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  1. This is a good one, makes Ferguson look like child’s play. Those niggers in Baltimore are pretty hardcore.

  2. The looting was organized on Social Media. Negroes were directed to go “The Mall”, first. And of course likker stores were looted.

    Jusstiss fo’ Freddie! Day-yum!

    Silver lining – reporters are getting attacked.

  3. The reporting is bitterly amusing. All sorts of assorted reporters are musing, in querulous dismay, why the feral Black savages are throwing things at them, and attacking them, when they try to ask “why you are so angry”.

    Are those reporters really that thick? Really?

  4. It’s only April as well.

    Completely effing mind boggle. When the good weather really starts up what the Fugging hell is going to happen!

  5. Denise,

    We are witnessing the new MLK religion. Sacrifice your children to the Dark Lord!

  6. I’m just filtering this riot through the old calculator. By the dog days of Summer it’s going to be infinitely worse.

    Anyone got any good ideas about stopping this short of a CBU or machine gunning the rioters?

  7. Mr. W. —

    I just followed your link to guardian.com’s 2008 Baltimore article (via “Bulletmore, Murderland,” in your May 2014 post about Paul Kersey’s Baltimore book). The Guardian article had received two comments, one of which was the following:

    “That is such an extremely high murder rate. How on earth did things get to this stage? Is it a kind of Afghanistan where the surrounding borders melt away into an ungovernable centre? Has no-one written a history about it?”

    It seems to me I see that sort of thing posted on the internet regularly. For all their facile parroting of Jew-liberal stereotypes about the ignorance etc. of racists, white liberals–of which the commenter who wrote that might be one–often seem quite naïve. “Has no-one written a history about it?” Well, yes– we racists have been reading histories of one kind or another about this subject for decades; we read them at Occidental Dissent and similar websites, which liberals know they needn’t bother visit.

    PS I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone mention that this whole phenomenon–the migration of blacks from the South to the Northern industrial cities–has resulted in erasure of family history. When my maternal grandmother arrived in Philadelphia, from Ireland, in the early 1900s, she saw blacks for the first time. When I go into Philadelphia’s older neighborhoods, to see some of the places where my Irish ancestors lived, I am just about always in dangerous, blighted neighborhoods, where there’s really nothing left to stir sentiment. The residents themselves seem to know that. Once, when I told a black person that my great-grandparents’ home had been on his block, where he and I were standing as we were speaking, he said, “This neighborhood must have been much different then.” Years before that, a black man said virtually those same words to me as he and I drove through his neighborhood, which, as I was explaining to him, had once been the neighborhood of my grandparents. It’s as if my family history was a walk along an ocean shoreline. You turn to look behind you to see the path you’ve trod, and the waves have washed away your footprints. That might easily have been foreseen, the moment my grandmother stepped off the boat. She was coming to America–land of white doom.

  8. Next up Philly, quite obviously. I expect the Eastern Sea Board is going to burn merrily.

    Manhattan too.

  9. PS “If you think the migration of blacks to the North has resulted in erasure of family history, you should see what the abduction of blacks as slave laborers from Africa has done.” That, of course, is how a liberal would respond to my previous post.

  10. Denise, recall also when 9/11 was fresh, the same reporters asked “why do they hate us?”

    This lead to the answer “for our freedoms”, and here I fear a similar nonsensical answer will be trotted out.

    In the past, blacks were captured, loaded up on ships and sailed to America. They were kept as slaves for some time. When freed, they were not able to make the leap to full citizenship, even with much help. I would assign a goodly chunk of that to genetics, but the various Jewish ideologies have also made blacks worse than they otherwise could be. In the present era, they, along with people of other races are having what little practical freedoms they have taken away by mass surveillance, a metastasizing government, unsound money, massive legal and illegal immigration and the subsequent economic pressure.

    They question isn’t why are they rioting, but why aren’t we?

    Separate or die.

  11. Afterthought – that’s my position – why aren’t WE rioting?

    FYI – the JewsNews are interviewing their Chosen Spokes Negroes. The IKAGO’S that won’t swear or threaten to kill YT on camera.

    It’s all YT’s fault. All of it.

  12. I have been in many places where Terrible Black crime and threats of Black riots are a constant concern.

    I note that what once seems impossible to even think about becOmes something that gets handled.

    After the Blacks rioted did murder and mayhem in and around LA after the Rodney King verdict ~ 1991, the Lib Dem Black mayor Tom Bradley was let go, lib mayors, let alone Lim Dem Black mayors like Bradley, David Dinkins can’t suppress Black riots, they prefer to let the protesters let off steam and then address root causes.

    The facts on the ground is that large Black riots completely discredit Black politics and Liberal politics in general at least in cities. Everybody in and around Detroit since 1967 lamented the Black riots as the turning point, and the reason Liberals are to be cursed.

    It’s like terrible, long Northern winters. Somebody from some place with nice weather thinks at first he could never handle it, but the reality is you, we can. Things get done.

    The most important thing that gets done is the powers that be work to move out the worst Blacks someplace else. Blacks don’t much like long cold Northern winters either, so if we can find some like Ferguson MO before it went Brown, find it in a Southern State, well why should Blacks be trapped in Northern ghettos with no jobs, poor schools, high crime?

  13. Practical Matter: I wonder what police & government worker overtime is going to cost the Maryland taxpayer? I bet it’s as much or more than the property damage.

  14. Al blame for the wanton destruction is being deflected. Dey dint do nuffins. Itz ovah now. No jobs. Da bruthas being oppressed.

    I guess America will be burnt to the ground. It’s all YT’s fault.

  15. From Watts, 1965, to Baltimore, 2015, with trillions spent in between, the “civil rights” movement plays out as a complete disaster. For 50 years it’s been an endless cycle of “rights” followed by violence, violence followed by “rights”. It will never change, as blacks have become far worse off than they were under de facto or de jure segregation.

    Blacks are cutting their own throats and few of them are aware of it or care.

  16. Gerald Stansbury, of the N Double A Cee Pee is on the TV now, Freddie Gray was a Vibrant Young Man. Cut Down by da PoPo.

    They are going for full on Negro Absolution. NO “racial profiling” – and total investigation of Po-leese brew-tah-lity.

  17. Anyone got any good ideas about stopping this short of a CBU or machine gunning the rioters?

    Why would you want to stop them? To defend decent society? Decent society, in America? To defend your society? You don’t have a society. (Certainly majority black Baltimore hasn’t anything to do with you.) You’re a serf in an empire dedicated to your destruction and these black thugs are some of the empire’s stormtroopers. The federal police are the white-hating racist System’s Gestapo and black thugs are their Brown Shirts on the street. It’s actually a scream to see their thugs turn against them, and listen to the media jerks go into their passive voice act where this is all such a tragic natural disaster that fell on a blameless black city, and, and, Martin Looter King would have been so upset. The real tragedy is that blacks don’t do this in some Imperial city every day. That would eventually force whites to carve out their own territory and defend it with force, finally force them to give the finger to the government and establishment, no matter how hard the Republican/Conservative cabal begs them to get back on the plantation. No, the pity is that there aren’t more of these riots and it won’t happen.

  18. https://www.yahoo.com/style/watch-black-lives-matter-protesters-take-over-a-117530726093.html

    Union Square, NYC protesters staged a protest at Forever 21 called Never 21. Union Square is the home of NYU, the New School, etc. in downtown Manhattan.

    I rescind most of my sympathy for Freddie Gray, although some basic principle that cops aren’t juries or executioners still applies. Gray had drug dealing charges mysteriously dropped over and over again, of more than just marijuana. It makes me think of how Kim Leto’s murderers were young black males, one of whose mothers worked for the city. The cops tend towards sociopathy, but the black political class, especially of Baltimore, is more than just tending towards it, as is the criminal underclass. And the two worlds feed into and off of each other. Screw ’em.

  19. He was probably a police informer and a pet of some judge on the local bench.

  20. JohnII,

    I’m not talking about stopping them per se. The methods I’m suggesting are quite clearly terminal.

  21. From Renegade, jews support Black Lives Matter = White Lives Don’t:


    And http://tcjewfolk.com/black-lives-matter-jewish-issue/



    Most or all of these protests by jews and assorted sandn*ggers took place during Ferguson, but jewish fingerprints are all over the destruction of Baltimore. And America.

    Southerners need to understand it’s not ‘yankee’ jews. It’s just JEWS!!!!!!!!!! Yours are just far sneakier.

    Of course, when a yankee points out up here that black on white crime really is just that – focused on White Americans as opposed to mediterranean, sandnigger, slav, etc. – there’s always some jew screaming about how they’re ‘100% white!’

    Someone really has to point this out to the blacks. Even in Baltimore there are decent ones. And they deserve to know who keeps the corrupt political machine running – jews.

  22. An interesting comment on the Sailer site:

    Can you imagine how many innocent White civilians would have died today or at least would have been severely injured during the riots if not for the very high level of residential segregation between Whites and Blacks in Baltimore city and the Baltimore metropolitan area in general. White flight saves White lives. It is a good thing there is not a high level of residential integration between Blacks and Whites in Baltimore.

    We can only truly be safe when “white flight” (the rational response to the ethnic cleansing policies of the Liberal establishment) becomes white territories. Or at least overwhelmingly white territories.

  23. I wonder how things would have turned out if the politicians and elites had concentrated on lifting up W. E. B. Du Bois’ “talented ten” rather than trying to legislate equality for the whole tribe. I guess we’ll never know.

  24. People are always amazed when they find out there is a Robert E Lee Park in Baltimore. There are large statues of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson as well. Maryland was kept in the Union at gun-point. It suprises me that there aren’t mobs of libs calling for their removal. I guess the thugs would smash them if they weren’t so illiterate as to not know what they were looking at.

    But (central) Maryland has been transformed into just another node in the Northeastern Corridor, with its ugly Industrial death-scapes and ghetto “urban vibrancy”, and mindless left-voting habits. You get what you pay for. Yeah, you “created a space” alright ..

  25. Someone with video skills should do a video of the burning city with Francis Scott Key’s “The Star Spangled Banner” playing in the background; the British bombardment of Baltimore now being replicated by Blacks burning the city instead.

  26. One tweeter actually said that it was unconscionable given that they schools were closed and therefore little black kids wouldn’t be getting their free lunch.

    Yet the blacks are the ones burning the city down causing the schools to close.

    We’re stuck in a dark comedy Twilight Zone. Or should I say black comedy.

  27. Freddie Gray may have had back surgery in the weeks or months prior to his encounter with the police:


    Right now I’m suspecting that Freddie’s own contortions and/or the police’s rough handling of him worsened the condition and the rough ride they gave him killed him. But there’s no way of knowing until the autopsy reports are in. It was said that the van stopped at least once and maybe even twice without any seeming purpose, and then once to pick up another prisoner. I also wonder if the cops thought he was faking since he was always finding ways to get out of things, it appears.

  28. TURN ON SEAN VANNITY, ON FOX! Gerald the PR Jew is on Burntimore. The feral Nigras jumped in and began swarming him, and yelling at him.


    Some Negress Senator is telling him to get back – he won’t he’s a Jew – and she’s lamenting the “lack of opportuntee n sheeyit”

    Now some Com-moo-nity Nigr is informing Jewraldo that “Dis iz de kidz jess takin’ der voice…”

    It’s all Whitey’s fault.

  29. Remember, it was EISENHOWER, a Bolshevik sympathizer and a Republican who picked up where Lincoln left off. It was Nixon, a Republican, that initiated more Negro freebies than perhaps LBJ. Anyway, to quote a current fast food advertising slogan:
    “I’m Lovin It !”

  30. Malik Shabazz Big Buck Negro was just interviewed by Jewraldo.

    The Dark Hordes are defying the Burntimore curfew. They’ve begun throwing bottles at the cops. Shabazz poo-pooed these moves, “It ain’t nothing. It’s just some bottles.” Jewraldo and Hannity start to tweak him. He suddenly likens the Feral Negro Hordes to Palestinians. “They look like Palestinians”.

    Jewraldo and Vannity are stunned…babble, trail off, and cut to a commercial.

    Well done, Malik Shabazz Negro. Well done.

  31. I don’t care about your rotten worthless scummy moral relativism aka ‘white nationalism,’ Denise.

    Nope. I care about the truth. My white people are the only race that has ever even attempted to champion it. A concept of truth is what separates me and us from the sandniggers, so I’ll keep caring about it, thank you very much.

  32. I turned in to Fox news today curious about what their take on it was. The very first thing I heard was white female talking about how sad Martin Luther King would be if he could just see what was happening. Then she read excerpts from his speeches.I am sure I need not tell you that the King people think they know is the sanitized version and not the real King. The Retarded Right actually believes if MLK were alive today he would be Republican and fiercely anti-Obama.

  33. Same old political theatre the blacks have pulled for literally my whole life, ho hum let it burn I do not care.

    Today is the spend more money day of this theatre act, and that is the information that is being produced and the good ‘Murkans nod their heads in agreement.

    None of these riots are spontaneous they never are they are always kicked off by a professional group of political agitators. They are products of the left’s political machine always have always will be.

    I will give an example; Chicago a couple years ago there were “flash mobs” of blacks and they all wore the same uniform of a white t-shirt and they went into the nicer areas of Chicago and raised a little hell. The usual theatre to rile the muppets till the day the youths beat the shit out of a queer. Now queer lives matter, a lot and the propagandists of the media came down hard. End of nigger riots right then and there.

  34. Hunter I have one positive Polish story in Draft mode also some others. I think readers need to read about other things besides Blacks rioting.

  35. It’s now alleged there that Freddy Gray DID NOT suffer his spinal injuries during the police arrest or in the bumpy ride in the police vehicle.

    It’s alleged that Freddy Gray suffered those severe injuries in an automobile accident 1 week before he died and that he had documented insurance claims in process and had medical recommendations to stay home in recovery. Instead he was apparently out selling drugs and it is alleged he exacerbated his automobile injury in the car ride and subsequently died.



  36. Jack Ryan, rumors abound as to the exact origins of Gray’s spinal injury. Conservative Treehouse has an entire thread devoted to the subject. Reports that he suffered from excessive lead poisoning appear to be substantiated; bones absorb lead in place of calcium so poisoning from it often results in osteoporosis. Gray’s bones may have been unnaturally fragile for a 20-something male. That is the only report on Gray – that he’d won a civil suit for lead poisoning health problems – that seems definite right now. Gray’s death might be a result of numerous blows of a kind to his spine.

  37. Off topic: It appears as though the “Daily Stormer” is losing substancial readership. His Alexa rating has negatively fluctuated over the past few weeks, even before his technical issues.

  38. Of course Anglin’s site is going down on flames. That’s what happens when you go mental.

    I’m not gloating. I’m genuinely sorry about this. I LOVED the Daily Stormer. The articles were top notch. The general humour was a blessing. I was thrilled with the Troll campaigns.

    But then something snapped in Anglin.

    There were inklings; the Emo music tastes. and that Valentine’s Day meltdown. Zowie.

    Then he want Full On Retard, with his MGTOW/Gor edicts against Da Ebbbil Wimmenz.

    He successfully drove off any sincere female supporters, and a lot of men, who don’t hate and fear women. The whole “I don’t advocate that Whites breed and marry” – yup THAT’S a good policy for White survival. Uh huh. Very attractive.

    Ya can’t really come back from stuff like that.

    I am sincerely sorry, and I wish him well. He had a brilliant thing going for awhile – and “burnt that bitch down” all by himself.

  39. RobRoy – that is precisely WHY I don’t care about the death of yet another stupid worthless Nigra.

    When Whites care, and troy to fix EVERYTHING that’s wrong with every-one else – especially Nigras – we are playing a game that has been specifically rigged AGAINST us. Why are we doing this? I’m tired of LOSING.

    We don’t have to be “fair” to any-one but each other. Fairness, truth, and justice ARE TWO WAY STREETS. ANY morality that does not revolve around practical morality is NO morality at all.

    I genuinely don’t care about Gray, or any other Orc. What does that do for my People? It only brings the Orcs into our sphere. If the cops kicked the crap out of him – bummer for him. If EVERY White in America rose up and YELLED. “Good! KICK HIM AGAIN – and every other Orc you run across”…..things would change overnight.

    Stop playing the White Genocide Game, folks – if you want to live

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