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  1. More time needs to be devoted to identifying and tracking all of the vociferous anti-Whites, and less time on the loons and dissonance within the pro-White sphere.

  2. If that’s him, or even if that’s not him, he is the archetype of the underroos-only running around in his parents’ basement iPad activism sort that the modern young white (including Jewish) left is famous for.

  3. Unless this story resembles the end of My Cousin Vinny and someone else who fits the same profile as Spelunker called into The White Voice from the same geographic area on that particular night to listen to that obscure episode with Frank Taaffe, it is almost certainly him.

  4. He had stalked Angelo Gage who had a failed run for public office. It seems he likes to target people who are running for office. Whoever Bob Howdy is on Stormfront, in addition to Gage must have used their resources to find out who that disgusting troll is. At least that is what Stormfront (linked above) seems to indicate.

    Hopefully this can all just stop. He’s made his point. WN has made ours.

    There is no reason for this to have an ugly ending. We all have better things to do.

    • That’s what I wanted to know: how was Spelunker connected to Jacob deNobel?

      It turns out he called into an episode of The White Voice w/ Frank Taaffe while using a Google voice number that was traced back to that name.

  5. There is no reason for this to have an ugly ending.

    All anti-racists who find in necessary to selectively target White people deserve an ugly ending. These aren’t people with rational talking points. They are vicious, smug, deceitful, self-absorbed little creatures who will not stop until every last vestige of the White Western world is devoured by multiculturalism or until they have been curb stomped into submission.

    We all have better things to do.

    Targeting White people and trying their best to ruin lives is what they consider a better thing to do. Hell, there’s an entire industry built around it.

    • If there is an ugly ending, well, that’s on him.

      He antagonized a lot of people. He went out of his way to make it personal with them. I could have published this over a month ago, but I wanted to make absolutely sure it was him before saying anything. He continued his attacks and the information was reposted on Stormfront yesterday.

  6. I bet a lot of people feel Spelunker has something coming to him. I won’t be surprised if somebody fucks him up. There are rules even in war, and he has a history of fighting dirty.

    • I sat on that information for over a month.

      I sat on it because of the remote chance that he is not deNobel, as he says, and because I wanted to be absolutely sure it was him. Ultimately, he couldn’t restrain himself from attacking people, and it was reposted on Stormfront after his recent provocations, and people began to come here last night to troll him.

  7. Celestial Time says:

    ‘All anti-racists who find in necessary to selectively target White people deserve an ugly ending. These aren’t people with rational talking points. They are vicious, smug, deceitful, self-absorbed little creatures who will not stop until every last vestige of the White Western world is devoured by multiculturalism or until they have been curb stomped into submission.’

    Agreed. It’s time for them to get a dose of their own medicine.

  8. The appropriate and proportionate response to Spelunker’s first-rate muckraking is for several of us to start doing what he’s doing, quality first-rate investigative journalism. Any one of us can do it. Our opponents also have DUI convictions and unfortunate quotes and connections and awkward facebook photos ready to be memed for comedic effect and samesuch. But nobody’s bothering.

    The fact that we had to rely on a Jew (Nicholas Stix) to perform all the original research culminating in the Knoxville protest is a damning, scathing, crippling, devastating indictment of our general disinterest in doing the sort of tedious activist work that doesn’t necessarily pay off obviously and immediately.

    If it hadn’t been for the White-friendly Jew, would we have even had that rallying point against horrific black-on-white crime? I doubt it. Why is that?

    If anybody’s thinking of intimidating or harassing him, please don’t. The last thing we need is to make a hero or martyr of that vindictive fruitcake.

  9. I can’t say whether that’s him or not.

    But what I can say is that my mind’s eye saw him as looking exactly like that guy before I saw the photo of that guy.

    Did he claim to have been at the Leif Eriksen event, or was that only Liberal Lump? If so, then finding him in the video of the crowd would positively confirm once and for all, and not finding him in the video of the crowd would be a negative hint.

  10. That’s also how I always envisioned him. Everything about him fits the profile. There’s no other way Stormfront could have connected Spelunker to deNobel unless the story of how they did it is true.

    I cracked his Facebook identity as “Larry Jacobs” (he’s also “Joseph Nesbitt”) using errors he msde with his screenshots before I discovered he was posting as “Jacob” on the Hatewatch blog. I was already looking for “Jacob + spe-lunk-ing” when I stumbled across the SF post from June.

    Again, unless this is like the ending of My Cousin Vinny, which is highly unlikely, it is him.

  11. “This pic is how I always envisioned him:”

    He clearly has a undue fascination with himself. I’ll bet he uses his mobile phone, as a mirror.

  12. “Is he gay, seriously?”

    Yes, of course I am happy.

    “I could have published this over a month ago, but I wanted to make absolutely sure it was him before saying anything.”

    Yes, and then you go and do exactly that, publish information you have not even confirmed. I challenge you to test your hypothesis and rather than do that, you double down on the same bad information. Good job boy wonder. Screenshots taken.

    “The appropriate and proportionate response to Spelunker’s first-rate muckraking is for several of us to start doing what he’s doing, quality first-rate investigative journalism.”

    Please do. Plenty of LULZ for Lamp and I.

  13. ‘White friendly Jew?’

    I need me some Indiana moonshine…

    There exist White-friendly Blacks. Jew and White-friendly are mutually exclusive concepts. And Stix has either lied or allowed himself to be deceived; Newsom’s penis was found in his stomach according to a source I have who claims to have a copy of the autopsy report. Stix has enabled the NYC Jewish press’ lies about black on Jewish crimes.

    If I had my druthers every negrophobe obsessive would be shut down. This is in response to Celestial Times’ ridiculous assertions about ‘jew-haters.’

  14. Pro-White advocates of all stripes would greatly benefit from a very detailed and well organized listing of these potential threats to our safety and the safety of our families. Kind of like a Who’s Who for the anti-White hordes roaming freely in society. I probably need to find a few dedicated people to help me with this project and just start it myself.

  15. This short and chubby guy approached me and spoke with me briefly at the Leif event, and he had this intelligent (relative to his peers) and sarcastic “cool guy” affect and familiarity with who I am that led me to conclude that he’s Liberal Lump. It may very well not have been him, but my mind always imagines a face with people I argue with online, and that’ll do.

    I was skeptical at first about Spelunker’s ID, but Lump’s shrill insistence that the guy’s not the guy confirms that it’s totally the guy.

  16. That’s what I was thinking, Matt. They wouldn’t be so insistent otherwise “L-lel, th-th-that’s not him guys, s-seriously”.

  17. Logan, like most seceshers you leap to conclusions that can’t be verified by facts and have gotten me entirely wrong. Despite “Hunter’s” harsh comment, it is fair to say that I am an opponent to the Vermont seceshers.

    I first blogged about them in February of 2007 because they were being mistakenly passed off as liberal, if quirky, contrarians. They were hardly liberal.

    They consorted with racists, homophobes and anti-Semites. Their hate blog was staffed with nutjob conspiracists, virulent anti-Semites, segregationists and the like. They in no way represented the community values of Vermonters.

    Their leadership – the dead Thomas Naylor, chief douchenozzle Rob Williams and rocket scientist Gary Flomenhoft – singularly credit me with having derailed their movement, although I would argue that other local bloggers and the SPLC had a hand in helping to do so.

    Your group seems to suffer the same delusion that there’s a chance in Hell that you’ll be successful in seceding. You can’t even get a demo turnout that could fill two minivans and a Prius, and have to hold anniversary celebrations (Political Cesspool) in secret because Southerners find your groups so repugnant.

    Spelunker seems to be doing your group a favor, exposing you for what you all are before you waste your entire lives on a quixotic journey that is destined to go nowhere. I did the same for the Vermont seceshers and now they can’t fully occupy a phone booth if one could be found.


    • Actually, that’s not the case at all.

      I’ve been to about 15 demonstrations and the response we get is always overwhelmingly positive. By and large, White Southerners agree with our position on immigration, Southern heritage, gay marriage, Obama’s energy policies, jobs, etc. These are fairly popular issues. Even secession is popular in the South.

      A handful of “anti-racists” have shown up a few times (Murfreesboro, Richmond, the Amren conference in Dickson, a lone counter-protester in Greenville), but that’s extremely rare. A typical League demonstration is greeted with no organized opposition from the Left, or in the event that “anti-fa” do show up, they put on a bizarre spectacle and make themselves look ridiculous to anyone who is passing by.

      I’ve recorded them twice:


  18. have to hold anniversary celebrations (Political Cesspool) in secret because Southerners find your groups so repugnant.

    How did you come to that conclusion? Wait… this might explain it:

    Ah, yes, conjecture in lieu of incontrovertible evidence.

    Whatever shortcomings his group might have(at least in my opinion), Southerners who find their views “repugnant” are dwarfed by the number of Southerners who hold very negative views about the federal government. Guess what, genius? Southerners aren’t blaming secessionists for violence, a weakened economy, jobless rates, massive corruption and incompetence at just about every level of government, and a vast array of social ills that are plaguing society.

    They hold meetings in secret because just about every facet of media, finance and industry is led around by the same leash of political correctness that mandates institutionalized anti-racism and makes it to where anyone even attempting to question the sacred cow of multiculturalism is deemed a heretic and worthy of being burned at the stake.

    Keep your crooked beak in Vermont and don’t pretend that you can answer for Southerners when it is obvious you are just making shit up.

    • If we had publicized the meeting, “anti-fa” slacktivists would have predictably harassed the hotel and made death threats to get the conference shutdown. At most, a small rabble of about 10 disturbed souls would have showed up in Memphis.

      These slacktivists aren’t going to confront us in the streets. They will make phone calls and send faxes and emails and preen that’s raaacist but that’s all they would do. Lots of businesses don’t want to put up with the aggravation and renege on contracts.

  19. Boys, boys (“Hunter”/Brad/Prozium & Celestial Confusion)! Don’t get your panties in a wad. What I said is true; you have to hide your true selves inorder to hold a fiesta for yourselves. Your demo turnouts are abysmal.

    There’ll be no “Southron” secession. If you believe that there will be then you’re as delusional as the tiny group that calls itself the Vermont independence movement.

    If you could limit your postings to your region I’d gladly pass on commenting but you do come up on searches for Vermont so there ya go. Tell me, does the pain of the Stoopid ever stop hurting in your heads?

    • It’s true that hotels don’t want to deal with harassment from the sort of freak show in the videos above. Otherwise, issues like gay marriage, immigration, energy policy, and jobs resonate with White Southerners. Even secession is popular here.

      As for Vermont, I have never been there, and never want to go there. My only interest in Vermont is cutting ties.

  20. Vermont Blog, if you were so sure of yourself I can’t see why you’d waste your time harassing your opponents on the net. I can only assume you’re worried about the trends your seeing. As far as I’m concerned, whether secessionists succeed or fail, as long as they’re making life difficult for equalitarian sickos like you they’re doing something right.

  21. What I said is true

    Just gotta have faith, right?

    I don’t even necessarily agree with Southern Nationalism or some of the principles held by the LOS, but I would gladly help them slap around people like you.

  22. Secession has been becoming a topic talked about more and more lately. Even mainstream conservatives are starting to talk about it, and I’ve seen Confederate Heritage groups bring it up more and more lately too. People who thought it was still possible to reform the Federal Government are finally waking up and realizing that it’s impossible to fix that mess. Secession is becoming an easier pill to swallow the more the future becomes clear and the more the Federal Government impedes on the States.

  23. Silver: Your assumptions are vastly incorrect but don’t let that stand in the way of your meme.

    Celestial Confusion: Way to decontextualize and then respond to your own confusion.

    Ah, and Brad, you keep the dream alive. There’s a sucker born every day.


  24. Way to decontextualize and then respond to your own confusion.

    So is this the equivalent of you sitting on the floor and spinning a dreidel in your dank, dark basement, hoping that I would just walk by and forget that it was you that chimed in with something about losers, conjecture and evidence? I asked how you came to your conjectural conclusion and you responded with something about panties?

  25. “There’ll be no “Southron” secession. If you believe that there will be then you’re as delusional as the tiny group that calls itself the Vermont independence movement.”

    If secession is a joke as you claim, then why are you wasting your precious time here?

  26. Yup, CC, hard for you to follow?? VSB is so pig ignorant that he agreed that he himself is full of shit. But I’m sure VSB has convinced himself that he’s “very smart.”


  27. EricD- Besides talking about it on the internet, how to expect your secession fantasy to actually happen?

    Are you going to pick up guns and try to fight against the United States government?

    Or, do you think this can be done via a ballot referendum?

    Really, it couldn’t happen back in the 19th century, when the attempt failed, and today, with a much stronger structure of government loaded to the teeth with military weaponry it is impossible.

    Even with a majority on a referendum, which is even highly unlikely, would an act of secession be able to be carried out.

    So, really, what is your plan?

  28. Re: Lamp

    1.) I expect the federal government, largely through its own actions, will continue to lose its legitimacy in the South.

    2.) I expect there will come a time when White Southerners will just give up on America and start looking for a way out of it.

    3.) I expect there will be a point when Southerners just lose it.

    4.) The US military can’t wrap up ISIS in Iraq or the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    5.) Why not?

  29. Brad- that is still not a plan, all you have done is hypothesize emotional reactions with no plan of execution.

    The federal gov with lose legitimacy in the south? In what way? Everyone in the south is going to get off of federally funding? There is way too much Fed dosh going into these states for any of them to be able to give it up.

    Southerners are just going to give up and look for a way out? Really? And how do you expect them to find their way out?

    Isil and the Taliban are American made groups, the situation with them is a lot more complicated than hunting down rouges in a desert.

    The problem is, either you’re not grounded in reality or your are depending on those who are not so bright and easy to manipulate to follow and send $’s based on these flighty ideals with no real plan.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
    ? Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    • Re: Lamp

      1.) I envision a long, steady process of disillusionment with the federal government, a collapse of faith in its institutions, and an acceleration in the decline of American patriotism in the South, not unlike what happened in the 1850s.

      2.) That’s how secession came about the first time. It was nothing more than a knee jerk, emotional rejection of the United States. Lincoln’s election was the occasion of secession. It was the point when the dam broke and the US political system could no longer contain Southern grievances. The White South simply ceased to believe that the system could ever be reformed, or that the Democratic Party could protect Southern interests within the Union. They were fed up, and swung en masse to the secessionist camp.

      3.) Progressives have an exaggerated view of the federal government’s importance to the Southern economy.

      4.) In 13 years, the US government hasn’t been able to defeat the Taliban. Americans don’t have the stomach for war anymore, and certainly not one on the scale of the War Between the States, or World War II, or even Vietnam.

      5.) Yes, I believe there will come a point when American patriotism collapses. The US federal government represents everything Southerners detest. Eventually, I believe their patriotism will catch up to their values.

      6.) Robert Barnwell Rhett, for example, was in retirement when secession came about in South Carolina.

      7.) I see an acceleration of present trends: the decline of American patriotism in the South, apathy and disillusionment with the mainstream political system, a collapse of faith in the federal government, hatred of Washington becoming even more intense in the South, racial, cultural and political polarization destroying the social fabric coupled with a sharp economic decline as the US Empire is challenged across the world and retreats.

      In such a world, I think Southerners will start evaluating their options, and that secession will keep popping up as one of those options. At some point, I think Southerners will get fed up, their anger will boil over, and we will secede, not because of anything the League is doing, but simply because the US will grow too diverse and divided to be governable any longer.

  30. Lampy, like all true yentas, is scared that her expertise in shrilly donothingness will become obsolete in a world detached from the lies and manipulations of multiculturalism. Every tyrant and dictator has this fear when it comes to their manipulations and falsehoods.

    I’m not sure why the anti-White yenta disbelieves the reality of Balkanization. I can’t say whether or not I believe Southern Nationalism in its present state to be the impetus for bringing about this change(push comes to shove, I have to lean toward No), but a “government loaded to the teeth” is still a government that relies heavily on individuals to maintain its stranglehold. This stranglehold is spread far too wide and has slowly picked up resistance in every corner of its empire.

    Like others have said, Lampy and others like her wouldn’t spend as much time as they do on pro-White sites if they weren’t afraid that all of this “fantasy” would gain traction and run right over them in the process. The time and energy spent by the anti-Whites belie their claims of this being all just fantasy.

  31. Hunter says: ‘The US military can’t wrap up ISIS in Iraq or the Taliban in Afghanistan’. But the Lamp says: ‘Isil and the Taliban are American made groups, the situation with them is a lot more complicated than hunting down rouges in a desert’.

    On this point, the Lamp is correct! ‘Martial’ white southerners NEED the illusion of real enemies to fight, so they can be fully employed by the Federal-global Tyranny to keep the world safe for the global opium dealers and killers of Palestinian babies.

  32. Brad- It is not the 1850’s, and even in the 1800’s the act of secession proved a failure. Today there is much more federal infrastructure on many levels that either you are not acknowledging or purposefully avoiding addressing because it proves your goals will be impossible.

    You’re basing your whole plan, if you can even call it that, on how people feel and a lofty wishful concept that one day the United States will fail and then all those fables of a south rising will come true. I hardly call this a solid plan.

    You claim that those who don’t agree with you are underestimating the “southern economy”? Have you even addressed which big giants of this southern economy would support being part of a secession? There are plenty of small businesses who don’t even want confederate symbols to be displayed by their employees and you think big corporations who keep their offices down there and employ thousands of people are going to be on your side?

    You can’t base a solid plan on just what you think emotional trends are. Life is far more complex than what people say on the internet and what the latest mainstream news is showing.

    There are federal highways, big federally funded programs, an economy based in both foreign and domestic businesses and corporation who depend on a global infrastructure that is not going to collapse anytime soon.

    I know you are a bit sheltered, but I also know you are not a moron like many of those in your circles. Your small group of disgruntled fringe can’t even stop the infighting or gather more than 30 people to a street corner rally, let alone lead a charge in fighting Homeland Security and the National Guard who are armed to nines with everything from body armer to drones.

    I believe you either talk about these fantasies to make yourselves feel better or important, or it is a $s raising and galvanizing tool or a little of column A and a little of column B.

    • Re: Lamp

      1.) What happened in the 1850s?

      There was a series of crises that eroded the faith of White Southerners in the federal government. The two party system collapsed. The Union was polarized along regional lines. The federal government gradually lost its legitimacy. Lincoln’s election brought the crisis to a head. The secessionist vanguard, which had been marginalized for decades, went mainstream pretty much overnight.

      2.) The Soviet Union had an even bigger government than the present US government.

      3.) I’m basing my plan on the assumption that present trends will continue: the US Empire will retreat from overseas, America will grow more polarized, mainstream institutions will continue to lose their legitimacy, the economy will continue to decline, disaffection with the two party system will continue to grow, American patriotism will ebb and decline in the South, Southerners will lose confidence in the Republican Party, etc. In the long term, I see Southerners becoming less patriotic, more disaffected, more alienated from Washington.

      4.) The present legitimacy crisis has nothing to do with the historical Confederacy. The US is simply disintegrating – culturally, racially, economically, politically, etc. It’s not like the 1850s when slavery was the polarizing issue. Once slavery was abolished, it ceased to polarize the Union, but America’s divisions today are much deeper and much more irreconcilable.

      5.) Scotland came close to dumping the UK.

      6.) Is the federal government going to realistically be able to maintain all these large programs in the long run? If that is the only glue that holds together the Union, I like the hand that I am holding.

      7.) In the 1850s, there wasn’t a mass movement for secession. There were just small cells of secessionists that kept the issue perpetually before the public. Eventually, the public became so disgusted with America that they caught up with the secessionists, pretty much on their own. Robert Barnwell Rhett had been retired for years when South Carolina seceded.

      8.) I don’t think it is a fantasy to believe that White Southerners will lose faith in the United States. I think it is a very real possibility. I think the US Empire abroad will collapse within my lifetime and in that context the disaffection will grow. One day there will be some hamhanded move by Washington that will ignite resistance to federal power, and then it will be on.

      • My view that America is going down the drain, that America’s future will be worse than the past, and that the system is incapable of being reformed is gaining ground by the day.

  33. HW, I agree with your assessment. We must push the narrative. This is why I believe the Patriot movement must be incorporated in our plans. The Patriot movement is 99.9% White. In the movement here are a few very vocal “anti-racists” that are convinced that “Patriots” have no race, color, or creed. Nevermind that fact that a black (or any minority) “III percenter” or “Prepper” is as rare as hens teeth. They are the bigfoot you hear about but never see. All the Patriot conventions or classes are exclusively White and largely Military Veterans. They are prepping for any number of societal calamity, but the “zombie apocalypse” is code for the day the EBT runs out and the blacks go native.

    I would love to discuss this further as time permits.

  34. There’s something about you, Hunter, that seems to bring out the creepy online hobbyist antifa.

    They’re a special kind of internet troll – the kind that seems to have convinced themselves that their trolling addiction is actually a kind morally legitimate activity. A type of delusional trolling, I guess.

    The fact that they maintain that they’re not getting paid by the $PLC tells me they’re too weird in person. It also says something about their smarts – nothing says loserish as not being able to make money at anti-racism.

    I mean, c’mon, the $PLC wouldn’t lift a finger if they’re weren’t getting rich at it. What does it say about the Lumps, Spunks, and Vermont faggot that they can’t make any money at it?

  35. Brad- the Soviet Union had a big but feeble government with a lack of stability against Capitalist $’s.
    The United States is based in Capitalist $’s, therefore more $$$’s, and unfortunately that is the power base.

    Scotland came close to dumping the UK, but it didn’t and probably won’t. And they have an even greater support for secession than your little gaggle of old men and 2 dozen fringy angry white yuppies.

    As the study of historic sociological trends are interesting, they are not necessarily a reflection of what is or what can happen today. One of the reasons for this, as you are reading up on these trends in the comforts of your own home, there are people who have degrees. security clearances, and high paying Fed positions who are experts in watching and observing sociological trends and behaviors, who have people planted in every fringe protest group, including yours, who are going to make sure any act of what perceive as malicious treason is going to be foiled.

    The problem is again, as much as you throw yourself into trying to understand the appearance of trends and demographic opinions, you fall short in understanding how the government, national security, and the business economy works.

    • Re: Lamp

      1.) The Soviet Union had an even bigger state presence in its economy than the present United States, which is one reason why that system fell apart so hard and so fast when it got into trouble.

      2.) The United States’s power base is due to its unique role in the post-WW2 international order as the global policeman.

      Let’s see what happens over the next two decades as the US Empire retreats from the world. It should be interesting to see how the US finances all that debt and all those social programs and that huge military as the pillars that prop it up are toppled one by one.

      Oh wait, all those black and Hispanic households are going to prop up that tottering edifice with enormous tax revenues.

      3.) Scotland didn’t have much of a case for dumping the UK. Secession was narrowly defeated this time, but I predict those economic arguments will lose in the long run.

      4.) LOL, ok.

      The US isn’t going to escape its downward spiral. It is going to inevitably become a poorer, less powerful, and more bankrupt Third World country. Its political system is going to become more dysfunctional and less appealing than it already is now.

      Expect more poverty, more apathy, more polarization, less opportunity, more Fergusons, a government that is losing its legitimacy, institutions like the two party system and the banking system losing more legitimacy, more dysfunctional government, waning nostalgia, etc.

      Faith in the federal government will catch up, eventually, with our values and with reality.

      5.) White Southerners already hate the federal government, but they haven’t given up on it yet, or the Republican Party. Give them a few more election cycles and our politics will change.

      The federal government will lose its legitimacy. “National Security” seems quaint with Ebola, beheadings, Camp of the Saints on the border, the US being rolled back overseas. The business economy … good luck running a First World economy and the rest of the planet, too, with a Third World population and tons of old people.

  36. Brad- if you want to base your plan of secession on conspiracy fears, sociological trends from 165 yrs ago, the fall of an empire with a completely different economy base and misconceptions of others who live in this country you have very little understanding of, okay, that is probably the convincing rhetoric for those you are attempting to galvanize for the time being.

    Again, these lofty theories and ideas have very little base in the real world.

    We can go over and over this in a circle, but I fail to see the point.

    I have made my points, I think deep down you know I am right. You can keep bringing up 1850, Rhett Butler, Ebola and how everything looks so bad to you, but by the end of the day reality always wins. It wins because reality is what is as opposed to weak bullet points of faerytales and emotionally charged tinfoil hat isolationist pipe-dreams.

    I have predictions of my own as well. I predict a C of CC highjack of the LOS with the goal to build the C of CC back to the old numbers. Hill will either die or retire, and in 10-15 years 3/4s of all supporters will be dead of old age along with the SCV members.
    The “patriot movement” will implode with mass arrests, infighting, and informing on each other to save their own asses.

    What will happen to the US? Hard to tell but I don’t see the doom and gloom you are trying to peddle to the donors. I do think Hillary has a good chance of taking 2016, and if that happens, as much as I do think there will be a reaction, I don’t think she is going to be as nice as Obama was to the rightwing reactionaries. Hillary is an iron fisted leader and she will not let the Clive Bundys get by like Obama did.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just sit by with my popcorn …

    • Re: Lamp

      1.) The US economy is based on printing dollars and the willingness of the foreigners to finance our debt.

      2.) Have you seen the net worth of the average black and Hispanic household? How about their test scores? Good luck trying to sustain a First World economy with a Third World population.

      3.) Some of these projections are baked in the oven like an aging White population which can’t (and won’t) sustain the Black Undertow indefinitely even if it wants to do so.

      4.) Equality is the theory that has no basis in the real world.

      5.) Oh, I agree that reality always wins.

      At some point, the fantasy of racial equality will crash into the reality of racial inequality as the United States becomes a Third World country due to changing racial demographics. The US will run out of gas and break down on the side of the road.

      6.) I predict we will see more cooperation between both groups and a consensus emerge in our ranks.

      7.) The US will become a poorer, less powerful, more polarized Third World country. The federal government will continue to lose its legitimacy and mainstream institutions like the military will hollow out.

      6.) It doesn’t matter who wins in 2016. Whoever wins will preside over the same irreversible national decline that has defined the entire span of Obama’s presidency. The result will be more dysfunction, more polarization, and a weaker federal government. Fewer people will believe in Americanism, and by 2020 an enfeebeled US will be well into its retreat from the world.

  37. It’s curious listening to Lamp.

    Reality, apparently has a liberal bias. Right?

    At a certain point the whites who man the essential services: Police, Military, Engineeering, Medicine, Farming, Architecture… Are going to strike.

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