Huffpo Shows Why WN is Needed

The Libtards over at Huffpo just released a video about whites becoming a minority. It’s meant to be satirical about white guilt but actually shows why we need an ethnostate. Why would any people look forward to what they say is going to happen to them? Thanks Huffpo for white nationalism’s greatest recruitment video.


  1. A contributor at Steve Sailer recently left this comment:

    I read the comparison here before, but the highbrow antiwhite zeitgeist percolating through elite cultures now has a similar tone as the anti-Semitism in 1890s Germany.

    The comparison is not perfect of course, but the white privilege conferences, books of poetry, and of course the lowbrow click bait have a similar feel and tone as Cosima Wagner’s salon. The talk then was of a “Jewish spirit”; now it’s whites supposed unconscious microaggressions which make them loathsome; it is the building of a case against a people.

  2. I think it’s good the white privilege idea is migrating into the mainstream from the fringes of the jewish academic left for reasons that have to do with the cultural significance of “white” as a form of identity. A perennial topic in dissident right circles is the notion that “white” is a crude form of identity. White, it is said, is too broad and therefore unsuited to people who differ so dramatically in outlooks based on region, religion, culture and such things. There is definitely some truth to that. Nevertheless, by pushing this white privilege construct, I think, or hope anyway, the anti-white side is making “white” culturally relevant in ways it has never has been outside of places like the old South and South Africa.

    When white males, including relatively high status ones on the right side of the curve are constantly told they’re the enemy, it is going to have an effect sooner or later. White males who have never particularly cared about white are going to have to rethink it. Whether they like it or not, they’re going to have to figure out ways to think in terms of white for the purpose of pursuing common interests or face annihilation. I don’t see why that can’t be done without sacrificing other forms of identity they consider important.

  3. Go with what Lew said. The Left is trashcanning “anti-racism” and embracing anti-Whitism, I don’t even think the contards can save anti-racism.

    Next time some color blind tard tells you about your “racism” shove the left’s right back in their face.

    Talk about the delegitimization of the political center here we come.

  4. “I read the comparison here before, but the highbrow antiwhite zeitgeist percolating through elite cultures now has a similar tone as the anti-Semitism in 1890s Germany.” LOL right, it’s all the same!!

  5. Within modern liberalism there was always a subterranean current of anti-white racism. Now the current has broken through the crust and has become a torrent. It will be impossible to deny now.

  6. Who with any grey matter watches huffington post or reads its bs anyway?! That’s right! Only libtards. So who cares if they racebait? Their limited audience has already convinced themselves whities are evil. The place to start embattling these scum is jewllywood. It’s time for a Hep Hep in california.

  7. 1776 – I haven’t been flagged. Read the Comments stating Hitler was right, and notice ALL the Upvotes.

    The FINAL resolution is on auto-pilot now, Juden.

  8. I don’t know any specifics of what happened to the particular black male in question, allegedly killed by police. Thousands of his homeys are rampaging in Baltimore. Renegade just posted the link:

    Why aren’t whites marching in the streets for Kim Leto, blonde white woman tortured and murdered right in downtown Baltimore by two black males who stalked her in her home where she lived alone (they’d robbed her months before then returned at a later date)? The trial keeps being delayed, and is now scheduled for June 22. Consider signing the petition to ensure justice is served, as the courts have already attempted to deny it to Kim and her survivors. A black female pol in the area told Colin Flaherty that Kim got what her ‘white privilege’ desert was. Kim was a local barmaid:

    It’s still early spring but the heat just builds. Everyone should be warning their friends and family.

  9. Petition Closed
    1,375 supporters
    125 needed to reach 1,500

    Thanks for the heads up but it’s now closed -and without reaching the small goal they’d set for signers. What a sad testament to White awareness of these countless heartbreaking outrages.

  10. The Huffington Post is but one of many publications that daily and nightly vomits its vitriol against conservative-minded Americans, especially conservative white male Americans. The Post is published by Jewish supremacists and their servile white gentile lapdogs, otherwise known as libtards. These libtards are infected with a peculiar disease called ethno-masochism, an odd dysfunction that causes them to despise their own race and its remarkable historic accomplishments while, at the same time, extolling the “virtues” of the darker races that, truth be told, have accomplished comparatively little during their long history. But libtards will do what libtards will do, and, as of yet, there is no cure for this self-debasing and self-destructive disease.

  11. Too much food, comfort, and safety makes these people/things possible.

    This nation needs a cleansing period of suffering to set things right.
    Way too much arrogance, pride, and hubris as it stands now.

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