Stronger Together: Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen’s Father Attends Hillary Clinton Rally

Seddique Mateen, the interim president of Afghanistan, strong supporter of the Taliban (which recently joined forces with ISIS), and one of the Fathers of the Movement (ISIS jihadists) showed up at the Hillary Clinton rally last night in Kissimmee, FL to proudly announce #ImWithHer:

“The Pulse nightclub shooter’s father attended Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s rally in Kissimmee Monday night.

Cameras captured Seddique Mateen, Omar Mateen’s father, standing in the crowd. He later told a reporter for WPTV, a Palm Beach-based NBC affiliate, that he wanted to attend the rally as a member of the public and a Clinton supporter.

“Why should they be surprised? I love the United States, and I’ve been living here a long time,” Mateen said.

The Clinton campaign said that the rally was a 3,000-person, open-door event for the public. …”

Why does Seddique Mateen believe we are “Stronger Together”?


If it were not for the immigration and refugee policies supported by Hillary Clinton, the Mateens would have never been able to come to the United States in the first place. Among other things, “Stronger Together” in practice means 9/11, Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, Chattanooga, Nice, Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan in Paris. It means waking up every 84 hours to the news of the latest ISIS terrorist attack.


  1. It’s obviously bait.

    What it requires is that surrogates and party true stalwarts like Ryan, McCain and Romney point out that Merkel…I mean Clinton is in alliance with ISIS dad.

  2. The Democrats openly embrace their anti-white identity and flaunt it in our faces and yet the cucks of the Republican Party continue to fight against becoming the explicit White party and defending our people. You can’t win a war when you live in denial that the war is even happening. This ain’t Ronald Reagan’s America anymore.

    • I thought that the Dindu moms was the really dangerous bait in the DNC presentation.

      It’s only going to get more and more Cucky.

      There appears to be no self abnegation that triggers a pulse.

    • Until Whites go back to their Christian identity and realize this is a Physical and a Spiritual War, we will constantly be spinning our wheels. The Edomite Devils aka Jews are arrayed against us with Muslims and evil galore on earth and the Devil and his demons are arrayed against us in the spirit realm. The Devil leads both armies. IT IS ALL THE SAME THING FOLKS. TWO WARS ONE GENERAL LEADING THE MARCH

      • I think you should keep your religious beliefs to yourself. Religion is a divisive issue and arguing about it in online forums does nothing to advance the cause of White freedom.

      • Your are absolutely, 100% correct there Billy Ray. Until you understand that the Jew is the SPIRITUAL ENEMY and has been ever since they killed Christ, crying “Let His blood be on our hands, and the hands of our children” (Mt 27:25), then you can’t fully grasp the depth of our struggle.

        I’ve always been suspicious of non-Christian WNs who dislike Jews. If you don’t understand the Satanic, spiritual element behind them and their evil guidebook, the Talmud, then what exactly do you have against them?? Same things other races have against Whites, I suppose– jealously because of their worldly success and eternal whining about how they’re “keeping you down.”

        This is a spiritual war, brothers. The Enemy is fully aware of this.

        If Christianity disappeared and all Whites became godless, selfish consumers, we would see Jewish hostility toward the White race cease immediately.

        They know they’re guilty. They know there’s blood on their hands. That’s why they hate us.

  3. Childless cat-ladies, wetbacks, black terrorists, moslem terrorists, fathers of moslem terrorists…Wow, Hillary’s supporters are the kind any candidate would be proud to show off.

    • The dildo just keeps getting bigger. No doubt Ryan will defend this Afghan President In Waiting from naughty whites.

    • The coalition of the fringes. If Whites would stick together we could regain control of our country. Unfortunately we are still too divided.

      • I’m not sure I follow your comment.

        If Clinton is going to court the Islamic vote, she owns this.

        My advice for Trump would be to let his surrogates do the attacking while he focuses on promoting his positive agenda.

          • And Ryan, should he be roused from his lazy Fckn ass, should do what, with respect to this?

          • Maybe you could work up one of your Funny Fotos, showing Mateen there, behind Clinton, but in a cartoony turban and suicide vest. Trump could retweet it.

          • Enjoy the dispossession…well no you are too old to see the final consequences of it.

          • I’m sure you guys will figure out how to prevent it, as soon as I’m no longer around to give you my faggot advice …

  4. MSM will enforce the Silence. Now, can you imagine the hub bub if some unknown KKK member’s father was seen at a Trump rally?

  5. Given that the Orlando Pulse event was probably a hoax and that Obama spent a few days in Mateen’s home town just before the event, this is not too surprising.

  6. Assange pointing to murdered (but not robbed) DNC employee Seth Rich as source for Wikileaks. A political assassination? Interesting.

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