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  1. That guy had two months to make plans for this event and he brings a sock and padlock to attack someone? With two months there is no need to be macgyvering shit. Is there a loophole in “the law” that makes a sock and padlock an attractive weapon?

  2. The irony. OTOH people are afraid to protest with TYN against imperialist anti-white hatemongers because they’ll get attacked somehow, as seemed to be the case with the guy who tried to start up the Indiana U WSU. But because TYN’s message of white liberation is so threatening to the haters they can’t help themselves but lash out using physical violence. The irony is they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Threatening white libbers works but not on all. The brave people like TYN then stand proud and to defeat the transcendant truth of their message, the so-called anti-fascists use fascist methods to silence them, and in so doing just prove how right TYN is.

    It proves what a brave few can accomplish. TYN has forced the hand of the anti-whites. They are just hateful thugs.

  3. Anti-fa are those folks that only attack White people aren’t they?

    I hope Matt is okay. If this keeps up, he’s going to have to wear goggles and a gas mas. I expect even that won’t be enough in the coming years.

  4. Who’s the guy that got hit with the pad lock? People need to follow up, and make sure serious felony charges are filed against that batch of scum. Such cowardly scum. A blow to the head with a pad lock could kill somebody.

  5. @Lew
    The guy that got hit was Thomas Buhls. He is the founder of the Indiana University Trad Youth chapter and writes at the Trad Youth website.

  6. Those guys make a significant error in trying to marry white liberation to christianity.

    They’re not the only ones guilty of it. That whole way of thinking will sink the movement and I believe has contributed to the lack of growth in it. There should be tons of whites out protesting what’s happening to them in the US and we’re lucky if we gather 30 people. Granted, we’re a huge country and early activists are spread out but still…

    We should be way ahead of where we are now.

  7. Welsh ethnonationalist secessionist mottos: “Stand for what is right, even if you stand alone”, Cymru rydd!

  8. Quotes from the linked video in my previous comment: “From earliest times the Welsh have been looked upon as an unclean people. It is thus that they have preserved their racial integrity, their sons and daughters rarely mate with human-kind except their own blood relations (…) Loquacious, dissemblers, immoral liars, stunted, bigoted, dark, ugly, pugnacious little trolls (…) seaweed-munching, sheep-bothering pinch-faced hill-tribes”.

  9. Hunter, I hope the attack on Matt doesn’t drive him further into the neo-Nazi camp. He seems to be a fine young man.

    If any of the Anti-Fa’s decide to cross the street to attack me or anyone else, I’ll stand my ground with a heavy hickory cane that I own.

  10. Mosin Nagant says:
    October 10, 2013 at 3:17 am

    “Example of brave Welsh people protesting their replacement, and stealing of their land by mostly wealthy British Talmudists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Khlw-CASa08

    Good video Mosin.

    The anti-Whites visiting this board should watch that video. It’s a perfect example of the destruction they and their partners, the rich ‘Anti-White Globalist Elites’ are doing only to White people, in all White countries and only White countries.

    If you have a conscience, that video might change your mind.

  11. Cymru am byth. Check out the Only Boys Aloud choir and their stand for the ancient Brythonic culture. Just about all their Eidsteddfod appearances are on YouTube.

  12. “Those guys make a significant error in trying to marry white liberation to christianity.”

    On the contrary. It’s only as we free Christianity – REAL, Orthodox Christianity from the Marixt Counterfeit that has masqueraded as same for the last 100 years, that we will finally be able to be ‘every man at peace under his own fig (or apple) tree.’

    Christianity IS, and always has been, the WHITE MAN’s Religion. Nothing else.
    Anyone that does not believe that, isn’t either a White Man, or a Christian, Yankee man.

  13. Re: “Eidsteddfod appearances”:

    Lynda, have you been to any of these Eisteddfodau in Australia: http://www.nationaleisteddfod.org.au/eisteddfods.html ? We go to a local Gymfana Ganu, coming up next month. My mother won a top prize years ago at an Eisteddfod.
    A full Gymfana weekend includes the Noson Lawen (a night of entertainment and folk dancing), ethnic educational meetings for adults and children and a formal dinner preceding the mass hymn singing event presided over by a full-blooded Welsh music director and a Welsh Christian minister.

    Nevertheless our ethnic identity is too weak. The “colonised mindset” or global multicultural mindset is strong.

  14. I pray to Almighty God that I can attend the next rally/protest and that some anti-racist has the poor judgement to attack me.

  15. There exists no proof that these vermin are as you folks say “anti-racist” or “anti-fa.” Why you insist on being submissive to people like that is yet another mystery for all the tough talk emitted?

  16. Antifa attack and infiltration is potentially worrisome. But as one antifa said about the Tinley Park attack, they planned the meeting for months and couldn’t post a couple guys with bike helmets and baseball bats at the door? Hey, thanks dude, good advice! Assume some of these clowns are going to show up and have some security.

  17. This comment is not addressed to any particular person here. RRS is 100% correct in this case. We should use “anti-white” in this context not antifa or other terms, especially not THEIR terms. Calling anti-racists and antifa amounts to letting them define and control the frame.

  18. Being the victim only ensures victimhood. Whites have been victims long enough.

    As far as tough talk goes, I am an Alpha male, being a passive victim isn’t in my programming.

  19. Stephen,

    What is the world do you mean you hope it doesn’t drive him further into the neo-nazi camp? I was not aware he had stepped into the NN camp at all. What’s the problem with national socialism anyway? I can’t help but wonder if your Catholic universalism and marginal Jewish ancestry are clouding your assessment of NS.

  20. People forget that labor leader Walter Reuther was a Southerner, and that his mother’s family had very deep roots in old Virginia.

    Reuther parlayed two physical attacks into national positive publicity for himself and his cause. One attack was by Ford Motor Company goons on a well dressed Reuther and friends. Another was a shotgun assault by communists on Reuther. In both of these incidents Reuther released bloody photos to the press that went viral.

  21. WN exists only because hundreds of years ago a few white men included the 1st amendment to the law of the land. Outside of the USA WN does not exist, and IMO it won’t be existing in this country either once its usefulness to what some of you for some reason call “anti-fa” or “anti-racists” is over or a show trial of a WN internet site is more useful to the left for power politics and the 1A can safely be ignored.

    Then it is going to be entirely on ethnic political orgs like the LoS to carry on, and they better learn how to take the moral high ground instead of being basement internet crews of 12 likes for some intellectual jabber.

  22. “Those guys make a significant error in trying to marry white liberation to christianity.”

    Well… if the “christian” churches have been used for the elite’s secular RE-settlement programs, ie Genocide, colonizing whole areas of places such as “bible belt” america, and then getting tax subsidy for doing so, wouldn’t they get in trouble? If that were outed as anti-white (racist), not to mention treason, not to mention Genocide, just think of all those assets that could be legally yours. People could do a lot with that money.

  23. just to add—- think of ford foundation, or how ghandi the younger was pushed out of his granddad’s foundation or something. All those buildings, assets, lost souls, a lot to work with there.

  24. (oh— and I want first dibs on that vatican library and archives, if he ever gets in trouble for the re-settlement campaigns; there’s a couple books there I’d like to read)

  25. And thank you for video, Mosin—

    very interesting that these Tactics never change. This is the same laundry list of bad attributes from 1500s that is used today against “public enemy numero uno” (colonists, slave holders from centuries ago, southerners, bible belters, etc, etc., and fed to anyone who might have grievance) Such laundry lists seem used in all Genocides, seems like, for the defamation campaign to “condition” a public so they will not care when those people are finally destroyed.

    Just like the ten year defamation of kulaks and many more.

    Also, making the Citizens’ language illegal.

    Craftily, it seems done in u.s. that RATHER THAN make English illegal to be spoken, everything WAS SIMPLY PRINTED in another language (spanish) with “partnership” between media owners (doing the printing) and others.

    Surely, a government who will PRINT everything in a foreign language against the statistical will of the existing public, who will do so in coordination with foreign governments, WILL OF COURSE cease to print things in the original language at some point.

    They will say it was “natural” that english speakers in america just “happened to fall away over time.”

  26. @DixieGirl

    Headline: White Southerners Beaten by Ford Foundation Paid Goons, or Roman Catholic Bishop Paid Those Who Assaulted White Southern Christians.

  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh3laV8ttQ8&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    Oxford has a very large Welsh population. In this series Dr Pryor himself a Welshman explores the idea that the change from Roman to the AngloSaxon era was more of a cultural diffusion than an actual invasion. He explores large archeological scale digs that show CONTINUOUS British settlements from the preRoman to the high middleAges with no evidence of burning genocide or ravaging.


    I can buy the argument to a point. I strongly suspect that the Romans introduced huge numbers of Frisians, Batavians and other auxiliary troops into areas like London and York and this simply set the pattern for a Germanic vernacular to take hold under the surface of official Latin. Then when the Romans left the Auxiliaries who spoke Old English simply set the trends for everyone else. If you populate London and York with English speakers the rest of the island will speak what they speak within 100 years. If you populate New York and LA with Spanish speakers, same thing. When the Normans came they settled a French speaking population in London. Within 200 years English double its lexicon. The genetics didn’t change, but the language shifted. Elite groups were decapitated but on the whole the actual peasants? Not much change.

    Today, well it’s a clusterfuck. The natives are being wiped out and driven away.

  28. Indiana does not have very permissive gun laws which is why anti-fa operates there, this sort of thing simply isn’t going to happen anywhere else.

  29. Anon,

    What? In Indiana, it’s even legal to shoot cops! I’ve got a lifetime conceal-carry permit, at a reasonable price. I think Hoosier gun laws are pretty relaxed, all things considered.

    None of us escalated to firearms because we try to be disciplined enough to respond proportionally to threats.

  30. Yes, Mosin, I attend Eisteddfodau and Gymkana. Celtic Societies , Alban Societies, Hibernian Societies which teach and display traditional dancing, music, pipes, drums, language, holidays like Mikelmas and domestic arts, crafts and sports (including the fun sports like cheese rolling and mud soccer) are growing in this part of the world. Arda and Tolkien Societies are also growing throughout the English (as well as non-English speaking) world. If you look at these ventures on YouTube – musicians, following the Tolkien Ensemble, are composing for lyrics in Elven. And there is a demand for the study of Quenya and Sindarin and runes and cirth.

    I take this as a sign that people are getting tired of shabbos goy commericial culture imposed in Brittainy, Cymry, Ireland, England and Scotland and its Isles. What is especially enheartening is that both Gaelic and Cymric are growing languagues in the ancestral lands.

    The Church has always patronized the traditional culture and if you know plainchant, you know where a lot of the really old folk music comes from. The Venerable Bede stated in his Chronicles that throughout Anglelond the peasants and the working people in the towns knew the entire Psalter by heart and could sing the hours.

    May England again reach that high water mark of White culture which has legacy in North America. Throughout that Celtic heartland of the Appalachias, the Senandoah, the Smokies and the Ozarks you could find people who could play the airs, reels and jigs, they would know woodcraft, wildcraft and the difference between chudleighs and klooties, they could spin fibre from hemp, work metal and maybe even speak a few words of the old tongue.

  31. Lew, have you read what Hunter said about NS a few weeks ago? As for my negative feelings about it, Socialism in any form is Anti-Christian. I never liked it when I was a Protestant, and I don’t like it now that I’m a Catholic. As for your snide remark about my “marginal Jewish ancestry” clouding my judgement of NS, I rejected NS long before I even knew about that ancestry. BTW Lew, recent DNA testing done on some of Hitler’s known relative show a lot of Jewish and North African ancestry. So you’re following a political system devised by a man from that background. Who’s judgement is clouded now, Lew.

  32. “He explores large archeological scale digs that show CONTINUOUS British settlements from the preRoman to the high middleAges with no evidence of burning genocide or ravaging.”

    Nevertheless there was still a certain amount of population displacement by both the Anglo-Saxon and Norse invasions. There is a definite genetic cline (mostly an increased prevalence of the R1b (Celtic) Y-chromosome haplotype) as you from east to west in the British isles. More or less 40% R1b in Yorkshire to over 80% in some places like the Scottish Highlands, parts of Wales, and Donegal. They even still speak Gaelic on Aran Island. There is a lot of Viking blood in specific places like Derry and the Shetland Islands.

    I agree that the Norman invasion had little effect genetically on Britain except among the very top of the aristocracy who did not have anywhere near the fecundity of country squires.

  33. If you watch the documentary the ground survey suggests that Scandinavians (oxygen isotopes in the enamel) were small in number, always female and of low status. This is in Yorkshire. East Yorkshire where you would expect to find Scandinavian and Frisian burials. The evidence further suggests that half the teeth in the skulls were from people who grew up in Cumbria, which is Welsh in essence. My suspicion is that people from Holland settled well before the Romans and that equally people from Eastern Britain settled all over Holland and Denmark and even Norway.

  34. Hunter, I hope the attack on Matt doesn’t drive him further into the neo-Nazi camp. He seems to be a fine young man.

    Now nearly as much as cowardly LOSers drive fine young men from their camp.

    All tripping over themselves to denounce the fellow at the behest of the SPLC. For attending an NSM event. Oh, the horrors! Hill & Co. are despicable. No wonder they never get anywhere.

  35. “My suspicion is that people from Holland settled well before the Romans and that equally people from Eastern Britain settled all over Holland and Denmark and even Norway.”

    The migration patterns of the even the Bronze age people are under intense debate. Bronze age fossilized human remains are a bit thin on the ground (hence the hoopla surrounding Otzi and friends) but Iron Age remains are well preserved and in identifiable graves and barrows. It is interesting to mote that in some analysis of full genome patterns that those people who live on the borders of the North Sea and to some extant the Atlantic and Baltic coasts share quite a bit of common DNA haplotypes.

    This site is superb for highlighting the latest research and controversies in an accessible format.


    Globally we Northwest Europeans are all quite close cousins as far as genetic distance goes. Makes WW’s I and II all the more ghastly examples of dysgenic disasters.

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