The Silent Majority

This is going down exactly as I expected it would … no one in America is more sick and tired of the Black Lives Matter movement than the Whites who live in the St. Louis suburbs:

“Go home and get a job! (crowd erupts in loud cheer)

These are not good people, folks. Just so you understand. I heard this was going to happen and they said, “Mr. Trump, would you like to cancel?” I said absolutely not. These are not good people. These are not the people that made our country great. We’re going to make it great again, but these are not the people. These are the people that are destroying our country. (loud cheers and applause)”

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  1. I await Chicago tonight. This is where Rahm will try to Stump Der Trumpenfuhrer.

  2. It’s worth remembering that John Kasich while in Congress both supported & voted for the disastrous NAFTA trade treaty. Spread that around.

    • Kasich never once spoke up in defense of fellow Ohio congressman James Traficant. Traficant was a strong opponent of illegal immigration and fought for a reduction in legal immigration.

  3. WOw, the whole world can see 3rd world Chicago in all its repulsiveness, what a sight, I can’t believe he had to shut it down, it’s that bad! Media scum all blaming Trump of course, bastards!

    • They’re loving this. At least the average White man will see this, and will start to get truly angry.

      • I hope every White person the world over is witness to the glory of “die-versity” a high negroe population brings.

    • Right now we are living something just like the Scar Regime in the Lion King where the traitor invited in the Hyenas to leach off the lions and wreck things.

  4. Rally cancelled due to security issues, in these cities that was bound to happen. I’m surprised it didn’t even happen before in other BLM ‘held’ cities…

  5. I was watching the Trump rally live feed and thought to myself a lot of the crowd looks like a freak show. I’m sure their plan was to rush the stage and grab Trump’s mike and possibly kill him. I seriously hate those worthless slugs. Spics, niggers, mudslims and anti trash.

    • Good. The slumbering Whites need to SEE this. FYI – George Soros is paying for all of this.

      • One of the first things a Trump presidency would need to do is find something to indict Soros on, get that guy somehow he’s the kingpin in a lot of this shit, the Escobar of Cultural Marxism.

  6. Sanders & Clinton supporters have NO factual arguments against Trump. So they go to his rallies to shut down a dissenting voice.
    Let’s not forget these feral Blacks, Mexican Catholic invaders and Jewish-socialist-communists are Clinton and Sanders supporters & voters.

  7. These niggers and leftist scum are going to polarize the White electorate against the Democratic Party.

  8. This will “unify” the party, and one hopes that includes the crazed lunatics speaking in tongues for Cruz.

  9. “I don’t use hate speech,” Trump said in response to a question from Van
    Susteren about whether he bears any responsibility for the outbursts at
    his rallies. “There’s tremendous division in our country. I’ve seen it,
    I’m watching it, I’ve been witness to it, and something has to be

    Yes, Don. Something has to be done. We go our way, they go theirs.

  10. Sir,

    Today’s event seemed startlingly reminiscent to my boyhood, and watching the mayhem of the 60s, on the televisions.

    I am suspicious that, instead of a few odd-out events attending Trump rallies, that this is much more of an indicator of the coming struggle between those who value freedom, capitalism, individualism negotiated withing the context of nationalism, and the Bill of Rights that undergird that, and those who want to write a new Constitution guaranteeing service in return to total servitude.

    Just out of curiosity, I flippt from FOX over to Chris Matthews, on MSNBC, and neither he nor his fellow commentators seemed to grasp that this was anything more representative than just a candidate who ‘agitates folks’.

    • Coming right on the heels of that militant display by Beyonce at the Super Bowl. This isn’t what the white Sanders supporters who were so for Obama in 2008 intended for America to become under Obama. They thought the blacks would suddenly all become like Neil Degrasse Tyson. Instead we got a rerun of the 60s militancy as if trillions of dollars and affirmative action spent to uplift them for almost 50 years hadn’t even happened. Look at Beyonce, I hear her mom is white, yet she just seems so Ghetto, no class at all. She’s even got a ghetto sister who ended up on World Star punching out some ‘brother’ in an elevator. Has to be a disappointment for her mom for the kids to turn out so alien.

      • Fifty years of sheer hallucination. No creature on earth is lower than the vile ghetto nigger. It’s almost not even worth hating these worthless turds, they’re so pathetic. (Almost)

        • I generally live and let live and get along with the blacks at my workplace, they are quite funny in an ignorant way. But as of the last four or five months a couple of them spend half the day spewing endless hatred at Trump. One ex-con even is running his mouth about how there’s going to be a “civil war if that mutherfucker wins.” I really don’t want to be ruled by these people.

      • Dear Nightowl,
        I’m sorry for the delay. Somehow I misst this comment of yours, and very thoughtful it is, indeed. I agree about the replay of the 60s, though, I am less sure about what it was that Obama 2008 supporters were thinking.

        I think they were just the victim of the most treacherous & diabolical political scam in my lifetime – The Obama Campaign.

  11. Cruz blames Trump: A candidate bears responsibility for the culture that is set from the top.

    This was the man that too many whites supported.

  12. Mexicans, muslims jews and negroes have no respect for American sovereignty, constitution, laws, free speech and other Anglo American traditions.

  13. Antifa, Communists, BlackLiesMatter mobs shut down Trump rally at University of Illinois Chicago Circle Campus.

    I have to say I told you so on this one.

    Very poor choice of venues.

    Trump, Trump team doesn’t know street realities here in Chicago.

    Oh well.

  14. Should have had this Trump Chicago rally in a working class White flight suburb like Rosemont, or across the border in Indiana at some Horseshoe Casino.

    Trump is mostly a “Jersey guy” so these places are natural for him.

    UIC is in the Belly of the Beast – it’s near 100% turf of the worst Leftists Communists with huge numbers of ghetto Blacks very close by – this was an easy win for Black, Leftists mobs.

    I have to question this call.

    Republican establishment plays this as Trump represents Right Wing Racist Whites and that just provokes the worst Leftists, Black extremists – both extremes are bad, so there should be intelligent, moderate Republicans in charge.

  15. TRUMP: Go home and get a job! (crowd erupts in loud cheer) These are not good people, folks. Just so you understand. I heard this was going to happen and they said, “Mr. Trump, would you like to cancel?” I said absolutely not. These are not good people. These are not the people that made our country great. We’re going to make it great again, but these are not the people. These are the people that are destroying our country. (loud cheers and applause)”

    Many of these people who hate Trump and want to shut him down with violent interruptions at his rallies are the ones who are taking FROM this country and are “not good people” and are now destroying this country yet many of their ancestors were once kept out of our society and were in bondage and made to be productive for the good of society. God does allow slavery and we in this nation are learning the hard way the reason why. You either enslave your enemies or you kill them otherwise you are at their mercy as we are witnessing today in America.

    The South was right. Secede now.

  16. The left always follows its well worn playbook: Screamers and thugs barge in to shut down the opposition. I don’t doubt Trump is well aware of this. IMO, he’s giving them the rope to hang themselves with.

  17. Why dont we all just pick some states and start to move in….then we step by step expel these types….i no longer want to live among these left wing thugs….i want a home for my people….the south tried once…. do it again…..we will come and help you start over

    • There is a movement to do this, migrate to the Pacific Northwest.

      The main writer/author of this movement is a very good writer, but has lots of personality disorders and he spreads lies and slanders against solid good people including us.

      • I read one of his novels…..he seems a little crazy to me. I want to live around mentally healthy, moral, well intentioned, tradition minded, christian white people.

        • Check out White Latter Day Saints, Mormons. They are mostly as you describe and most everything is safe, moral, well intention….

          Unfortunately most LDS Mormons are now pathetic cowards and simply try to agree, get along with everyone who happens to be in the room with them at the time – Blacks, Latino illegal aliens, Muslims don’t even think of ever trying to get LDS Mormons to do, say or even think and unkind thing about the worst Jews – Hollywood pervs, Neo con mongers etc.

          Revolutions and separations, divorces – these are rare politics, nice affairs.

          Like throwing somebody out of a bar.

          The LDS Mormons avoid these situations by not going to bars.

          This doesn’t work with me.

          • “Why do some Christians seem to dislike Jews so much considering that Jesus was Jewish?”

            I respond:

            For lots of reasons.

            The Bolshevik coup de tat
            the Jewish led slaughter of the Russian royal family, Russian nobility, the collectivization of private Christian farmland in Russian and Ukraine
            For the reality that Communist, anarchist, radical anti Nationalist left movements in Germany, Hungary, Central Europe were disproportionately Jewish led.
            For #*$(# like the 1965 Immigration act.
            For the reality that virtually every single Jewish Congressman and Jewish US Senator receives an F immigration grade from Numbers USA
            For the reality that Jews dominate, nearly monopolize Hollywood and church out degenerate, viciously anti White movies like D’jango Unchained – open these terrible movies on Christmas Day.
            For the Jewish funding of the worst Black causes movements like George Soros funding BlackLivesMatter.
            For Neo Conservative Jews hijacking National Review, Conservative inc and purging any and all White Conservatives who dared speak out against the genocide of Whites in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Urban America, France, England or else dared to simply speak the truth that these Neo Con Jew wars against secular Arabs in Iraq, Syria were a disaster.
            Or else just opposing nasty, hateful Jews like Woodward and Bernstein, Tim Wise, the front page of the New York Daily News.

            Those are some of the reasons racially conscious Whites, race realist Whites oppose (some) Jewish people.

            Or else, just watch some TV episodes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman – the Norman Lear world view.

            It’s not a healthy place to be.

          • How about also that Jesus was not jewish, he was the Son of God….he came to the jews and among the jews to destroy the temple and rebuild it again on the right foundations because they possessed only one truth and that was the revealed knowledge that there was one God.

          • Oh……….I see fear the Jews because of Mary Hartman. I guess it’s ok to dislike rednecks because of Boss Hogg.

          • Well then I guess you think that the person that referenced Mary Hartman and Norman Lear as a reason to distrust Jews is a retard?

          • Did you even read the totality of what was said….you are highly selective. Picking the least of the list to attack. Disingenuous at best…

          • Disingenuous at best…

            Jewish, is my guess.

            Is Bounce that cuntistic Jewbitch “Liberty’s Lamp”? Does any one know?

          • The Dukes of Hazard TV show is only about 6 million times better than Norman Lear’s Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

            That’s like comparing the beautiful of actress Linda Carter – Wonder Woman at her prime with the likes of Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginzberg and Elena Kagan

          • Ok. So I guess that means your a Boss Hogg fan then. But considering that Sorrell Booke, the actor that played Boss Hogg in the tv show was in fact Jewish, does that mean that jews are ok to like now?

          • Hey dumb arse – it’s a TV show! It’s not a main pillar of our civilization, which is now being #*$#(@ invaded by ~ 2,000 Muslim men landing on Greek beaches every single #*$&#@$ day.

            This is so typical Amurikuun – to be obsessed with totally unimportant things like 70s TV shows or SEC Black thug football.

            But, if we’re going to go down this way – yeah, the Dukes of Hazard is a good pro Southern, pro White TV show.

            Norman Lear’s Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is terrible, the worst Jew New York/Hollywood anti White #*$*# ever.

            OK, I hope that clears this up.

            And stop trolling mate.

          • So what your saying is that television created by Jews actually depicting Jews is bad but television created by Jews depicting Southerners is good? Which means that you’re saying that it’s ok to like some Jews???? Is that correct? It’s all a bit confusing to me. As in if it’s not ok to like Jews why support their television productions and help make them rich? Or you could just not hate them at all and step out of the dark ages but I don’t see that happening around here. I mean if you’re going to hate you might as well go all the way. I would think that if you don’t like Jews that being proud of the Dukes of Hazzard is a bit like being a Nazi but just loving a good ole Bar Mitzvah. I thought this was a real hard core pro white website? Seems a little wet around here.

          • “It’s all a bit confusing to me.”

            I respond.

            Yes, I know.

            You are confused about very easy to understand subjects like the subject of TV and Movies that are either positive, pro Southern, pro White or extremely insulting, degenerate – depict White Southerners, White Americans as the bad guys, our women as whores or men as stupid, criminal, or not even human “Abraham Lincoln Vampire slayers” etc.

            So many cultural and political issues are very simply, not hard to understand but so many people like you are confused, all mixed up – things like:

            Do we want to allow tens of millions of Ebola infected Black Africans in to our country, welcome all the Amer Indian gang members from Central America in to our country?

            Those seem like simple things to understand, not confusing at all.

            Just say and do


            But, for some reason too many White Americans are always confused – obsessed about wanting to start new wars with Russia, obsessed with some White Church denomination difference – Wisconsin Synod Lutherans that can’t get along with Missouri Synod Lutherans or here my Chicago – South Side Irish still obsessed that the Downtown St. Patrick’s parade community disrespected them in 1978.

            Yep, that’s a big segment of “our people” – always confused.

            Oh well.

            Maybe you should have the crossing guard take your hand and help you cross the street as it’s confusing whether Red or Green means “go”.

          • OK. You can clear things up for me then. I guess what your saying is that you’re ok if tens of millions of Black Africans can come here as long as they don’t have Ebola? I guess you’re ok with central Americans coming here if they’re not in gangs. That means women and children are ok with you to begin with. I’m not sure what you have against the Irish though.

          • Please go play…

            Somewhere else

            Play in traffic
            Play with your friends

            If you don’t have any friends, go play with yourself.

          • If you want to be taken seriously try not to caveat your ideas with things like Ebola or gangs as if your resistance to Black Africans is a “health concern” or your disdain for Hispanic immigrants has to do anything with law and order. You seem to be trying to pass off bigotry as intellectualism.

          • YOU seem to be attempting to pass off White Genocide and The destruction of Western civilization as “tolerance”. Go join ISIS.

          • “White Genocide and The destruction of Western Civilization” Just because it’s a banner headline that you’ve copied and pasted from a right wing source doesn’t mean it’s actually taking place. Just as there are not “tens of millions” of Black Africans with Ebola out there there isn’t a white genocide about to visit itself upon you. The decline of western civilization for some people is epitomized by bigotry, ignorance, xenophobia and racism.

          • Mormons do impress me yet i am more inclined toward your way of thinking but i like the self sufficient nature of the mormon religion. I like that they are oriented towards self defense and have their own farms etc. i want white people willing to hold fast to what they create and to what they desire…..i am not a southerner but i have a soft spot for the old south….i want to see it built again….dignified, rural, solid aristocracy leaning toward the old values of europe…..lets build it. And please let me in…..thanks

      • Two of the three states proposed for the Northwest Republic vote solid blue, only Idaho is red and they went for Cruz. I think the heartland , an area that consistently votes red, is a better choice.

  18. These are not good people, folks. Just so you understand. I heard this was going to happen and they said, “Mr. Trump, would you like to cancel?” I said absolutely not. These are not good people. These are not the people that made our country great. We’re going to make it great again, but these are not the people. These are the people that are destroying our country. (loud cheers and applause)”

    That’s more like it. Clear and to the point. Not that insipid wonkery about the ‘need’ for Hindu-1b visas and what not.

    As the good book says: if the Trump give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?

  19. Look at that miserable Charlton Heston-looking libcuck next to the C on the Trump is a Chump sign. It’s not a bad bet he’ll be taken down by “friendly fire” from some of the gorillas in his midst.

    • (I’m forced to respond to a comment you made at amren(article about: “Today’s winning google doodle …”) here since your moderator has chosen to protect the delicate sensibilities of you race realists and won’t let me comment at amren)

      You said:

      Yes, so touching. A few more efforts like this and Total Equality can only be a heartbeat away.

      An interesting contrast in productivity for you: the young African American student produced a winning art piece, winning a $30,000 scholarship for herself and a $50,000 Google for Education grant “towards the establishment and improvement of a computer lab or technology program” for her high school. You and your buffoonish race realist cohorts spent another evening ranting and raving about black people, spewing the same tired racial drivel. And black people are the idiots?

        • Dispatching a bantu like me with a few lines of clever verbiage should be child’s play for a genius race realist like yourself. Make your move Einstein …

          • You and the rest of your race realist tribe are lightweights, living vicariously through the talents of the (few)gifted amongst your brethren. Without the few gifted amongst you, you’d be living in the proverbial huts you claim blacks are only capable of building.

          • So what? My antagonism towards your dogturd race has very little do with intelligence differences and everything to do with the fact that I feel nothing for you, and intensely resent your alienating encroachments into my living space and the degradation and destruction that follows in its wake as night follows day.

            The white man exterminated the indian and enslaved the nigger. How I rue that he didn’t do the opposite, back in an age in which no one would have thought much of it.

          • My antagonism towards your dogturd race has very little do with intelligence differences …

            You’ve got to be kidding! That and crime is all you talk about at amren. You know, you should be hanging out at DailyStormer; you can use the N-word uncensored over there.

          • So what, I’m not the one who sets the parameters at Amren. That said, crime and intelligence are certainly topics worthy of the most serious consideration in their own right, regardless of whether one feels as strongly about keeping blacks out of white living space as I do or not. FWIW, I’m certainly not at all keen about having asians move in, even if many of them are more intelligent and less criminal than whites.

            I’m not a nazi, so daily stormer doesn’t interest me.

            If my strong language has upset you, at least there is one victory you can claim over me: you made a liar out of me. I said wasn’t interested in discussing anything with you and yet here I am discussing.

          • If my strong language has upset you …

            I actually get a chuckle when I see the strong language used by the race realists. You race realist’s want to pretend you’re intellectually superior to yesteryear’s buffoonish, irrational klan types, but when you use the strong language — you look like a “spit’n image’ of them.

          • There’s an important difference though: even I could agree that much of yesteryear’s vulgar “racism” (a term I’m generally loath to use because of its anti-white implications) was gratuitous and mean-spirited. Today, the use of epithets like nigger by otherwise clearly intelligent people must be viewed as indications that these people have been pushed to the brink of their endurance by the anti-white contradictions and failures of the “anti-racist” movement. You’d do well to bear that distinction in mind. Or don’t. No skin off my nose.

          • There are 45 million black people in America. Surely, not all, or I suspect even most, have “pushed you to the brink of endurance”. So, to me, your indiscriminate use of such a crude epithet smells as irrational today as it did in an earlier era.

          • There are some 200 million whites in America, the vast majority of whom support black uplift, but does that stop niggers from bitching about the kkk, crackers, rayciss cops and so on ad nauseam? Course not. So take a look in the mirror, jackass.

  20. Absolute evil DOES INDEED exist. It has existed from time immemorial and it is exceedingly well organized, interconnected and financed.

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