Super Tuesday Preview Episode

Here’s a little show to set the mood for tomorrow:
Note: Latest Polls:

Nationwide: Trump 49%
Texas: Cruz +1 +13
Kentucky: Trump +13
Michigan: Trump +15
Alabama: Trump +23 +17
Oklahoma: Trump +12
Massachusetts: Trump +23
Tennessee: Trump +18
Georgia: Trump +7 +11
Virginia: Trump +13

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  1. Plus one for Cruz in Texas might be more accurate. I intend to vote. For Trump. The precinct I’m in is rural, about ten miles south of the Red river. I’ll see how many turn up to vote, since the poll is on the main highway between Paris, Texas and Hugo, Oklahoma.

    • +1

      All this time nobody’s asked me how I’m voting, or anyone else I know. Gotta wonder who they’re calling for all these polls.

      • We got a call here at the house a couple of weeks ago. We said we’re voting for Trump. Mind you, this is Lamar county on the Red. Mexicans are 3% of the population around here.

        • Sounds like what Texas was like for me growing up. There always were some Mexicans, just not too many of them.

          But it’s changed in the Houston area, 5 million+ people, down to only 15% White. I know brave men who will not drive our freeways lol.

          • The other side won’t except an electoral defeat and quietly transition into mass deportations, they will take to the streets in something like war, or what war is for non-whites.

            That, more than anything, is why I support Trump.

          • Good point. Unlike the conservatives – the left will not simply accept that they lost the election. It will be like the years of W. only 100 times worse. The protests will go on day and night against Trump

          • Grayson county is now 6% Mexican. The counties here on the Red river are around 83% White. Blacks are around 10 to 13%. There’s an old map that shows the slave population in every county in the South. It mirrors the current black population.

          • It really is that bad. When you look at Chittum’s map for a breakup of America the black, White and messican nations all come together around east Texas. And the black and messican border is right through Houston.

            If you look at modern demographics maps, they match that map of Chittum’s pretty closely.

          • It’s been over twenty years since I read Chittum’s book. It’s in a box in my basement somewhere…. but I don’t doubt it.
            Thanks for the reminder.

          • When I was a kid, in Grayson county, We had a few Tejanos, no Mexican Mexicans. It stayed that way until the last twenty or so years.

  2. I’ll say it again, about Texas. Trump effectively wins if he keeps Cruz under 50%. If Cruz gets over 50, then he gets all 155 delegates and is back in the delegate horse race. If he gets under 50 and still wins, the delegates are meted out on a proportional system, and considering the haul Trump will get from the other states, this will only leave Cruz further behind.

    • I actually like this as it undermines the “Rubio is number 2” bullshit if Cruz can nab a second state where Rubio has none.

      The Jewish billionaires like Rubio because he is a perfect puppet, the same cannot be said about Cruz, who might be physiologically incapable of an honest deal and would backstab the Jewish billionaires as soon as he would backstab anyone.

    • Hey QD – want to go to Amren in May? We could have an OD table.

      I think we are amongst the best in the Alt Right world, though the British Ex Pats have a better reputation and look down on us hate to use this word on a Southern blog:


      What do you say?

      Let’s get Hunter, a few of our more presentable readers here and let’s go to Middle Tennessee Amren conference. I have many Best of Occidental Dissent magazines to sell or give away.

    • Was there such talk before? I completely went the whole weekend without watching or reading any news.

      • Most of the talk was about foam parties, including a photo of Rubio in the middle of la petite mort.

  3. Trump is answering how he goes from 40 to 50+, with a series of key endorsements that will turn into an avalanche Tuesday night and beyond.

    We can only hope the Jews do something so stupid as to run a Bloomberg or Romney which would only validate Trump as the candidate of change and make their post election purging from the system that much easier.

    • Having Cruz just barely eek out a victory in Texas while remaining under 50% ensures that 1. Ted Cruz stays in the race, sabotaging Rubio elsewhere 2. Ted Cruz doesn’t get all of Texas’s delegates, only a fraction. That might be the best thing for Trump.

  4. The head of NASCAR just endorsed Trump at the Georgia rally. Trump said that the election is over if all NASCAR fans vote for him.

  5. If I had any doubt about whether I would vote or not, clearly this is not one to sit out.

    But any way you slice it, Texas is now officially the single most cucked state in the union. We are overrun with messicans and California refugees who didn’t learn a damn thing with what they did to that once beautiful state, but instead are now stinking up Austin and everywhere else in Texas. And the Katrina refugees too, they made a dent on Texas culture and they never left. And it’s all starting to really show now.

    That this is the only place where Cruz has a good chance of winning is not a good omen for the future of Texas. But I guess we’ll see how it really turns out the polls have been wrong before.

    • Can we see how tomorrow plays out first? The fact that Texas is overrun is a big part of the reason why Cruz may win a plurality. If only Whites could vote, you would see a Trump landslide of monumental proportions.

      I’m not getting my hope up on Texas, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see that this David Duke nonsense puts Trump over the top. I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of the people are very tired of being lectured about their non-existent racism.

          • Their biggest fear is a racially awakened White population. From their paranoid POV they are fighting for their lives all the time. If Trump remains successful they’ll go into overdrive. IMO, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

        • Yes, uncle toms and “white supremacists” should be forced to STFU, let alone be allowed to vote.

        • Next time please include a David Corn warning. I pressed the play button and was jolted by the sight of mister No-lips.

        • This is what the anti-White superstructure is afraid of: An awakening.

          There was a basketball game between two Catholic high schools in Indiana. One predominantly White; the other, Other.

          The White students are awake. And they are letting the Other students know this. They are standing up for themselves. They committed no violence. Broke no laws. But they exercised their Freedom of Speech to make their voices heard.

          And look at the way the administrations and the media frame it:

          Whites bad; Others, good!

          This would not be happening without Trump. May it multiply, and may every anti-White piece of human debris meet their well-deserved reckoning.

      • Yep, agree completely. The demographics have changed completely over the past 20 or 30 years, and Whites are seeing less reason to worry about being called a racist when the blacks and messicans are that way openly.

  6. These spuriously ahistorical (and often very VERY badly acted) ‘minidramas’ are just so much crap. The modern atheist scientism religion, tied with a multicultural post-pagan state, sees the conversion of entire peoples to Christianity as nothing more than political expediency, rather than the calling in of the ‘Lost Tribes’ – or the honest enlightenment of the White Race to the “White Man’s Religion” if you like- which, just coincidentally enough, is witnessed to by Scripture, that the vast majority of biblical Israelites, captive in Assyria and Babylon, (that disappeared 700 years prior to Christ) on the south side of the Caucasus Mountains, is never accounted for by ANY paradigm except Christian Identity. It does seem ‘funny’ and odd’ to have this historical/bibilcal fact noted, only to have what eventually end up being called the White Goths and Celts, to “appear” (out of nowhere, it would appear) some little hundred years later, on the NORTH side of the same mountain range, as if from out of nowhere!

    But, OK, HW. Fine. We once were barbarians, and we are finally allowing/having/becoming the ‘Awakened Saxon’ of Kipling’s poem.

    I can go with that, and I hope to God (OUR TRIBAL GOD, and his Son, our King, Jesus Christ, the “Ethnarch” of the Israel of God- Gal. 6:16- just sayin’…) that TRUMP sweeps the ENTIRE Super Tuesday race, to the discomfit of our Enemies- the Jews, and the non-whites. At least we can agree on THAT reality.

    • I figure Trump will win just about everything but Texas, and that Cruz will not win Texas by more than 50%. I’m fine with that. Maintains a three-way race a little longer. That said, if he got Texas as well, I’d have a helluva laugh at the enemy.

  7. As I remember it, wasn’t William F. Buckley Jr. was a supporter of the Roman Catholic terrorist organization the IRA? Gave them money? Next time you are talking to any NRO “cuckservatives” you should ask them what they know about it.

  8. Trump, who skipped a TownHall in Texas the other day, is basically allowing Cruz to win there. This because he wants Cruz to stay in the race through Florida. Obvious why: goodbye, Pool Boy

  9. All the KKK hysteria is ridiculous.

    Seriously… does the KKK have any power or influence in America?


    1. Who starved and killed 500,000 Iraqi women and children in the 90s? Clinton and Madeline Albright or the KKK?

    2. Who are all the perpetrators of all those rapes and robberies on college campuses? Black athletes or the KKK?

    3. Who pulled off a coup in Ukraine that had led to economic implosion and deaths of 1,000? Neoccons like Kagan and Nuland or the KKK?

    4. Who bombed the hell out of Gaza and killed scores of women and children? IDF or KKK? And who continues to occupy West Bank and oppress Palestinians? Israel or KKK?

    5. Whose idea was to cook up lies to invade and destroy Iraq and turn it into a haven for terrorists? Bush, Cheney, and Neocons or the KKK?

    6. Who sells drugs all across America that destroy lives? Black/Hispanic gangs or the KKK?

    7. Who makes and sells ugly demented pro-murder and pro-thug Rap music? Jews and blacks in the music industry or the KKK?

    8. Who destroys businesses of decent bakeries after pushing the abomination of ‘gay marriage’ on all of us? Wall Street/Hollywood/Harvard or the KKK?

    9. Who cooked up lies to destroy Libya and turn into a yet another haven of terrorists? Obama and Zionists or the KKK?

    10. Who used Wall Street as a casino and robbed all of us blind? Global financiers or the KKK?

    11. Who runs Las Vegas to spread sleaze and steal gazillions from Americans addicted to mindless hedonism and trash culture? The likes of Adelson or the KKK?

    12. Who turns white girls into the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga in our pornifed culture? Pop Culture Industry or the KKK?

    13. Who encouraged urban unrest and mayhem in the streets with bogus BLM riots?

    George Soros or KKK?

    14. Who is encouraging the violation of national borders in both US and EU while native populations are shamed for wanting to defend their own nations? NYT or the KKK?

    15. Who are raping all those white women and black women? Black rapists or the KKK?

    16. Who rob and loot stores? Blacks or KKK?

    17. Who play knockout games and punch out old folks? ‘Youths’ and ‘teens’ or the KKK?

    18. Who’s been supplying guns and bombs to terrorists in Syria to bring down secular Assad? Obama and Zionists or the KKK?

    19. Who’s been firing American workers after forcing them to train their foreign replacements? Disney or KKK?

    20. Who carried out massive espionage for Israel that may have led to deaths of 100s of agents in the USSR? Jonathan Pollard or the KKK?

    21. Who sent Stalin the secret to the bomb? The Rosenbergs and their allies or the KKK?

    22. Who carried out the USS Liberty attack? Israel or the KKK?

    23. Who were those dancing when Twin Towers fell on 9/11? Israelis driving around in a van or the KKK? What were those Israelis doing there?

    And we can go on and on.

    In reality, the KKK has less power than the Girl Scouts.

    It’s just a bogeyman kept ‘alive’ for push-button triggerings.

    • Skewered libfag brains would result from them reading that. Just saved the rant brother.

    • Anti-Whites have little or no regard for truth. “Push-button triggerings”, which they’ve carefully programed for decades, is all they care about: Anything associated with pro-White is pure evil. But it’s all starting to wear thin thanks to the internet.

    • According to the news media, what Dr Duke thinks of Trump means way more to America than what the pope thinks of Trump. Apparently Dr Duke and the Klan have tremendous power in America after all.

  10. Larry Kudlow, long-time court Jew, was just on MSNBC, rolling over and showing his White Belly to the Trumpenfuhrer. This is the most dangerous time…..complacency is a killer…

  11. I voted for Trump this morning and it was cathartic. I am also looking forward to going home tonight and watching the hissy fit the establishment will throw.

    • Me, too. First time I’ve ever voted. The poll workers were shocked even during early voting hours how many people had already showed up by the time I got there.

  12. Why do people think Trump let this Duke/KKK thing become an issue? Makes me think he is just winging it. He should be flying under the radar with that sort of stuff. Duke is about as popular as herpes, disavowing him unequivocally Sunday morning should have been a no-brainer.

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