Paul Ryan Wins His Primary Battle

Paul Nehlen, you lost tonight, but you shall ride eternal, shiny and chrome:

“JANESVILLE, Wis. — House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) reveled in the aftermath of his commanding and expected primary victory Tuesday against Paul Nehlen, a Donald Trump-inspired opponent, by ordering cheese curds and beer for his supporters.

But Ryan’s celebration will be brief, with the skirmish only the latest in this tempest of a year for a Republican Party churning between Ryan’s traditional conservatism and Trump’s flaring populism. …”

I’m not surprised. I expected this for three reasons:

1.) First, I believe in the polls. I vividly recall what happened to Mitt Romney in 2012 and the fiasco of “unskewing the polls.”

2.) Second, Paul’s Ryan’s congressional district was the coolest place toward Donald Trump in the entire country outside of Utah.

3.) Third, Cruz beat Trump by almost 40 points in Waukesha County in the Wisconsin primary, and if Trump couldn’t prevail over Cruz there, I seriously doubted that Nehlen would prevail over Ryan.

So, tonight’s result was pretty much what everyone expected outside of a few of the cheerleaders at Breitbart. It was worth taking a shot at Paul Ryan, and we should always support the nationalist, but it was always an outside shot.

Note: Paul Ryan’s district is only R+2. If the election goes badly for Trump, the Democrat will have a very good shot at beating him there. Ryan losing reelection would force the House to choose a new Speaker who would be far less likely to work with Hillary in 2017 to pass amnesty and TPP. Since our candidate Paul Nehlen didn’t win this race, opposing Paul Ryan’s reelection in November is a matter of principle.

It is also insurance. #NeverRyan

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  1. Needless to say, WI-1 is on their side of the Partition line…

    The Democrat is Ryan Solen, as Democrats go he seems like a decent chap. Army Vet, father of 4.

    I’m not sure our faction can afford to expend resources on boosting this fellow, but a little name recognition wouldn’t hurt so that Democrats get energized in WI-1. If Trump is close in WI, it means he won. He doesn’t need WI-1. (Obama beat Romney by 7% in WI).

    Nehlen got 16% of the vote. Ryan got 50k and 84% as of last report:

    To compare:

    2014 Primary
    Ryan 94%, 41k votes

    Ryan VP candidate – may have ran unopposed


    Ryan unopposed?


    Ryan won with 63% in the general despite Obama carrying his district. His district usually goes Republican, so that was notable.

  2. Now that the numbers are out of the way, broader themes:

    1) There is no “monster vote”. The working class people are not activated, in part because Trump declinated the ground game as well as raising and spending money.People who are on the ball quickly escape the working class. The working class, by definition, needs a managerial class to make them productive.

    2) The laws of electoral politics have not been suspended for 2016. Apart from Trump, and a few upsets here and there, the machine rolls on. Trump losing, while not certain, is certainly plausible; meaning that control of the machine will not change hands.

    3) While we have the cuckservatives in a strangle hold, they are still resisting. Were Trump to lose, and the “alt right” finally abandon taking back America, we could see the end of the GOP in as little as 2 years, but certainly 4. No one is going to show up for President Ryan in 2020. If the “alt-right” pushes hard enough for Partition in the next couple of years, then, combined with GOP electoral collapse, it will become the dominant paradigm of the right and perhaps even white Americans in general.

    • I disagree with you on the monster vote. Only thing tonight did show is that Trump will lose Wisconsin mostly because they are massive cucks and reliant on cheap labor. We saw the same result in the primary. Compare what we saw (in the primary) in Wisconsin to Penn where Trump won in a total landslide.

      • What is the theory of the monster vote?

        It is essentially an “ignore the polls” theory.

        The idea is that the polls aren’t capturing the people who have never voted because they have never had an attractive option – until now. The theory hopes that these people will register to vote and vote for the first time to push Trump over the line, despite the Democrats built in structural advantage, and current lead in the polls.

        Despite Trump electrifying the race, there were still more Democratic primary votes than Republican by a wide margin. Trump anecdotally spoke of meeting many first time voters, but the more likely scenario was that people who normally don’t vote in primaries got electrified, rather than non-voters.

        Trump also spoke of putting New York in play, that was just wishful thinking, which he does a lot of.

        • The monster vote is a valid theory that makes sense. Problem is, it can only be tested in November. Cannot know before that. We can only gauge the crowds that Trump is still getting. 10,000+ Whether these are new voters or simply energized Republicans we cannot know.

          The biggest mistake Trump made was in his miscalculation of what the media would do. He should have been ready and prepared that the entire media would come out against him after the conventions.

          Ailes being fired was also part of this. Ailes was his only chance for getting even close to reasonable coverage.

          • The main problem is how to stage a populist/fascist revolt in a state that is a global Hegemon.

            You want power? Go join the military, legal profession or energy company.

            It’s all there waiting for you if you play nice. See Paul Ryan.

    • The theory is that a nationalist gets an electorate to show up that is otherwise ignored strategically by both mainstream party groups.

      Something akin to Brexit.

    • I think whites will soon realize with the Electoral College Demographics the vote for the Presidency takes place in the democratic primaries and better vote in those to make sure Black Church Ladies aren’t the only ones picking our Presidents. Who knows, had whites en-masse given up on the Republicans Jim Webb may have been the nominee.

  3. I don’t totally agree with you on polls. I would if Trump were another Romney like candidate. However, Trump is a new thing altogether and I am not sure if the models can predict it.

    Trump is getting large crowds which might mean he is going to get a record turnout like in the primaries. Bottom line – there are so many new variables in this election that I think it is going to be hard for pollsters to predict. Notice even the polls now. Look at how all over the map they are. They have Clinton anywhere from +1 to +15. I think if Trump closes most of the polling to within 5 points he is going to win this election.

    Wisconsin was easy to poll because the whole state is cuck central. They are predictable. One thing tonight shows is that Trump will lose Wisconisn in November. Ryan has been brutal against Trump and he won in a landslide – this tells the tale.

  4. Talk radio again savaged Nehlen relentlessly. Mark Belling who carries water for the cucks and Ryan, said today, ‘Nehlen is running a remarkably hostile campaign against Ryan.

    Key word ‘hostile.’

    Belling and his comrades have said incredibly vicious things about Trump everyday since he announced but that’s okay, I guess, seeing that Trump is ‘Literally Hitler.’

    Ryan’s latest commercial featured people saying they will vote for him because he is compassionate, honorable, a hard worker, a good Christian family man who promotes American values.

    Not a word about his disastrous policies. Nada, nothing.

    These are the people who carry “Welcome Refugees” signs while they are raped and blown to bits… cause they’d rather be nice and dead than risk being called racists.

    • Yeah we have to chalk up Wisconsin as a lost cause and move on. If I were Trump I wouldn’t spend a single nickel in Wisconsin.

    • In discussions with friends about the recent unpleasantness regards Khan.

      Based on these inquiries the crisis has given people uncomfortable with the implications of a fascist candidate actually clearing out Muslims and Mexicans a hook solidly patriotic enough to hang their coat on. They can be proud that America is open enough to accept Muslim volunteers to die in their wars. This is where the patriot is the enemy of the national good. Freedom and Liberty as the exterminating angel of the Ethne.

  5. Nehlen gave it a valiant effort but was pretty much doomed from the start.

    I’m sure Manafort advised Trump to endorse Lyin’ Ryan over Nehlen because he understands the situation and knew Nehlen would be trounced.

    It’s almost impossible to beat an incumbent, especially one who has been in office for nearly 20 years.

    Since 1990, House and Senate incumbents have been re-elected at average rates exceeding 93 and 87 percent, respectively.

    In 2014, 95.1 percent of the incumbent representatives seeking re-election won—5.2 percentage points higher than the incumbent re-election rates recorded in the 2012 U.S.

    High incumbent re-election rates are also common at the state level. According to an another Ballotpedia analysis of state legislative elections from 1972 to 2014, the incumbency win rate has not dropped below 88 percent since 1972. Furthermore, in the 2014 state legislative elections, incumbents won re-election at a rate of 96.5 percent.

    • If it had been a Southern state, Nehlan would have had a LOT more success. The problem is that Ryan is protected in Wisconsin, a cuck state that voted largely against Trump in the primary.

  6. Question : Was Trump caught off guard that the GOP establishment would still be resisting him after the convention? Did Trump think they would all fall in line? My personal opinion is that he was caught off guard at the rebellion that took place right after the convention. He should not have been – it should have been easily predicted.

    • I don’t think he was caught off guard. He knows the media and the leadership of BOTH parties were allied against him from day one. That is why he’s been making peace overtures regarding his endorsements.

      He meets with advisers and deals with this stuff every day. If we weren’t caught unaware he surely wasn’t either.

      I guarantee he’s privy to information that we couldn’t even speculate about.

      • My Repub senator is up for re-election this fall. He attended Never Trump meetings in March and is now avoiding Trump. I plan to vote against the bastard. He can shove his precious TPP.

      • One thing is for sure. Reince Preibus is a colossal failure.

        His inability to get the party in line is part of the problem. He stomped his feet loudly when Trump refused to endorse McCain though…

    • Not caught off guard. The depth of the internal resistance is still remarkable though.

      And it’s the key. Trump is a fascist. These worms are conservatives. All else follows.

  7. The Wisconsin cucks virtue signal, discredit the authority to which they virtue signal and give them another authority to virtue signal and they will.
    Is Trump socially acceptable to those in the middle of the social spectrum, not yet once he is the election is his.

    • The problem is that Trump keeps saying stupid shit, which will guarantee he will not be socially acceptable, which guarantees a November loss. What he says may appeal to us in alt-right internet land, but it’s turning off mainstream america, most importantly, mainstream white America.

      • We on the alt-right can discredit and disqualify the “Authority” to which people virtue signal towards then the cucked will gravitate towards a new “Authority” to which to virtue signal towards.
        Abandon your conservative mindset of defense, that was a good racket for a few people now its useless, its time to discredit them not build a fortress of essays.
        My family is from the land of Cheese and Cucks I know what they are going to say and how, who they virtue signal towards and who they will bully and why even before they do. In 10 years they will disown anyone not on the gay marriage train, 10 years ago they would disown me for saying I don’t care about gay marriage, cucks roll towards authority.
        Trump can win if he discredits Killary enough and makes it so supporting her is socially painful, “Oh you voted for her, OMG.” Yes, it is that facile.

      • No it’s not. I see Trump signs all over my county. None of them have been vandalized or harmed in any way. I’ve yet to see one Hillary sign or bumper sticker. The only car I saw with a Bernie stick was a tag from up north.

  8. So much for the alt-right movement gaining steam. This loss by Nehlen and Trump’s dumbass mistakes are not making the future look hopeful. I’m hoping for a miracle in November, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Most people around who voted for Trump don’t even know what the alt-right is. They get their news from mainstream TV. They probably don’t even know OD exists. White people are voting for Trump because they can see the BS with their own eyes.

      We just saw a woman yesterday with a Trump T-shirt on. I asked her if she’d had any problems and she said nope, I’ve had nothing but positive comments on it.

  9. Yankees are just stupid. They’d rather be nice (to Muslims and other invaders) than be called racist and be right. This is part of the reason we need to secede. Whites in the Upper Midwest are doomed.

    • Southrons are just stupid. They’d rather be nice (to Jews) than be called antisemitic and be right. This is why you can’t secede. The jews greasing the machine at the top won’t allow it. Your investment in the jews dooms whites all over.

      • The.South is the only part of America where I’ve seen billboarrds that say “With jews, you lose.” as well as political candidates with that as part of their platform. Southrons are more woke on thw JQthan most peoe up north. Most of the Zionist Evangelicals are in the West and Midwest.

        • Both the North and the South (I’ve lived in both) have their share of cucks and stupid people who are anti-white.

          • I can’t argue against that. I will say that there are more people waking up in the South due to a partial survival of traditional society and the vitriol with which the yankee and the (((globalists))) attack it.

  10. This is Wiscuckson. Politically correct cowards.

    UW-Stout Moves Controversial 80-Year-Old Murals

    The University of Wisconsin-Stout is removing two 80-year-old paintings that depict Native Americans and French fur traders from the halls of one of its buildings.

    Commissioned by the Works Progress Administration in 1936, the paintings — made by Wisconsin-born artist Cal Peters — depict a French fort and fur traders with Native Americans canoeing the Red Cedar River. At 6 feet tall and up to 18 feet wide, the murals command attention in the corridors of Harvey Hall.

    UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer said that’s been an issue for some students.

    “There’s a segment of Native American students, that when they look at the art, to them it symbolizes an era of their history where land and possessions were taken away from them, and they feel bad when they look at them,” Meyer said.

  11. The system can really suck it to us at the top.

    Regular folks on the ground where bad immigration isn’t a daily hassle, plague – they fall in to bad habits like voting for the same people the same parties they always do.

    Plus there is the ” like” factor . Lots of women voters are turned off by mean trump talk

    i used to champion this area in Wisconsin as one of the best places in the USA – regular White folks not too rich or poor very biker friendly .

    Last time I went with my girl friend the young people were twerking to techno rap music

    A former great biker retreat was dominated by fat middle age white women playing the worst rap music.

    I took this as signs of bad omens.

  12. Ricky Vaughn

    Niceness has never ever counted or gotten GOP “credit” in dealing with Dems. Ever.

    Ricky Vaughn [email protected]_Vaughn99

    Cuckservatives are born losers. The conservative movement has to be completely purged of losers if you want to win.

    • Ryan outspent Nehlen on campaign ads by a whopping 11-1 ratio.

      Not that he needed to spend a dime as the media promoted him freely and kept Nehlen off talk shows.

      He may as well have been the ‘Invisible Man.’

    • That’s a sophomoric response, and not worthy of analysis. Living in Minnesota as I do, I know the Wisconsin mindset. There are a number of reasons why Ryan was re-elected, but the major reason I wasn’t thrilled with Nehlen was because as I said months ago, I can’t trust anyone that’s covered with tattoos.

      He’s already mentally defective in that regard,for scarring his body. A minor point? Perhaps. But There you are….

      • I’d rather have a white man with tattoos on his arm than a coal burning, jew fellating, cuck like Ryan.

        • As a woman, I don’t care who your disgusting bed partners are. But I will tell you I don’t endorse either Ryan, nor some tattooed troll as the proper representative of godly humanity. End of story. You need to repent, and not lust ( however you may view that term) after either of these types of half-man.

          • Hey self righteous Jackass. I’m a white woman married to a white man and neither one of us has tattoos. So don’t be projecting your bullshit on me.

            No one said he’s a godly person. But just because he has tattoos doesn’t make him a bad guy. I don’t like tattoos either, but he’s much better than Ryan.

            I don’t need to repent for squat. Take your Christ Insanity somewhere else. It’s Christians that are destroying the white race with their stupid man in the sky. It’s cucked Lutherans who are bringing in the shitskins.

            Heathen pagan Nords would have thrown Ryan and the rest of these invaders out a long time ago.

          • Then don’t be so disrespectful to a priest in the Church of God, hypocrite. Don’t post your comments here-ais a woman you should submit yourself to your husband.

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