Baltimore Mob Attacks Random White People In McDonald’s

White teens beaten by blacks in Baltimore McDonald's
White teens beaten by blacks in Baltimore McDonald’s


Impeccable timing.

I’m working on my review of Paul Kersey’s new book, The City That Bleeds: Race, History and the Death of Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the black population of Baltimore is beating random White people in McDonald’s again. No one intervened to stop the beating. Instead, several black girls in the restaurant filmed the beating, posted it on Facebook, and laughed about it with their friends.

As usual, the media is running interference and calling it a “prank.”

Note: As longtime OD readers may recall, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in Baltimore.

In the second video below, you can see how the transsexual Chrissy Lee Polis was beaten in a black-on-LGBT hate crime in a McDonald’s in Rosedale, a suburb northeast of Baltimore, around the same time back in 2011. OD extensively covered that incident here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. In that incident, a McDonald’s employee, Vernon Hackett, also stood around and laughed, filmed the beating, and posted it on his Facebook account where it went viral on YouTube.

We goaded the SPLC for ignoring that incident for about a week before they responded.

  • Wes

    Was it a him or a her or what? Freaks beating freaks………..

  • In 2011, some blacks attacked a White tranny in a McDonald’s in a Baltimore suburb – one actually pled guilty to committing a hate crime as a result of it. This latest incident involved two White teenagers.

  • Spelunker

    Brad, if you come to Baltimore, I’ll buy you a quarter pounder.

    Google “Britney Girl Dale”. She is the beast!

  • NYYankees

    Why isn’t rape a hate crime? Why aren’t white women allowed to press hate crime charges against anyone who rapes them or tries to, and double charges against people of other races/ethnicities who assault them?

    I just think it’s odd that Brad has decided to highlight what is the rare occasion when a transsexual gets attacked by blacks but somehow he’s ignored black male violence against white women. I also don’t consider this transsexual 100% innocent really. These black women had no right to do what they did and should have been charged with assault, but a male doesn’t belong in the female locker room either.

  • NYYankees

    Since the first video was about two white teens, male and female, getting assaulted by blacks I want to qualify my above comment. To focus on a crime against a transsexual (and is it certain the black girls attacked him/her because they were transsexual?) is to lend credence to the BS that transsexuals are somehow at greater risk for hate crimes.

    They’re not, at least when compared to white northwestern european women. If anything they’re usually seens as awkward and ridiculous and people ignore them, while white women are seen as threatening when they reject men or for that matter, women, and have zero recourse if their harassers are non-white.

    The transsexual agenda is openly anti-white. I’ve been around them and they advocate against what they call ‘white privilege’ and ‘cis-privilege’ or whatever. I really don’t think they’re platform should be defended in any way by pro-whites.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    STFU NYYankees.

    Stuff it up your troll rectum.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Have you ever thought about contacting these victims of racial assaults by blacks to see if they might get on message?

  • We’ve talked about black-on-white crime here on and off again plenty of times in the past.

  • Actually, I have had people who were attacked like this find this website and post in the comment section before.

  • Re: NYYankees

    Back in 2011, it only came out later after the video went viral that the victim was a tranny. The SPLC tried for a week to ignore the incident and only covered after we shamed them.

  • NYYankees

    Captain John you’re the one talking out of your ass. What on earth do you know about the transsexuals and their lobby? Zip.

    Kyle Rogers is suddenly quite vigilant about lies coming out of the NYC media regarding black on white hate crimes:

    But when they were very obviously falsifying reports of black on jewish ‘white’ hate crimes, he played dumb.

  • Logan Smith

    The sad thing about the fag getting attacked, is that he filed a hate crime because he was in drag, not because he’s white.

  • NYYankees

    @ Logan Smith

    I was told to STFU for pointing that out.

  • NYYankees

    Yet non-whites in media and every other institution say far more hateful things about whites and then receive promotions.

  • Lew

    Of the African American men in the sample, 5% carried two MAO-A promoters, the condition that Shih had found to be associated with higher levels of delinquency. Members of the two-promoter group were significantly more likely to have been arrested and imprisoned than African Americans who carried three or four promoters. The same comparison could not be made in white, or Caucasian, males, the researchers report, because only 0.1% carry the two-promoter allele.

    – Nicholas Wade (pg 56-57)

    A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History

  • Whites Unite

    A “prank” is a practical joke.

    A “brawl” is a fair fight.

    This is assault and battery, a grown man attacking a little girl.

    Do you know why stuff like this happens? Because the media encourages it to happen. Some honest reporting about the nature of the crime, the identity of the attackers, the identity of the victim, and the motives, would bring a stop to this crap and fast.

    The owners of the media are the real perpetrators.

  • Jjd

    All future or current welfare and food stamp recipients. They will snuff each other out in time

  • O.T. but I think, far more important

    Caucaphobia run rampant.

    Email them. Start a petition to rescind their accreditation. Something, Anything.
    The war is begun, gents. These are but the initial skirmishes. Destroy the enemy with their own weapons.

  • Wes

    Personally, after I saw what we were dealing with…….I was cheering the little sisters on!
    I can’t condone there kind of freaky acting people…….guys dressing up like girls in public……gives me the creeps.

  • Eight people have been shot in Baltimore in the last 24 hours:

  • Tamer of Savages

    Whites that eat at McDonalds deserve to be beaten within an inch of their life if not tarred and feathered.

  • Lynda

    Do not focus on the nitty-gritty here and miss the BIG.

    The young people who were attacked at MacDonalds – were White. End of story. They were random Whites. They looked at a Black in the wrong way; or the Black didn’t like their sexual preference: heterosexual, BLT on a gay multiseed cracker, bestial; the Black didn’t think they show’d nuff respct to theys betters. Who cares.

    The Blacks established a no-go area for Whites and attacked some Whites. That is all you need to know. The media of course does not report Black on White crimes. [ And didjewknow who owns the media?]

    All of the above is enough for MacDonalds – which did not secure their premises (was the staff all Black?) to feel the wrath of Whites who think the term ‘racist’ is a Jew mindfuck word. (The term racist was invented by Trotsky to ‘guilt’ the White Russians who were being genocided by the Jews).

    In terms of Jew mindfuck designations for Whites, Christians, White Christians – in terms of priority, the de-programed, gendered White would prefer to be:



    Homophobic and


  • Logan Smith

    Yankee, who told you to STFU?

  • NYYankees

    @ Logan Smith

    Captain John did right upthread.

  • “STFU NYYankees.

    Stuff it up your troll rectum.”

    Well said. Her comments are incoherent, her rhetoric is ad hominem, and by her own admission she is a pampered suburban feminist. She isn’t even a real Yankee is we are to believe her dubious claims to Irish origins and if she is an actual New York Yankees fan then I say shit on her.

  • NYYankees

    Rudel, never have I ‘admitted’ to being a ‘pampered suburban feminist.’ You persistently attribute false quotes to people; you even made up fake counties in NJ. Yet you call me incoherent and claim I engage in ad hominem. You even have the audacity to tell someone how to spell her own name, after speculating on posters’ sex lives.

  • “You even have the audacity to tell someone how to spell her own name, after speculating on posters’ sex lives.”

    It’s a fucking outrage. As was your admission of being a high school graduate from an upscale New Jersey suburb. I found your sad tale of your inability to get asked to the prom particularly poignant.

  • NYYankees

    I have never stated that I went to an upscale suburban highschool, or that I couldn’t find a date to the prom.

    Rudel’s been drinking some Captain Jack…

  • Lynda

    Young Whites must work on their thinking. Gen Y was born into the Information Revolution. They must get their wits about them and learn the verities and the home truths.

    Here is a very important part of the Big Picture. The anatomy of the psychopath, the psychopathic control grid and consciousness, the subversion of society that selects for this psychopathic consciousness in all areas of social control and influence.
    Thomas Sheridan on Alchemy Radio.

    This piece of the puzzle goes with racial consciousness. Yes, there are specific races that select for psychopathic behaviour and consciousness just like a Bolshevik cadre or a Morgan bank or the government of a subverted nation.

  • “there are specific races that select for psychopathic behaviour and consciousness”

    An hypothesis totally unsupported by any objective evidence that psychopathology is any more prevalent in one culture rather than another. Nations and empires rise and fall yet there is no evidence that psycho pathology is any more prevalent in on or another.

  • Rich

    Mo blacks, Mo Problems.. They do things you would not even remotely think about.. Too many are such savage beasts.. Attack women with no problem, old people. Ruin so much when they are in any real numbers. These poor white people stuck in cesspools like Baltimore totally brainwashed by the horrors of cultural marxism. I would GLADLY take living in a trailer over the ghetto any time if I had to choose. Not even close. America is TRULY a dying land. How can a nation survive with these people in our midst? Answer- it can’t.