Marching Through Occupied Oxford


Change of plans …

It is short notice, but several of us are going to Oxford, MS this weekend to protest decades of political correctness that has eaten away at Southern heritage at Ole Miss:

- Renaming “Confederate Drive”
- Appointing a “Vice Chancellor of Diversity”
- Abandoning Colonel Reb for a politically correct mascot
- Installing plaques to “explain” Southern landmarks
- Banning “Dixie,” the chant “The South Will Rise Again,” and the Confederate Battle Flag at Ole Miss football games

I’m willing to take a stand. Who is with me?

Note: The Mid-South Flaggers have their own event scheduled.

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14 Responses to Marching Through Occupied Oxford

  1. Fr. John+ says:

    Good fortune to you, HW. Maybe you’d make a greater impression with a little more planning and advertising, especially if you could get the alumni donor base address book, and write to each of them….

  2. Brian Pace says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there. The liberal establishment at Ole Miss will continue their Genocide against our Southern Heritage & Culture until a large percentage of Southerners take a stand. They preach the false gospel of Diversity and Political Correctness but can’t seem to find a place for “Confederate Heritage & Culture” on Campus. This is a classic example that liberals and Corporate elite only support those terms “Diversity” and “Political Correctness” when it fits their agenda. Free The South !

  3. Logan Smith says:

    While you’re there, don’t forget to proselytize for the LS, and pass out Free Magnolias or something.

  4. The Swamp Fox. says:

    I just wanted to let you know I’m looking forward to finally meeting you & the entire group. See you there.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to doing this for years now. We’ll see you there.

  6. There will be a bigger League protest in Mississippi later down the road.

  7. Brian Pace says:

    The American Empire and it’s liberals could care less about Ole Miss or Mississippians getting an education. They see Ole Miss as a trophy piece in the Culture War. That Culture War being the Genocide of our Southern Heritage & Culture and Christian Western Civilization.

  8. Fr. John+ says:

    More and more, the evidence of the rule of law being a sham is appearing. The Citizenry of the world is growing more and more angry with the race of the Deicides and righteous vengeance is mounting in the hearts of men.

  9. Fr. John+ says:

    For your Reformed/trad. Protestant readers, a superb article on the ‘sickness unto death’ that this post/blog chronicles; namely, the fallacy that the North was vindicated, simply because they won… the first battle.

  10. Shizzlegoth says:

    Not a southern boy, I’m from Montana, but I feel like we’re kin. Love the site, HW, and love your balls. It takes a real man to make a stand like you all do.

  11. Shizzlegoth says:

    By the bye, learned of your site while sifting through sbpdl. Love it.

  12. flunkdaddy says:

    That’s exactly what we did and was the reason we went.

  13. Logan Smith says:

    How were they received?

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