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  1. I want Ted Cruz humiliated tomorrow.

    Btw Bobby Knight is campaigning with Trump in Indiana on Wednesday.

    • I think Cruz will under perform tomorrow like he did in NY. He bailed out early and went to Indiana and Trump was harping on that today. Cruz’s momentum going into Indiana will be a disaster if he comes in third everywhere.

      • The expert-jokers I mentioned above are now gloating about their 63-1 lead among uncommitted delegates, according to interviews. Party hacks are the key!

      • This guy is a real piece of work. Funny in small doses. He has a sidekick with a funny voice (Todd). Like his idol he often gives false information (about delegates and delegates needed, for example). Great photo !! HW needs to put it in the cuck photo thread.

    • Ted Cruz is a living cartoon character and a caricature of a Texan. I’m glad I don’t live in his district.

      • If you don’t have at least 2 generations in one place, its not really factual to claim it. There is a difference between a first or second generation person and one who is like 10th or 12th. My father’s family were in Virginia for six generations or more before they migrated to Kentucky around 1835-40.

        Of my father’s family, I was part of the first generation born outside the South.

        My mother’s family was always from the North Ohio/Penna but one branch who had preserved almost their pure Scots heritage had this bizarre thing they did where they would always go back to the family home place, every generation did this for 170 years. In fact it was always encouraged among them to marry one of the members of the clan, not to marry outside of it. They left Pennsylvania in 1840 and they were all going back to family reunions there in the 1940s 100 yrs after they left. My gr aunt who died when I was a boy she had written down all of the cousins names etc in some book my cousin went back just a couple yrs ago to look people up. After 170 + yrs

        • We had to flee the failed revolution of 1848 because we were on the losing side in Germany. Often called a liberal revolution-which is misleading- as it has nationalistic elements- but in that time monarchy was the default position of conservatives and the radical position was nationalism.

          • 1848 Revolution unfortunately got co-opted by Jews and it led to a humongous influx of Jews to the USA as many of the German States expelled them. The Germanic Jewish Elite in the USA 99% Came after 1848, The poor German whites who were largely Lutheran and Catholic got caught up in the middle

        • Same here. My mother’s paternal side left Virginia for Georgia in the 1850s, and that side of the family still stays in contact to this day.

          Many of the same surnames show up in the same area of Virginia that they moved from and the area of Georgia where they relocated, which makes since, since they supposedly traveled by wagon to Georgia with a group of allied families bound for Texas. I’m sure that it’s no accident that many of the place names are the same in the two places.

          • My father’s family came from Goochland but they also lived in Henrico and New Kent Co VA in fact there are roads and things named for them. The odd part is when they left Virginia, they settled within sight of the Virginia state line. Being in Appalachian Kentucky, the isolation there caused them to lose all contact with the Virginia branch of the family, plus the name spelling changed in Ky in fact I never knew where we were from till I was grown.

          • My family came from Henry Co., mostly around Martinsville (Martin is their surname) and other areas in the surrounding counties of Floyd and Carroll. I doubt it’s an accident that they settled in counties with the same names in Georgia, which were all named for the same persons as the counties in Virginia.

            Part of that family also moved to West Virginia and Kentucky, and, if what I have read is true, some joined with the Mormons and moved to Utah early on.

          • Kentucky and West Virginia (Trans-Allegheny) were the Military Bounty Lands for the Commonwealth of Virginia. They also owned about 1/4 of Ohio for when those lands were settled. These were given to both the Revolutionary and War of 1812 vets I believe. I didn’t know until I worked in this town in Ohio that I had cousins there, evidently one of them had been the city mayor and they owned an insurance company. That area had been part of the Virginia Military Lands and their ancestor had left Virginia to claim his land.

            Whats funny is there was a book written in the 1920s by the Yankee branch lamenting the fact that their branch of the family didn’t have the number of children the rest of the family did who remained in Dixie. I found the book online and it said, our branch of the family did not breed the large number of males the Southern branch did. I laughed when I read that because it’s true it was unusual in our family to have less than eight children until recent generations.

    • Before canceling all events and rushing off to Indiana, Cruz mostly stayed in Pennsylvania trying to pilfer unbound delegates no doubt.

      Even Rush Limbaugh is now claiming that stealing the nomination would destroy the party. A couple of weeks ago Rush was celebrating it saying how it was in the rules and all this. As we all know, Rush goes in the direction of the wind – things must be really bad for Cruz.

    • And little known is that fact that Treyvon Martin’s mother is campaigning with Hillary Clinton, that is when she can find time from her busy schedule or organizing Black Lives Matter.

  2. I think we are going to see some 60% + tomorrow like we saw in NY. I think he will over perform his RCP average.

      • The taxonomy of his campaign will be fascinating. Did he come up with the tricks and gamesmanship or was it others in the staff?

  3. Time to put the smackdown on the Cuckservatives! They need to be sent a message and that is the WHITE MAN will be heard or ELSE. Just that simple, the war is here and it is now. Ballots or the other thing, its up to them

      • Denise I see Donald Trump merely as a means to an end. White Revolution is nigh, I can feel it. Trump has without being openly PRO-WHITE united most of the PRO-WHITE interests in the USA and in Europe. The liberal’s diversity angle has been destroyed as we now have them on Tape, look at AIDS SKRILLEX. We are using their tactics against them

        • Yup. Trump is simply a small, goofy Leap Forward. If he is robbed of the nomination – HELL breaketh forth. I’ve been Naming Die Jude in public – and cannot be opposed, when challenged. This is MY subject. I will Blame the Jew, is Trump gets robbed. Loads of us will. The Jew must be Named, as the source of White Genocide. If Trump becomes POTUS, and I think he actually will – the JEWSA is still so completely fixated that he can’t really fix things. Which causes even deeper….aaaa…awakening. Our job is to BLARE Race is Nation, Nation is Race. That’s really all we need to do…
          You know – I haven’t seen the original AIDS SKRILLEX viddy. Only the edited/modified ones. Half the country is loaded w/ mutants. A Great Purge is way over due.

          • The Three World Wars Letter attributed to Confederate Gen Albert Pike to Guisseppi Mazzini in Italy in 1871 whether true or not described three future wars. The letter which the British Museum denies it ever existed was seen by Cardinal Rodriguez of Chile and he wrote about it in a book THE SECRETS OF FREEMASONRY UNVEILED 1925, ironically the same year Kalengri revealed his master plan in Practical Idealism

            According to Pike The First War would be a Communist Victory over Russia, the second the Jewish victory over the West (ISRAEL) the third would be the war of Islam against the earth instigated by the Jews. The result would be complete and total anihillation of humanity, at which time according to Pike that with all three Monotheistic religions destroyed figuratively Lucifer could be enthroned as GOD. William Guy Carr wrote a book in which he referenced Cardinal Rodriguez’s book in the 1950s Pawns in the Game


            Pike’s letter is alot like the Protocols, true or not everything has come to pass the way it was written

          • As I have said before, the Illuminati Edomite Jews believe this garbage and they have run this entire cabal for almost 2000 yrs plus

          • Albert Pike was a Satanist, I believe politically he supported the Confederacy because he wished for the Jews and his Masons to take it over and turn it into their dictatorship of sorts. General Hindman tried to have Pike arrested and charged with a myraid of crimes but Pike was later pardoned.

  4. The imminent blowout was born of Wisconsin when Cruz won the battle, but lost the war by becoming a narrow sectarian candidate. As much as he riled up his base with his snake handling, he alienated non-church goers which dominate in the Northeast.

    Trump over-performed in New York, for perhaps the first time in this race, and the juggernaut keeps on rolling. Indiana, which could have gone either way, is now trending Trump, as Cruz collapses under the labels of Con Artist and Crony.

    The calls for unity will grow deafening tonight on both sides as the import of the November match-up comes into focus:

    1. The national polls will narrow as resistant Republicans “come home” to Trump

    2. Trump doesn’t need to win a national majority, only a electoral majority; he can trail in the national polls wire-to-wire and still win the Presidency on the backs of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

    3. Hillary Clinton can be indicted, drop out due to “health problems”, or be torpedoed by terrorism or economic turbulence.

    4. There are rumors that Julian Castro has not impressed the Clintons and they are scrambling for another VP. The Democratic base will not come out to put two whites in office.

    5. Trump will not win women, but he can go for white Catholics, who have decided the last 5+ elections. He can go for men in great numbers. He can even try to outperform Romney and McCain amongst non-whites.

    If, and I repeat IF Trump can win, this is what he does for us; he will provoke the non-white / anti-white alliance to take street action against the wall and deportation, and that my friends, is exactly what we want them to do!

    Has any one seen Jim Webb lately?

  5. Connecticut is the Bluest of the Blue States, if Trump wins in Conn. its game over for the competition!

    • He certainly has the edge. Calling yourself a “conservative” in CT won’t get you many votes. Pretty much the same for the other four states as well.

  6. IF it doesn’t happen, it wouldn’t be shocking. It would be…. JEWS.

    Never forgive, never forget. The Annihilation of the White race began when the Pharisees signed over the Last Adam for Crucifixion.

  7. It is going to get embarrassing for Cruz and Kasich to continue. People are going to start laughing at them.

  8. Today is the 1st primary under The Great Cucksolidation.

    Anyone has any predictions for Trump hitting 50%?

      • He will take Pennsylvania, most of that state is very White and not onboard with immigration. Any resident of the state that has been to Philadelphia understands the negative results of immigration and the presence of niggers.

        In Western PA one can go weeks without seeing a single nigger face.

    • Remember when all the cuckservatives were saying with absolute certainty that Trump’s ceiling was 30-35%?

      • Cruz: Trump voters are a “certain demographic” of “low-information voters.” A “hard ceiling of 35-38%.”

        Lyin’ Ted the Messiah has only won 4 PRIMARIES. He exceeded 34% (iirc) only in his home state and with Cheeseheads.

      • I’ve no ideological opposition to a single payer healthcare system. I doubt Trump does either. The trouble is the racial spoils system. Which Sanders followers are no doubt realizing as Clinton steams through on the back of Black Churchians.

          • Blacks are completely ignorant. Funny how her and Bill passed very strict laws on crimes that were over represented by inner city negros, yet they will still support her. It is the Christian churches that get their brainwashed flock to vote in blocks.

            Black males are usually to lazy or just don’t care enough to cast a vote. It is the negro church lady that will vote Hillary.

      • Mathematically, it will be a near impossibility for him to win the necessary pledged delegates. And it is equally unlikely that Clinton’s superdelegates will switch sides. However, Sanders will keep hanging around up through the convention, because he has nothing to lose by it.

        – Sanders is not being bankrolled by a superpac that could pull the plug anytime.

        – Hillary has to pull her punches when dealing with him, lest she alienate herself to young Democrats further than she already has.

        – By simply staying in the race and nibbling at Clinton’s delegate count in each contest, Sanders establishes credibility for a third-party run in November, which he’s brazen enough to attempt.

        Sanders will probably lose big tonight, but I doubt he’ll be out of the race.

    • Chris – voters were polled tonight. Bernie voters. They know Bernie is berned, and he can’t win. They re flipping to Trump. Get on the Trump Train. Help us get God Emperor Trump to get to my Deepest Fantasy Podium, in TalmudVision, and make the EVIL Clinton Sea Hag’s head explode. Live. On TV.

  9. If Lyin’ Ted places 3rd in some states it will be hard for him to put a positive spin on the situation.

  10. Here’s something else to watch tonight.

    The Maryland U.S. Senate Democrat Primary, which is in essence the election.

    It pits a white House member and a black woman House member against each other, Chris Van Hollen, who is pretty high up in House Democrat leadership, and Donna Edwards.

    Conventional wisdom has Baltimore City, (which rioted one year ago tomorrow), as the decisive battleground, and of course, race is playing a bit role in this race’s politics.

    But there’s another, more taboo, issue base, that is flowing in the undertow:



    • Priceless. Poor Maryland is what you get when you share a land border with enemy territory. Speaking of BUILD A WALL, Maryland should have walled off the M-D line years ago. Now look at it

  11. Looking ahead, on the assumption things will go at least well enough for Trump today:

    Am I the only one who’s wondering whether Trump has once again skunked himself–in upcoming Indiana, this time–with improvident blather? For two weeks or so, as a cable TV pundit observed yesterday, Trump had prospered by being “presidential,” i.e., by keeping his mouth shut. He was leading everywhere, including possibly-decisive Indiana; then, yesterday, he offered his uncharitable assessment of John Kasich’s way of eating. If Trump loses next week, in Indiana, it won’t be the first time an ill-considered remark will have cost him an important lead.

    PS Fun article re this very subject (presidential versus unpresidential Trump): http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2016-04-25/how-to-be-presidential-trump-style

      • Maybe you’re right, Sam; still, I wish Trump wouldn’t engage in that sort of thing. As I have said to friends and family more than once: I dislike humiliation. I dislike witnessing it; I dislike causing it; and, of course, I dislike suffering it.

          • AAAAhhhh! You are still my little Brother, after all! Well done! This Bernie Thing is just a stage….

          • I myself have inflicted it, Chris–or tried to inflict it–on persons who have unfairly inflicted it on me; still, I don’t like it, especially when, as in this case with Kasich, it’s gratuitous.

          • Objectively speaking, Kasich isn’t undeserving of humiliation — his farce of a candidacy is financed by jews who wish to overrule the will of the American voter, and Kasich himself is fully aware and fully complicit in their ambition. In that sense, he’s even scummier than Cruz, because whereas Cruz makes no attempt to hide his dishonest intentions, Kasich passively accomplishes his task from behind a veneer of false transparency.

        • Oh stop being an old lady. Kasich is a NIGHTMARE. He deserves whatever he gets. I think it’s hilarious. He’s replace you in a SECOND with a bunch of little Brown Orcs from everywhere. Remember THAT. He’s a total nasty bitch. Get him, Donald! GRRRRRR!

          • I am an old lady, Denise; I won’t deny it. If I myself ever run for president against Kasich, I’ll say to white Americans, “He’d replace you in a second with a bunch of little brown orcs; his eating habits are not a subject for me to address.”

          • HAHA!!! I thought the more interesting element was when he sat next to a little Brown Girl, in a booth, and she was obviously very displeased by his attempts at camaraderie. I’ll find a pic if I can…

          • I’d not heard about that. How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to schmooze an ungrateful orc.

        • I understand where you are coming from. My nature is to be more discreet than Donald

          However, having said that I think Kasich’s campaign ad was very dishonest, deceptive and dirty.

          I can see why Trump wanted to bash him.

          Trump-Putin 2016: “Make Tyranny Great Again”

      • He grew up working poor, so what?

        In basic training I was done eating while most others were still toying with the wrappers. Needless to say I was also the best soldier.

        • I grew up poor and didn’t eat like a pig at the the trough. Not a big deal as there are much worse things to consider in a candidate but it looks gross.
          It’s one thing to scarf down grub like that in private but what is he thinking with cameras all over the place recording him?

          Someone said he was criticized for eating pizza with a fork so he went slob to get the average Joe vote.

          If that works he should belch and pass gas in his next presser.

        • That’s funny!

          I have to admit that is damn hard to eat spaghetti and not look disgusting in the process unless one is adept with the spoon and fork technique.

          • Yes–the rule, Sam, is probably as follows: If you can’t commit to mastering the technique, avoid ordering the food in public.

          • All that is required is a fork.

            It might help if you start practicing talking with your hands. I know it sounds silly but you’ll have to trust me on this.

  12. Today is not a big deal. Trump will obviously sweep the states and collect the available delegates.

    This is going the distance though, and the GOPe can potentially take the nomination from him, and simply not care how the voters feel about it.

    • One of the wags at Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site has dubbed today’s event the “second-northernmost-quarter-of-the-Appalachian-Trail-primary.”

    • Trump himself hit this in his speech tonight, after the primaries. He mentioned, as an indication of the breadth of his appeal, that he’d had 50% wins in the Alabama and the Massachusetts primaries.

  13. Trump winning very conservative and evangelical voters by huge margins according to exit polls. 58-60 percent or more. So much for Cruz the true, principled Christian conservative.

  14. My Mom is shocked at the number and breathtaking audacity of Ted Cruz’s lies at a speech in Indiana today. They don’t call him Lyin’ Ted for nothing, Mom.

  15. Internet comments

    ’12 of 13 original colonies delivered a big WIN for Trump! New Jersey will be the last!’

    ‘Cruz is lucky in that he has dual Citizenship: Cuba and Canada.’

    Ted Cruz: I’m doing better than I expected.

    “States that allow voting are unconstitutional.” – Ted Cruz

  16. Wikipedia is working on a new definition for Pundit. It will include synonyms like dunce, dufus, and nincompoop.

    pundit = on the payroll.

    Trump’s not doing bad for a guy that was supposed to be out of the race 10 months ago . . .

    • brilliant! She has been savage on WI since the vote. “Not the nice state, the mean state”… etc

  17. Clinton did not match Trump tonight, Bernie wins Rhode Island and perhaps Connecticut.

    If the GOP can unify, then there is an opportunity for using the next few months to keep Bernie afloat while trashing Clinton.

  18. Ricky Vaughn Retweeted
    ? Swiss Frog [email protected]

    @Ricky_Vaughn99 Trump wins South its ‘Racists’. Trump wins North its ‘Liberals’. I don’t know what contradictory thing theyll have for CA

  19. Trump has Christie with him at the victory speech, right behind his right shoulder.

    Christie is another one of those guys that appeals to moderates, independents, and blue collar folks.

    • Also, Trump OVERPERFORMED again.

      And he is shrewdly calling on Bernie to run Independent (which he wont do). Saying that Bernie was treated very badly by the Democratic Establishment.

      • If Sanders ran independent, Hillary is done.

        Trump is going to demolish Hillary when he secures the nomination. Daily, and he has charisma, the media will be forced to cover it due to high ratings.

      • Yeah, he is (was?) a neocon. And he was quick to endorse, which could be a sign of a plant. But Trump seems to trust him.

        • He sang Romney’s praises for months in 2012, and then U-boated the clueless bastard at the 11th hour. Trump would be wise to keep that slimey beached whale at a distance.

          • But isn’t Christie’s core politics important? When the neocons were ascendant, he towed the line, but that may not be his preference.

          • He has to know how NAFTA and trade with slave labor Red China have denuded New Jersey of Industry and all the technical and white collar jobs that “manufacturing” also has under it’s roof. It’s not all just tightening screws for $30 an hour as the Ayn Rand Republicans want you to think. He might not like it but knows the donor class is for it and can’t run against it until Trump came along and offered an option no one thought would be allowed in the 2016 election.

          • My memory on 2012 is a little hazy. I didn’t pay much attention to the primary selection process. But when it was Romney against the Spearchucker I was happy enough.

            Romney if I recall correctly simply rolled over in the second debate as Candy Crawley dildoed him. That was the end of him on Bengazi.

            What did Christie do?

          • After that hurricane hit the east coast just before the election, Obama went to New Jersey to declare a federal disaster. Christie gave Obama this big gay-looking hug in front of TV cameras and praised the job he was doing.

          • Chris – Trump will CRUSH Clinton. He will crush her/it .He’s already begun. Get on the Trump Train. It’s FUN! We have the most FUN! We want you. We love you. Join us!

          • I want the Donald to reduce her to a snivelling, feminine pile of post-menopausal hormones in a corner, utterly cowered… with Bill nowhere in sight. (Not that we have to worry about that).

            Jezebel must fall; let the dogs eat her bones.

          • She has a propensity for blood clots. She’s fainted, in the past few months. Watch un-official video of her, walking from place to place. She’s ill. Camille Paglia has been trolling her..asking “What’s wrong, Hillary?”. She’s SICK. If Trump and It has a public one on one debate, she won’t cower or grovel, That is NOT her Nature. She’ll get so furious she’ll STROKE OUT.

          • She contracted syphilis from her husband a long time ago. She’s in the third and final
            stage of it right now.

          • She highlights the fact that there should be a mandatory retirement age for Congressmen and Senators, and a cutoff age for running for office, or for reelection.

  20. Trump suggests that while he will unify the party, not everyone will be part of that. Excellent!

  21. Trump directly asked if he would consider Chris Christie and he said “…yes…” turned and pointed at him and shook his hand.

  22. Trump claims to refuse to change his tone, but he actually has changed his tone to be much more Presidential.

  23. Trump effectively using NAFTA to attack Clinton saying “her husband signed it”. Very devastating. He should include the repeal of Glass-Steagal. Very effective attacks on Clinton.

  24. The victory press conference is over, Bernie has apparently fallen short in Connecticut. Both Parties will be pressuring to unify. An amazing victory for our cause: for the first time in a long long time, there will be a Republican at the top of the ticket worth supporting.

    As always, be prepared for an assassination attempt (a la Reagan) and also for a Soros driven flood of illegal immigrants to create “facts on the ground” as they try to push their black and brown foot soldiers into the streets. This thing may start off as an election and end as a shooting war.

    • All we have ot do is get on Trump’s Twitter feed, and any Heeb Twitter feed, and Name the Jew. Write things like “Donald – don’t let the Jew kill you! I know they’ll stop at nothing, but be CAREFUL, etc”. the point is to get all of Trump’s Normies to “see”. Get the seeds planted. He won’t be assassinated. We can protect him.

  25. this just in: Cruz picks up one (1) delegate in R.I. Trump so far w 115, Kasich 5. Just be aware that these 6 delegates are convention votes that Trump will never, ever be getting. But I’ll say this: if the next Indiana poll shows Trump’s lead up to double digits in that state, then yeah, he’ll be the first ballot nominee

  26. At this point Cruz is just hurting his chances of getting reelected as senator in TX. Hope he keeps it up so he can end his career like Rubio, Jeb.

  27. Bill Mitchell [email protected]

    The single most USELESS and yet most LOVED metric by the Media in the Primaries is FAVORABILITY.

    Both Party Leaders have lowest favs.

    Bill Mitchell [email protected]

    When you are the frontrunner, 100% of the other party and 1/2 your party fears you – hence, low favorability. Rubio had very high fav’s.

  28. Trump has 76% of the number needed for the nomination. Cruz has 45%. It’s a bit hard for Cruz to claim much of anything over Trump. However, we may get to see how the weasels weasel out of this.

    • Had the GOP pulled this same hostile attach against their front runner Neither Romney nor McCain may have gotten to the convention with the 1237 in the last two election cycles. I remember vividly after the Illinois primary Super Tuesday with FL and OH as well in mid March in 2012 is was declared over and everyone else left so he’d get 100% of the remaining delegates. Still, should Trump mop this thing up it was probably good for him to get a taste of the hatefest the media and establishment have in store for him in the general. He almost seemed to believe he was still the pompadour wearing media star and wasn’t ready for how bad the media political class was going to react to a populist campaign.

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