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    • Some of that depends on totally absurd moral standards. Ethical standards are something else of course.

      • Whether it is an ethical or moral compromise does not matter. If it can be used to control them, then it is unacceptable behavior and a betrayal to the people and our nation. Truly decent and honorable people cannot be compromised.

  1. Tried to watch the video. Couldn’t. Damn, that’s a repulsive woman. So that’s Rachel Maddow?

    They pay her money for this? I would have thought the first thing they would teach in broadcasting school would be, “Avoid irritating verbal tics and noises.” I would have thought that would be high on the list of selection criteria. That smacking thing she does with her mouth is not attractive, it’s undisciplined and an insult to her audience.

    Plus, of course, the hypocritical, gleeful, “ain’t it awful!” tone is sickening.

    People really watch this stuff? Voluntarily?

  2. This perfectly illustrates a complete contradiction present in our people. This guy is a complete nerd and creeper, as women say. If he showed up at a social function or bar or whatever, people would instantly cold shoulder him, and for a week people would talk about “that creeper.”

    But these same people will vote him into office as a governor!

    Likewise, people would shoot a crackhead if he tried to worm his way into their household and disrupt it, but go out and vote and loudly advocate for the same type of person when it comes to their country!

    It is like white people are only capable of “micro” level operating, but totally incapable of macro level responsibility. And this is what the difference is between ordinary white people and jews and the like. Jews are a macro-thinkers. Everything is large scale and comprehensive. The complete system. Ordinary whites just think and plan in terms of micro level. They may build up a company to the size of microsoft, but we do not think in terms of running or controling whole states and countries. A white man thinks controling his house is big, a jew wants to shape and reform an entire civilization. A white man thinks he has accomplished big things when he buys or builds a large automotive sevice garage; a jew buys a movie production studio or Doubleday publishing company that will influence and indoctrinate millions. Apparently even billionaire white men rarely think like this. The Don Corleone way of thinking. Never strategizing or planning like that. Always small scale and limited, never looking to the whole and unity. Never looking to control the complete system. Always only micro and not macro.

    • That’s nuts. The truth is that Jews tend to hang around hoping to take control of the civilizations, nations and large businesses that were created by Whites and others.

      • Its not nuts. Its a small percent of whites who actually innovate. Most do not. And like I said, even the ones who do do not think like I described.

        • All parts of a society contribute to its successes (and it’s failures), not just the movers and shakers. A man can have a great idea but it never becomes more than a thought without the hard work and contributions of countless others. This nation was created by more than a small percentage. Smaller contributions resulting in big changes often go unnoticed and unmentioned.

          • Put down the Ayn Rand and watch the old British television series Connections.

            A good example of a member of the masses making a difference would be my own father who never graduated from college, but was an excellent aircraft mechanic. While working on military aircraft, he developed several different modifications which were adopted and used Air Force wide.

            The likely result was that the government patented the work and sold it, with someone else getting credit for the work. My father got a small prize and a letter from a general praising his work as being on par with their best engineers.

            That’s how things work in many cases.

          • Your father was an excellent aircraft mechanic who was praised by a general.

            You make my point again, without even realizing it. How many people you will run into this coming week will be of that caliber? How many would have a clue if you mentioned the technical details of your father’s modifications?

          • And like most people, you automatically equated what I was talking about with money and celebrity type fame and recognition. I said nothing about that. I said a small percent of white people are the innovators, and the rest are not.

            Your father is or was part of a small minority.

          • And that was the extent of his recognition although many others benefited or profited from it. Your dad played an important role in perfecting some “innovator’s” imperfect design. Not sure if our resident critic is capable of separating it out from his sole focus on “master” traits. You can’t have a discussion with a know it all. Sounds like he’s trying to make a case for population reduction. I guess he’s referring to flyover country inhabitants. Doesn’t seem to take into account globalism, its control mechanism and end goal. I guess he also believes in “royal” blood.

          • You’re kidding? Typical response when you could have countered me with opposing facts, heh?

            One example…. Apple. Could good old Steve Jobs created his iMac or iPhone without the contributions of all the people that make their parts? Or, those that assemble them? Or, those who built the factories that make those parts, or the builders of the equipment that make those parts, or the people that operate that equipment, or the ships and planes that transport the finished product? An idea is nothing without all those people that make it a reality. Because Steve Jobs would have been nothing without them. Just a man with a big idea (we don’t even know if he had the original ideas – look at Facebook, stolen from the Winklevoss twins). And, let’s also say even more loudly that Steve Jobs would have been nothing without Steve Wozniak or someone like him. Innovation only starts with an idea. Innovation is nothing without the nameless, faceless, & silent contributions of others.

          • Lol. Apple. Right.

            Now go out and ask the white people you see today to explain recursion and iteration.

            You would go through a thousand, probably, before you got anything but a glazed over look. They will do the same if you ask what an algorithm is.

            Lol, what a response! Do you have a clue what percentage of the population can even hope to get considered for a position at that technological company? A small fraction of one percent.

            Try again.

          • “Lol. Apple. Right.” You asked for an example. Explain your response. I don’t understand it. It’s empty. If you’re referring to the possibility, some would say reality, that Jobs was a front, well that’s a different story altogether. You know, like the story about Gates and IBM. Certainly, Cook is a globalist.

            You are totally ignoring the fact that we are living in a very controlled society. There is a system in place that has been eating away at the human spirit for centuries. Your point? Not everyone is dumb-downed/Pavlov’s humans. We have no true educational systems, we’re bombarded with chemicals, and we’ve corralled into a belief system that does not allow us to engage in critical thought. We police each other.

            Technology is being used to control us while simultaneously entertaining us.

            I see by your responses that you are just arrogant and not interested in an exchange of beliefs.

            I believe in the human potential. You think you’re better than most.

    • We have lost our moral compass. Many Americans are self-absorbed, selfish, superficial, and lazy. If it’s popular and trendy, it’s accepted without analysis. We no longer apply critical thought. Our politicians define who we are. We just keep sending them back to Washington, don’t we?

      Your application of micro vs macro outside of economics is somewhat interesting but I totally disagree. I understand what you’re getting at but it needs some tweaking. Whites can and do think macro very well. We’ve conquered entire continents in prior centuries.

      “A jew wants to shape and reform an entire civilization.”

      You make it sound so noble but you left out the best part….. their frequent malevolence. Shape and reform? How about reconfigure and deform? And, it’s always another people’s civilization. In my lifetime, I’ve seen a rise in Jewish influence in every aspect of our society and the resulting horrendous decline. They have a reputation of being nation wreckers for good reason. Rarely are their intentions for the greater good. But, their intentions are always for the benefit of themselves and the Tribe. Jews are takers not givers. And, they’re the most brainwashed people on the planet which makes them extremely dangerous to all others. Chosen? Brilliant? Victims? Really?

      I wish things were different, I really do.

      Their influence on the Western World has been sheer and utter destruction. So, who really wants to emulate them? Our lack of tribalism is our greatest weakness. I believe our capabilities are endless.

      • Who said anything about whether or not it was noble? That it is so, is what matters. Plus, it can be noble.

        You keep talking about this “we.” Without the handfull of movers and shakers, as you put it, those “we” would have been more than happy staying doing just what they had been doing forever. That is my point. The truth is the common man does not inovage or take the lead. He waits for a leader. And usually has to be pressed hard then to take the new action.

        All you have to do is listen to people talk. Our people would still be hunting and gathering if left to their own motivations. It is the one or two percent of our people that make the changes and one way or another entice or force the rest to go along.

        • I read your post and “noble” was my first impression; that you somehow viewed the Jews’ method as better and more successful than “ordinary” white people as you called us. And, that you were insinuating that we could not achieve what they have by some small-minded approach of micro-thinking. The Jews control of the Western World is based solely on their control of the money supply. They’d be greatly disempowered if they weren’t the money changers. Jews work as one organism (organized Jewry) and their leadership uses victimhood, among other methods, as a means to control their lesser brethren. An attack on one is an attack on all.

          It is “we” when I refer to race or ethnicity or religion.

          I read quite a bit and I am also aware that ideas are stolen. People have connections that put them in the front of the line. The “good old boy” system is not a myth. According to articles on The Occidental Observer, Einstein got many of his ideas from German physicists but never gave them credit. How often has this happened?

          The middle class is what powers a society. Look no further than our own current situation. The country is in tremendous decline but there are still plenty of “movers & shakers.” Innovators, facilitators, and motivators are three different animals. And, many “movers & shakers” come from humble beginnings. Western civilization, and its successes, is based on the collective. We have no idea how many better directions we could have went on without the control mechanisms of a few.

          “Our people would still be hunting and gathering if left to their own motivations.” So, who and what motivated them?

      • There is a segment of Christianity who view the rise of organized Jewry as one of the signs of end times, although they prefer to call it Mystery Babylon, the Talmud being of Babylonian origin.The mainstream Christians who the Alt Right refers to as Judeo-Christians are seen as heretics by this particular sect of Christians and they see them as worshiping the False Religious system that was to arise in the latter days according to their interpretations of Revelations.(The beast with the head wound which was wounded unto death but miraculously restored more powerful than ever was the effect of WW II on organized Jewry and their subsequent reemergence more powerful than before)

        • According to Eustace Mullins, the modern day Jews are the descendants of the Canaanites who later became the Pharisees. I, myself, believe that Ashkenazi Jews originate from Khazaria and that Judaism originates about the same time as the conversion of the Khazarians. Therefore, despite what we’ve been told, Christianity predates Judaism and not the other way around. I have not read much on the Sephardic or Mizrahi Jews so I can’t comment on them. From this perspective, I would have to agree that present day Judeo-Christianity would be very questionable indeed. I am a firm believer that religious doctrine should never be bent to the pressures of society. I was raised Catholic (quite embarrassing these days) but I am not religious. I do not accept the Second Vatican Council and believe the Church was infiltrated and completely subverted by the mid-20th century. Those forces are now quite apparent in the humiliating spectacle that Catholicism has become. True communists are atheists so that “pope” is an abomination. A clear manifestation of what has become of the Roman Catholic Church.

  3. With jews its more influencing and steering large civilizations while making a buck at it think Michael Medveds of the world times a few thousand influential others. Other than that they are regular if more accomplished mopes as anyone else.

  4. As for the CBF it could seriously make a comeback its opponents are low budget clowns. Remove the Days of Rage aspect from the CBF (that lasted decades) and the clownish aspect of CBF bikinis on lardos, the CBF as representative of the better values and principles of the South would sell well.

  5. The number one problem we have in Dixie. Worthless, electioneering, politicians, instead of true statesmen. We have to have them, before we can have independence.


    As a traditional Southerner and bible-thumping Christian, I do not ever have the illusion that a politician is Jesus Chryst.


    To me, that, when a politician is ‘out of bed’, he stands up for his people and their values. If he does not, privately & perfectly, mirror that, every minute of the day, is of no concern to me.


    That would be my vote, were I an Alabaman. That said, I am not, and, if they want Bentley, (a Commerce uber alles Republicrat) that is NOT my business

  7. It’s funny how the Rachel Maddow’s of the world demand “sexual liberation”, up to and including “gay marriage”, but malign and ridicule a perceived political opponent for practicing it.

    • Because she’s a woman, a Jew, and a lesbian.

      Rationality never applies to any of those categories….

  8. Well, women are naturally attracted to men with wealth, power, and status. Governors, Senators, and most Congressmen have all three. It would surprise me is less than half of all state and Federal level politicians are not philanderers.

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