Marching Through Occupied Oxford


Change of plans …

It is short notice, but several of us are going to Oxford, MS this weekend to protest decades of political correctness that has eaten away at Southern heritage at Ole Miss:

– Renaming “Confederate Drive”
– Appointing a “Vice Chancellor of Diversity”
– Abandoning Colonel Reb for a politically correct mascot
– Installing plaques to “explain” Southern landmarks
– Banning “Dixie,” the chant “The South Will Rise Again,” and the Confederate Battle Flag at Ole Miss football games

I’m willing to take a stand. Who is with me?

Note: The Mid-South Flaggers have their own event scheduled.

  • Logan Smith

  • Fr. John+

    Good fortune to you, HW. Maybe you’d make a greater impression with a little more planning and advertising, especially if you could get the alumni donor base address book, and write to each of them….

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone there. The liberal establishment at Ole Miss will continue their Genocide against our Southern Heritage & Culture until a large percentage of Southerners take a stand. They preach the false gospel of Diversity and Political Correctness but can’t seem to find a place for “Confederate Heritage & Culture” on Campus. This is a classic example that liberals and Corporate elite only support those terms “Diversity” and “Political Correctness” when it fits their agenda. Free The South !

  • Logan Smith

    While you’re there, don’t forget to proselytize for the LS, and pass out Free Magnolias or something.

  • The Swamp Fox.

    I just wanted to let you know I’m looking forward to finally meeting you & the entire group. See you there.

  • I’ve been looking forward to doing this for years now. We’ll see you there.

  • There will be a bigger League protest in Mississippi later down the road.

  • The American Empire and it’s liberals could care less about Ole Miss or Mississippians getting an education. They see Ole Miss as a trophy piece in the Culture War. That Culture War being the Genocide of our Southern Heritage & Culture and Christian Western Civilization.

  • Fr. John+

    More and more, the evidence of the rule of law being a sham is appearing. The Citizenry of the world is growing more and more angry with the race of the Deicides and righteous vengeance is mounting in the hearts of men.

  • Fr. John+

    For your Reformed/trad. Protestant readers, a superb article on the ‘sickness unto death’ that this post/blog chronicles; namely, the fallacy that the North was vindicated, simply because they won… the first battle.

  • Shizzlegoth

    Not a southern boy, I’m from Montana, but I feel like we’re kin. Love the site, HW, and love your balls. It takes a real man to make a stand like you all do.

  • Shizzlegoth

    By the bye, learned of your site while sifting through sbpdl. Love it.

  • flunkdaddy

    That’s exactly what we did and was the reason we went.

  • Logan Smith

    How were they received?