• This was not the QT they robbed. Yet the undertow on Sunday night took revenge on the QT, assuming that QT clerks “snitched” (called the cops) on Brown, and now no more QT. Stupid undertow.

  • US Voortrekker

    Apartheid is the answer…what is the question?

  • Logan Smith


  • Nothing shocking or surprising. He was black, and being a criminal and having black people and other Leftists make excuses for his depravity is one of those constants that always reminds you that you are still alive. Kind of like a sunrise.

    I’m not a fan of the Police State we live in, but I really do feel sorry for the decent law enforcement “soldiers” that aren’t allowed to protect society or even themselves from these animals.

    Anyhooo… I hope you have fun in Nashville, Hunter.

  • DD

    Hmmm, that’s interesting. I thought that ‘he din do nuffin’ and was ‘goin’ to skoo’ and was just about to ‘turn he life around.’ This video can’t be right. It must’ve been an Evil Southern Redneck painted up in blackface.

  • Fr. John+

    The question is, ‘With Liberia, why are THEY here?’

    (It’s not our problem that part of the world is ‘enriched’ by the ‘diversity’ of EBOLA, AIDS, etc.) It’s NOT OUR PROBLEM.

  • most of the Liberians were free blacks of american renasance. they are the decendants of free blacks and former slaves,
    so would that make them african american africans?

  • Edna Crumpler-Stackhouse

    Just pickin’ up supplies for college, haters.

  • LiberalismFailed

    At least Trayvon paid for his items.

  • Nicholas I

    He was misunderstood. The government wouldn’t give him free watermelon ice tea and skittles. And he needed egg mcguffins every morning for brain-nutrition because he was going to be the chief climate scientist at the United Nations.

  • You know how “Political Correctness” is in the government and media. The police and mainstream media are encouraged to not mention race when a crime has took place. I’m sure that had something to do with the late release of this surveillance video. Plus the automatic release of the police officer name and the store video would have put the cop and the store clerk in danger of Black mob attack. Looks like Missouri is more of a WAR ZONE these days than a Southern state. You really think about it. The African American who was shot was stealing, the store clerk tried to stop him, he strong-arm robbed him, and the story continues. That strong-arm robbery is the same as the Black mobs looting the stores after the Black teenager was shot and killed by police. That’s business as usual thugs. Now people are seeing the Truth News in the national media for a change.

  • Nightowl

    No, the descendants of American slaves make up less than 10% of Liberians. Most are just the native tribes they ruled over. The lesson they learned wasn’t that “slavery is wrong” rather “it’s better to the master than the slave.” Not exactly what the effeminates running the West want you to think.

  • Nightowl

    So he wasn’t the “Gentle Giant” the media made him out to be, just like the 12 year old Trayvon pictures we saw. Just another dumb, thuggish, worthless fatherless bastard supported by the taxpayers of the U.S.A.

  • Best comment yet.

  • Logan Smith

    He’s also huge. If I were the cop who was wrestling with this brute, I’d have shot too.

  • Logan Smith

    I’m surprised even Fox is taking the blacks’ side on this. No one has mentioned the *man’s size; only his age, and that he was “unarmed”, even though he was trying to take a cop’s gun.

    I’m usually against the cop when it comes to shootings, but this is so clear cut, I can not believe the news, especially Fox, is twisting this the way they are.

  • Thomas

    If Ferguson can’t trust a white mayor and white chief of police because it’s 73% black, how can American, still 72% white, only 13% black, trust a black president and black attorney general?

  • Thomas

    That’s an interesting point about Missouri being a war zone – or at least St. Louis. I live in the area, albeit a much whiter burb than Ferguson, but find myself resenting the intrusion of the media and politicians basically calling all of us white folks racists and all of our cops (at least the predominately white locals) racists. I wonder if this is just a little like what the southern folks felt when the civil rights movement sent hordes of northern media etc. into the deep south. Not the same, maybe just a little.

  • Thomas

    Well, this is a small sample size, but most whites in STL are calling BS on this crap:


    much to the disgust of national commentators

  • There are several people here in Nashville from the St. Louis metro area. My wife is from St. Charles. We’re all sitting around discussing the situation there.

  • Thomas

    When you come back to the STL area, I’d like to meet you.

  • Fr. John+

    And all of the ‘edumification’ that blacks have received here via White tax dollars, making them doctors, lawyers, and nuclear physicists named DeShawn, would enable them to ‘enrich’ Liberia, when we enacted ‘Operation Boatlift, 2016.’ We’re doing their race a favor, right? Right.

  • hyper Warp

    just a l’il speedbump, “Full Trayvon Ahead” !!!!

  • RobRoySimmons

    Democratic party politics nothing but using anti-white rhetoric. This is 4gw warfare violence to garner concessions nothing spontaneous here at all never is

  • Afterthought

    Another event pushing us towards Partition.

  • Fr. John+
  • Geforge Current

    He was college material and turnin his laf around.

  • Logan Smith

    Wow, that really lifts my heart to see. It shows that “normal” people are still racially aware, even if our leaders and media pretend we don’t care about our own safety.

  • Reynauld

    I can..Fox is no friend of whites…its a major shill for Israel as well

  • Thomas

    As a St. Louis area resident, it comforts me to know the new Black Panthers have been deputized and tasked with security in Ferguson. Ironically enough, my wife and I just watched a show on CNN (I know) last night about the sixties, and the Hells Angels were tasked with security at a rock concert.


  • haroldcrews

    Convenience takes precedence over accuracy. Instinctively they wish to instill fear for the purpose of gaining power. “Justice” by striking back at those who reported the crimes of Brown which likely led to his death wasn’t actually a concern. Power and control through fear was the purpose.

  • jayvbellis

    I’m taking a step back from this as the evidence indicates to me that the Police Officer lost his cool after a rough, dirty fight with this thug and the police officer may indeed have wasted this thug at a distance when his life wasn’t in jeopardy.

    Yeah, the deceased Mr. Brown was a nasty, mean, extremely large thug, but police are supposed to be trained to handle such types. We don’t want the police simply shooting and killing folks they don’t like, many don’t like us.

  • James Owen

    I’ve seen hints that white Leftists from the deep North are trying to stir up riots. I wonder if this had happened in the deep North, instead of Missouri, or any other Southern/Western state, that they’d be up to the same business.

  • Great video. The “little boy” at 6′ 4″ and 260 lbs strong armed a store owner and then assaulted a police officer 10 minutes later and got what he deserved.

    Good riddance to someone like him.

  • “His momma says he was a good boy”.

    Too much, then he assaults a police officer who kills him and rightfully so and who ends up losing his job and career because of this smell crap of a garbage ..