White South Africans Back To Europe

lollitop_02_poverty_within_white_south_afr_files_s02_00000004Below is a link to a petition for the right of white South Africans to return to Europe because they are the ancestors of the indigenous people. It is meant to save them from the genocide being committed by the black ANC government.

I urge all OD readers to sign it and spread it around in order to do something for are besieged racial brothers and sisters in South Africa.

Sign it here.


  1. I’m breaking my silence only to say I SIGNED. Europe for Europeans!!!!!! That is one thing we can agree on.

  2. Here’s a quote from the FB discussion page everyone should read:

    “I have posted this petition on over 20 websites now. What are YOU doing to make sure that this petition works. PLEASE Do not think someone else is doing it. You have to help. I am going from country to country and posting this petition on as many websites as possible . Please help me.”

    If there is one place white people have total right to return to without one iota of obstruction from any jew or otherwise, it is Europe. Without Europe in europeans’ hands, there really is no hope for white nations anywhere. Spread this petition far and wide.

  3. We should send them arms. Possibly marriage proposals for those who need to leave.

  4. Signed, and gladly. I have been casting about for something that I could do for these poor people since I first became aware of their plight some years ago.

  5. When the ANc took over in SA we stayed and were happy to live under a black government. It became clear that the ANC wanted more than power in the country, they are on a mission to destroy the white middle class to prevent any meaningfull political opposition to them. We are now in the UK and miss SA very much, but just a note I have never gone into black neighborhoods to murder rape and beat up old folks and children even when whites were in charge, why should they.

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