escorted him out of the room. Several of us and other Southern Nationalists have left unfavorable reviews of the library that have been addressed by the chief supervisor. Hopefully, the negro will learn his lesson and be terminated.

After the conference was over, several of us spent some good time together that carried into the night, as is our usual custom. Brad Griffin and I joined James Edwards for a remote broadcast of the Political Cesspool, where we discussed some of the topics addressed at the conference. Overall, it was a great event, and one which we will look forward to each upcoming year. We are truly blessed here in Arkansas, and I expect great things out of our organization and people in the coming months and years.

God save the South!
R.G. Miller”

Anyway, I spent a lot of time on the way back thinking about the central question that hung over the conference which I addressed in my speech on Saturday.

Would we better off if per the “worse is better” theory our people are pushed harder against the wall, grow angrier and more alienated, and radicalize? Are we better off if the mainstream buckles and the Scarlet R and the other -isms and -phobias lose their power as a deterrent to organizing? It is anger and alienation vs. fear and apathy.

My gut instinct and experience tells me that fear and apathy is the greater problem than a lack of anger and alienation. I’ve talked to people who have lost their jobs because of their politics. I know many more people who agree with us, but who are inactive because they are afraid of being branded with the Scarlet R. I can’t see how being more repressed than we are now is going to work to our advantage.

If we could operate more openly with fewer consequences, I think we will better off than if more people are just angry and alienated. Take away the Scarlet R and the other -isms and -phobias and the Left doesn’t have much else. If I had to choose between more people who are angry and alienated and fewer people who are angry but checkmated by being branded with the Scarlett R, I would choose the latter every time.

At the end of the day, the question that matters most is what are you going to do when you are called a racist.

Note: James Edwards and I discussed the Scarlet R on The Political Cesspool.

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  1. Free your people from the word “racist”

    Problem with the right, they assume everyone is an intellectual and scoff at propaganda. No, propaganda works and the word “racist” is the world’s most effective bit of propaganda.

    Before I let my membership lapse I wrote Mr. Hill and told him he had to do something about the word “racist”, he was kind enough to respond but since he is a conservative intellectual he had no clue beyond sterner sounding essays (that always have to be walked back because “racist” gets thrown around)

  2. Apart from its being redundant, calling the discourse of the black in that situation “uncivil and barbaric” is opportunistic and thus uncivilized itself.

    • Umm, no.

      He showed up in our conference room uninvited. He was not asked to leave. He was not confronted. He was not insulted. Instead, he was ignored by everyone.

      After Thomey’s speech which was about how “America is an unholy nation,” he confronted Thomey. At first, he was just sharing his opinion, but then he began to get more animated and was making gestures in which he angrily began to point near Thomey’s chest.

      When I came back into the room, he was screaming and hollering and threatening to “want to know you” to various people outside in the parking lot. He was doing this in front of children who were crawling around on the floor. He even shouted down an elderly couple.

      Eventually, his boss came into the room and asked him to leave.

        • At the personal level, all my life I have resented being told I had told I had to wear slacks instead of jeans or a tie.

          But when it comes to the need at hand, I really do think a modest dress code is a no brainer. Very few antifa type troublemakers will pass the dress code test, plus when people are taking pics/vids, you really don’t want to take a chance of some guy with overalls, no shirt and a spitune showing up.

          Requiring everybody to wear a suit would be over the top imo, but requiring full length slacks or jeans and a collared button down shirt, and maybe a blazer should only help both in keeping out undesirables and in getting better pics.

          • Prez Davis 6 minutes ago

            “At the personal level, all my life I have resented being told I had told I had to wear slacks instead of jeans or a tie.

            But when it comes to the need at hand, I really do think a modest dress code is a no brainer. Very few antifa type troublemakers will pass the dress code test,”

            I respond:

            Yours is a best ever comment – making the transition from Libertarian views of what I want for me, me, me and

            What the hell can can we do about these mobs of Black criminals, Antifas, Islamists who are increasingly threatening and terrorizing us in our worlds now 2016.

            And yes, things like dress codes work in real life – it’s a simply, inexpensive, practical thing to do – much more practical than trying to bring our AR 15 guns and slaughtering these Antifa, BlackLiesMatter mobs.

            Some boys like 63 year old still MJ pot smoking Peter Pan the Libertarian Boy who never grew up Gary Johnson, they just can’t make the transition you made, understanding the need to do what works in the real world with mobs of Antifa, BlackLiesMatter, Chicago street gangs etc.

            Thanks again.


          • Oh, I still don’t like it. I always wear jeans and a button down collared shirt, even back in high school. I hate slacks though and resent being made to wear them. I’ve even been told by group email that polo shirt was mandatory, so actually I was taking a step down to go from button to polo, and had to buy the polo to wear once only, but whatever.

            I got turned on to the dress code idea when I found out that Amren used that tactic. It repels both antifa and tattooed faced skinheads and deprives news crews of smear pics.

            Point is that some kind of reasonable, middle of the road dress code meets a need. We need ways to keep (most) undesirables out and we need people to look good in pics. If there is an splc plant there, they will always find the worst dressed or otherwise worst looking person there to get pics of and publish online.

            I also suspect that making men dress decently will attract more women (and I suspect disinterested wives hurt the movement by pulling men away). Most women love to dress up and love to see men dress up. It may seem frivolous to us, but it really is a big deal to most women.

            I’d shoot for something middle of the road though, like requiring long pants and a button down collared shirt for men. That’s not strict and most men already have it. Hipsters will be easy to spot because they will try to pull of something like skinny jeans, funky hairstyle, suit w tennis shoes or sandals, pink socks or something like that. They just can’t wear normal, traditional men’s clothes for some reason. If you give them enough freedom to “express themselves” you can spot them immediately.

            Totally agree that having a dress code is much smarter at this point than showing up with a prominently displayed gun (though concealed carry may not be a bad idea). Libs will have those “Southern Nationalist neo Confederate racist white supremacist man with big scary gun” pics all over the Internet. What we want is a nice “boring” meeting where there were no confrontations and news people didn’t get any antiwhite propaganda pics.

          • I like jeans, just as long as they are some other color than the scrappy looking blue. They hold your wallet, keys, and phone snuggly in the pocket, never accidentally spilling out and they are thick material that insulates well against the cold.

      • In chivalry, as the poet hath said, “the vulgar advantage is declined.” However agitated or distressed the man became, it was your task simply to calm him and, if necessary, have him removed. In America, the history of the races has been such that nearly any white man, no matter how poorly bred he himself may be, is in a position to accuse a black of being uncivil; that advantage is thus vulgar–and to be declined.

        • You need to stop posing as a cultured and intelligent man. You are neither. You are simply a pseudo-intellectual bore, and an even less thinly disguised anti-white agitator.

          Never once have you called out any non-white aggression. You only defend non-whites.

          • When you’ll have posted my comments I requested of you a month ago, you’ll be entitled to address me, Burns. You know of what I’m speaking.

      • Oh, the black guy worked there? How unprofessional to do that on your job! Doubt he will get fired for it though, but imagine if a white acted like that, in a scenario not involving politics, say the Scientologists had a convention there and a white employee blew up and (correctly) yelled out what a fraud L. Ron Hubbard and his money making cult is, violating his professional ethics. He’d get fired.

    • If a nigger barged into a conference of Philly Italians and began chimping out at attendees, I have a feeling they’d do more than just describe the nigger as “uncivil.”

  3. You go to that Diamond Mine State Park while there? I went there in April, what the park’s videos didn’t show is that the soil you sift through is almost as hard as concrete. Your fingernails really felt it afterwards breaking up the mass in a tub of water over some screens. Had zero luck finding any diamonds, it appears of the 500 daily visitors someone finds one every two weeks or so.

  4. I would agree with you that fear and apathy is the main problem. There seems to be plenty of anger as i measure it based on the numbers and types of redirects i get from pretty establishment type people. Further if all you got in attendance was 30 people then your conclusion is surely the correct one. From where i sit, out here in the deserts of the west, if the south is not riproaring furious by now then the people must be nothing but intimidated. I have been reading Clyde Wilson lately and if he doesnt get the south moving toward running from the nuthouse then i imagine not much else may do it.

    Sure do hope to see the day when the south rises to once again become the Conferate States….i want to live with sane people in a sane social order at least for a short while during my lifetime….they are starting to close in on us desert people out here so time is short….

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