Cuckservatives: Yes, The Alt-Right Are Just a Bunch of Racists

Here is another dumb article from The Federalist on the Alt-Right:

“Hey, lefties, we finally found your racists for you.

For as long as I can remember, people like me—by which I mean advocates of capitalism and free markets and freedom of speech—have been accused by the left of being secret racists who pine for the gold old days of the antebellum South. Tiresome stuff like this. Then along comes a group of actual, declared racists who really do pine for the antebellum South, and who is one of the main targets of their invective? People like me.

Kind of ironic, eh?

I’m talking about the so-called “alt-right,” which stands for “alternative right,” though I can’t find anything particularly “right-wing” about them—not in the American sense, which has traditionally meant advocacy of free markets, individual rights, and the ideals of our Founding Fathers. …”

Where do I even start? This is such a target rich article.

1.) If there is ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, on the Alt-Right “who pine for the good old days of the antebellum South,” then it is the Southern Nationalists. I know all these people and NONE OF THEM advocate restoring slavery in the 21st century.

Instead, there are aspects of the antebellum South that we find interesting: the spread of the plantation system from the Caribbean to the South, how that shaped our culture and politics, the ethnic and cultural origins of the Southern people, etc. These are mainly questions about our origins and identity. We find them interesting for the same reasons than Englishmen, Hungarians and Germans are interested in the fall of the Roman Empire and the role that played in the emergence of modern European nation-states.

2.) As it happens, the Founding Fathers restricted US citizenship to “free white persons,” established the first tariff, later the first protective tariffs and enshrined slavery in the Constitution, but let’s continue to indulge the fantasy that mainstream “conservatives” are the heirs of the “colorblind” Founders.

3.) We can’t expect the TruConservatives to understand the inside baseball of a term like “identitarianism,” but the term primarily means a focus on identity, as opposed to “race realism” or HBD, which is more interested in compiling statistics to verify the existence of racial differences. “Identitarians” believe in the existence of racial differences, but are less focused on science than questions of belonging.

4.) The Alt-Right identifies with a concrete constituency – White Europeans – and has a simple program of wanting to “conserve” their culture and racial heritage for posterity. Of course it is a radical idea for mainstream “conservatives” to propose “conserving” anything real or to have anything positive to say about White Europeans as a group, as opposed to Jews who they literally worship, and who are often uncomfortable with their affection.

5.) The Alt-Right rejects classical liberalism in the sense that nationalists believe individuals are part of a greater whole who share a common fate. This is also a radical idea to mainstream “conservatives” who subscribe to the notion that every “individual” is in total command of his own destiny. Whereas nationalists are motivated by altruism toward other members of their nation, conservatives don’t see a nation at all, but rather a marketplace of atomized individuals driven by “the virtue of selfishness” where value is measured in prices and goods are bought and sold. Their desiccated vision of the world is often described by the Alt-Right as “a Lockean shopping mall.”

6.) In light of European history, the idea that Western civilization is opposed to “tribalism” is laughable. The only response to this is laughter. It is idiotic on so many levels that your jaw drops reading it. The “Western tradition” is not classical liberalism. The Greeks and Romans were certainly not classical liberals. Neither were their Medieval and Early Modern successors. Classical liberalism has been popular in certain parts of the West at certain times, but so has socialism or communism or fascism, etc.

7.) As I pointed out earlier today, mainstream “conservatives” are accustomed to dancing to the Left’s tune because they are driven by fashion and respectability. Their morality is yesterday’s liberalism. They routinely ostracize their own fellow conservatives for violating this or that leftist taboo.

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    • A good example of alt right, Politically Incorrect, side splitting humor. Anti-Whites can dish out ridicule and satire but scream “Nazi!”, “racist!”, “hate!” when it’s aimed at them.



    Today Paypal, which had
    been intent on constructing a new facility in Charlotte – and which
    would have brought 400 high quality clerical jobs to folks in
    Mecklenburg County, shut down the project, they citing our Governor
    McCrory’s unwillingness to back off our bill that requires people potty
    as their birth certificates indicate that The Good Lord
    intended them to.

    My wife and I have used Paypal with some frequency, over the last decade, and have been very satisfied by the service.

    Friends, North Carolina is a very very welcoming state for any
    business- for we offer a hard working and well-educated work-force that
    comes without unions or high taxes, and which gives companies access to
    our great life here – our first rate roads, out unsurpasst natural
    beauty, our beautiful seasons – with mild winters, and our God-fearing
    decent and hospitable culture that is second to none, for it’s
    respectfulness to other humans, even humans we don’t want here, such as

    My wife and I both feel that this Yankee attitude of
    coming in and twisting folks’s arm to change our culture is NOT what we
    are going to abide.

    For that reason, I am going to Paypal, right after writing

    this post, and shut down our account, for good; or until we hear that
    Paypal is prepared to be a guest with proper respect for it’s Southern

    I hope y’all will consider following our example.

    North Carolina very much needs y’all’s help…

    • I stopped using Paypal a long time ago. They’re reprehensible, as are a great many businesses these days.

      • Most Banks here in Texas refuse to process Pay Pal transactions. They’ve seized and frozen people’s accounts and kept them from paying bills. Banks here won’t allow it.

      • Thank you for your comment, FatherKnowsBest,

        We really appreciated their service, but, alas, we just cannot go along with their sense of entitlement; a deluded bit of hubris that tells them they can come to our house, and then, before supper, issue us instructions about how we have our bathroom situated or decorated:)))

    • These LGBT things have to go before the voters. Lets see if PayPal will threaten voters.

      Some good may come of it? More intiative and referendum and politicians loosening their grip on deciding everything? I hope so.

      • I respect that everybody sees it differently, Miss Midge, but, as I do see it : PayPal is threatening the Tarheel voter.

        Our legal representatives passt a law, our governor signed it, and they are pointing a consumerist gun to our heads.

        Have a good night!

    • The jobs Paypal would have brought to our state would have probably just attracted more Yanks and Jews to the Charlotte area. We’ll do fine without them.

      • Excellent point. If North Carolina manages to break free again, the first thing to do will be to burn the Research Triangle and Duke University.

        • I’d like to keep both of them running. Just get rid of the yanks, or let them work on greencards that have to be reapplied for every few years. Whatever, just don’t let them vote.

          Also maybe make university presidents and board of regents elected offices just like judges, congress, etc.

      • Good point. Mr. Davis. In either case, if folks can’t be here without dictating to us, then, to hell with them.

  2. I pine for the Old South.

    Southron Nationalist? Check!

    League of the South member? Periodically, (not when Hill runs his mouth and insults/deeply offends his brethren, which he occasionally does).

    Desire the return of slavery? Not on your life! In fact, I’m anti-slavery. I want the slaves returned to the land that is rightfully theirs … Africa.

    • Count me in if Southron Nationalism would act in any way as an antidote to the hyperabolitionist status quo currently undermining the West.

      In addition, more people just need to hold relative positions. For example, support strong anti-abortion laws for Whites while aggressively advocating abortion for Africans, Asians, Central and South Americans. Support tougher gun laws for Blacks while strongly supporting the Second Amendment for Whites. Etc. Base one’s positions on real world observations of the different races grounded in direct personal experience.

      Others may fault you for holding such positions, but at least you’ll know you’ve been honest with yourself in terms of what you believe in.

  3. These name changing fanatics need to get a life.

    Look, ‘America’ is named after an Italian explorer who was a slaver. Everything that has the word ‘America’ honors slavery. These slavophobes need to get over it or just get off this continent.

    • I never hear them objecting to virtual slave labor in China and other 3rd world countries. But then that’s part of what free markets, capitalism and free speech is all about.

  4. “Yes, the Alt-Right Are Just a Bunch of Racists…”

    You say that, like it’s a bad thing…..

  5. Funny and pathetic. This cuck’s greatest longing is to be exonerated and absolved by his leftist betters of being guilty of even a trace or possibility of being a “racist”.

  6. I see the fake conservatives who live on their knees shill for their unholy masters. Their inner Trotsky is showing. Trotsky AKA Lev Bronstein the slimy rat who raped Tsar Nicholas’s daughters before bayonetting them like the chickenshits they always were and are. All the whitewashing of their fake media whores cannot wash away the blood. Their mouths will swim in the blood and I will make sure to mix their own to make a fine pool to drown these rats.


    Just yesterday, Miss’ippi governor, Phil Bryant, signed into law the ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ In a nutshell,
    this act restores the right of every Mississippi citizen, in business, to refuse any customer he wishes service. In other words, a Missippian is, once again, restored an element of that constitutional liberty with which he was deprived some 50 years back, because he is now free to discriminate – and what a great thing it is!

    Discriminate a great thing, you ask?!? Yes, it is, and I’ll tell you why I use this word : because it, like ‘nigger’ has been wrappt around our collective neck by the Yankee government – they insisting that a Southerner does NOT have to right to discriminate, ‘discern’, whom we shall serve, to whom we shall sell, by whom we shall live, with whom our beloved
    children shall go to school, etc, etc.

    That is the great premise of the Yankee Empire – that every one is equal, and, that so, every majority must have it’s customs bent, distorted, overruled, or just plain shot down, to accomodate their fanatick and ungodly notions about how a law-abiding free man can live his life..

    They have used this idea as a vehicle to reshape and retrain The South,and, sadly, my generation, and that of my daddy’s have been too compliant, in letting them do exactly that; when, in truth, the Southron generation of 1840 would have already revolted 10 times.

    The result of the high Yankee Court judicial activism has been the near destruction of negro community, in my lifetime; which, contrary to what you will hear, lived in a far better state during Jim Crow (I saw it for myself ,as a child) than what they do under the Yankee government’s ‘Civil Rights’; it a judicial philosophy which has placet nearly the whole race on cradle to grave welfare, wholesale imprisonment, and a
    general degradation.


    We are, as is our brave Governor McCrory under heavy attack for a similar bill that requires people to potty as the Good Lord made them. The list of companies trying to coerce us to the Yankee government’s will has only been multiplied by the fact that President Obama is cooking up ways to punish us with our own money, until we bend over a little further, for
    the 3rd greatest enemy Dixie has every had.


    It is long overdue for we Southerners to stop making excuses and pull together, and now is the time. Apart we will be pickt off, one at a time, piecemeal, by all the coercive mechanisms of the Yankee empire. Together, we will defeat them, and what’s even better, we will inflict pain upon them, as they struggle to cope with a notion whose time is come : The South will NOT be dictated to, anymore.


    For that reason, I ask every man, who is proud of his Dixie and
    determined to see it through to better days, to take a brief moment to contact the Missi’ppi Governor and tell him of your support for him.

    Governor Bryant knows all hell is coming his way, (he saw what happenedto Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas, Governor Deal of Georgia, and that feller up in Indiana; and yet : like a proud Confederate charging up Seminary ridge, he runs into the buzzsaw for the love of his kith & kin.

    Please stand with all of Mississippi, y’all. They have always stood for y’all and y’all’s forefathers, as their flag still shows.

    This is the beginning of a sequence of nullification acts which will defy the Yankee government, and end up in the restoration of our sovereignty.

    Let us bring the long era of our shameful appeasement and indifference to a close.

    God bless y’all.

    • ‘That is the great premise of the Yankee Empire – that every one is equal, and, that so, every majority must have it’s customs bent, distorted, overruled, or just plain shot down, to accomodate their fanatick and ungodly notions about how a law-abiding free man can live his life..’

      A large segment of Christianity holds similar positions.

      • Sam, a lot of my fellow Christians have been infested with Marx. I fight it at the country church where the wife, daughter and I attend. Happy to report though, that these would-be Baptist Marxists are in the minority there – and the church is still worshipping as it did 100 years ago.

        People are so indoctrinated, Sam, that when they read a verse from the Good book that clearly supports old southern customs, they think it means something else.

        Anyway – have a good night!

  8. In the Declaration of Independence we read:
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
    that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
    that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    But what most probably do not realize is that 41 of the signers of the document owned slaves compared to the 15 who did not.

    That’s just reality.

    • Most don’t understand the the term “men” did not refer to negroe tribesmen. Or injuns or chinamen either for that matter.

      To the Founding Fathers this was so obvious it didn’t need to be spelled out. Because no one in their right mind would consider the idea of accepting non-Whites as equals.

      That used to be reality.

  9. If this dough boy isn’t the the cuckiest of cucks I don’t know who is.

    [email protected]

    If my choice is between Hillary Clinton and the Hillary Clinton donor who white supremacists like, I’ll go with a third party.

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