Music break

Heard this on Pandora – sounded Southern folksy.

Can some folks who are slightly more “Southern” than I please let us/me know if this is a musical group that’s for us?

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  • Mosin Nagant

    They are certainly not decent, rural farm women, no matter where they were born. But they surely ARE ‘Hell on heels’, bad news for good men (and probably druggies too: ) but a rootless urban cosmopolitan’s perfect ‘country’ dreamgirls.

  • Mosin Nagant

    You may hear these women, but you won’t hear REAL country music at Tractor Supply. How about some of their other hits: ‘I Feel a Sin Comin’ On’, ‘Unhappily Married’, etc.? They express perfectly the perverted ‘sense of life’ that secular ‘mainstreamers’ (including ‘Mainstreaming WNs’) in the south and everywhere else really ‘connect with’ and enjoy. ‘Boys from the South’ or the North who have gone secular and mainstream will be attracted. Good boys who love God and the land will be repelled. That’s the way it is.

  • jmf

    The lyrics are kind of crude, which in turn is kind of low-brow. To each his own, but I want music to be uplifting, not down-dragging. And you have to think, if they sing like that, what do they do in their personal lives? Furthermore, I think if you look into their business arrangements, you will find influences that are not too wholesome for our culture. Like HWood Jews out to make a buck as fast as they can, so don’t waste time on any real creativity. Target rednecks in bars who want to get laid. That’s just my speculation though.

  • Rudel

    Shut up Mosin, here’s some real country and western music:

  • Jack Ryan

    I didn’t think this song, lyrics were vulgar.

    More like regular White folks living life and it’s nice there is a trailer to be rented at a modest price.

    What do you want the girls to do? Move to Vegas and become strippers/prostitutes?

  • Rudel

    Mother Maybelle is the real deal:

  • Palmetto Patriot

    Not my kind of music. Radio pop-country is just not for me.

  • Kramer

    My problem with modern country music is the artist are millionaires. Kind of hard to relate to average working men and women from a mansion. Anything after Hank Williams, I approach with caution.

  • Floridian

    Anybody like The Avett Brothers?

  • DixieGirl

    Listened for about five seconds. Gillian Welch, L.A. valley girl though she was, sounded more authentic, imo. The accent was just too strong, (didn’t get to the lyrics). After just a five-second listen I would not buy. Too many other songs in the world.

  • DixieGirl

    Rude-del, why are you always so rude?

  • Rudel

    What’s so rude about Mother Maybelle Carter or Kitty Wells?

    If you are talking about being mean to Mosin, the guy is the ultimate pest, a religious, sanctimonious, and no doubt hypocritical sexual prig. I hope he drops dead or better yet chops off his toes with an axe while living his young Abe Lincoln lifestyle (which is no doubt a lie) , gets gangrene, tries a folk remedy as a cure, has some holy rollers pray over him, and then dies in horrible pain due to his antipathy to modern chemical factories, which by the way, produce medicine. Is that rude enough for you?

  • TJ

    Not rude, just coarse and mean-spirited from my vantage point.

  • jmf

    This has absolutely nothing to do with this thread, but if you are looking for a laugh and have a little time to spare, google “Jen Polachek”.

    And here is a link to the spark that lit this raging fire: There Are No Black People In My Yoga Classes And I’m Suddenly Feeling Uncomfortable With It

  • NOVA reb

    @Hunter: Just a trio of whores. You MUST be bored.

  • NYYankees

    Wow, Rudel, I’m wondering what ya got in store for me…

    Gangrene doesn’t form so often in open wounds. Just sayin.’

  • Hunter Wallace

    This is a Jack Ryan post.

  • Jack Ryan

    This was a beautiful song.

    Hope there is a trailer for rent for so many of our working class gals.