U.S. Admits Bombing Syrian Army

Meanwhile, as #Bama is trending on Twitter, Obama has just sparked a major international crisis in Syria:

“BEIRUT, Lebanon — The United States military acknowledged on Saturday that its warplanes had carried out an airstrike that the Syrian government said killed its troops in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour. American military officials said the pilots in the attack believed that they were targeting the Islamic State.

Russia’s defense ministry said the United States attack had killed 62 Syrian troops, wounded 100 more and opened the way for an Islamic State offensive. …

Saving ISIS?

Sounds like something the Founder of ISIS would do!


  1. They attacked in eastern Syria, because there are no Russian air defences there. Solution: Russia needs to bring S400 to eastern Syria.

  2. So what if Bathhouse Barry is committing acts of illegal and unprovoked aggression against a foreign country? Donald Trump is saying mean things!

  3. I’m watching the Canadian war movie ‘Hyena Road,’ about the fighting in Afghanistan, and I find myself siding with the Afghan freedom fighters.

  4. That by my calculus suggests an American airliner is going to be plucked from the Heavens in the next six months.

    Thx guys!

  5. Didn’t this happen once before not too long ago?

    Honest mistakes, I guess.

    No, not really.

    We’ve been hell bent on toppling Assad and provoking a war with Putin.

    Until ISIS actually blows up some sin-o-gogs and takes out large numbers of jews I will be firmly in the ‘Israel and the US created and funds IsIs’ camp.

  6. Kev said it: Russia needs to put S-400s in eastern Syria.

    Bashar al-Assad needs to declare a no-fly zone over his own country. There is just too damn much US-Israeli support for jihadists including ISIS. This must end. Glad China is going to help.

  7. Is the US so stupid and evil that it is willing (eager?) to risk war with Russia, China and Iran in order to install its throat-cutting allies in Damascus?

    Maybe it’s also time to reassess the wisdom of helping the mujaheddin in Afghanistan in the ’80s and the more covert support for Chechen maniacs.

    • It is about natural gas. The South Pars gas field sits between Saudi Arabia and Iran and is the biggest in the world. Assad has refused the pipeline right of way through Syria into Europe. The Syrian relationship with Russia may have been a deciding factor. Russian currently is Europes major source of natural gas.

      • When it comes to natural gas and oil. They don’t need it. But other countries they wish to control, do. They want to be able to turn off the heat in Berlin and Paris.

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