May Day Marchers

District of Corruption

Here are the May Day marchers in their own words:

Note: The agenda of the May Day marchers is pretty straightforward. It is a group of communists who plan to march with Red flags through the streets of Washington, DC in solidarity with illegal aliens and violent criminals.






  1. How can white’s be so self-loathing as to waste their time on brown people, that only want to replace white’s with dark skinned people? This is sickening!

  2. They want to end both unemployment and deportations.

    That’s contradictory.

    Too, if they throw prison house doors open, that’s just going to increase competition for jobs in our job-starved climate.

    I do agree with them on staying out of Syria, Iran, Crimea, getting rid of Commune Core and stopping this charter school hustle.

  3. It’s just warmed over occupy wall street stuff and will make about the same impression that that did, i.e., nada.

  4. I do like how smashing sexism doesn’t get the full paragraph treatment.

    “How can white’s be so self-loathing as to waste their time on brown people” – comrade, race is just a part of ones false consciousness that was implanted into you by the capitalist imperialist running dogs, or atleast thats what we’ll tell the various racial underclasses when we are in charge so they don’t overturn and rebel against us.

    Unfortunately non-whites aren’t nearly that stupid.

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