Trump Supporters Mobbed, Spit On, Cornered, Assaulted In San Jose

So this is going down tonight at the Trump rally in San Jose, California:

The dude getting knocked out by a mob carrying the Mexican flag – while the American flag is being burned in the background, and women are being spit on – really says it all. Hell, even pregnant women are being attacked and knocked to the ground!

I love this video of “Make California Mexico Again.” It really shows you where these people are coming from.


  1. I can see why the wording of my first statement on the subject gave you the impression I was dismissing telegony, Mr. Premo, but I was not.

  2. As I said in response to your other comment, Mr. Premo, I was not dismissing telegony, though I can see why my original statement on the subject gave you the impression I was. I was trying to support Debbie Johnson, who had been scorned for the use of “big words.”

  3. That was my impression of Marc Levine’s show during the 2000s when it would come on the same channel Limbaugh was on during the day. One radio insider says the reason that show suddenly was everywhere was it came bundled with Hannity, an if they wanted to run Hannity after Limbaugh they had to run Levine’s “constitution fetishism” show as part of the deal. That’s why that boring show suddenly showed up in place of the much more interesting Savage Nation. Cruz’ candidacy was the ultimate culmination of the Levine show’s wet dream of “constitution fetishism” rhetoric.

  4. Debbie —

    To clarify:

    Nothing I have posted here was intended to dismiss your remark about telegony. When I objected to Nightowl’s objection to your use of “big words,” I was defending your mention of telegony, whose simple Greek root-words, as you know, I mentioned.

    A pair of comments below, by James Premo, make clear that he, James, thought–not unreasonably–that I was dismissing telegony. I say “not unreasonably” because, in my comment to Nightowl, I described telegony as “one of those ancient ideas that never quite go away, though present-day science seems to have found little support for it.” From Wikipedia, rightly or wrongly, I did get the impression that science has found little to support telegony, but I wasn’t suggesting I’d concluded the scientific question is settled. If anything, with respect to sexual interaction between white women and black men, I’d think it best to err on the side of EXTREME CAUTION with respect to the possibility of telegony.

    After reading and responding to the comments by James, I Googled and found a 2014 paper about experiments conducted on a species of fly. In the “Discussion” at the paper’s conclusion is the following:

    “Our results show that it is possible for a male to transmit features of his phenotype via non-genetic semen-borne factors to his mate’s offspring sired by another male.”

    As you can see from that sentence, the paper seems to report that the telegony the researchers spotted doesn’t even require impregnation by the previous male. That’s a subject that I checked at Wikipedia after Denise mentioned it, in response to the comment I made to Nightowl. James Premo expressed the view that impregnation is not necessary for the telegony; and as I’ve just said, the 2014 paper seems to support his view.

    I myself haven’t yet read the whole 2014 paper; but if you’d like to look at it, it’s at

  5. Blacks in the 80s were buffoons to entertain whites like Mr. T. MTV is the one that really seems to have gotten on message and put the kill switch to all that upbeat British Pop so prevalent during the 80s and switched to Rap and Grunge.

  6. I remember in the late 80s the uniform of the blue collar white boys was a mullet, blue jeans, and a black concert T-shirt of some heavy metal band. They were ubiquitous, standing on the corner smoking cigarettes. I came back by my old High School in 1994 and that archetype was gone, instead the boys on the corner were all dressed like Vanilla Ice, the Wigger thing was in full bloom.

  7. Yes thats true the biker element does add a criminal element which can be viewed negatively but there are thousands of ex-soldiers in the USA who would be willing to do the job if they were allowed to do it. I think Trumps only failure so far is not nipping it in the bud and hiring a Blackwater like group of contractors to protect his supporters in and out of the arenas. By any means necessary

  8. That sounds about right, Nightowl. Around 1989, I guess, I joked to someone that the crowd of youngsters outside the neighborhood public high school, here in northeast Philadelphia, at the end of each school day, was a mass of Metallica T-shirts. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I ever saw one of those students with such a shirt on, but that, at least, is what I thought of them as wearing. It must have been a few years later, now that you’ve mentioned it, that I first heard the term “wigger,” when a friend of mine told me a nephew of his was one (as had been said by the boy’s mother, my friend’s sister). It’s amazing that the change, as witnessed by you, when you went back to your high school, was stark.

  9. Bill Clinton didn’t necessarily marginalize Jesse Jackson, what Clinton did was assert his position among Black people as the head nigger in charge. Clinton’s verbal slap on Sista Souljah while simultaneously pushing antiwhite ideas was pure genius and pure evil all at the same time. Jackson, seeing that Clinton was the sure thing because he could out-nigger the blackest dude in the hood jumped on board. Remember Jesse Jackson was Bill’s personal minister and spiritual advisor while in office.

    The elimination of Hair Metal and mainstream rock around 1992 from the charts and its temporary replacement with Grunge was the best thing that happened to Rap Music as compared to Grunge, Rap looked cool, fresh and fun. You have to remember most of the large Heavy Metal Acts, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne Kiss had been in the game for almost twenty years and LA Metal bands like Motley Crue and Ratt had been in the game for over eleven. Metallica had been by 1992 in the game for a decade themselves. They released Metallica Metallica in 1991 and didnt release another album till 1996 after grunge was dead.

    In retrospect 1992 was the PERFECT STORM. The undercurrent of Gangsta Rap entered the mainstream, Rodney King gave the Negroes their first hero since MLK and the marginalization of relatively harmless R and B and Negroes such as Bill Cosby (We didn’t know he was a molester) MC Hammer and Will Smith and their replacement by Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. Even Don Cornelius, the father of Soul Train although he did allow Rap acts on his show was highly critical of the music and said later that it drove him out of the business. Combine this with the ascendancy of Bill Clinton, openly proclaiming himself Pro-Negro and you have the world we know today.

    I remember when the LA Riots happened I had just turned 16 and I remember putting up a Rebel Flag in the front yard and being made to take it down because I put in tape on it White Power. It wasnt that i hated Negroes, I wasnt racially aware then I just wanted the world I knew a couple of days before back. I remember telling my mother nothing will ever be the same again.

    In regards to race the following dates October 16 1859 JOHN BROWN RAID November 6 1860 LINCOLN ELECTION December 20 1860 SC SECEDES April 12, 1861 SUMTER, April 9, 1865 APPOMATOX April 15th 1865 LINCOLN DEATH March 4, 1877 RECONSTRUCTION ENDS FOR ABOUT 70 years July 26 1948 TRUMAN DESEGREGATES US MIL, May 17th 1954 BROWN vs BOARD December 1 1955 ROSA PARKS August 28, 1963 I HAVE A DREAM, July 2nd 1964 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT, August 6 1965 VOTING RIGHTS ACT October 3 1965 IMMIGRATION ACT and April 4 1968 KINGS DEATH were among others the greatest game changers and except for a couple of them were all defeats for us.

    As an Addendum I would also add to this list, March 3, 1991 RODNEY KING IS BEATEN, April 29 1992 LA RIOTS, November 3, 1992 CLINTON ELECTION June 12 1994 NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON MURDER, April 19 1995 OKC BOMBING October 3 1995 OJ ACQUITTAL and November 5 2008.OBAMA Of course there are many more, but I picked these dates as the starts of epochs in regards to the problems we face today.

  10. This was off a Black Website but I have studied this and I find it very ironic that many of the dates add up. The letter was supposedly written by a music insider now living in retirement in Europe who describes a early 1991 meeting in which they were told by government figures that Gangsta Rap Music was to be promoted and all efforts in the Music Industry were to be placed behind making Gangsta Rap popular. In 1991 Gangsta Rap was a subculture few people paid much attention too outside the ghettoes. By 1993 it was everywhere.

    For what its worth if it is true the dates add up very well.

  11. I graduated in 1994 and while among our group I didn’t see as much Wigger activity went to a school in a small town there was some it was much more evident in the kids two years or more younger than I was. In fact I always say I was in the last year of people who graduated school without the internet. The difference between the kids just a couple of years younger and us culturally were night and day.

  12. No wonder men don’t like the idea of bedding down a slut and having a child with her. instinct

  13. About the only thing I’m inclined to disagree with you about, Billy Ray, is the Jesse Jackson thing. As I recall, Jackson flipped when Clinton pulled the Sister Souljah thing. Thereafter, as the Clinton presidency got underway, Jackson was out in the cold, where he was given to passive-aggressive mispronunciation of Hillary’s maiden name. (“Hillary RODMAN Clinton,” he called her, and I think Rush Limbaugh still uses that pronunciation, jokingly.) Not until Bill needed him, for “spiritual” credibility, during the Lewinsky scandal, was he ushered into the White House as Bill’s minister and adviser. So, at any rate, is how I remember things.

    Putting that aside, I have to applaud you once again, for an overview with sweep. You’re certainly right that the heavy metal bands had been around for quite a long time when grunge, at last, swept them away. When I was seeing Metallica T-shirts and the like on youngsters around 1989 or 1990, I was asking myself, “Am I misremembering something? Haven’t these bands been around for a while?” It was probably 1983 when I saw Motley Crue seated around a table in an L.A. restaurant where I was having lunch with co-workers. They–Motley Crue–were in their full look: the hair, the garb. They looked as if they’d just stepped out of MTV.

    Your list of significant dates in America’s racial history is really good. I’m surprised to hear how much you were affected, emotionally, by the L.A. riots. When those took place, I was thirty-eight years old, but I doubt they would have hit me hard even if I’d been a teenager, as you were. I’ve simply never taken negroes seriously; my sole thought with respect to them is that whites and they should not be living among each other.

  14. Yes–and a woman is never confronted in any other respect, either, with even the slightest possibility that her child is not actually hers. As the militants of the sexual revolution were overturning the old mores in the 1960s and ’70s, they decried the “double standard,” i.e., the difference between the rules that were applied to the sexual behavior of men and those that were applied to the sexual behavior of women. That difference was based in the difference between the reproductive function of women and that of men.

  15. Neil Stevens

    Nikki Haley was right.

    Jim Kelley ?@JimKelley7
    @presjpolk @EWErickson

    About what was Haley right?

    Neil Stevens ?@presjpolk 7h
    @JimKelley7 @EWErickson

    Taking down the traitor flag from the SC capital grounds

  16. “Some were so brainwashed by the fashionable blacks being paraded in the media it was truly insanity.”

    That sounds right.

  17. The Mexican flag flying over illegal alien rioters in California is just fine. It’s good that they’re beating Americans. And didn’t this cuck shithead suggest arming them against Trump people ( or was it another of the scum)? Traitor flag?

    I hope the idiot donors who pay these creeps to write their nonsense close their checkbooks.

  18. I was emotionally affected by the LA Riots because for the first time in my short life, I saw white politicians blaming whites on tv for the riots and even disrespecting Reginald Denny. True this had also happened in the 1960s but after the 1980s when things had been relatively calm and White America relatively safe we just took it for granted what the Negroes were capable of. We used to shop in the ghetto and never had any trouble with them. They gave us our space and we did them.

    The riots affected me because I knew life would never be the same again a premonition if you will and I was right nothing has been right in the United States since Rodney King. I remember Mom didnt even want to go shopping because she said that the Blacks were out of control.

    I remember saying then, why doesn’t some men get guns go down there and shoot these rioters dead? When no one did i saw for the first time what a bunch of scum our leaders were.

  19. Supercuck French says he’s not running for president. No doubt hundreds of voters are disappointed.

  20. None of these bastards went nuts over McCain or Romney.
    I don’t think this fervor is over trade, so it must have something to do with love for Third World migrants, wars and Israel. Foreigners.

  21. Mexicans are nuts. There is no other explanation. They should be sent back. What gives them the right to come to the #USA and protest and riot?

  22. Yes, well, as I say, Billy Ray, it’s always been different for me. From an early age, I sensed a great difference between blacks and whites–between blacks and all the other human types, really. Never, I’m pretty sure, have I thought blacks and whites should be living among each other, and never have blacks’ periodic outbursts, their rioting, distressed me. Those outbursts have seemed to me a natural consequence of blacks’ presence in a civilization to which they are, as a group, not really suited, one in which their lot is a sort of constant frustration and humiliation, unlike any condition that has ever been experienced, suffered, by any other human breed.

    As is known by Mr. W., our website host, here at Occidental Dissent, I blame the South for the L.A. riots, the Ferguson riots, the black murders and mutilations of white women. I have said to him more than once in discussions here that it was the South’s insistence on retaining slavery that made impossible any sort of North-South alliance that could have made an end run around those abolitionists who wanted blacks to be free, among whites, in the U.S. There were Southerners such as Hinton Helper who would have been part of an alliance, and I’m sure there were many Northerners whose views are like mine today and who thus would have been a part of one, too.

    Well, whatever were the actions of the past, the problem remains, in my view, the presence of blacks among whites. That is not a scientific problem, like cancer; it’s a political problem, which is to say a problem that admits of a solution. Since I paid no real attention to the L.A. riots, I don’t know what was said by politicians about Reginald Denny; but if anything that was said was something that I might be inclined to find objectionable, well, then, that, too, I probably wouldn’t have taken that very seriously, because I’d have regarded it as simply a manifestation of the basic failure to face the real problem. I don’t want to see blacks whipped or shot so that they’ll live somewhat quietly among us. I want them and us apart from each other.

    PS As good as your list of important dates in America’s racial history is, it’s incomplete. Dates such as the arrival of the first black slaves in plantation Carolina or the legalization of slavery in originally slavery-free Georgia could certainly be added to it.

  23. I just hit the big ones the ones I felt changed everything. John Brown’s raid changed everything as did Lincoln’s Election followed by SC seceding and Sumter, which proved to the world the South was serious. Lincolns assasination also helped change the direction of things. Of course the Inaguration of Rutherford B Hayes which finally ended the Reconstruction period on Saturday March 3rd 1877 (his public one was March 5 as the 4th was a Sunday). Hayes started the period of benign neglect, where the majority of Northern Republicans largely ignored the Negroes and would do so until following WW2. From 1877 until 1948 there were only a few major dates in that list of course after 1948 it has been one horror after another.

    The South had absolutely no choice but to have slavery, as until the 1960’s there was no other way but hand labor to harvest cotton effectively. Even today cotton farmers sometimes send men into glean what falls from the cotton harvester. Had the Confederacy been its own nation all of us would have been better off. Of course this fact is much more easily seen today then say in 1861. Unfortunately with all things there is a Time Lag which means that the worst effects often are not revealed immediately,

  24. John C. Calhoun was an admirer of Thomas Jefferson knew him personally but by 1846 had repudiated him and saw him for what he really was, a fool of the worst order. Jefferson supported the Race-Mixing Atheist Revolutionary French Government which had Negroes sitting in the Revolutionary Convention and murdered hundreds of Roman Catholic Clergy and laity. Madison also supported the French Revolution.

    Jefferson also supported subsidizing interracial marriage between Whites and Indians which would in his view end the Indian issue once and for all. Thus to end the Indian wars to Jefferson we had to in a sense create a new American Race a Mestizo one if you will. Patrick Henry’s 1784 bill offered to provide free education and tax relief to any white man who would marry an Indian squaw.

  25. The most false and dangerous of all political errors. The proposition to which I allude, has become an axiom in the minds of a vast majority on both sides of the Atlantic, and is repeated daily from tongue to tongue, as an established and incontrovertible truth; it is, that “all men are born free and equal.”

    Taking the proposition literally (it is in that sense it is understood), there is not a word of truth in it. It begins with “all men are born,” which is utterly untrue. Men are not born. Infants are born. They grow to be men. And concludes with asserting that they are born “free and equal,” which is not less false. They are not born free. While infants they are incapable of freedom, being destitute alike of the capacity of thinking and acting, without which there can be no freedom. Besides, they are necessarily born subject to their parents, and remain so among all people, savage and civilized

    If we trace it back, we shall find the proposition differently expressed in the Declaration of Independence. That asserts that “all men are created equal.” The form of expression, though less dangerous, is not less erroneous. All men are not created. According to the Bible, only two, a man and a woman, ever were, and of these one was pronounced subordinate to the other. All others have come into the world by being born, and in no sense, as I have shown, either free or equal.


  26. “The South had absolutely no choice but to have slavery, as until the 1960’s there was no other way but hand labor to harvest cotton effectively.”

    I’ll put the question directly, Billy Ray: Do you find nothing morally objectionable in the enslavement of blacks?

  27. I have no problem with the institution of slavery myself, it has existed since cave men days. Had i lived before 1860 I would have supported it with all my being. Now would I want it today? Not really the day for that sort of thing is over with. However I do believe Negroes need to be controlled in some shape or form

  28. Notice that the GOPe has remained silent on the assaults committed by orcs against whites?

    They could have gleaned a lot of support and publicity from the situation but chose to to remain mute because it would have helped Trump.

    However, they are in a tizzy over Trump’s criticism of the La Raza beaner judge.


  29. “[T]he day for that sort of thing is over with.”

    I’ll be blunt, Billy Ray: Those are weasel words. The only reason the “day for that is over with” is that the abolitionists succeeded in bringing that day to an end. Their genius prevailed against the combined might of those who supported slavery “with all their being,” as you say you would have.

    You have the temerity to speak of slavery’s passing as if it were something that occurred in the natural order of things, not in the vast blood-spilling that was caused by those who fought “with all their being” to preserve that “institution.” In an age in which the South is One Million times more prosperous than it ever was antebellum, you and the rest of the Dixie diehards would parasitically drive along modern roads, through modern cities, built by free men, to lay wreaths at memorials to men who fought to preserve brutality like that to which the image below testifies. And what is your justification? Well, you blithely inform me, as if it were news, as if it were an argument, such brutality “has existed since cave men days.”

    The only reason you say you wouldn’t “really” want slavery today is that you haven’t the nerve to say otherwise. Every one of you Dixie diehards, including our website host, Mr. W., would lay a wreath at a Confederate Memorial and then, if you were confronted by a TV news reporter, right there, who were to ask whether your act of reverence doesn’t amount to support of slavery, would play dumb. “Support of slavery? I’m just celebrating my heritage.”

    For a century-and-a-half, every one of you has heaped abuse on the memory of the abolitionists and of Lincoln. Every one of you has missed no opportunity to scorn or belittle “the Union,” “the North,” the “Yankees” who smashed your slave polity to pieces. Not for a single minute, of a single day, of a single year, in the whole of that century-and-a-half, has a single one of you fooled anyone.

    Here at this website, I have tried–tried, Billy Ray–to find common ground with you Dixieheads, but you and I both know there is no such ground to be found. We hold each other in contempt.

  30. Weasel words or not, when I mean the day for that sort of thing is over with I mean that the technological boom since 1945 has eliminated the need for thousands of human laborers. Slavery was to me just another form of human labor, it wasn’t perfect and yes there were evil men who deserved to have their slaves taken from them for how they acted toward them BUT inhumane behavior by a few, just like how there are inhumane pet owners no more imparts a label of all encompassing evil on slavery as it does on owning dogs or cats.

    In Conclusion there are upsides and downsides to slavery just like there are upsides and downsides to free labor. The one benefit to the slave system over the free unfettered capitalistic system was that it decentralized wealth, instead of centralized wealth in the hands of a few corporations. I could explain more but it would take awhile

  31. PS Having now looked through “Revisiting Telegony,” the 2014 scientific paper I linked in my previous reply to you, Debbie, I’m in a position to say the experimental results it reports are remarkable. Not only did offspring exhibit a trait of a previous mate of their mother (i.e., a mate other than their “putative sire”); the trait was an ACQUIRED trait, a non-genetic trait, of the previous mate.

    If I have understood the paper, which contains much technical jargon with which I’m unfamiliar, the experiment went as follows:

    Step 1: A certain number of flies in their larval stage were fed a diet that is known to have an effect on their adult size, i.e., to increase it.

    Step 2: In their adulthood, these larger-than-average flies, known as “high condition” flies, were mated with females whose eggs were not yet mature. The immature eggs can not be fertilized, of course, but they can be penetrated by sperm and, I think, other materials in the semen that carries the sperm. It seems the makeup of some of these seminal materials–i.e., semen-borne materials other than the sperm themselves–varies with the condition of the male. In other words, the seminal materials of these high-condition males is different from that of males of average size.

    Step 3: Two weeks later, when the female’s eggs were mature, the females were mated with average-size males who fertilized their eggs and produced offspring.

    Step 4: The adult size of the offspring was measured. There was a correlation, apparently of some significance, between the size of the offspring and the size of the first mate, i.e., the non-sire.

    Without getting into detail, which I myself didn’t bother to follow, I’ll say the experiment was conducted a few different ways, to clarify the effects. There had to be cases, for instance, in which the first mate was one of average size, so that the influence of first mates of different sizes could be compared. The main thing, as I’ve said, is that the first mate’s trait not only showed up in offspring he didn’t sire but that the trait that showed up was an ACQUIRED one, not a genetic one. The trait, as I’ve indicated, was largeness that he’d acquired not from his genes but from what he’d eaten in his “infancy.”

    In all cases, the DNA of the offspring was checked, to make sure the sire was the second mate, not the first one. The size of the offspring, in other words, seems to have been influenced not by DNA of the first mate but by other semen-borne materials of the first mate. The hypothesis is that the semen-borne materials, which were able to get into the egg while it was immature, affected the egg’s development and thus the size of the offspring who were eventually produced, by another mate. Once the egg is mature, it’s difficult for those non-sperm materials to get into the egg; so basically, only those non-sperm materials of the first mate got into the eggs.

    At the risk of violating copyright, I’ll present, below, the diagram of the hypothesized mechanism. The “blue” represents the non-sperm materials that get into the egg from the first mate; the red is the DNA of the second mate. The diagram may be viewed in its entirety at

  32. “[W]hen I mean the day for that sort of thing is over with I mean that the technological boom since 1945 has eliminated the need for thousands of human laborers.”

    Oh, right. If only the North had been a little more patient …

    “Slavery was to me just another form of human labor … ”

    Yes–and forced prostitution is just another form of lovemaking, a fact I’m sure you’ve impressed upon your daughters or nieces.

    “[Y]es there were evil men who deserved to have their slaves taken from them for how they acted toward them … ”

    And no doubt the annals of the antebellum South include stories of noble Southerners who acted to get rid of those few bad apples–just about the time the Union troops were closing in, probably.

    “BUT inhumane behavior by a few, just like how there are inhumane pet owners no more imparts a label of all encompassing evil on slavery as it does on owning dogs or cats.”

    In a sense, you’re right about that: It’s not the lashings but the slavery itself, the being forced to work for another, that’s the evil. Even if, as I very much doubt, the slave in the photograph I presented in my previous comment is the only Southern slave who was ever whipped, the South deserved to be destroyed, just as the USSR would have deserved to be destroyed even if there hadn’t been a Gulag. The Communism itself was the evil; the labor camps were just the spectacular aspect of it.

    “In Conclusion there are upsides and downsides to slavery just like there are upsides and downsides to free labor. The one benefit to the slave system over the free unfettered capitalistic system was that it decentralized wealth, instead of centralized wealth in the hands of a few corporations.”

    Be sure to remind yourself of that should you ever be enslaved yourself.

    Allow me to state the rule, Billy Ray: If I want to hear a Southerner engage in evasion, obfuscation, and bullshit generally, I’ll watch one of Charles Manson’s parole hearings.

  33. We would not be siphoning off racial awakening from whites in general. In fact it might even be a boost.

    I was thinking along the gungrabber/libtard strategy of “never let a crisis go to waste”. We are silly not to try to use current events to our advantage.

  34. Our having our own republic or working towards one does mean that we cannot work together in some productive capacity to resist the brown invasion.

    Blacks, muzzies and Hispanics all have their own movements and loyalties. They do not belong to a single PoC club or id as a generic PoC identity. They may join together to elect Hillary, but I can assure you that La Raza is not working to bring in more Cubans, and I can assure you that BLM is not working for any reconquista of the Southwest.

  35. It should be noted that the 1 extra dark and 2 not-so-White anti-Whites were charged with the more violent crime of assault with a deadly weapon. The White looking, blue-haired, anti-White queer was charged with failure to comply with police orders.

    Mirrors society perfectly, I think.

  36. The usual shtick with these protest protests (no typo), is that photos are taken that show next to nothing, are put online with photos that show nothing at all, and then the tweets start, claiming that they “show” whatevertheheck the tweet says they show… which (again) is nothing at all.

    It is WHO YOU LISTEN TO that “determines” (in your mind) who did what to whom.

    So, right here and right now, you have NOTHING AT ALL to tell US what YOU are “seeing” in those photos. For instance, no pictures of flags being burned. No spitting. No one being “beaten up.” Next to no blood, and for sure no reason to think that one party or the other did bloody things.

    And that is strange in itself, isn’t it? HOW many phones-with-cameras are being used in these protests, by both sides? And HOW many times are those eager shutter-clickers somehow “missing” what they say they saw?

    FAR too many. To me, that indicates that any photos that might actually prove those accusation, were in fact never taken, and considering the wall-to-wall cameras on the scene, THAT indicates that those events NEVER HAPPENED.

    If they HAD, there WOULD be photos to prove it.

  37. WOW – I knew there were hate-filled people out there but after reading just a portion of this comment string blows my mind. Why must you have a target to spew your vitriolic rants? Take some personal responsibility for your lot in life and quit blaming one group after another for your own inadequacies. The only up-side is that all of you must have a constant stomach ache from maintaining such negative emotions. Do you enjoy your lives at all? Sad.

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