NPI Conference Allegedly Excludes Homophobes

By Hunter Wallace

Update: Richard Spencer has addressed the matter at Radix Journal.

The SPLC has a story on this.

I’m not in the least bit surprised. I’ve heard a lot of chatter about this on Facebook from close friends so there is definitely a kernel of truth to the story. Originally, Dr. Michael Hill had planned to address the NPI conference, but pulled out for unstated reasons.

I’ve said in the comments here on countless occasions that the only homosexuals that I have encountered in my travels on the “Far Right” have been at White Nationalist events like Amren conferences. There is clearly a divide in the pro-White movement over the inclusion of homosexuals and whether they should be tolerated or accepted in prominent leadership roles and as speakers at events.

As for Richard Spencer excluding Matt Heimbach, I can’t be sure if it was due to his views on homosexuality or whether it was due to a preexisting rivalry and animosity. I’m guessing those two have different views on the subject, but I seem to recall Heimbach squaring off with Thom Robb over race and homosexuality in the past.

We have lots of White Nationalists here. What do you think?


  1. Warspite,

    I think a “one drop rule” for Jewish ancestry would be a bit extreme. Even the Nuremberg laws didn’t go that far, but in light of our history with the blacks it wouldn’t be unprecedented.

  2. By “ethnicity,” I am referring to an imagined community that shares a common ancestry, history, culture and religion. The White South certainly qualifies as an ethnicity. The blacks are another ethnic group who inhabit the same territory although their distribution is now national rather than regional.

  3. re Sam:

    ‘So, vote him off the island like in Survivor?’

    No, no, no. Much too benign for Rabbi Fagele. He deserves punishment.

    My response:

    I would just be happy to have him out of our way by being kicked off OD. He is obviously here only to detract and hopefully stir up dissension. If I were Hunter, I wouldn’t put up with it. I offered the proposal to let us vote on whether to kick him off so that Hunter could avoid “being a dictator” even though he has every right to make the unilateral decision. I think we all know what the outcome of the vote would be.

    I would much rather that our discussion were without the distraction. If we ignore him his accusations stand unrefuted and if we take the time to respond, we are wasting time and energy that could better be spent talking about our future as a people. If we get fed up enough to start dishing his own medicine back to him, then we are “spreading hate.” If it were up to me I would just block him and move on.

    The only good thing I can think of for having him around is that all his comments (user generated content) are probably good for seo (search engine optimization) so that OD will, over time get found by more and more Internet searches. It’s hard for me to believe it’s worth it, but I suppose in that way he is actually helping OD.

  4. Don,

    “Heck, it doesn’t take much digging to find a connection between this website, tenuous though it might be, and the Charleston terrorist, Roof.”

    I respond:
    I suppose you could find an equally tenuous connection between the sugar cane industry and Dylan Roof, since Lots of sugar goes into Skittles and Roof has most likely consumed Skittles at some point in his life. For all we know he might have eaten Skittles or some other sugary snack on the very day of the shooting!

  5. The Kikenvermin are trying to set up and exterminate ALL Whites.

    Please explain that 3 million shekel pay off to the Negro “survivors” of the “Charleston Holohoax”, in a decommissioned, termite ridden abandoned church, Donsky. Thanks ever so much.

  6. The Blood Drinkers are moving in for the kill now. Of course – Putin is vowing revenge for that downed plane. He’s talking getting ISIS.

    That means YOU, ZOG. That means YOU. You go send in PFC Sheffey to fight the Russkies ,ZOG.

  7. If there is a connection between this website and Dylann Roof, how come no one from law enforcement ever connected me about it, or even the CofCC which was mentioned in his little manifesto?

    No one in the entire WN movement had ever met or heard of Dylann Roof before Charleston. He was not a member of the CofCC. He had never met anyone involved with the CofCC. There’s no proof that Roof had ties to really anyone in the WN movement, much less that he was “inspired” by anything other than his own madness, because if law enforcement believed that it would have come out by now. He’s still alive.

    I have the same connection with Dylann Roof that I do with Sean Hannity or Heidi Beirich. I might watch their television show or read their website, but otherwise, I have never met either of them.

  8. Warspite: I’ll let HW explain the connection for himself; he’s gone on at length about it here before. Think of the “connection” as more familial in nature. His Skittles argument is just so much racist dogwhistling – empty thought calories, really.

    HW: I’m sure you’re aware, to your delight, that your website is the subject of scrutiny. But what do you get from that, I wonder? Your goals are so unacheivable as to be risible.

    If you don’t mind, HW, I’m going to get back to watching. There’s nothing to learn in an exchange with you other than that the neo-Confederate ideal, at least as represented by your generation, will be dead for at least that long, if not forever.

    Better yet, vote me off the island; that’d be an honor.

  9. All the deaths that can be laid at the door of the “movement” don’t even come close to the number of deaths that can be attributed to Islam during the 9/11 attacks.

    I’ve covered ALL of the spree killers since Charleston. For every Roof there are many more like Muhammad Abdulazeez, a Vester Flanagan, or a Chris Harper-Mercer. A Muslim went on a rampage at UC Merced just the other day and it was in the news for a few days.

  10. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    Let them scrutinize this website. Obviously, law enforcement also believes I have no connection whatsoever to Roof, which is why I have never been contacted about it. Roof is still alive and has had ample opportunity to explain his actions to law enforcement.

    I don’t know Dylann Roof, OR the half dozen psychos who have self-detonated all over America since Charleston.

  11. Dylann Roof would have had to attack Charleston at least 14 times to match just the death toll in Paris, not including the non-fatal casualties. There were also two domestic terrorist attacks this year by Muslim jihadists in Garland, TX and Chattanooga, TN.

  12. From what I’ve seen & read I’m inclined against this Roof guy being all that influenced by OD. The guy might have latched onto a bunch of these sites, plus the written doc attributed to Roof didn’t seem credible for such a lame brain.

    I tend to come down on the Jeff Davis side (the poster here, not former US Senator, etc., Sam!). They seem a bunch of good ol’ boys wishing for power & just having fun. I am sure there are several dangerous sites by these OD folks don’t seem up to terrorism.

    There does seem a disconnect with worship of the republic in the antebellum South combining with some weird quasi-Nazi, genetics based stuff. And the language is often crude and disgusting, but that does not mean anyone I’ve seen post is a criminal. I bet some of them would drop the antisemitic nonsense if they knew a bunch of Jewish people, ditto black. After all, many of these posters are Catholic and less than 60 yrs ago that was still an issue in a presidential election. Notably, having a Jew as a VP candidate in 2000 caused barely a ripple.

    And I have to admit, I find the issue surrounding certain WN leaders reaching out to the gay community to be fascinating. I don’t think those so-called leaders are thinking through the situation, although it could be a case of taking a huge risk in order to be relevant.

  13. Warspite
    ‘I did not know there was an established connection. I agree that could be serious.’

    ‘The 2 Hebes are trying to set you up re: the NON EXISTENT Roof Connection.

    After nearly 2 months, Warspite, finally reveals his end game.

  14. “All the deaths that can be laid at the door of the “movement” don’t even come close to the number of deaths that can be attributed to Islam during the 9/11 attacks.”

    Right, but I wasn’t comparing the day of 9/11 to your movement then. Rather, I said “since.” There’s a difference. If you’d like to broaden things out a bit, I’ll throw in the hundreds of thousands who perished because of the South’s traitorous war to preserve slavery.

    “Let them scrutinize this website. Obviously, law enforcement also believes I have no connection whatsoever to Roof, which is why I have never been contacted about it.”

    Don’t be so sure about what law enforcement believes or why they haven’t contacted you – yet. Should they, don’t engage in that fact twisting thing of yours since that’ll probably get you an indictment.

    Now can I get back to watching? And if there’s a vote, can I play too?

  15. Re:

    1.) Yes, I know. You are downplaying Islamic terrorists by excluding 9/11 from your silly list of “domestic terrorism.”

    2.) The US invaded the Confederacy, not the other way around. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that the US has attacked more sovereign countries than any nation in the world.

    3.) Feel free to continue to postulate non-existent “links” and “associations.” It is nothing more than a paranoid fantasy which isn’t supported by any tangible evidence. I review all kinds of books on this website, but that doesn’t mean I have any “links” to, say, Clyde Prestowitz or the NY Times when I link to one of their stories, or to you because you posted a comment here.

  16. Uh oh, I’m losing the Don vote!

    I really don’t see Hunter banning me. He’s ok with a bit of opposition. He just doesn’t want his intelligence insulted, which is a fairly reasonable request despite his letting the lemmings get away with just about anything. I’m not sure he has yet had a wide enough range of experience to really understand the need to try and walk a mile in another man’s shoes. It’s the old & bitter at life posters who really get seriously nasty!

  17. Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, says its motto is “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”.

    Nothing Warkike says should be taken at face value.


    His feigned concern is a ruse.

  18. Btw, Don. How long did it take you to catch on to “Denise”? I confess being a little slow on the uptake. Maybe a week or ten days.

    At first I thought they were putting me on, but I gather none on the OD’rs have figured “her” out. (Wink-wink)

  19. I read the SPLC and NY Times on a daily basis.

    Does that mean I am “linked” to the NY Times? Have they “inspired” my worldview given all of their articles I have linked to here? I watch CNN and MSNBC more than FOX News. Literally every day.

    I also read The Atlantic and Daily Beast virtually every day.

  20. While I have watched Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews hundreds of times over the years, I had never heard the name Dylann Roof until he was ID’d on television after Charleston.

    Now that I think about it, I was watching MSNBC when news of the Charleston shooting broke, and again the next day when Roof was captured.

  21. Warspite: Ain’t Denise a hoot!?

    HW: “I had never heard the name Dylann Roof until he was ID’d on television after Charleston.”

    You see, HW, that’s the kind of thing that I’m talking about. Next thing you know, some clown cruising FB finds a photo of you and Roof at the same cross burning once and there you go. Your statement gets undermined along with just about everything else that you’ve ever said and the only books you’ll be reviewing will be on a cart in the cell block.

    Would I be able to vote on Warspite before voting on me?

  22. Don,

    Good luck finding the photo of me hanging out with Roof at a cross burning. Because I have never met the guy in my life, there is no such photo out there. There’s actually more evidence that I am “linked” to you because you are posting comments here on this website.

  23. They are trying to set you up Hunter. Don’t be surprised is some Kike PHOTOshops you and little Pych Drug Manchurian Candidate Roofie into a “picture” like so vey very many of the debunked Holohoax pics. Oven them. Thy are trying to spook your readers, and delegitimize you.

    Notice Donsky hasn’t said a word about the 3 million shekel pay off to the “victims” of Charleston?

  24. NO “domestic tutturist” faction comes CLOSE to Negroes. They’ve destroyed entire cities and regions. Negroes are the ne plus ultra in terrorism, wherever they go.

  25. “Ne Plus Ultra” in terrorism! That is great stuff. Even you guys must be amazed that no one grasps the obvious. My theory is its the gender affectation. Like tossing in a girl’s name on a multi-player video game. They so much want to believe they will buy anything to keep up the fiction.

    The Bureau must laugh their butts off about this stuff. And spare me another email. I’m sure there are actual dangerous groups out there. Or how about keeping an eye on some of your boss’ recent imports?

    With all due respect, uh, Denise, maybe these characters don’t care about the 1st and 4th Amendments, but I do. And in six weeks or so I have not read anything justifying the investment of time and effort. I get that, as Don put it, it’s a hoot. But aren’t there more important things to do with taxpayers’ $$ ?!?

  26. I’ll amend my statement about Negroes to whit – Jews invented terrorism. Terrorism and mayhem, lies, and perfidity, are the deepest alleles in their DNA sequence.

  27. Warspite: The Febs need to monitor public sites like this is directed more to who passes through from time to time (me!?) rather than the pretentious collection of delusional regulars that HW shepards.

    Denise: “Notice Donsky hasn’t said a word about the 3 million shekel pay off to the “victims” of Charleston?”

    Maybe that’s because I have little interest in exploring the dark corners of the latest conspiracist claptrap.

    HW: “Good luck finding the photo of me hanging out with Roof at a cross burning. Because I have never met the guy in my life, there is no such photo out there.”

    Thank you for not suggesting that you’ve also never been to a cross burning.

  28. Don,

    I noticed that the SPLC had nothing to say about Vester Flanagan II, Muhammad Abdualzeez, or Chris Harper-Mercer. Why is that? Just as I predicted within an hour of Paris, they had a story up instead yesterday about the great “Islamophobic backlash” against refugees.

  29. The pay out to the “victims of Charleston” is face. It’s not “conspiracy”. Since WHEN does the Gubmint write those kinds of checks, in that situation? Also that Church WAs decommissioned and termite ridden. It was condemned. These things are FACTS.

    Why doesn’t the $PLC care about the horrors perpetrated by Negroes, and other no-Whites?

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