Trump Has Pivoted

The budding narrative that Trump had rejected Paul Manafort’s advice in favor of going out with a bang under Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway – who would let “Trump be Trump” – turns out to have been a head fake:

“Three and a half months after sealing the Republican nomination, Donald Trump pivoted to contest the general election on Thursday night, expressing regret for his past failures to “choose the right words” and delivering one of the most comprehensive, on-message rationales for his candidacy to date.

Speaking from prepared remarks on the heels of another staffing shakeup, Trump positioned himself as the champion of voiceless Americans against a corrupt and incompetent elite and the leader of an inclusive movement who repeatedly condemned “bigotry.” …”


He should have done it two months ago. Instead, he has been dragged off message and weighed down by all these stupid controversies. He rises in the polls when Manafort keeps him on message, when he delivers his policy speeches, and when his guns are firing on Hillary. When the race goes through a boring stretch, everyone is reminded of how much they hate Hillary instead of why they opposed Trump in the primary.

I don’t care that he is condemning “bigotry.” I can read the polls. These cucked suburbanites who voted for Kasich, Rubio, and ¡Jeb! – who were sent into a panic by Judge Curiel and Khizr Khan – are the cause of his bad poll numbers. Just look at Virginia where he is down 12 points or Pennsylvania where it is like 10 points or Wisconsin where it is around 15 points. These people are going to decide the election. If he needs to appeal to them to win and showing a little humility helps him get there, then go for it!

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  1. Hunter I question whether it’s too little too late. Trump allowed some ****y advisors to take his eye off the ball I believe they were sent by the illuminati and the Bush family to give Hillary the advantage myself. Had BRJ been advising him I would have said ATTACK HILLARY AT ALL TIMES. Tell the people you have a list of pedophiles and Islamicists in her campaign and then began naming names. Col Allen West, who is a Negro I respect got thrown out of Congress not long after he said he had a list of over 100 members of CPUSA in the Democratic Party and the website said West was being conservative it was more like 200. If i were Trump I would have gotten that list and ran with it hammered 24/7 until November 8th and sent trusted subsidiaries out to continue the attack.

    I am yet to find a connection between Communist Jewess Rutgers Professor Margo Kaplan who wants to Legalize Pedophilia and says it is a fixed choice by nature therefore not a crime and the Hillary Campaign but if there is one, Trump should be running with the Hillary wants to legalize pedophila and have all your kids harmed meme. If BRJ was advising he would be telling Trump, go dirty and stay dirty. Go down swinging.

      • You win by going negative and forcing your opponent to play to your strengths. Trump began after the RNC getting Party Advisors, I knew that was a mistake and I think it will give Hillary the election. That is unless some major crap comes down to make Hillary and Obama look bad. For instance a major terrorist shooting, a nuclear dirty bomb explodes in Washington or Air Force One is an attempted target by Terrorists via surface to air missile. The more carnage, the better it is for Trump. The more peace, Hillary will sew this election up.

        If BRJ was advising Trump and had been since June I would tell him this, make sure to tie Hillary to the Terrorists in every speech, lay out how she has funded and built them and constantly repeat it. Tell the American People a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for your children being raped and your grandmothers beheaded by Terrorists inside Wal Mart. Hype the fear as high as it will go, make the media come to you. Instead this foolish mess with the Paki soldier, he let Hillary go on the attack. That was poor advice. OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE. Go down swinging.

        • First of all, Billy Ray, your initial remark, to which I replied, as well as your reply, now, to my reply, indicates that you yourself think your advice will cause Trump to “go down swinging.” That means you think he can’t win with it.

          Whether, as you say, a politician wins by “going negative” is irrelevant. Trump’s problems are not a result of a failure on his part to go negative: they’re the result of his constantly putting the dignity of others into play. His apology, in this pivot, for his errors with respect to the personal, are an indication that someone has finally made him see that.

  2. “These cucked suburbanites..”

    Cucked suburbanites is right. The media was in an uproar over Trump’s outreach to blacks on Tuesday night in Wisconsin, but although many of his remarks were ostensibly to blacks, I think they were really aimed at the cucks to try to convince them he’s really not a -gasp- racist.

      • The Negroes are so stupid they don’t understand more Immigrants equals less jobs for them. Welfare isn’t a bottomless pit, eventually the money will run out. Then what?

          • Judging by the Negroes who have been killed by Illegals in Los Angeles so far I wonder how THAT’S working out for them? History tells me that everyone is out for their own group interests and if the Nigs think the Mexicans will give them anything but a bowl of rice and beans and a beating they got another thing coming

  3. He really doesn’t have much time left. School starts in a couple weeks and people will start to focus on the candidates.

    If Clinton wins, Trump supporters and alt right people will be fuming. It could create a ripe environment for dissension.

    If Trump wins, people will fall back asleep. He will have a difficult time implementing his campaign promises. A Hillary win would be insane. She is completely bonkers and from day one things will go into overdrive.

    • In a few days, I will address this in more detail, but here is the long and short of why I disagree:

      1.) If Hillary wins, the status quo under Obama will continue, which means that there will be more anger and alienation.

      2.) The problem is that anger and alienation doesn’t necessarily translate into anything constructive because when every loss is interpreted as a secret victory the result tends to be apathy.

      3.) After eight years of Obama, we know from first hand experience that anger and alienation doesn’t drive anyone to affiliate with organizations, much less the most radical organizations out there. Instead, people tend to keep their heads down and avoid confrontation.

      4.) As we saw with the Tea Party, unfocused anger and alienation can easily be captured and misdirected in tantrum elections like we saw in 2010 and 2012. Ted Cruz got elected in one of those along with a bunch of other Tea Party rockstars like Nikki Haley.

      5.) If Trump wins, it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be less anger and alienation. When the Republicans captured Congress and failed to deliver on their promises, the raised expectations fatally weakened the credibility of the Republican establishment. Ordinary conservatives were radicalized by their disillusionment.

      Trump’s run through the primaries and into the general election ALREADY HAS reduced apathy though. We’ve had the best two years in ages because Trump has shown that the enemy is vulnerable and that we can defeat them if we mount a serious challenge to them. Apathy was the greater problem all along, not a lack of anger or alienation.

      • Fair enough. If Trump does win, pressure needs to be mounted on him to follow through with his promises. If not, and he does what every other Republican has done – mainly say one thing during the election and do nothing while in office – then we are better off with the polarization a Clinton presidency will surely bring. Don’t forget, we are at this point now because of the polarization Obama created over the past seven years.

        What she can and will do though is throw our borders wide open for four years thus making the next election a virtual lock for her (provided she doesn’t drop dead soon) or whoever the next Democratic candidate is.

        If Trump loses this, I doubt we will see another White Republican male in the White House again.

        • All the polarization in the world won’t amount to anything if people conclude that fighting back is too risky, that the enemy is too strong to be defeated, that every defeat is a secret victory and nothing is required from them except sitting on the couch and letting the world go to hell.

          Like a drowning man, people who are angry and alienated will latch onto anyone who promises them relief. They aren’t going to latch onto a cause which promises to lead them to an endless series of catastrophic defeats. In 2008, it was Obama. In 2010, it was the Tea Party. In 2012, it was 313Chris voting for Mitt Romney a dozen times in Detroit. In 2014, it was Republicans who took back control of Congress. If Trump hadn’t changed the course of history by running this year, we would have likely been stuck with Ted Cruz.

          After eight years of Obama, we have tons of angry and alienated people, but few of those people joined organizations. They didn’t participate in demonstrations. They weren’t doing anything to move the ball down the field until Trump came along and activated them. They had been inert for the last 15 years because of their own apathy.

          We’re approaching the end of an experiment. What would our people do after eight years of Obama in office and all the shit he has done? The answer is that few, if any, ever considered joining the most radical White Nationalist groups out there. There was never any RAHOWA either. It was just more posting on the internet essentially unchanged from the previous eight years under George W. Bush.

          • “All the polarization in the world won’t amount to anything if people conclude that fighting back is too risky, that the enemy is too strong to be defeated, that every defeat is a secret victory and nothing is required from them except sitting on the couch and letting the world go to hell.”

            I couldn’t agree more. You should frame it and sell copies. People have to believe that they can win or they will just quietly accept defeat.

            Almost every Southern white man feels the way we do but we have to come up with ways to make people feel more encouraged and empowered, and to put skin in the game, or we are bound to fail.

            “After eight years of Obama, we have tons of angry and alienated people, but few of those people joined organizations. They didn’t participate in demonstrations. They weren’t doing anything to move the ball down the field until Trump came along and activated them. They had been inert for the last 15 years because of their own apathy.”
            I only disagree with the word “apathy.” I would use the word “defeatism” instead. Trump didn’t create the message. He was a strong charismatic leader who gave them hope.
            We must find ways, not to convince Southern men that we should be independent, but convince them:
            –that we are well capable to make it happen.
            –that we can make the South better than it or the US, or any other country ever was.
            –that it is to each man’s advantage to participate in some way rather than being a spectator only.
            And when I say convince men, I mean viscerally, not just intellectually.
            We can and must do these three things or we might as well just eat, drink and be merry until the clock runs out.

          • In order for Trump to get things back on a strong footing he’d have to basically be a dictator. The press will, at every turn, undermine his attempts to build the wall, and 50% of Americans will already be against anything he attempts. Congress will stop funding for whatever he tries to do, even if the Republicans are in the majority of the Senate and the House.

            We are way past the point of just electing a nationalist president that can turn things around. He would have to work within the system.

            I’m still voting for Trump, I personally admire his style. Yet, let’s be realistic, he can only do so much within the office. Unless he deports millions of people, we will still be stuck with the demographic time bomb in eight years when his term is over, and the same problems will exist.

            Nothing short of full revolution can salvage America at this point.

          • I have around 80 days to run through all of this, but briefly:

            1.) As president, there’s a lot that Trump can do on his own, and other things which require working with Congress. If he wants to pass the tax cut, for example, he has to first get it through the House and Senate. It’s reasonable to assume the Democrats will relentlessly fight his agenda in Congress.

            2.) Most importantly, the president enforces the laws, so Trump can immediately start deporting illegal aliens. All that was missing before was the will power. He also has broad power to suspend immigration from large swathes of the world on his own authority and has made that a theme of his retooled Muslim ban.

            3.) Foreign policy is another area which is almost entirely in the hands of the president. Trump getting elected will make a big difference in whether or not we start any new major wars. It is pretty much up to him.

            4.) As for the border wall, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act in 2006 but Obama never completed the project because he didn’t want to. That’s one example of a lot of things which became law but were never realized because of inaction by the White House.

          • Your vantage is from the old conservative strategy of either essays or shrieking the usual perjoratives and calling it politics.
            The rise of the alt-right is not perfect, seems to me that too many ineffectual limp wrists want the usual applause for their super smarty essays in noble defense of their super correct “conservatism”, but within in the alt-right is the iconoclasm that tears down the left not build crappy bunkers out of essays for conservatives to hide in.
            We troll them.

      • Sort of like the Communist ideology that says a conservative revolution must always precede a workers revolution because it fails to deal with he real issues and only increases peoples distress and angst.

  4. Here s an idea that will boost him to the top with young voters :

    Lower the beer drinking age from 21 to 17

    This would guarantee trump enthusiastic support on most every college campus and counter the lie than only old bitter white guys support Trump

  5. Globerals made imperialism, militarism, and war-mongering ‘cool’ and ‘hip’.

    How? They SJW-ed the US military. By allowing Sikh-Americans to wear turbans, by allowing women into combat, by allowing homos to boof and suck dick in military bases, and by letting trannies to strut around in high heels, the US military has taken on ‘progressive’ sheen.

    So, it doesn’t matter if Obama and Hillary are War Criminals who destroyed Libya and Syria. It doesn’t matter if US military is recklessly needling and provoking Russia in the Baltics and Poland.

    US military now flies the homo ‘rainbow’ flag as its banner. So, it made imperialism ‘hip’ and ‘cool’.

    It is incredible that the very people who marched in the streets by the 100,000s in denunciation of Bush II’s Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are now cheering for Hillary the War Criminal and the 4 star clown at the Democratic Convention who called for Diversity-Imperialism. You see, US is an ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation because US military might has Muslim soldiers, homos, trannies, and women. Yippie yay. That means whatever the US War Machine does is ‘progressive’ since Army of Diversity does it. So, US militarism is Inclusion-Invasion. A War Machine that is ‘inclusive’ has the right to be invasive. American supremacism(“we are soooo exceptional”) and chauvinism(“we are soooo indispensable”) are wonderful to Libs and Progs as long as US imperialism is seen as ‘progressive’.

    I suppose it’s like the French Revolution’s Wars too. Initially, they were defensive and justified. But under Napoleon, they became imperialistic and expansive and jingois-istic.

    French Revolution turned into French Empire Building. But because French imperialism became associated with ‘spreading enlightenment’, the French radicals and French masses went along with Napoleon’s mania for expansion and domination.

    The very people who once abhorred war as abominable ventures of vain kings and princes were exulting in it as the way to spread Reason.

    Even people who should hate and oppose wars love them when wars become associated with their symbols of their cause.

    The genius of Bill Clinton was taking GOP ideas on ‘free trade’ and ‘law and order’ and turning them into ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal issues’ by fusing Big Money with Homomania and hipster urban gentrification.

    The trick of Obama/Hillary is taking GOP themes of patriotism and militarism(often disdained by Liberals) and making them palatable to the Progs by re-inventing the military into a SJW outfit. With all those trannies, homos, women in combat, and etc., how can Liberals oppose militarism and the War State?

    It’s Homo Jima Time.

    There is a genius to this because anti-war fury usually came from the left while the right usually supported the military. So, making military into SJW unit was bound to neutralize leftist opposition.

    There has been conservative critics of war and US military, but the Right almost never marched in the streets or made a lot of noise about war. Also, even those who opposed the war in principle supported the troops when the war was on.

    In contrast, the Left often objected to war in principle and could get very violent in opposition with massive marches and riots.

    So, the best way to undermine opposition to the military is by making it palatable to the Left. And Obama and Hillary, under instruction from their Jewish GLOB masters, achieved this by turning the US military into a SJW experiment.

    So, even the Progs are now chanting for US war-mongering and going USA USA USA. They don’t mind that Obama and Hillary destroyed Libya and Syria. They don’t mind their war-mongering in Ukraine. You see, the US military is all about Inclusion, and that means it has right to push Invasion of any nation, especially ones that aren’t homomaniacal.


  6. Maybe White Folks should look to German history to forge a New Order.

    Think of Prussia vs Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    The AH Empire was bigger in land size and had 4 times the population of Prussia.

    But Prussia prevailed. Why? AH Empire’s size and diversity were its undoing. Prussia was smaller in population, but it was all German, and as such, tightly bound together.

    In contrast, AH Empire’s size in people and land were huge, but there was little unity. German-Austrians made up only 1/4 of its population. The ruling German-Austrians had difficult time keeping all the subject peoples together. It tried to convince the subject peoples that they were not subjects, but there was a lot of resentment among the non-Austrians.

    So, even though by the numbers, the AH empire seemed far more formidable, the Prussians won the war because they were homogeneous and united and were interested mainly in uniting Germans and leaving non-Germans out.

    From this, white folks can learn a lesson. As non-white numbers swell, it is both a blessing and a curse to the white Liberals. They will become like the Austrian elites trying to hold together a vast diverse population of subject peoples. Blacks, Hispanics, and many immigrant groups are essentially subject peoples of Jewish and White Liberal Globalist elites. As time passes, the Liberal coalition will become majority non-white if it aint already. It will be Jewish/white ruling class over non-whites who remain mired in lower income.

    In contrast, white conservatives can become like Prussia. They may be smaller in number than the Diversity Empire, but they are united by race, identity, history, and destiny. That is the source of strength, a new Prussianism.

    Also, it’s about time we got rid of this notion of ‘America’. It has a divisive effect between Europeans and white ‘Americans’. The idea of ‘Americans’ suggests that white ‘Americans’ have more in common with black ‘Americans’, yellow ‘Americans’, and brown ‘Americans’ than with white Europeans. In fact, white ‘Americans’ have more in common with white Europeans. To accentuate this fact, we should get rid of the term ‘Americans’.

    White ‘Americans’ should refer to themselves as Neo-Europeans. Indeed, white America should be called Neo-Europe. There is Old Europe(or Original Europe) and New Europe(that is America). Or First Europe and Second Europe.

    America was not a new beginning but an extension of European Civilization.

    Indeed, the first settlers of America understood this. They called their settlement ‘New England’. And they called a city ‘New York’. There was a sense of continuity with prota-Europe or First Europe.

    When white ‘Americans’ refer to themselves as Second Europeans or Neo-Europeans, they will closer to prota-Europeans than with Muslim-Americans, Black-Americans, and etc.

    Reject this ridiculous term called ‘America’.

    • I think there is already in group in America Called Nova Europa.Always remember that an organized minority is always more powerful then a disorganized and dispirited, and clueless, majority. Our enemies learned this long ago which is why the Judeo-Liberal coalition continues to dominate all and is really the de facto ruler of America.

  7. Trump is running a first-class campaign, there is nothing stale, boring or predictable about it. I also like his campaign’s use of that Rolling Stones song as the into/outro music.

    • I’m surprised to hear that, Larry–about the Rolling Stones song. The one or two times I’ve heard it at a Trump event, I’ve wondered why a political campaign would want as its theme “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

      • The Kings College Choral arrangement is first class though. Keith was a boy chorister at Warwick Cathedral School too.

        • However good the arrangement might be–as I am not equipped to judge–that choral part has always seemed to me pointless. To my mind, it’s a failed attempt at a George Martin-ish, Beatle-y “classical” touch.
          Regardless, my comment, as I think you could tell, was not based on antipathy to the recording itself. Having bought “Let It Bleed,” the album on which it appears, right around the time of its release, I’ve enjoyed the song many times. I’m just surprised that it’s effective as a rally song. When Bill Clinton used Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” (thinking about tomorrow) almost a quarter-of-a-century ago, I thought the choice was a bit silly, but I could see why a politician might think the song, I don’t know, exhortatory. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” seems–well, apparently, it’s working for Larry, you, and I’ll guess, many others.

  8. Japan is getting cucked just like the West.

    Look at Japanese athletes.–Jamaican-born-Japanese-athlete-making-a-name-in-400m_17543296

    Japanese women going to Jamaica and having babies with black men who are raised as ‘Japanese’ and represent Japan.

    And Miss Japan was also a mulatto. Invariably, black man and yellow woman. Yellow men are getting totally cucked.


  9. It is beyond insane that these cucks are willing to throw the country away because Trump refuses to adulate the emperor’s new clothes – because that’s what “Curiel and Khan” boil down to: refusal to make obeisance to the flesh-and-blood shibboleths of the left.

  10. I agree as the wife and I also agreed Trump is not yet “socially acceptable” to the vast middle whites whose two interests in life are social acceptance and their money.
    As a life long iconoclast I will miss the bombastic Trump but I welcome a higher functioning Trump who can drive the shiv to the bone instead of the usual slash that worked in the primary season.

  11. Watching the purity spiral by both the center right and hard right is the most entertaining thing. Finally you have a combative asshole candidate and he’s overtly fascist but still plausibly moderate where needed. Yet still…it’s not good enough for some.

  12. Manafort is out. He was an exceptional talent, but Trump didn’t want to or psychiatrically could not listen to him.

    The new approach seems good, but the question remains as to if there is enough time to reverse the self inflicted wounds and whether or not Trump has the discipline to stick to it.

    If Trump would have played it safe after the wall + deportation gambit, he would have a decisive lead. Alas…

  13. No matter what Trump says or does it will be interpreted negatively.

    ((Bastard Keith)))
    [email protected] (((Bastard Keith))) Retweeted Sahil Kapur
    The new, sensitive Trump: telling an entire race that they’re human garbage with zero prospects so what the hell

  14. The White community was overthrown when civil rights legislation went to a lunatic extreme, penetrating its institutions and culture. As the word politics means community, we no longer have a dog in the fight. It’s time to raise up a new and harder White community. Check out the Pioneer Little Europe prospectus, a free 85 page download for the future Pioneer European and the Ethnostate we must have.

  15. I admired Trump’s masterful African-American “outreach” speech, not because it’s going to win him any black votes, but because it will help win white CUCK votes. If he can make mugwump WHITES feel less threatened by US nationalism, a border wall, and economic nationalism, whatever works. He might get a point or two more black votes, but I see his “outreach” as a tactic to make nervous WHITES vote for him.

  16. “…Pioneer European and the Ethnostate we must have…”

    We don’t need an ethnostate we need to control the one we have. All of it.

    1. We need honest, verifiable voting with ID.
    2. Get rid of all civil rights laws that take away Whites rights of discrimination.
    3. Voting IQ test.
    4. The balls to impeach judges by the bus loads that make up laws against voter control, gay marriage.
    5. No section 8. Put them in mass produced high rises in strategic areas where we can watch and disarm them.
    6. Birth control for all on welfare.

    7. Mass deportation. All who came to this country and received any kind of government assistance. No matter how far back. Out!
    8. Segregated jails. The preponderance of Blacks in jail means that Whites fear jail and won’t fight back. Whites would be much more likely to mix it up and do a little time if they were not threatened by rape and death in Black controlled prisons. This is probably one of the more important points and not brought up. It’s the primary reason Whites don’t fight back. Someone should sue to point out housing Whites with Blacks is cruel using the civil rights laws.

    9. Control immigration and make it near 100% Whites if not stop it all together. I personally believe that a few hundred thousand qualified Whites a year would not be too great a burden and would be good for the country.
    10. Deport the Jews. (Should be #1)

    We do these things and the problem would sort itself out.

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