• Hi Mr. Wallace, I know this is a bit off topic but would you consider writing an article discussing how ethno-nationalists in different regions of America might coordinate against our common opponents? The Southern Nationalist movement is by the strongest regional movement, but I know that there are movements out there: there are Texas Nationalists, the Trad Worker’s Party focuses heavily on Appalachia, and there are even ‘Vinland Nationalists’ who want to create a pan-Germanic state in the Upper Midwest to represent all the local Germanics.

        I personally tend to see the Federal Government as being similar to a giant rubber band which holds together disparate peoples. If a single group tries to escape, it is pulled back in. But if multiple regions pulled the rubber band in opposite directions, it might snap.

        • I got your email but I have been out of data for the last week and unable to update the site for a week unless I am on free WiFi somewhere. I’ve got a lot of emails to reply to now that it was turned back on yesterday.

          This race will probably be over within two weeks. Then I will start posting some more regular material here again.

          • Thanks and no worries about time constraints, I know that you’re a busy guy. I’m just really interested in what your thoughts on this issue are.

        • I’d love to see the Germans and Scandinavians of USA start their own secessionist movements. That would help us out sooo much. However, I’d like to see Texas, and maybe some other Western states stick with the South. Ideally the split would fall pretty much along ethnic lines with the Anglo-Celts of the South and West hanging together. I guess if there are enough white Hispanics in the West, then they may go their own way, or perhaps even join Mexico. I see no reason why we should permanently cede whites’ land to Amerind or African peoples. Regarding blacks in the South, we could use segregation as a temporary strategy while we sterilize and/or deport them.

  1. Sir,it does not matter if Mr. Trump wins Texas or not, as the Cruz campaign’s inability to hurt Trump, in recent weeks, has fatally shifted the initiative to Mr. Trump.

    The only possible wildcard is for Cruz to so successfully eviscerate Mr. Trump, in the coming debate, that the energy shifts.

    It’s unlikely, because brutal all-out personal attacks are not Senator Cruz’s specialty.

    Mr. Trump is lucky that he is not facing a George Wallace or a Jesse Helms, because they would not be so gentle.

    Anyway, the primaries have become perfunctory.

      • It’s over, Sir. Even in my state, I can feel Cruz fading in my half-bred veins, and that’s bad – because North Carolina is definitely not a good fishing hole for a man with a personality like Mr. Trump.

        I have already made my peace with it, Sir, and am planning on joining our people in turning out big for the Manhattenite, whether that is on the GOP ticket, or not.

        Have good night!

      • Sir, the time for the kitchen sink was a month ago, before Trump’s support hit critical mass. The fact that a surly G.D. Manhattenite is beating a well-groomed, impossibly articulate, and elegantly stated Southern styled evangelical man, IN THE SOUTH, is the incontrovertible proof that the campaign has been won by Mr. Trump.

        Like the Battle of Kursk, in July 1943 substituted the question of, ‘who would master the Eastern Front ?’with the question of, ‘how long would it take the Russkies to arrive in Berlin?’ now the campaign question has gone from : ‘who will win, either Trump or Cruz?’ to … ‘When will Cruz admit it’s done, stop fooling himself, and go back to day to day life in Alexandria Virginia??

      • Well Miss Denise – these candidates are all very vainglorious Super Alpha types, and, that the case, you can imagine a man such a Mr. Cruz does not deal with his failure easily.
        As much as Mr. Trump has won the primary battle, Senator Cruz also knows that he blew it. The Texas senator fought today’s battles like yesterday’s game, he , all the while, positing that merely reassembling the old Reagan coalition would suffice. It did not, because these are NOT the late 1970s, even though there are some parallels with that era. Personally, I suspect these days are more like the 1920s, in the Weimar Republick, and, what arises from that, is anybody’s guess. One thing is for sure – the status quo is not going to thrive in such a time.

        A very good night to you, Madame!

        • “I suspect these days are more like the 1920s, in the Weimar Republick,
          and, what arises from that, is anybody’s guess. One thing is for sure –
          the status quo is not going to thrive in such a time.”

          This time nationalism won’t be carpet-bombed. It will export its (((problem))) to Madagascar.

          • Unfortunately, Mr. Bahn, there are tens of millions of problems (cultural marxists of every stripe and gene) that need to be sent Fed-Ex to Madagascar, and yet :the simple fact of the matter is that the island does not have enough room.

            How about a first colony on Mars?; where they could fight each other over the equal opportunity to inbreed…

          • Madagascar is bigger than you might think. Imagine the possibilities. Chopped livah or chopped (African) liver. What a wonderfully diverse society there’d be!

          • Don’t forget thuh bagels & cream cheese, Mr. Bahn. Ater all, what diverse Martian colony would be complete without it?

          • I’m sure there are some there, practicing usury or the like, claiming to have fled discrimination from Hitler or Stalin.

            Jews are native to every land o.0

          • What? They even have my daddy’s folk making bagels in Finland?

            Or … are they usurping the sovereignty of the reindeer?

            Incredible, Mr. Weaver : the nerve of such a people!

          • I’ve always wanted to transport the Trendy Lefties to an alternate world, just to see if a nation(s) organised according to their principles, could survive, or even function.

          • It would survive, and, indeed, thrive, Mr, Owen, kind of on the line of an old Russian joke, during Soviet times…

            ‘One half of Russia is in the camps, and the other half is busily occupied putting them there.’

          • Miss Denise, starting with the NC KKK in my childhood, people have been predicting this kind of thing all of my life, and it has never come true. That said, this is the first time I think something such as that is possible. Certainly, if Mr. Trump is cheated of the nomination, he launches an independent bid, and then the country votes Miss Hillary or Mr. Sanders into office, then I think it is just a matter of short time before there is a blowup of some sorts. Folks, such as you and I, are clearly at the end of our tether with this crap and, I have come to understand, we have more & more company.

            All the best to you and yours, M’am.

          • But it IS true. Have you seen crime stats? FYI – Muslims are ramping it up. The only demo that is NOT fighting are Whites.

          • Okay, Miss Denise. Probably my sedate view is due to living in the deep northeastern NC boonies. Here, even the thieves are polite; and they only pilfer things when nobody is at home.!

            Have a great night, M’am!

          • I honestly think the bottom of the ocean is the best place for them. We can help the seal and turtle population by feeding the sharks an alternative food.

            Another option would be to castrate them and put them to work in prison-work camps sewing clothes, making tennis shoes, Confederate flags, whatever.

          • Yes, President Davis – making tennis shoes Confederate flags! Hell, yes – the perfect punishment; community service for the rehabiliation of the left!

    • Central and South Texas was a colony of Alabama, BTW, Hunter. I don’t know if that matters or not, but it might. Alabamians seem a lot like Texans to me. I’m voting Trump, and I think Texas my vote like the rest of the South. I certainly hope so.

    • Cruz gave us Obamacare, by supporting Chief Justice John Roberts, who voted twice to uphold Obamacare.

      Cruz has admitted his support for Roberts was a mistake.

      That’s a key weakness of Cruz, imo. Because Cruz likes to say he’s best for picking justices.

  2. Found this great piece on VP:


    Why Trump will win

    It’s really quite simple, as this commenter at Althouse explained it:

    Hillary says “Vote for me because I’m a woman.”

    Bernie says “Vote for me and I’ll give you some of his.”

    Ted Cruz says “Vote for me and I’ll kick over all those rice bowls in Washington”.

    Donald Trump says “Vote for me and the emergency room at your local hospital won’t look like a bus station in rural Mexico”

    Might not be fair but I think I know who is going to win that argument.

    To this we can add: Marco Rubio says “Vote for me because I am electable as determined by the Republican establishment.”

    People want relief from pain. And the pain from losing their country to
    60 million invaders is much greater than the constant Washington
    shenanigans that few understand anyhow.

    Labels: politics

    • Donald Trump says “Vote for me and the emergency room at your local hospital won’t look like a bus station in rural Mexico”

      This is true.

      I nearly severed a finger once and sat in the emergency room waiting forever and a day because when it was my turn a stream of knifed or shot drunken spics came in.

      I was probably the only one with insurance.

    • I wrote this over a month ago at my blog-which-no-one-reads (for good reason):

      The worker utopian dream behind Donald Trump:

      1. American citizenship should give a person opportunity over those who lack it.

      2. Opportunity should exist for the hard-working to build a respectable family life.

      3. Rare talent and skill sets should be rewarded, but there is no need for the everyman to suffer in poverty. America is not caught in a Malthusian disaster.

      4. Defeat ISIS; leave the rest of the world alone. Keep out potential terrorists.

      The capital owner utopian dream behind Marco Rubio:

      1. American citizenship should convey no advantage. Global labour should flow freely from one part of the world to every other part, with wages racing downward to subsistence levels throughout the world.

      2. Opportunity should exist only for those who own capital, and the high ideal is for the owners of capital to expand their ownership while restricting access to those who lack capital.

      3. Rare talent and skill sets should be rewarded, and those who lack such should be content to live among such well-rewarded workers.

      4. Invade-the-world; Invite-the-world; Police-the-world; Spy-on-the-world; Control-the-world. (No distinction between what’s American and what isn’t.)

      Typically the Rubio dream is upheld with Social Darwinism, but like most ideological arguments that is only a means of justifying an advantage and not reflective of much truth.

  3. Roger Aisles’s plaything, Megyn Kelly, hosted a “town hall” in Houston tonight for the Republican candidates. All but one showed up. You know who.

    She did that on purpose. Knowing that Trump would not want to dance to her tune.

    When she is shut out of interviewing President Trump for eight years, she will not think herself quite so clever.

  4. Real Clear Politics article title: “Trump’s Secret Weapon: Inclusiveness”

    Well gee, this is what we’ve all been pushing on Twitter: That Trump is inclusive. I think his followers chose this as much as he did. Big Tent, even rednecks are welcome!

    And Steve Sailer’s Citizenism. Trump deserves praise, but I suspect our side is the true driving force behind this inclusiveness. I know I spammed for weeks how Trump is not only a “true conservative” who is taking the GOP back but that he overlaps with Sanders and appeals to everyone, how Nader has a video up on the overlap between Right and Left. And I pressed how he’s popular with black Republicans, Latinos, etc.

    This just shows the strength of our side. We’re hopefully beginning to act like an elite, similar to how Jews exert their interests.

    All praise to Steve Sailer though. This was originally his idea. And to Pat Buchanan who in 2000 ran with a black VP but couldn’t pull it off.

    Trump has made theory become reality: Nationalism can indeed unite America behind it.

    • That statement doesn’t surprise me at all as looney as it is.
      He whom the gods would destroy they will first drive mad.

  5. Cruz is a system wonk. He does not, and will not, take up for Texas. None of them Will. If the Union is what I’m beginning to suspect it might be, then the South, or anywhere else, can seize the brass ring. The states that have legalised marijuana, in the face of Federal authority, already have.

  6. If Cruz takes Texas I’m going to be really embarrassed for my state.

    But with Mexicans comes voter fraud, and there’s a lot of Mexicans here in Texas. Lots of California transplants too.

    This election should be a good gage as to just how messed up my state really is.

  7. There is a better than even chance that Texas is already Trump Country.

    Seventy-five percent of those who responded to the Austin, TX poll on last night’s debate said that Trump won it and put Cruz at less than five percent.

    Texas has its own immigration problems. Not only does Texas have to deal with illegal immigrants from south of the border, Texas is being inundated with migrants from the Rust Belt and every other failed state economy in the Union. A thousand estimated out of state families move to Austin, alone, every month. This is happening to cities all over the state of Texas.

    Austin is not a very big city. With little to no traffic you can drive from the farthest south to the furthest north in approximately thirty minutes on I 35. But during the week, especially at rush hour, the whole place turns into a parking lot for three hours.

    Mind you, Texas is a “right to work” state and the salaries are not very high in comparison to the rest of the country, but the rents are outrageous because of all the people from out of state moving there.

    Texans love their fellow countryman, but if The Donald can bring the jobs back to the rust belt and entice these folks back home, Texans will be delighted to go back to the days where their salaries adequately covered the (Used to be Lower) Texas cost of living.

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