Big Fag Defeated


A&E folds … Phil Robertson’s suspension on ‘Duck Dynasty’ has been reversed.

Note: Cracker Barrel has also apologized to its customers. Imagine what would happen if White America could ever get organized on a permanent basis.


  1. “I have no idea what you and Dalton were taught in the Catholic Church, but Genesis 12 makes it very clear that the descendants of Abraham – the 12 sons of Jacob, the Israelites – are God’s chosen people by blood.”

    I have no idea what the Catholic Church teaches although I suppose one could look it up somewhere. Ask Fr.John – I think he was once a Catholic priest. The absolutely last place I would go to for reliable scientific information is the Old Testament which was written by a bunch of warring Iron Age Canaanite goatherds some 2500 years ago give or take a few centuries. I mean fer chrissakes, the Jewish Diaspora after the fall of the Second Temple (which is after all the subject at hand) hadn’t even happened yet!!!

    I base my opinions on DNA analysis done on contemporary populations compared to ancient DNA analysis based on archeological digs done in Palestine. Askenazi Jews have picked up a lot of genes through intermarriage with their host countries over the last couple of thousand years (how else would Paul Newman and others get blonde hair and blue eyes) so I suppose that there is some Khazarian blood in some Jews who had Khazar ancestors in the past just as Paul Newman seems to have picked up more than his fair share of Slavic genes.

    I have to question the very existence of a unique ethnicity called Khazar based on your own reference which calls them a “tribal confederation gathered Slavs, Scythians, Hunnic-Bulgars, Iranians, Alans and Turks.” Sounds to me like nothing but an expedient short term military alliance of different tribes who banded together temporarily to fight the invading Mongols. There was no land of “Khazaria.”

    Another reason to find your author’s statements a bit suspect is his insistence that Yiddish is Slavic and not a dialect of High German. Most linguists would strongly disagree. I mean how reliable is a Kenyan newspaper really? That headline itself is totally misleading.

    I personally don’t give a rat’s ass whether Jews travelled up the Danube or the Don but Sephardic Jews are a lot closer genetically to Ashkenazi than was previously thought.

    The fact remains though that modern Jewish populations (both Sephardic and Ashkenaz) share at least 40% to 60% of their DNA with the ancient Semitic tribes of the Levant.

    Here is a recent chart that shows the proximity of relatedness of thirteen ethnic groups based on 18 different genetic variations and it shows that Jews land about midway between Middle Easterners and Europeans just as one would expect.

    I highly recommend the following site for up-to-date information on the genetic composition of different ethnic groups. The studies are in constant flux as more and more genes are sequenced but the general outlines are starting to come into focus.

  2. ‘They claim to be all about “privacy” and “not imposing or enforcing your morality on others,” and then they wonder what the hell happened when the culture and way of life that they took for granted goes to shit. Enough of the quid pro quo delusions! Christianity and Christian morals should be the official public norm. Whatever its problems, the South gets this. The North, well, doesn’t.’

    That is a very broad generalisation. Here we have ‘southern’ whites who don’t seem to belong to the Bible Belt at all, and I know many northern whites who are extremely active in preaching the Word, in and out of season, street preaching brothers, even one who boldly picketed a strip joint that tried to set up in a small town, shutting it down single-handedly.

    ‘The comment sections intellectual tone has improved almost overnight because of your decision’

    Really? NOW I see it!

    ‘Mosin will probably have to be permanently banned’

    Definitely so.

    ‘In the meantime, I’ll do my best to uphold the rules myself’

    You’ll be very, very good.

    Re: the raging Khazar debate: Isn’t it going off-topic, and borderline ‘theological’? Note well that I have had NO part in it.

  3. Dan Poole, all the books and articles I’ve read over the last few years about Jewish DNA shows Middle Eastern, Semitic ancestry for both Sephardim and Ashkenazim Jews. As a person who has some Sephardim ancestry, I know this is true.

    Your belief that the Jews of today are still the chosen people is incorrect. No Christian organization believed that idea until very recent times. The Scriptures clearly teach in the Gospels, Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews that the Old Covenant that granted the Jews that status was done away at the cross, and that the only Israel that God recognizes today is the Israel that believes in Jesus Christ, namely the Church. Read Romans 9-11 for a quick study on this.

  4. Mosin, the debate is somewhat theological but it is also historical and directly political.

    Rudel, the first graph you link to is helpful, and I can only comment very briefly now but want to point out that the jews aren’t halfway between me and my northwestern european people and the middle easterners. They are located squarely on the side of the near eastern and arabian people, probably starting more around 65% of the distance towards the sand peoples.

    They also, as you point out, did not have blonde hair indigenously and picked this up from the europeans. The ‘genius’ of the ashkenazi jew is the rape of the european female. For about every 80-100 jews in my area, you might find one dirtiest of blonds. You will find none who look anything like a purely native northwestern european. Besides their darkness their facial and bodily structure is simply too semitic to pass for my people except in some large crowd. To find a single jew who could even approach the walking target that is the purebred anglo celt, you’d have to expand the survey to about 225-250. It is that rare.

    How on earth pro-Whites call these people ‘white’ is beyond me. They are not european people. Yiddish is more closely germanic no doubt, but who cares. Their term for me is shiksa, meaning literally ‘abomination’ and ‘dirty.’ Shaygetz is the male equivalent but a jewish male can be called this pejorative while no jewish female was or is ever called a shiksa.

    Like any self respecting white woman would look twice at a jewish male. They are entirely un-masculine, generally ugly, and entirely undesirable.

  5. Re: ‘Mosin, the debate is somewhat theological but it is also historical and directly political:

    NYYankees, I know. I was making the point that I don’t even participate in some of the ‘debates’ (I would rather call them tangential discussions) that are supposedly started exclusively by me on ‘every single’ (!!!) thread.

    Well, since the rest of you have gone far off the topic of Beck’s support of GLAAD into borderline ‘theological’ territory, I will briefly, cautiously, join you:

    I considered the Khazar theory more than thirty years ago, AFTER I had finished seminary (never heard of it there) and I read all I could, ordering material by interlibrary loan, because I immediately grasped that it could help me fight the premillennial heresy that was strongly entrenched in many of the schools and churches. I was hopeful but also objective, so I was not convinced — and that was before any DNA evidence was available — so I found the Khazar theory to be of very little use in combatting premillennialism, except to say it is very likely that some Ashkenazi have some of that non-Semitic heritage. But we should not NEED the Khazar theory at all to combat the heresy. It should be enough just to prove that Premillennialism is extremely bad exegesis. I believe Premillennialism is much weaker now than it was thirty years ago, but unfortunately many RIGHT doctrines are being held more loosely in many places.

  6. Error correction: ‘far off the topic of Beck’s support of GLAAD’ should have been: ‘off the topic of Big Sodomy Defeated’ Either way, it’s still a tangent, but I thought we were on the other thread. Sorry.

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