Cuckservatives: From Clown Car To Wehrmacht


“Greetings, Donald Trump super fans. I am a member of the GOP establishment. I’m writing to tell you that, no matter how much you wish it otherwise, the Donald Trump candidacy is almost over.

Don’t be fooled by Trump’s double-digit lead in a new poll: He is not going to win. He’s not going to win the primary. He’s not going to win the general. He’s not going to win a third-party bid. …

Donald Trump is not running a real campaign. He is working the phones, stirring the pot and using the media ecosystem to its fullest. Soon, the bolder members of the field will follow Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush in making harder and more decisive strokes against him. Unlike Trump, they’ll use real oppo, tested and targeted messages—ads built not just to cut, but to kill. They’ll break his operational tempo, get inside his OODA loop and turn his circus into a crispy ruin. It’s what real campaigns do. …

The circus is almost over.
My advice to Trump fans?
Don’t be the last clown out of the tent. …”


“The hordes taunting the Never Trump brigades of the Republican Party to understand they’ve lost and need to get out of the way of presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump ought to learn a lesson from a revered American ally.

As Hitler’s forces roared through Belgium and France in the May of 1940, the 400,000 men of the British Expeditionary Force in Europe were cut off.

Outnumbered and outgunned by the Wehrmacht war machine, they represented a large fraction of the British overall military forces, and now stood at the verge of complete destruction. …

This is our Dunkirk. This is the moment for a risky, improbable set of Hail Mary passes to save the conservative movement and the Republican Party from the invasion of Trumpism.

We won’t give up. We can’t give up.”

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      • I doubt they understood you could evacuate 400,000 men in such a short period. They probay figured they’d starve them or wait for the bullets to run out.

        If he’d wanted a negotiated settlement 100s of thousands of hostages would have been a better starting point.

      • It was obviously calculated. What else? Single-execute 100.000 English and as many French soldiers? Hitler made mistake (obviously) during WW2, but not this one. Dunkirk was a military victory for the Wehrmacht and a strategical victory for the Brits. Also the French resistance =/= The French Army. I know you are aware of this and only quoting an article but its not the resistants (as people underground sabotaging or assassinating Germans officers etc) fought the Germans in Dunkirk. Both the French and the Brits (Army).
        Is it a coincidence that this thread is started the Day of the surrendering of Nazi Germany?
        Anyhow, I agree with another commentator the Hitler and Nazi card is getting old.

      • Hitler misunderstood England, he believed that the English people wanted peace as they were racial brethren. He misunderstood the level of Jewish infiltration and power in England. Had he merely massacred all of these British soldiers and mounted his own D-DAY landing at Dover, the war would’ve ended within less than a year.

  1. One year ago, everybody knew that Donald Trump couldn’t win. Six months ago, everybody knew deporting illegal aliens/building wall was political suicide. And 15 minutes ago, you knew that only bigots/racists supported him. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.

    • I made a fair amount of money from Ladbrokes based on the odds given last summer.

  2. ‘Soon, the bolder members of the field will follow Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush in making harder and more decisive strokes against him.’

    Epic fail!

    He brought up the Hitler=Trump analogy again.

    Total cuck.

  3. A President Trump can take care of most of his promises on illegal aliens simply by enforcing existing law. He could blame the lack of a wall on Congress. But didn’t Congress authorize a wall during the Bush II Regime?

    A President Trump could stop the military adventurism on his own.

    Trade deals? I don’t know.

    What I’m saying is that this might be the time to vote against these hundreds of anti-Trump RepublicanTruCons and cucks in November, especially those vocally against him. Get rid of them.

    • Do you really need congresses approval to extend some chain link fencing and barbed wire to more remote areas of the border? Building a concrete “Maginot Line” is extravagant and a waste of money. All we really need is a lot more National Guard Humvees running along that border. If every few miles in that open desert a vehicle is on patrol it isn’t going to be that easy to sneak across anymore.

  4. This is eliminationism. The constant drumbeat equating or comparing Trump to Hitler and Nazis is designed to encourage one of our society’s many lone nut losers to “do the deed,” and the eliminationists’ fingerprints won’t be on the weapon.

  5. It is Monty Python time. The fearless knight without arms or legs wants to fight on. Who is the clown now?? These fools are playing for big laughs.

  6. Playing the Hitler card worked great say in the 1960s a mere 15 to 20 years removed from World War 2. Playing the Hitler card work well in the 1970s and 1980s. Playing the Hitler card still had a some power into the 1990s.

    Seventy-one years removed from World War 2, playing the Hitler card does not work anymore.

  7. Playing the Hitler card worked great say in the 1960s a mere 15 to 20 years removed from World War 2. Playing the Hitler card work well in the 1970s and 1980s. Playing the Hitler card still had a some power into the 1990s.

    Seventy-one years removed from World War 2, playing the Hitler card does not work anymore.

    Only today (May 8), is the 71st anniversary of V-E Day, the day when Brits and Americans declared victory in Europe. People everywhere in the cities of the USA and the UK as well as in formerly occupied cities in Western Europe put out flags and banners in celebration of the defeat of the NAZI war machine.

    On the eighth of May, the Germans surrendered in Prague, in Copenhagen, in Oslo, in Karlshorst, in northern Latvia, and even on the Channel Island of Sark.

    No one remembers or even celebrates V-E day today. The Hitler card has no power left.

  8. I also love these faggot cucks comparing themselves to the brave men (on both sides) in WW2

  9. Dunkirk is a bad example. Even I, hardly a major historian, know that Hitler let the British go at Dunkirk in order to prevent war with the British. He believed that he could bring them around to sharing power in their respective areas. Turns out this was a big mistake. If Hitler knew the future I bet he would have pounded the British until they surrendered. Maybe this should be a lesson to us in regards to the Cucks.

    • While I agree with the idea of no mercy…The German’s didn’t count on such a rapid maritime evacuation. If he’s sent in whatever tanks he had into the perimeter of Dunkirk they’d have been chewed up quite quickly (either mechanically or to petrol bombs and 2pdrs and 25pdrs). The Germans never liked to send tanks directly at the mouths of cannons and entrenched desperate crowds of soldiers or cities instead they used tanks to cut supply roads. Decisive defeat and relatively blood free for both sides. Tanks can’t swim.

  10. Trump will have 1340 delegates without California’s 170+ which are expected to be his, too.

    This fatuous GOP elite cuck apparently is mathematically challenged.

    • According to your buddies in the National Vanguard, no one tops Donald Trump when it comes to Jewish ties.

      • Folks here at Occidental Dissent are laughing at you, Ejercito. We like to be called names by mestizos.

        • I do not know what the fuck a mestizo is, but it is sure better than being a Nazi nithing.

  11. It’s just psychological warfare. First to try to convince us to give up, then to try to regain control of the narrative and frame themselves as courageous victims standing against tyranny rather than the establishment shills they really are.

  12. Trump is Hitler rhetoric works for us.

    1. Trump isn’t Hitler. He’s a patriotic businessman trying to take us back to what people liked about the 80s.

    2. The comparison makes the person making it look foolish.

    3. Abusing the comparison undermines the power of the Hitler comparison for ever more. “X is Hitler? Isn’t that what you said about Trump?”

    • And you never WERE the ‘Resistance’ – you always were the JUDAS in American Politics, and Trump is the Avatar for Jesus Christ. He is the Charlemagne of the New American Nationalist Kingdom.

  13. Full Retard Syndrome I especially tragic for it’s victims, because they NEVER EVER EVER understand they are Full Retard. Any other form of lunacy is treatable, to varying degrees. The thing about Full Retard Victims; the more Full Retard they get, the more Full Retard they ARE.

  14. This crap by Wilson goes beyond silly. It is infantile with the stupid WW II comparisons. Still, I’m surprise that he has heard of the OODA loop. He and the other hack consultants found themselves inside of Trump’s loop.

  15. Most GOP Establishment flunkies like this loser are stuck in the past. They’ve never had a steamroller squash them before. At least, Rick or Rich or whoever (who cares?), you could take your flattening like a man. …Wimp.

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