Cuckservatives: The Trump Belt

I present to you the funniest meltdown you will read all day courtesy of Matt Walsh, a cuckservative who lives in Maryland and writes for Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze, who is shocked by Southern populism:

“Donald Trump, the vulgar, adulterating, bullying, mob-connected, scam artist Planned Parenthood apologist who brags about his penis size and calls women dogs and claims he does not need God’s forgiveness, has now won almost the entire Bible Belt.

Let that sink in.

Don’t try to put a positive spin on this. The fact is, with only North Carolina left to vote, an unrepentant philanderer and tyrant who brags of his plan to murder women and children when elected president has now won every state that we’ve previously considered the Bible Belt. He’s won almost the entire south, in fact, defeated only in Texas and Oklahoma.

“But most of the people didn’t vote for Trump!”

Stop it. Trump got 47 percent of the vote in Mississippi. 43 percent in Alabama. Over 40 percent in Louisiana. He won with smaller margins in places like South Carolina and Arkansas, but he still won. Thousands and thousands and thousands of “Christians” chose him. And they chose him over guys like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and even Kasich and Carson, when he was still in.

“A lot of them were open primaries!”

Stop it. Open or not, if Trump wins the nomination, he will have won it with the indispensable support of almost the entire “Evangelical” South.

Do you know how many votes a fraudulent hypocrite who advocates war crimes and supported partial birth abortion should receive in a state that calls itself a member of “the Bible Belt”? Try zero.

You make excuses all you want, but the fact remains that the most un-Christian Republican candidate in American history is now leading in delegates because the vast majority of our “conservative Christian” states chose him. That’s the reality. And it’s a travesty.

Perhaps its time to think up a new moniker for that region of the country. Maybe we can call it the Secular Populist Belt. Or the Reality TV Fans Belt. Or the Christian Culturally But Not Spiritually Belt. I guess that’s all a bit wordy. Maybe we should just call it the Trump Belt. Trump actually has a fashion line that sells belts, and I’m sure it will go bankrupt soon enough, just like Christianity in America is going spiritually bankrupt. See, it all comes together pretty nicely, doesn’t it?

Whatever new name we choose, all I know is that any state that throws it support behind Donald Trump does not deserve to tout its “Biblical” credentials. But I suppose there’s no reason to be surprised here. Many Christians in America have long decided to adjust their faith to fit into their life, rather than the other way around. For many of us, our faith is just a word and a slogan and maybe a few bits of Old Testament trivia clanging around in our heads. This is what we’re seeing play out today. And we ought to be ashamed.
Lord help us.

On another note, God bless Texas.”

Matt Walsh doesn’t know a damn thing about the Deep South. Neither does Ted Cruz or legions of Republican consultants, pundits and donors who believed for decades that White Southerners were voting for conservative orthodoxy on economics and social issues. Populism, not conservatism, is the dominant strain in the Deep South: Huey Long, Tom Watson, George Wallace, Theodore “The Man” Bilbo, The Great White Chief James K. Vardaman, Pitchfork Ben Tillman, etc.

But that wasn’t the biggest story of what we learned from last night. Michigan decisively proved that conservative orthodoxy on economics is why Republicans lose to the Democrats in the Midwest:

“Perhaps the most notable statistic of the night came from Macomb County, ground zero for the “Reagan Democrats” of yore. In the 1980s, these white, working-class voters defected from a Democratic party they felt had abandoned their economic interests with progressive stances on issues such as affirmative action and immigration. Macomb County’s politics have fluctuated in years since, but it remains a bellwether for Michigan and a symbol of the state’s blue-collar electorate. Trump blew away the competition there, taking 48 percent in a four-way contest. On the Democratic side, Clinton took 49 percent and topped Sanders by fewer than 1,400 votes. Trump won 60,492 votes in Macomb County; Clinton won 47,597. Even more telling, GOP turnout in Macomb, which Obama carried twice, was 118,220 on Tuesday night; Democratic turnout was 93,839. This disparity, proportionally speaking, was bigger than the one statewide — and should have Democrats concerned.

The uptick in Republican participation is hardly an isolated occurrence. Trump has driven up turnout in virtually every nominating contest this year, and has consistently over-performed with non–college-educated whites relative to his margins with other groups.

What makes Michigan’s result especially noteworthy is it lends credence to Trump’s promise of putting the industrial Midwest back in play for Republicans. He has performed well from coast-to-coast with working-class whites. But on Tuesday, both Trump and Sanders, proved that a populist, anti-trade message has a unique resonance in the Rust Belt. Trump’s unapologetic advocacy of a new economic nationalism — rejecting free-trade agreements, supporting protectionist tariffs on America’s foreign competitors, and promising to halt the flow of illegal immigrants into the American job market — positions him to win over large, bipartisan swaths of blue-collar workers in the region. (It’s not difficult to envision Trump speaking to the United Auto Workers in Detroit as the nominee.”

Bernie Sanders stunned the pundits and pollsters last night by winning Michigan. Apparently, 30 percent of the blacks who live amid the ruins of post-apocalyptic Detroit are open to the argument that free-trade might have had something to do with creating the Rust Belt. Ohio, Illinois and Missouri vote on that next Tuesday.

As for Ted Cruz, we know he does well in small rural states, heavily White states, caucus and closed primary states, among Mormons and evangelicals and states west of the Mississippi River which haven’t been ravaged by deindustrialization. Give him Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Utah and New Mexico.

Trump should clean up elsewhere.

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  1. No one likes “conservative” economics. No one likes “conservative” foreign policy. No one like conservatism in much of anything because it is worthless.

    It was the “stop the Democrats” and “conservative judges” strategy that the GOPe dog whistled the South into every 4 years but after 30 years we have gotten nothing to show for our effort so the cucks are no longer of any use. They get everything they want and we get nothing in return – this relationship is untenable.

    All it took was a man to rise up with a populist message for us to abandon the cucks in droves.

  2. Trump is repeating the success of George Wallace – who also won the deep South AND the Michigan primary.

    Populism works very well in most places that aren’t 100% White – like Vermont or Idaho.

  3. I am sickened by what I have seen in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa. Cruz is a sleazy charlatan who isn’t even from this country!

    Trump et al are standing between them and the New World Order, and they are stabbing us in the back!

    Didn’t Dante reserve the lowest level of Hell for traitors?

  4. At the risk of sounding uncouth, this Matt Walsh is one of the biggest fuckin pussies Ive ever seen. He is so secure in his (“Matt” “Walsh” “air” “quotes” “alert”) “Christianity” and faith he had to get it tatted on his forearm and poses it so unnaturally in photos it actually makes me feel sad for him.

    Not to mention how completely irrelevant he is. I had no idea who he was until about 3 months ago when I saw him being eviscerated, and rightly so, on a daily basis by the Alt-right.

    Apologies for the lack of sophistication.

    • Im not convinced he actually drinks it. He’s a weakling that really could have used more bullying growing up.

      • ..good ole ass wup goes a long way.Maybe he was raised by a single mom. In the olden days, pop,uncles, older brothers of chain of command.

  5. These fake Christians always trot out abortion don’t they? When has the GOP ever even tried to overturn Roe vs Wade? Its not even a law! Its a court decision. One court decision the opposite way and it will go away. The whole case was bogus. The idea of a Constitutional Right of Infanticide is so sick and twisted that even the woman who was Roe recanted and now wants it overturned. Lets face it, these bogus issues are just red herrings to distract from the dying economy and invasion turning America into Mos Eisley a hive of scum and villainy. The GOP will never remove Roe, they get to much mileage out of it with voters.

    • Hillary Clinton: “You’ve lost your jobs, Your loosing your homes, You’re in danger of starving.” “But I will continue to fight hard for the rights of three legged, bisexual Martians and other abstract, trendy lefty nonsense, that is meaningless to people with bills to pay and groceries to buy.”

    • The GOP never had any intention on doing anything about abortion. The politicians only cared about getting elected and abortion is nothing more than another permanent campaign issue. A better illustration of the perpetual campaign issue mindset is the following article from a Cuckservative website:

      Losing the gay marriage case before SCOTUS could be the best thing to happen to conservatives in ages

      To cuckservatives, losing to the Left is winning. And people wonder why no one listens to their “betters” and why the conservative movement is dead?

  6. To nitpick, the current president has murdered american citizen children abroad in drone strikes, so Trump would if in nothing else be more reasonable on that alone.

    • Trump is strategic. He says,”Ban Muslims from entering the US until we know what the hell is going on. Why do they hate us so much?” He knows why they hate us and in large measure its Israel and the Iraq War.

  7. Who the HELL does this tattooed (how revolting to have a Chi Rho on his arm!) blasphemer think he is? He not only has defaced the Imago Dei on his own person, but he works for one of he most CULTIC Christian Charlatans in history…. and then, he DARES to name names of a man whom the vast majority of Real Americans desires to lead them?

    Sorry, but as a priest and a white Man, I find his brand of ‘xtianity’ so foreign in make-up, so lacking in true ‘caritas’/charity, and so utterly demeaning of the vast thousands who are VOTING RACIALLY, (as all decent European tribes have long done, prior to Neocohen propaganda) that ANY credibility ANYONE in the Beck camp may have had, has now turned to complete and utter hatred, of biblical proportions [ Ps. 139:22] because of the irredeemable nature of such HERESY, masquerading as Truth.

    Others (far more erudite and observant) have noted that Trump is like a New Constantine. Not necessarily Christian, but ONE OF US, and ARISEN AT SUCH A TIME, to TURN BACK THE FORCES OF BARBARISM, which includes the sand and regular ‘N’ varieties, we long have been saddled with. And who yet may be tried (as by fire) through a crucible of Deicide-driven hate, that Beck et al. have been ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS in.

    Go to Hell, Matt Walsh, you fish-faced CUCK. You neither possess the pnevma to make any cogent observation, nor the unmarked vessel in which the H.S. would care to inhabit. You are of a piece with the two Xenos that pretend to be either American, or White- Canuck Cruz, and Fagboy Rubio.

  8. This is what we need to understand.

    We need to be aware of the homo agenda as the new imperialism.

    It’s interesting that Liberals expressed outrage about conservative German reaction against Weimar cultural decadence but generally sympathized with communist moral rage against decadent American capitalist influence.

    The very Liberals who rooted for the decadents in Bob Fosse’s CABARET(against the puritanical Nazis) also rooted for the puritanical Castroite/Guevaraite communists(against the decadence and degenerate influence of American capital in Cuba in THE GODFATHER PART 2).

    Liberals who celebrated the decadence of Weimar Germany denounced the decadence of Havana under Batista, the stooge of US capitalism.

    Many Liberals and Leftists also lionized the puritanical Viet Cong and communist North Vietnamese against US influence in Saigon that was turning Viets into gum-chewing consumers and prostitutes.

    When Jews used decadence and degeneration against white people(as in Weimar Germany), that was all very good.

    But when non-whites waged a moral war against Western materialism dominated by Wasp America, the non-white moral crusaders were the good guys and American power was the bad guy: not only destroyer of lives but corrupter of souls.

    But because US is no longer Wasp-American-dominated but Jewish-dominated(and because Jews gave up on classic socialism and fully embraced globo-capitalism as their cash cow), globalist Jews are now openly using decadence and degeneration as a Culture War against the entire world, and homo activists are their main agents in this.

    Jews are now pushing the Weimarization of the world.


    The best way to fight the homo agenda is to associate it with globalist, Jewish, and American power. It is funded by oligarchs of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Harvard, Silicon Valley, Big Oil, and etc.

    People around the world are sick of US imperialism and Zionist globalism.

    We need to point out that Homos are the main collaborator-agents of US Zio-globalist imperialism.

  9. ‘But because US is no longer Wasp-American-dominated but Jewish-dominated(and because Jews gave up on classic socialism and fully embraced globo-capitalism as their cash cow), globalist Jews are now openly using decadence and degeneration as a Culture War against the entire world, and homo activists are their main agents in this.’

    It wouldn’t hurt to play this song at future conventions. Closeted types are one thing I guess, but the overt agenda driven flamers should be avoided.

  10. Living in the interior West myself, I was at first surprised at how well Cruz is performing out here. People seem to be much less Christian here than in the Bible Belt, and much less focused on social issues. I think the explanation is that things really are too nice out here. You can go downtown and see only white faces, and the ag and energy industries are still pretty decent. People here just don’t have the sense of economic and cultural desperation necessary to go for an unconventional, revolutionary candidate.

    Regarding Walsh’s argument, I think many Christians are voting for Trump because he would be the best for the Church, despite his personal shortcomings. Banning Muslims from entering the West is obviously key to keeping traditional Christendom Christian. And who cares how much a candidate speaks out against planned parenthood if he supports the Mexican invasion. Once non-whites become a solid majority, the dems will control everything and no conservative measures will ever be passed .

    • Matt Walsh is one of the biggest faggot crybaby’s I have ever seen. Ben Howe comes in a close second. The entire Blaze network under Beck seeks out and finds the biggest effeminate fag boys the United States can produce and holds them up as “thinkers.”

      Our Christian ancestors would laugh at these sissy boys

    • I don’t believe the nonwhite Majority will happen, I believe what we know as the USA will break up into Ethnostates long before then. This nation barely can hold together now. Question is whether we can make this situation work for us or against us?

  11. “Trump should clean up..” on 15 March? Florida’s 99 delegates now looking certain for Trump, as $millions in negative ads bought by Judeo-globalists are only solidifying his support. Illinois, NC: Trump holding significant leads. Ohio? Kasich seems to be pulling ahead for 66 delegates. That alone, if Trump keeps accumulating delegates at present pace, may leave him c. 50-100 delegates short of 1st ballot nomination. Please, God, let it happen. For two reasons:

    1. schism the Republiscams as Trump, denied nomination via vicious floorfight, goes 3P…or we just sit it out

    2. spare us the tragedy of a Trump Presidency, as he will betray us on every issue. Besides, why would we want a strong hand on the tiller when Leviathan hits the debtberg? I know I don’t. Much better for us if an incompetent, corrupt, murderous Mrs. Clinton is on the bridge

    • of course, even the Northern Marianas 9 delegates could prove decisive. We’ll just have to wait and see

    • Agreed. We should keep our goals in mind. People like us might still be 25% of the population, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the proportion is less than that. Say 75-80 million. To put that in perspective, the figure I see floating around for immigrants in the U.S. is 61 million.

      Trump is doing good work for us, at the moment. However, I want to see Leviathan crack up, and fast. The last thing needed is a competent and effective president.

  12. Cruz is doing well in those states listed while Trump is not because the churches or temples are bought and are staying bought by the people who sell their votes.
    There is intense social pressure in those towns to be on the correct side, especially amongst the Mormon types who are not shy about their cult.
    In Podunk you just don’t get up and speak out of line without permission, and if you do all the “nice” people the “respectable” people will make your life suck if you have something to lose. If you have nothing to lose then you will be discounted as white trash.
    Think of the mean girls in school with their dumb jock boyfriends and now you understand the social dynamics thrown in with Parson Paycheck blessing it all.

    • In general election the vote sellers could be minimalized by basically going around them and appealing to the populist sentiments of the small town people sick of the mean girls bullying. Most of the guys I know in those towns would rather stay home and go hunting, fishing or watch football on Sundays, church for most is a part of hell ran by pinch faced busy bodies and smiling back stabbing bleach blondes who drive big SUVs

  13. These “true conservatives” think Southerners are goobers they can take for granted with rants about abortion. They got surprised but they are still stupid. It ought to be obvious that vs Clinton (maybe even vs Sanders) any Republican candidate but Trump would be using up resources fighting to hold onto Southern states just like Bush the Elder had to worry about losing Texas to Ross Perot. Cruz is doing lousy in the South. He can’t win the nomination so there must be some self-interested personal motive that he’s staying in.

    The Clintons know the South. She’s a lousy candidate but he’s still a better politician than Rubio, Bush or Cruz and he’d have a feel for the issues that would work. The Republican desire to whack Social Security and Medicare (and likely long term plan to turn them into welfare programs) is poison every where. Like Trump said of Ryan’s Medicare voucher plan in 2012, “They aren’t chess players.”

    • I love how the media tells us that GOP voters want “entitlement reform” like we’re on board with the privatize Social Security; raise ages; voucherize Medicare plan. NO. If they try to harm those programs, it’ll be Republican voters in Washington pulling them out of their offices by the hair.

  14. Conservative? just what is it that these shitheads are trying to conserve? Apparently it’s economic policies that benefit a handful of parasitic elites.

  15. Who are the vulgarians?

    Kevin D. Williamson [email protected]
    Kevin D. Williamson Retweeted The Guardian

    I like to think this is God’s way of saying “F–k you” to the Nazis. Kevin D. Williamson added,
    The Guardian @guardian
    Oldest living man confirmed as Israeli Auschwitz survivor

    Kevin D. Williamson [email protected]
    National Review secretly hates Cruz? You’re a goddamned liar, @seanhannity.

    Kevin D. Williamson Retweeted Bill Kristol
    Yeah, but next debate John Kasich is going to slap a moderator with his dick. Kevin D. Williamson added,

    Bill Kristol @BillKristol
    Praise for Trump’s debate performance last night isn’t just defining the presidency down. It’s defining America down.

  16. “…Maybe we can call it the Secular Populist Belt. Or the Reality
    TV Fans Belt. Or the Christian Culturally But Not Spiritually Belt…”

    How about the American Belt.

  17. Great article! Ive never before seen so clearly the way that neocons have co-opted the rise of the Religious Right in politics from the 1970s ……to be a cucking device par excellence.

  18. This creepy cuck is exposed to a wider audience.

    National Review: White Working Class Communities ‘Morally Indefensible… They Deserve to Die’

    ‘National Review’s Kevin Williamson believes Donald Trump’s appeals to the white working class are “immoral” because that demographic’s way of life deserves to die out.

    In a featured article for the prestigious conservative journal entitled “The FatherFuhrer,” Williamson seeks to rebut criticism that he and other conservatives don’t articulate any policies that would appeal to Trump’s blue collar supporters.

    Williamson, a long-time critic of The Donald, essentially agrees that he doesn’t support any policies or rhetoric directly tailored to the working-class — particularly about jobs being taken by outsourcing and immigration — because it would be wrong to do so.

    “It is immoral because it perpetuates a lie: that the white working class that finds itself attracted to Trump has been victimized by outside forces,” the NR roving correspondent writes. “[N]obody did this to them. They failed themselves.”

    He then goes on to make the conclusion that it’s great these communities are dying out because they have a warped morality and are a dead weight on the economy.

    “The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible,” the conservative writer says. “The white American under-class is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles. Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin. What they need isn’t analgesics, literal or political. They need real opportunity, which means that they need real change, which means that they need U-Haul. If you want to live, get out of Garbutt [a blue-collar town in New York.]”

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