One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: Lafayette Shooter Rusty Houser

About that time Rusty Houser flew over the cuckoo's nest

By Hunter Wallace

That face.

When the news broke this weekend that the Lafayette theater shooter was John Russell Houser, aka “Rusty” Houser, and that he was from Phenix City, AL and lived in Columbus, GA most of his life, I was distracted by the 2015 League of the South National Conference.

I was surprised to learn that Rusty Houser was from Russell County, AL. He was from Columbus, where I was born, and the Chattahoochee Valley, the area that I consider home. While I certainly didn’t know the man personally, I found myself wondering if our paths had ever crossed before. Because the face sure looked familiar.

Had I seen this guy at the Columbus mall? Did he shop at the Barnes and Noble where I used to frequently buy books? Was he also a regular at Chipotle? Did he ever have any business down in Eufaula? I vaguely seemed to remember him, not from online or from politics, but because I had seen him somewhere locally before.

Then came the bombshell from the Columbus Ledger Enquirer:

“According to the Associated Press, 2008 court records show Houser’s immediate family sought protective orders because he “exhibited extreme erratic behavior and has made ominous as well as disturbing statements.”

The documents said Houser was living in Phenix City, but had traveled to Carroll County, Ga., where his daughter lived, and “perpetrated various acts of family violence.” The filings said he “has a history of mental health issues, i.e., manic depression and/or bi-polar disorder.”

The family petitioned a probate court to have him involuntarily committed “because he was a danger to himself and others.” Houser was taken to Columbus’ West Central Georgia Regional Hospital after the order was granted. …”


I gasped when I realized it was him. It was Morris Dees:

Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center
Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center

I’m sharing this here because some of my longtime readers probably remember this episode.

In April 2008, the single most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me occurred: I was hyped up on caffeine and was avidly following the 2008 financial crisis. I was suffering from sleep deprivation and was elated that the system appeared to FINALLY be going down.

In this moment of caffeine-induced jubilation, my health appeared to take a serious turn for the worse, both to my readers and my parents, who were disturbed enough to take me to the nearest hospital, the West Central Georgia Regional Hospital in Columbus, GA. When I woke up in the hospital, I was in a drug induced haze.

As someone who loves analysis and prizes clear thinking, I generally despise drugs. Aside from caffeine, which has long been my Achilles Heel (my best man even joked about this in his speech at my wedding), the only drug I have ever had anything to do with is alcohol, the effects of which are temporary. Needless to say, I was thrown for a loop under the influence of psychotropic drugs which are used to treat mania.

It was there in a cloud of confusion that I met someone who looked to me like Morris Dees … and although I didn’t recall his name, only the face, it was none other than “Rusty” Houser. There was another patient there, a young girl from Fayetteville, GA named Angela, who I had a thing for at the time. Never saw her again either.

After I was released, I was still doped up and my thinking was garbled. I told people on the internet that I was getting married to Morris Dees’ daughter! The story was bullshit of course, but my various internet enemies still repeat it as gospel to this day.

I don’t remember much about Morris/Rusty except that even then he was violent and crazy. Everyone who knew him, including his own family who had him locked up, has said that he was crazy. Having seen him in the cuckoo’s nest, I have no doubt either that he shot those people in Lafayette because he was crazy.

Interestingly enough, the SPLC has chimed into this story in order to portray Rusty Houser as your garden variety, anti-government, Far Right extremist. Well, a quick glance at his victims should be enough to explode this ridiculous narrative:

Rusty Houser's victims, Mayci Breaux, left, and Jillian Johnson right
Rusty Houser’s victims, Mayci Breaux, left, and Jillian Johnson right

Rusty Houser shot and killed those women because he was a lunatic like James Holmes who was just convicted of murder for the Aurora shooting. Like James Holmes, Rusty Houser also booby trapped his own house. This isn’t “a story about race” in America. It is a story of a broken, crazy old man who was shunned by his own family.

End of story.

Note: BTW, it was the jihadist Mohammad Abdulazeez who actually attacked the government in Chattanooga. Did anyone else notice the SPLC had nothing to say about that?, GA News Weather


  1. Erectile Dysfunction isolates and causes self anger, that anger many times is blamed on others.

    The shooting and killings in movie theaters and schools can clearly be blamed on ER, this psychological problem must be encountered and cured.

    Affordable ER clinics can be government subsidized, skilled surrogate women and men have to be employed. Unless there is a physical problem any man can be lured into maintaining a full erection.

  2. No point in accepting the SPLC narrative. The SPLC has always tried to turn any shooting involving a white gunman into a case of “far-right extremism” even when it’s clearly not. When a shooting involves a white person they all of a sudden have deep insight and knowledge about that shooter and what motivated the shooter. But the truth is that is they knew about the shooter or had any knowledge about him before hand and knew his motives, don’t you think they would have stopped him?

    Meanwhile, when a Muslims shoots up people they’re the first to say people are taking advantage of the shooting to promote racism and political views. Oddly, that is just what they do when they use any case of a white shooter and turn it into a case of “right-wing extremism”.

    I don’t know much about the guy in this case except that he was from the South, was a drifter, and who had been deemed mentally unstable. His targets don’t fit the “right-wing extremist” narrative because he opened fire in a movie theater and his victims were white people. Movie theaters, like schools, tend to be targets of mentally unstable people and not people who have some racial motive like the guy who shot up the Jewish museum or the one who shot up the black church. No doubt the SPLC will claim he was “far-right” and that he was motivated by “far-right views” even though the location he chose to target and his victims don’t appear to fit into the typical SPLC narrative.

    A lot of their so-called “intelligence” turns out to be utter nonsense. Also, their media appearances have always been more about self-promotion rather than facts. After so many other cases, such as the Tuscon shooting where they jumped the gun blaming “right-wing extremist” while everyone looking at the shooter could tell politics had nothing to do with his actions, and even the shooters own friends described him as a “liberal”, the media has been more caution in their approach to information the racist SPLC provides.

    Everyone can see the SPLC as a racist organization and nobody wants to have a bunch of racist on their network using their airwaves to promote racism. That is why the SPLC is only ever quoted nowadays when they can actually point to a incident that was clearly motivated by racism.

  3. There is some new information of shooter’s beliefs. He was an outspoken supporter of the Westboro Baptist Church. This is the same church that was led by Fred Phelps who was active in the “Civil Rights Movement” and received an award from the NAACP.

    Thanks to this new information we can say that the shooter was more closely aligned to the SPLC and NAACP (since the SPLC and NAACP are part of the same political progam) than he was to the “far-right”.

    It was not the “far-right” that awarded the Westboro Baptist Church. Fred Phelps was active with the “Civil Rights Movement” and so by association is more closely connected ideologically to the SPLC than with the “far-right”

  4. I think that since the shooter was vocally supportive of the Westboro Baptist Church which was founded as a leftist church that was supportive of the “civil rights movement” and whose leaders received awards and praise from the NAACP that the shooter is by association linked with the “far-left”.

    It’s time the left own their homegrown extremist and stop hiding from them: Jim Jones, Jared Lee Loughner, Omar Thornton, Westboro Baptist Church, Weather Underground, Charles “Cookie” Thornton, etc.

  5. Yeah, I call Bullshit. This sounds like another Sandy Hook Nose operation from the gungrabbers. How is it that today there are cameras mounted everywhere, but there is no footage of this “event”? Convenient how this just took that whole muslim terrorist attack right off the newscycle for a more liberal slanted shooter story isn’t it?
    Westboro Church is a phony false flag op run by a former snivel rights attorney. It has no real members or church. SPLC seems to follow them everywhere. Convenient.
    Soon there will be some eyewitness claiming they saw guys wearing combat fatigues in the area before and after this “tragic” event. The media government complex will quickly have people claiming its a conspiracy theory, even if they have pics to back it up.
    Wise up boys, you’re dealing with liars trying to outlaw guns for Whites like they did in England and Australia!

  6. Dr. Doom says: ‘Wise up boys, you’re dealing with liars trying to outlaw guns for Whites like they did in England and Australia!’

    In a tweet sent while news of the tragic July 23 attack in Lafayette’s Grand Theatre was still rolling in, BuzzFeed News Editor Rachel Zarrell exclaimed, “Let’s just give everyone guns, right? It’s in the g*dd*mn constitution.”

    This tweet was preceded by one in which Zarrell wrote: “If this were someone in my family I’d want every person alive screaming about gun control to anyone who would listen.” And another in which she tried to stir people to action: “Don’t pray. Push for gun control.”

  7. It’s simple, kids, see, liberals don’t own minds that can process data in a flow-chart style of logic, no. It’s all that weed, crack, meth and shit they give their kids because what their kids need really is a sound paddling! It ruins their ability to see the universe in a mechanical fashion.

    They, yes, are the ones to blame when some nutcase unloads bullets into the innocent. Oh, but they are! Yes! THEIR GODDAMNED FAULT!

    See, boys and girls, there was a time once in this nation when liberal judges did not exist, nor liberals writings laws about….what to do with loons. Used to be, yes, lock them up, load them up with Mister Feelgood and sigh with relief that they are not roaming the streets.

    Used to, that is. Now, kids, think and think really hard. Look around your own little place where you live. Oh, yes, you’ve seen one, maybe two of them. See? Talking to their invisible friend? Glaring for reasons unknown at you or someone else? And don’t you feel so calm in their presence? And under your breath, oh, yes, you say it as do I: “I really wish someone would lock this one away….!”

    But, the liberal judges and liberal lawmakers said that was very cruel, that these nutcases have every right to walk around free as a bird. Right? Right?

    I could overload Hunter’s server with the stories! And they are all utterly the same: Fruitcake who needs to be medded up a shade more, or locked away…yep…eventually….they find a gun and….

    Now, what do we say, boys and girls? “Thank you, Mister and Ms. Liberal for setting these crazies free to terrorize us all! You are too kind!!”

    Class dismissed.

  8. TPTB declared open war on Dixie after Roof but looks like it’s in the process of backfiring on them. They only succeeded in waking up too many too soon.

    What will they do after this? Another round of gun grabbing by inciting more hatred against White people? It’s millions of White gun owners they’re after and these folks won’t take it lying down either. TPTB may prefer to back off a bit and let things cool down some.

  9. These shootings are just a distraction, the real problem is that the US is full of too many black and brown skins. Half-breeds are sinking the economy. They must be sent back to where they originated or the whites will drown in black piss.

  10. The idea that the Confederate Battle Flag is responsible for violence is idiotic. The battle flag was people defending their homes against an invading army, later it was southerners defending their culture against hostile ideology who have used the flag. The United States flag however was there when millions of Vietnamese were killed, this was another country that had not attacked the U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan also were attacked without much provocation, and the good old U.S. flag was plastered all over everything for this one.

  11. This tragedy was caused by mental illness, not the shooter’s assess to gun’s. If he didn’t use a gun, he would have used some other weapon to kill. If the commitment laws weren’t so weak because of liberal tampering back in the 1990’s, sick people like this poor man would be safely in an institution where he and the public would be free from danger.

  12. The SPLC are an anti-white hate group so they will spin it in the way that suits them but he certainly looks crazy.

    The ongoing program is

    1) lie about the violent crime committed by black youth gangs
    2) take guns away from white people
    3) flood white neighborhoods with black youth gangs

    Spin it around and say white people were calling for all Jewish neighborhoods to have all means of self-defense taken away and then flooded with black street gangs – what would Jews say? They’d say it was a deliberate attempt to get Jewish kids killed.

    And that’s what the ongoing program is – a deliberate attempt to get white children killed.

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