Why Women Reject White Nationalism

Where are the women?


Editor’s Note: I wrote this article over two years ago. I was considering writing a new article about the subject, but nothing ever changes in the White Nationalist movement, and everything that I said below is as true today as it was back then.

I bring this up now only because the issue has resurfaced. I’ve long since moved on from White Nationalism. I have also made my peace with the movement and honestly I have nothing further to say about it.

Lately, I have been hearing the same stories from racially conscious women about the White Nationalist movement – they value their race and are eager to participate and do their part to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” but they are alienated and disillusioned by some of the “wounded soldier” type rhetoric that they see at WN conferences and on the internet.

Before I am accused of picking a fight, I want to emphasize here lots of White Nationalists like James Edwards and Richard Spencer are happily married. I also couldn’t be happier with my own relationship. In spite of this, there is still a very loud group of these “wounded soldiers” out there – think of Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump – who have had bad experiences with American women in general, and it is a problem attracting and keeping women involved in the movement.

I bring this up because women are indispensable to any movement that seeks to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” and there are attractive young women who I know who are being repulsed by these types, and I would much rather see them end up with some of my bright racially conscious friends than with the losers they are meeting in bars.

Why aren’t more women involved with the White Nationalist movement?

There is a conversation going on about this in the comments. It is such an interesting topic that it warrants a separate thread. Everyone who has attended a White Nationalist conference has noticed that men are always drastically overrepresented.

Why is that?

Dealbreaker #1: Because they are offended by the people who rail against White women on account of their bad experiences with dating and marriage. They shouldn’t have dated women like that anyway, but take out their sexual frustrations on all women with untenable generalizations.

Dealbreaker #2: Because of the HBD cogelite nerds who glorify Asian women and who denigrate White women. This is one of the biggest pet peeves.

Dealbreaker #3: Because of the aura of negativity that surrounds the White Nationalist movement. Most women can’t stand a constant drumbeat of negativity and self consciously avoid demoralizing websites.

Women like to see confidence in men. When they see men who have no confidence in themselves and who preach an “all is lost” political message, they instinctively turn away from a movement that they perceive as a bunch of losers, especially when they encounter a hostile atmosphere on pro-White websites.

Dealbreaker #4: Because White Nationalism attracts a disproportionate number of geeky, socially awkward males who have Asperger’s syndrome or who are creepy in some way as well as the homosexual misogynists who are on the warpath against women.

Dealbreaker #5: Because there is a lot of crossover between the Men’s Rights community and White Nationalism and this is a turn off to women who are culturally conservative and therefore more likely to be Christians.

Dealbreaker #6: Because the vast majority of women who qualify as “traditional” in America are strongly Christian or religious in some way. They are turned off to White Nationalism because of the atheism, misogyny, and lewd discussions about women on White Nationalist websites.

Anyone who goes to church knows that there are far more “traditional” women than men in America. Among women, it is fashionable in some circles to save yourself for marriage, whereas few men think that way these days. A respectable woman is not going to be dressed like a slut in some bar or club on the weekend.

Dealbreaker #7: Because women will always be less interested in politics than men. White Nationalism focuses heavily on politics and science and less on culture, family, and religion which are subjects which attract more conservative women.

Dealbreaker #8: Because women are more empathetic and are natural conciliators and thus mix like oil and water with the curmudgeons who are drastically overrepresented among White Nationalists.

Dealbreaker #9: Because some White Nationalists practice a type of effeminate political correctness and consciously go out of their way to elevate Asians and Muslims in particular over White Americans.

Feel free to take issue with any of the above positions. I have heard this view about White Nationalism from so many different women on so many different occasions that I am convinced it represents something of a consensus among traditional White women.

I wish someone would test this theory by creating a pro-White website with these dealbreakers in mind: exclude the HBD nerds who glorify Asian women, the negative curmudgeons, the “all is losters,” the creepy weirdos, the embittered misogynists, the effeminate homosexual intellectuals, and the Neo-Nazi atheists on a jihad against Christianity.

The website would need a good editor that would balance political discussion with a hefty complement of articles about culture, religion, and family. There would also have to be more talk about ethnicity and pocketbook issues.

I would bet money that would solve the problem. In fact, I predict that racially conscious women would start coming out of the woodwork because women are more social than men and would be attracted like moths to a flame to other women who share their views and who are potential friends.

It should be interesting to see what kind of feedback this post receives in the comments. I think I am onto something here.

Note: Richard Spencer addressed the same issue in a video at Trad Youth.

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  1. Paul Ramsey is from Oklahoma. He’ not gay. Just beta. He’s a victim of Yellow Fever. (Straight but faggy White guy, who thinks Asian females are “more feminine”) Some of his stuff is good – but he won’t really stick his skinny butt on the line for us…too much los of income, and status. He calls himself a Nationalist. He won’t go all the way….

  2. I don’t know much about the guy, don’t care to. I hadn’t heard of him at all before I was ambushed by that crazy bitch Jen on here, who I had never seen before either, and she mentioned him. Do you know her? I hope she’s not your GF.

    A cursory look at him and some of his videos tells me he’s not that bright and not really a racialist either. He’s like the girl’s friend type of guy. He even talks like a woman, nonstop and mostly meaningless. I guess that’s why they like him. He’s nonthreatening and likes to gab.

    People keep defending him like he’s some great hero of our cause, but I don’t know of one thing he’s said or done that has benefited our people.

    Wonder how many donations he’s received, it’s really prominent on his blog. Supposedly it’s for “RAMZ Millennium Scholars” for White students. Can anyone name one person he’s helped?

    Unrelated, I was looking at another supposed scholarship fund for White men, http://www.fmafe.org/apply.html, and their application states you only have to be 25% White. WTF? Must be Jen’s standard. We don’t want to argue about who’s White now do we.

  3. Mark – I clicked on that Ramzpaul link. I think Kate Moss does look too skinny, in that photo with the White top. The whole herion chic anorexic thing is programming to get girsl to be obsessed with being skinny – and to deny and subvert motherhood. could Kate’s body sustain a child, via pregnancy, and breastfeeding after birth?

    Mmmm…doesn’t look like it…although I understand she’s gained some weight, and looks normal, now.

    That Grace Asian woman? Errrrr…I have seen pretty Asian females – but that ain’t one. She’s a beast. Brown dull skin, think eyebrows. Looks like a garden variety I Love You Long Time Filipina bar girl. Ewww.

    I could understand Joan Chen, or some-one. I just watched a Chinese movie a few weeks ago. Can’t recall the name. It was about 4 assassins. Spectacular cinematography. Dazzling. The females were very pretty. The men weren’t too bad either – a shocker – but nothing I’d drool over. Or look at twice. I don’t consider Asian guys to remotely attractive.

    Anyway – if that’s Ramsey’s idea of an “attractive” Asian – errr…it’s actually a compliment that he doesn’t find White women to be attractive….

  4. It’s not just that someone said “oh that Asian girl is cute,” it’s in the whole context of negativity against White women and that he is attracted to Asian women, he says they are on par with White women.

    What if the roles were reversed and it was a White woman with a website talking about black men. I really doubt these same people would be so eager to defend him.

    If most people don’t care, well that’s the problem isn’t it.

  5. Mark – thanks for your posts. WN women say the same thing. The alleged WN men, who drool over and romantize Asian females, bitterly complain about and rail against the Mud Sharking White females, consorting with Blacks. Yet fail to see the hypocrisy, and downright rudeness, on their part.

    Kate Moss is a stunning beauty. That’s what I think. 10 lbs – and she’s fine. I’ve found that men that want super-boy females have a lot of issues themselves. I’m not talking about desiring slender, fit women. I mean “bony”. The fellows that insist on starved, fleshless women seem to want a woman they can literally push around.

  6. The alleged WN men, who drool over and romantize Asian females, bitterly complain about and rail against the Mud Sharking White females, consorting with Blacks. Yet fail to see the hypocrisy, and downright rudeness, on their part.

    The difference is we are moral, righteous and have principles, but most of these people unfortunately are primarily concerned with their self-gratification like animals.

    I’ve always been attracted to the adult female form, the voluptuous Nordish goddess of fertility. A woman that can still look good in her thirties and forties is a sign of good DNA.

    I’ve never been attracted to Mongoloid women. I don’t like their bodies, short legs and long abdomen, flat face, broad nose and undeveloped secondary sexual characteristics. I’ve had my chances too because I’ve been approached by them. Most guys would lay with any woman any chance they get, but I have standards.

  7. I’ve often noticed that it is the skinny, geeky guys that always go for the Asians. They want someone as conformist and woefully uncharismatic as they are.

  8. Cuchulainn: I don’t want to overgeneralize, but I’d guess that men who aren’t very masculine might be particularly drawn to small, fragile-looking women. OTOH, all the Oriental women I know who have White husbands are smart, real smart. These guys are not marrying pushovers. Keep in mind, the women are picking the men too. They might be disinclined to match up with a big hairy White man, preferring a smart, small, low testosterone sort of guy.

  9. I find Asians of both sexes to be intelligent in math and science, but uncreative and generally boring.

  10. Modern White women are responsible for the yellow fever trend. Most modern White women have bought into the feminist mindset and gleefully walked away from their traditional roles. If those two things were not the case, most of these men would choose White women over Asians in a heartbeat.

    If White women hate these men and life is short, what are they supposed to do? Yellow fever is symptom not a cause. The critics of feminism are also often labeled misogynists which makes it difficult to address the fundamental problem.

  11. It is a common mistake to look at White women these days and decry how untraditional, degenerate, and materialistic they are. There is a lot of truth to this, but when you look at White women alone, you miss the bigger picture and your analysis is thrown off by it.

    The thing is, it is not just White women: every negative thing that can be said about White women is equally true of White men and White children. Both sexes and their offspring exist in symbiosis and make no sense when you look at them separately.

    Thus, when you go out in some place like Columbus, GA on a Friday night, you see plenty of White women who are dressed like sluts. You see White women who are with blacks. There is no shortage of drunk, loud, obnoxious White women to be seen.

    At the same time, there are just as many White men there, if not more White men than White women, who are out drinking with their buddies and looking to score with some little hot chick.

    There are plenty of men around WHO DO NOT WANT a traditional White woman. They want to get in her pants as soon as possible and don’t have the time to put up with things like courtship, meeting the parents, getting married, and so forth.

    These men really want to sleep with as many women as possible. Condoms, abortion, and birth control have made this possible.

    It is the male demand for loose women that creates loose women. At least that is one of the major reasons. Another example of this is this idea that women have these days that feigning bisexuality is attractive to men. Most women do that because they think men are into it and many of them are.

    You can’t have a traditional family unless you have a traditional man and a traditional woman and a culture that reinforces tradition through a system of taboos and laws.

  12. Mark – Thanks for your replies. You are an oasis of sanity and racial empathy.

    Re: women retaining their looks – I attended the wedding of a young feller I knew, years ago.. We were all in our early Twenties. This tall young blonde blue-eyed fellow was marrying a very nice, quiet blue eyed blonde gal. None of the crowd had met her family, until the day of the ceremony.

    Well- she was pretty, serious, and wee bit zaftig. But all in all, a lovely girl. She had chosen a sort of a “country” theme for her wedding. The bridsmaids were wearing blue and white gingham dresses. We were all kind of stunned, howeverm when we saw the wedding party, ‘ecause the bridesmaids consisted of small platoon of her sisters, and cousins. The bride, alas, was the plainest gal in the group. The bridesmaids (8, if memory serves) were all glorious Aryans, each one more dazzling than the next. The youngest sister – well – I’ve NEVER seen any girl anywhere that was lovelier. She was tall, blonde, willowy, huge blue eyes, and porcelain skin. She was also vivacious, giggly (I think she was 16 or 17) and just an absolute doll.

    I’ve now arrived at my point. All the young bachelor guys, in Al’s gang, were goggling at the bevy of beauties, when a murmur arose above the general conversation. The Young Guys are all whispering among themselves, ‘Have you seen the Mom?” We all had arrived at the church just moments before the wedding ceremony had begun, and we were whisked into seats, so we didn’t see the bride’s parents. We finally saw the full party at the reception.

    Mom walked in to the dining room – and she was STUNNING. I still remember her, after all these years. Early forties, tall, slender, the carriage of a queen, yet relaxed. She had that sort of “cool American” natural authority, that cool Americans used to have. She was blond of course, with a long waterfall of an ash-blonde pageboy, and she was wearing a flawlessly tailored wheat colored suit. She had the most perfect WASP features -everything about her screamed WASP – do WASP’S scream? Large grey eyes. She was everything Ralph Lauren has always aspired to be. Grace Kelly didn’t have a thing on this woman.

    The young boys were dazzled. Really – they were. Had you seen this woman – you’d understand.

  13. Most fellow white men I see going out with Asian women are geeks falling for Asian girl geeks, and/or multicult SWPLs that are “trying out something exotic.”

    What I see end up happening is that these guys find out the hard way that the racial objectification shoe ends up on the other foot.

    A lot of these white guys find out at some point that just as they’ve been fetishizing Asian chicks, they in turn have been pursued because they’re white. It’s a surprise for these dorks to find out that they aren’t the special snowflakes they thought they were. The yellow succubusses I see preying on white guys, rarely, if ever, match the stereotype of Asian women as quiet submissives, dutifully waiting on their men. That stereotype is quickly dispatched upon actually knowing any Asian women.

    Having gone to college at a school full of Asian chicks, you’ve never met a bigger pack of vain, status-seeking, shrewish nags. You’re far more likely to find a white woman who is at least capable of loving a white guy as an individual. There’s no comparison. An Asian woman will always see a white male through the lens of race – always. White males are status objects for them. It’s a third-world marrying-up phenomenon – even 2nd and 3rd generation Asian women are seeking entre into mainstream America, and white males are their ticket.

    It’s an entirely different problem from dealing with feminist European-American women, but I’ll take the problem of dealing with women of my own race any day. Sure they ain’t always easy, but read the sagas – white women never have been. But they’re ours and we’re theirs.

  14. Hunter – thanks. I wrote far up the thread that the degeneracy began with White men, falling for Jew porn.

    Every-one forgets this. So very conveniently.

    Men went off into PlayBoy Porn world in the 1950’s. Watch Hollywood movied ofmr the midt ot late 1950’s, into the odious soft core early ’60’s “pillow talk” movies. There wer a spate of these sex comedy movies, cast with top talent box office stars. They all revolved around getting “good girls to “give it up. There were TONS of them. Men wer no longer interested in courting “good girls” – women who would become good wives and mothers. They wanted eternally young Bunny girls. In Never Never Land.

    “Feminism’ appeared in the late 1960’s – since some-one had to take up the mantle of Acting Like Men.

    Women want to attract the attention of men. Period. End of analysis. Since men pay attention to, and glorify, sluts – then the Average Gal will be a slut.

    Men abandoned White women. Now -they chase after Mongoloids, nstead of their own kind. Any man that thinks Asians are more “traditonal” deserves EVERY bit of misery he gets, with an anti-moral, avarious, selfish Yellow Insect.

    And there’s NO excuses for it – so knock it off. Did White men force White women to become Mud Sharks – cause so many White males are selfish, emotionally stunted geeks?

  15. Feminism and misogyny are related, but not necessarily the same thing. Misogyny is hatred and contempt of women. Feminism is the idea that women are the equals of men and should do everything that men do.

    A serious pro-White movement would reject both:

    (1) It would welcome the participation of women.

    This can only be a good thing because it will attract more men and other personality types, reduce conflict among men, enable more men to find mates, and finally because women are usually in charge of morality in the household and their conversion is critical to our long term success.

    The last thing that a serious pro-White movement needs is a bunch of weird, alienated homosexual nerds venting about their hatred of women. When people like that are allowed to concentrate in numbers, they repulse everyone else who doesn’t fit their personality profile, male or female.

    (2) It would reject feminism.

    Men and women are plainly different. It is utterly silly to argue that women should be things like Navy SEALs, firefighters, police officers, etc. You can’t have a society where men and women do the same things anyway because the birthrate will collapse, the age ratio will go out of whack, and your society will collapse in the long run.

    This doesn’t men that women should be locked up in the home and turned into ignorant playthings either.

    There was never really a time when this was the case. In traditional societies, the household was the major site of what is known today as “manufacturing,” and women worked their asses off in the fields or at home just like men do, and no one ever had these silly arguments.

    Here in Alabama, there were always schools for women, and one of the first things the State of Alabama did when it entered the Union was to establish a system of education for women. There was never a time here when women were not educated.

    Women learned how to read like men. They learned French, Latin, drawing, how to sing, how to play piano, etc. The most refined, educated women in the South were brilliant and you can see this in their letters.

    It wasn’t until well into the twentieth century that White people started to believe it was necessary to go to college and it wasn’t until after the GI Bill that many of them had the means to go to college. In the Yankee states, there was a brief period when women lived in a house out in the suburbs and the man worked in a manufacturing plant in the cities.

    That wasn’t the case here.

    There was never any huge groundswell of support among Southern women to throw off the “tyranny” of traditional gender roles. It happened largely in other parts of the country and has only gradually filtered its ways down here.

    Most people in the South were spectators to the “Civil Rights Movement” and the feminist movement. Women entered the workforce in the 1970s and 1980s, not because they were feminists, but because the economy had stagnated and Southern households needed more money to send their children to private schools.

  16. “It is the male demand for loose women that creates loose women. At least that is one of the major reasons. Another example of this is this idea that women have these days that feigning bisexuality is attractive to men. Most women do that because they think men are into it and many of them are.”

    “Women want to attract the attention of men. Period. End of analysis. Since men pay attention to, and glorify, sluts – then the Average Gal will be a slut. ”

    Probably the truest statements on here. I find it very, very sad that people like PUAs try to bed as many women as they can, then wring their hands and wax hysterical that all European/American women are loose, selfish, neurotic sluts. After graduating from PUA, they move on to MGTOW or Asians. These guys are narcissists and pond scum. There is nothing more destructive to Whites than these guys.

    My daughter is currently at college and she told me she will not go near college boys. Will not touch them with a ten foot pole. All they want is easy sex and she has no interest in this.

  17. “Women entered the workforce in the 1970s and 1980s, not because they were feminists, but because the economy had stagnated and Southern households needed more money to send their children to private schools.”

    Aye. Since the founding of the Federal Reserve (a quintessentially Jewish invention) in 1913, the dollar has lost 97% of its purchasing power. Savers have been continually punished all along, forced onto a never-ending treadmill, running ever faster to even maintain some semblance of a middle class life.

    Meanwhile, de-seg meant millions of 2 and 3 bed bungalo houses the WWII gen bought and paid for became unfit for White habitation, so Gramma and Grampa couldn’t pass down a free-and-clear home to young White couples. Those young couples had to withdraw to the hinterlands to avoid the Diversity and start over with the house-acquisition that OUGHT to have been completed when Grandad burned that mortgage paper.

    So, since the ’70s, in order to keep the kids safe and fed, women went into the workforce, most of them NOT into high-falutin’ careers like doctors and lawyers, but as waitresses and PBX operators just to get that paycheck to pay her husband’s Federal-Reserve-created inflation-tax.

    Consider: A waitress on her feet 10 hrs for barely-above min wage, all the while missing her kids she left at daycare, is *hardly* the picture of a liberated woman. Just the opposite in fact. She’s an exhausted wage-slave drudge who drags herself out of bed after 5 hours of sleep, all the while guilty that while at home, she’s too exhausted to be a good Mom and while at work, too exhausted to be a good employee.

    So, the ’70s daughter saw all this. “HELL NO! Since being a stay-at-home mom is financially just not even an option anymore, I’ll just forego kids so I can get a night’s sleep, and pour myself into a career. Everybody* says that will make me happier, anyway, right? Right?”

    *We now know, those “everybodies” were JEWISH women who started the feminism movement, and they did it as tribal warfare against us Whites.

  18. Well sure, foolish and traitorous White men from past eras are ultimately responsible for everything we see around us today. Men, not women. But when the traditional social fabric really began to tear apart in the late 1960s / early 1970s, women were at the forefront of rejecting and abandoning traditional roles. In subsequent decades, women, not men, also began filing 80 to 90 percent of the divorces and using the Jewish Marxist family court system to destroy the man in the process. Given that so women have shown themselves open to destroying men without hesitation in the family courts, most young men now avoid marriage for good reason.

    I don’t blame women qua women for this. That would be absurd. The problem is that the social restraints that made healthy sex relations and marraige possible are now gone. However, removing these restraints shifted power decisively to women, not men. This includes legal power and the power to act on hypergamic urges unchecked. Both of those things distort the sexual market place so badly it has given rise to the so called man o sphere. So yes, it is the selfish behavior of women acting under conditions that decisively favor women that is causing the real destruction. Men are just responding to an unlevel playing field.

    On the other hand, if the reverse circumstances existed giving men equivalent overwhelming advantages in the marketplace, then I have no doubt men would behave as bad or worse, and it would be ugly. The problem, again, is not women qua women.

  19. It is a common mistake to look at White women these days and decry how untraditional, degenerate, and materialistic they are.

    Everyone has their excuses, but the real reason is far simpler. People are lazy, and they generally take what they can get because they’re primarily concerned with their self-gratification and not higher principles. Like animals they take the path of least resistance.

    In many cases it’s not even about what the man can get. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and that mestiza troll he sired a child with. According to reports the mestiza pursued him constantly, and because it was right there, easy access and he could keep her quiet, he laid with that beast. It’s despicable.

    It really doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, the common denominator is that the person isn’t principled, has no honor and doesn’t care about his ancestry and race. People who don’t care if their children look and act nothing like them are mentally ill.

    For me it’s not just an intellectual or moral argument, it’s visceral. I instinctively don’t find non-White women attractive, nor dark-skinned Caucasoids. I have a revulsion to dark pigmentation on a woman’s nipples and genitalia.

  20. Barb,

    Great points RE: federal reserve inflation and families being forced out of grand dad’s paid for home.

  21. The only way to roll back sexual mores to a more balanced state is to get rid of raunchy media and pornography. With the Internet and TV geared to make as much money as possible, this will never happen.

    The only way to heal the rift that has grown between the sexes in the White race is to nullify existing misandric divorce and family laws. Get rid of the “Family Services” division of the guvment completely. They are skewed overwhelmingly against men. I agree with Lew on this one. Anyone with a brain can see this, men and women. This may have a chance to happen. It can be done. Perhaps more effectively on a State level.

    Only those who reject the hedonistic paradigm that we live in today will have a chance at a good life. The others will become self-destructive, hedonistic and neurotic, and if their contributions to the gene pool are not made, then it is most likely beneficial for the continuance of Whites.

  22. I now live in a semi-rural setting. I’ve think I’ve finally found a genuinely Christian church. I’m meeting the folks round here, as well as the church membership. (It’s a Baptist Church. I was raised in a rather well-do-to snotty mainstream Methodist Church, with a brilliant musical tradition – so this is an adjustment. The music in this new Church is ghastly – but the minister is a blue-eyed blond Southron man. He preaches straight on genuine, unvarnished Gospel – and that’s the point. Hallelujah!)

    It’s wonderful, cause I am meeting so many terrific folks. There are so MANY little kids! The nurdery in the church is stuff with the many children to the young families.

    These are very traditional people. The young adults are seeking a return to traditional lifestyle, pre 1960’s lunacy. I spent a nice part of the afternoon conversing with one young Mom, while her adorable little girl played with our pets. The men work – and workl HARd, and the women raise the kids. Some have jobs, depending on the ages of the kids – but family is COMPLETELY first priority. Family -and God.

    These folks are not wealthy. But the families and communities are close, and motivated. They are NOT stupid; they know we are all going to be facing very tough times.

    Alas – these lovely people are maddening, on the Racial Front, cause they are either unaware of barely aware of their racial peril. My area is probalby 95% White – but the Darkies are being moved in. One of the families in this Church have obvously adopted little Negroids – I saw this family of clean cut blondes loading 2 coal black Niglet boys into their van, along with thier very pretty blond kids, last Sunday. Urrgghhh. The Christianity is a blessing and a curse – it makes them wonderful – but they are too naive, Christian, and unexposed to reality to fully comprehend the horrific destructiveness of their actions. I’ve openly racialist with a few folks here – I fought with one of my favorite Dads last night, re: rejecting integration IS scriptural. I told him that we have a completely consistent 200 year plus record of what happens when Blacks are allowed to take over in White countries – the bBacks slaughter the Whites – and destroy EVERYTHING – and what type of a world is he creating for his lovely little blue eyed blond girls? He said he knew that his children will be facing a much tougher world than he has had – I interrupted – and DEMANDED to know if it is Christian to allow Devils to run loose? He had no answer – and I said a lot more – I was off on a first class RANT, if I say do myself. I don’t think a lot of these folsk have ever had ANY-ONe throw reality in their faces, and demand answers.

    So they have to learn to deal. My job is to FORCE them to see. I have to cut through a lot of the misty eyed mysticism – and make them DEAL.

    I’ll keep ya all posted. I’m sure I’ll make mistakes.

    the point of this post is that so many of the White women I’m meeting embody the qualities some of these alleged White Nationalist men say they want – so why aren’t these guys seeking these women out, and marryng them, and having a passel of gorgoous little White kids? Why are they droolig over Mongoloids, and “blaming feminsim”. and dreaming about “backing it up into Jennifer Hudson”? (Whither thou goest Bardamu you SCUMBAG? I’ll not EVER forgive or forget that one.) Decent young White women ARE out there, guys. There’s decent White men,too. Ya just gotta look.

    Thank you all for a very intelligent discussion. This blog is still the best thing going.

    P.S, – Cuchulainn – good on yer girl. Ya raised her right, ya did.

  23. I’m a woman and I stayed away from White Nationalism initially because I believed the hype about “White Supremacists” being haters and I also thought that most WNs were drug using, criminal types and I wanted no part of it.

    After about a year and a half of exposure (only the last 6, in person) I can say that the media portrayal was not true (BIG surprise there, right?) and that White Nationalist people are courageous, dedicated, caring and so much more. Sure, we have our bad apples, but doesn’t every group?

  24. Mr. Wallace is from Alabama. He suffers from the usual Southerners idealized view of women – that they are sacred, divine two-legged breeding cows.This adulation of the divine female blinds him to the fact that it is his sex- not women -that is getting screwed.

    The real problem is not men hating women, for there are very sound reasons for hating women and their nonsense. The real problem is infatuation with the divine female, who is presumed to be ever pure, motivated only by the most noble sentiments and completely unwilling to screw any man so that she can have it both ways. One might call it Georgia Peach Pussy syndrome – and Mr. Wallace badly suffers from it.

    This is not to say that all women are necessarily bad. But there is a remarkable resemblance between God’s “Chosen People” and “God’s “Chosen Sex”. Jews shall always argue that their own behavior has nothing to do with the opposition they arouse. Similarly, women shall argue that the financial rape they perpetrate on men in divorce court has nothing to do with why men clobber them. The fact that they join the army and then wind up conveniently pregnant when the bullets start to fly has nothing to do with why male soldiers hate their guts. They want to make babies on the company’s time – and then wonder why this enrages men left with two desks to cover. It is rather like Jews charging 40% interest on loans they know cannot be repaid – and then wondering at the anger over repossession.

    Woman, to a very real extent, is the “natural born Jew” of the universe. She thinks that man exists to serve her the same way the Jew thinks that the gentile exists to serve him. Man no more has the obligation to go down with the ship so woman can climb on the life boat than the Arab has the obligation to vacate his land so the Jew can take it.

  25. The truth is women are gullible, easy to control and usually never extreme in anything. Women are not aggressive and rarely goes against the power.

    Media knows that and has huge control over women. Media is run by jews who hates white people and want everyone to be one race so its easy to keep a white women away from white nationalism. Just open your eyes next time you watch TV you will see anti white media all the time.

  26. In my opinion, White men with Coloured women is not as bad as White women with Coloured men. Most often the White men are having a difficult time finding an attractive White woman. The same is not true of the White women, many of whom are attractive and have chosen a Coloured man over a White.

  27. “In my opinion, White men with Coloured women is not as bad as White women with Coloured men. Most often the White men are having a difficult time finding an attractive White woman. ”

    How about this? Keeping the uterus of a black female occupied by the spawn of a White guy instead of a black thug means her 6 little welfare checks will be less dimwitted and violent than otherwise.

    “The same is not true of the White women, many of whom are attractive and have chosen a Coloured man over a White.”

    I think “many” is overstating the case.

  28. “Just open your eyes next time you watch TV you will see anti white media all the time.”

    Here’s a thought. Jew movies looooooove getting a cheap laugh by having the beautiful blonde gal say something dumb.

    Maybe WN men should use it as a marketing tool to beautiful blondes that we know you are NOT dumb, that blondes are the smart ones, (Nords have high IQs) and aren’t you tired of being belittled?

  29. “divine female, who is presumed to be ever pure, motivated only by the most noble sentiments”

    Are you alive? That means that a female, your mom, unselfishly carried you (selfish women abort) gave birth to you — which, rumors to the contrary, I can assure you was Not Fun — fed you and changed you and comforted you and got up in the middle of the night when you were sick for you, during all the years you were a helpless infant and utterly unable to reciprocate.

    I’d say that qualifies for pretty divine and noble.

    “This is not to say that all women are necessarily bad.”

    Well, thank you for your generous compliment. I and all the other millions of mothers of the White race who got up multiple times per night for years on end, agree, really, you’re too kind.

  30. Hey Barb! I missed you!
    Tim – you are a smacked ass. White men that fornicate with Darkies deserve whatevr they get. I hope you get some Asian female that wears your balls for earrings. Now piss off. Sit down, so you don’t make a mess.

  31. Denise you sound hysterical.

    Barb, I didn’t phrase my post well. I can’t understand why a White man would want to be with a Negress. I was not condoning miscegenation in any way.

    Here in New Zealand, intelligent White men are often sidelined unless they belong to a high status profession. Young attractive White women are busy sexing rugby players, musos and other questionable idols, many of whom are Maori. This is not surprising given the nature of Jewish controlled media coming our way from the USA.

    I can understand men who are not racially aware and have been cock blocked by White women for many years but find acceptance with Indian and Oriental women who often have more appreciation for them.

    What Lew, john thames and scottidot have said resonates with me.

    Girls were not traditionally relied upon to be chaste so they were protected by the father until they were married.

  32. “The real problem is not men hating women, for there are very sound reasons for hating women and their nonsense.”

    Why do women reject White Nationalism? Gee, what a great mystery. How about expunging the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, bitter misogynists and maybe WN will not seem so downright hostile. “The Spearhead” crowd needs to crawl back into their basements where they belong. If blogs like this one continue to court angry cretins, then Europeans and Americans of European descent will never accept such a philosophical premise and naturally shun such a movement.

    All of you nutjobs bitching and moaning about females, please visit Alternative Right and post there. Its full of disillusioned woman-haters and those that want to enslave ‘evil wimmin’. Good luck and God Bless.

  33. Meena – we’ve tried to tell them this before. To no avail…..

    Of course -some of them

    Tim – I’m not hysterical – but the “h” slur is the very very very first stunt yids pull, in the delegitimatization game. Puh-leeze! Try to be a tad more original? Just….try….

    Back to the point – you are still making excuses for miscegenetion, and race treason, on the part of White males. Common issue in allged WN “males” – blame and scorn and hatred for Mud Sharks – but those darling China Dolls are so understaaaaaaaanding…….riiiiiiiight……

    WN females do not ever make excuses for female Mud Sharks. Not ever. I’ve never heard one gal make excuses for degenerate females.

    So – why can’t the alleged men “man up”, and take responsibility?

    Feck off, Tim.

  34. “Girls were not traditionally relied upon to be chaste so they were protected by the father until they were married.”

    I think you’d agree: A huuuuuge part of why young women today are boinking anything that talks to ’em is divorce.

    With no dad around to explain that
    * it’s a guy’s job to try to get sex and a girl’s job to see it he doesn’t,
    * and that guys have relationships to get sex and girls have sex to
    get relationships,
    AND be in the living room smiling and cleaning his gun when the beau comes to pick the young lass up;
    — when all she sees is her rather desperate, divorced mother bringing in a string of boyfriends —
    it’s no wonder that a young woman is just going go with what she sees (on tv, in the movies and at the mall).

    But White MRAs go off the rails when they attribute what they are seeing to “the nature of White women” rather than the nature of mis-reared and misled, underparented and underadvised, White *youth.*

    We WN women need to be clear to not make the mistake, either, of thinking that the Spearhead crowd represents WN.
    MRAs are NOT WNs.
    Because: MRAs see as their best buds, their allies, their heroes to emulate, other people who share their Y chromosomes (men), rather than people who share multiple genes across all the other, somatic, chromosomes (men and women of their own race).

    An MRA will gladly nod along with, emulate even, a Black man who tells him how to do what his little head wants, that is, pumpndump hot chicks.

    But a WN man, who really *IS* WN, uses his Big Head to realize that White women are his allies, his natural comrades, even though we are frustrating as all getout.

    I, too, have wondered: How IS it that the Spearheads and Roissy fanboys fancy THEMSELVES as being anything to this movement?
    After all, you can’t have a White nation without White women, since only White men + White women = White babies.

    All the Roissy accolites and Spearhead mysogynists WANT is to party while Western Civ dies.

    Any true WN man who wants to see his women saved from the feminist poison understands the way to do it is most emphatically NOT to tell her she’s a whore and a bitch, like the feminists scare her he will if she ever goes back.

  35. @ Barb and Denise,

    I, personally, would want to see MRAs that moonlight as WNs to propagate with Mongoloids and Cholas. Their defeatist attitudes and most pointedly, their lack of charisma and physical fitness, would be better served in their sub-par offspring. Or none at all.

    I wonder what their new brides will think of the blow-up dolls and artificial wombs in their proverbial closets?

  36. ” personally, would want to see MRAs that moonlight as WNs to propagate with Mongoloids and Cholas. Their defeatist attitudes and most pointedly, their lack of charisma and physical fitness, would be better served in their sub-par offspring. Or none at all.”

    I vote for none at all.

    And there is a particularly bitter irony in a man who, while calling himself a “White Nationalist” inseminates non-Whites, often accidentally *creating* more of the very thing he claims to rail against.

    And, no, loneliness is no excuse for miscegenation, any more than hypergamy is an excuse for a married woman with children to cheat on their beta dad when an alpha chats her up.

  37. To My Enlightened Female Critics:

    Since you do not like my opinions, let me infuriate you with some more clear thinking. Let me describe to you American society as it existed before “sex discrimination” became a problem. In 1950’s America, women work to support men who stay home and raise the children. Women give men the house, the furniture, the car and all the money in divorce court. Women pay massive child support and alimony to automatic custody fathers. Women suffer 400,000 battlefield deaths in WW2 while Jimmie the Riveter works in the factories back home. Women go down with the Titanic so that men and children can climb on the life boats. Women work themselves into a seven year shorter life expectancy so that men can inherit 80% of all the personal wealth of the country, paid for by women’s effort. Now tell me why men should have all the high paying jobs too, as reccomended by Jewish Communist Betty Goldstein/Friedan.

    As for Dear Old Mommie and her burdensome diaper changing duties, preach it to me as you throw unwanted babies into the garbage can down at the abortion clinic. Your concern for your own child (the ones you decided to keep) is truly touching. Did women spill their blood at Valley Forge and Yorktown? Did the United States come into existence as a new country because of the blood and sacrifice of women?Hardly.

    Women are basically Jews. They think they can do no wrong. Far from being victims of sex discrimination, women are the most pampered, parasitical, good for nothing pieces of ass on planet earth. I enjoy the Spearhead, although it is completely gutless on the Jews. As to your idiotic female logic, it merely demonstrates a truth my mother once told me: “The worst mistake men ever made was giving women the vote. Women have no brains and by giving women the vote, men gave women the power to screw everything up.” No truer words were ever spoken.”

  38. I like David Lanes comments on this issue. In his articles he talks about Plural marriage and so on. About how in nature, The Cats, The Lions, Horses and Bulls , Roosters—-the males fight for the females! In his works he talks about capturing women from Judeo Control. Some talk about setting up White Sperm Banks and using Captured Breeders to regenerate White Race. H. Millard of NNN News has good 2011 article about why we need to Breed—our main goal! I agree with David Lane and 2bc (Second Book of Commadments) that KINGDOM Of GOD will not be established as long as USA is in existance, sad—but true!

  39. Great article. I noticed that there is no mention of the power and force behind the agenda of whatever authority in America and Europe to send the message of miscegenation to white women. Women are bombarded from birth with images of race mixing by all medias. They are constantly told that to not want to be around others who are not like them is “racist.” Being labeled “racist” has become a social death sentence and to a young teenager is present as something more sinful than denouncing Jesus Christ. They have extremely high fears of being outcast and the government schools play well upon it.

    Additionally they are shown examples of what happens to those who refuse to accept being integrated or wish to relocate to be among those who culturally and ethnically resemble their ancestors. Such people are labeled Nazis, White Supremacist, Satanist, pedophiles and probably want to murder six million jews just to seal their fate. I’ve seen cases in America and Europe where women were raped by Africans but refused to report it because of fear of being accused as racist. They only cooperated with police after being assured they would not be labeled racist. One in America was only thirteen when three black teenagers raped her. Her major concern……..being called a racist at school!

    Until the stigmatization and constant propaganda by the government can be circumvented, I believe women will shy away from such activities no matter if all the other points mentioned in this article are solved. Men do carry a lot of responsibility for this by allowing it all to happen. If men honorably lead……women will follow.
    Violence was backed by most women, who “in fact voted for Hitler in even greater proportions than men.” ~ (When Biology Became Destiny: Women in Weimar and Nazi Germany. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1984)

  40. Here is my $.002 worth (if it is worth even that much on the subject) to the discussion.

    Dealbreaker #1: Otherwise intelligent men who understand the adage about not being able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear will still see “honky-tonk angels” as marriage material. They take more care in picking their employees than picking wives who will be the mothers of their future children. Look in church, gentlemen.

    Dealbreaker #2: These men do not glorify Asian women, but look down on them. They want a geisha who will kowtow to them and wait on them like a slave. These men are selfish pigs who put their personal pleasures above all else. They should sterilize themselves and not produce mongrels with women they consider their racial inferiors.

    Dealbreaker #3: A lot of women who lurk at these site are aware that there is an Anti-White system in place against Whites, but what bothers them is how marginalized and defeatist White Nationalist men are. There are plenty of men who freely acknowledge there is a problem, but no one who has a workable solution that can be instituted. Where is the man with the plan?

    Dealbreaker #4: We also have to address how frustrated White men feel with a system that has targeted White women and their inability to protect White women from it through traditional (force of arms) means.

    Dealbreaker #5: WNs do not see feminism as a symptom of the greater problem. Most working women would prefer to be homemakers. No-fault divorce was instituted in 1953 by the men of Oklahoma long before Betty Friedan wrote The Feminist Mystique. The economy drove wives into the workforce when stagflation impacted male earnings. White Nationalists would do better to study Basic Economics 101 than Mein Kampf.

    Dealbreaker #6: Women need to feel safe with the men whom they would have children with. Men need to show they can provide a secure, protective environment for them. Christianity has its flaws, but it is the only Abrahamic religion that has any tradition of chivalry towards women. White Nationalists would be more successful if they go back to representing themselves as protectors and defenders of White womanhood.

    Dealbreaker #7: White Nationalists must recognize that women are more pragmatic than philosophical. Women worry about how politics will impact their families. They don’t much care which ism is in charge as long as it is competent. Political ideologies are conc are a lot like diets. They all work with proper maintenance. Any political system is as sane and competent as TMFIC.

    Women worry less about abstract “rights and freedoms” and more about a safe, stable environment for themselves and their children. That is why Russian women were not thrilled with Yeltsin’s freedoms and missed the stability of the old Soviet system once the Bolshevik kinks had been ironed out.

    Dealbreaker #8: Women are NOT more empathetic or conciliatory than men. They have their priorities ordered around preserving their families. Fire-breathing bomb-throwers jeopardize the safety of themselves and their children. Man the barricades if you must, gentlemen, but NOT with a passel of helpless women and children around.

    Dealbreaker #9: I sympathize with White Nationalists who resent caponized Christianity and envy the more masculine Muslim cultures. BUT the Bible is wide open to interpretation and there is nothing to keep White Nationalists from rebranding Christianity to suit their own agenda, just like the Jews used certain dispensationalist aspects of it to their own end. It is a tragedy that Creativity Founder, Ben Klassen, became a disaffected Christian rather than using his own extensive Biblical training to create a new Christian sect that incorporated his own Creationist beliefs.

    Deal breaker #10 – unless she looks like some airbrushed television supermodel with factory installed boobs, a White woman is not worth your time or your consideration. Turn off the boob tube, put down the skin magazine and try to find a real woman whose love and loyalty will more than compensate for any minor flaws she may have.

    White women of a certain age are treated like they are invisible by all White men. The older men are setting poor examples for the sons who are the race’s only hope of heading families that will breed more White.

    When I meet a young White male who is courteous and chivalrous to me, I do handstands to put him out there to the young women of my acquaintance. I have gorgeous young cousins and nieces that would look fine on any man’s arm. I may be too old to interest a 20 something year old guy, but I do represent an opportunity for a love connection, LOL.

  41. Sorry to double-post, but I also wanted to see if I could effect some middle-ground pragmatism between macho male WNists who see women only as breeders and fire-breathing WN feminists who see something more for themselves.

    Both male and female WNists have fallen into an either/or paradigm that The Enemy has set up for us rather than effecting a pragmatic plan where women can bear enough children to reverse our declining demographics AND pursue career fulfillment.

    The rule The Enemy has set up is that either a woman can be barefoot and pregnant with a passel of children OR she can be a career professional who has to limit or put off children until she is established and too old to bear a child.

    We never think of Option 3: A woman can put off her career until her youngest child starts school, then she can use her free time to return to school and acquire a marketable skill and then pursue a career.

    Women’s peak child-bearing years are allegedly between 20 and 26 years of age. That is when her eggs are in prime condition and there is little to no chance she will pass on any genetic defects to her children. However, we could say that a woman’s best child-bearing years are between 18 to 30 yoa. By the time she hits 35, she is approaching perimenopause and healthy children are that much harder to conceive.

    Technically, if she has her youngest at 29-30 yoa, that child will be entering school and the woman can start her new career. If she has trained them right, the children will all be of an age to help her with household chores. If she starts back to school at 35 and graduates at 40, that gives her 25 to 30 years in the workforce to pursue a career and build her own retirement pension.

    Assuming we can ever get a competent WN leader in government, special tax incentives would allow a man who is the sole support of his young family to fund his wife’s IRA plan that she can then transfer to her job when she starts one. That way when they both are of an age to retire, they can live comfortably as a couple and not be a burden on their children.

    But both men and women have to realize that demography is destiny. Women have limited fertility cycles that need to be taken into consideration if we are are going to reverse our declining demographics. Women should want to get their kids out of the way while they are young and fertile and focus on their careers later. Men should want to fill their nurseries with children while they are still young and vigorous enough to enjoy them and train them up.

    Both men and women need to grow up and accept the fact that biology is destiny like mature adults.

  42. Simply put, most women are on team woman, and not team White race. White women will not become WN because they benefit from BRA and have fully bought into cultural marxism. IMO they benefit more than blacks and mexicans due to their advantage in IQ.

    White women who go to church go to modern and liberal churches. They dress like it’s Friday night and sit in the pews to hear the latest in PC approved sermon.

    White women kill their unborn children in large numbers. Daily

    White women support all types of silly leftist stuff, and they divorce good White men all the time for bullshit reasons. A White man has zero legal standing in “family” court. You lose more than 50% of your assets, you assume her debt, she gets the kids, you owe her alimony. Heck you can still owe child support even after a DNA test proves the child isn’t yours. That’s the political/ legal system White women support, and rarely if ever criticizes.

    White women do not value preserving their families; divorce statistics and the reasons cited for filing divorce disprove the notion White men care about family/ kids

    White women pass up good White men all the time, because his status isn’t high enough. White women treat nerds, and “beta” men very poorly. Denise even laid it out, in her own way without picking up on in her post on the thread about the negro calling our other negros. Many of those “betas” have turned to Asian women and porn because White women have crapped on them for so long. “Beta” White men are a prize to many Asian women. Look at the TV shows and what not White women like. Look how those things portray White men. That’s the attitude women soak up and then dish back out on to the men in their lives

    White women buy into all type of things that crush the spirit of their White sons to benefit their daughters. T-shirts that say stuff like ” girls rule and boys drool” or “boys are stupid lets throw rocks at them”. I’ve seen only little White girls wearing those shirts. Some times with their mom and little brother around. Look at all the school programs set to “uplift” little girls. No such programs exist for boys. They support tittle IX which destroyed sports for White men. Especially less popular White dominated sports programs like college wrestling

    I could go on and on. It wouldn’t take a race realist/ politically reactionary person but a few weeks of reading the “manosphere” to understand why White women will not join us in large numbers. White men need to become “sex” realist too and understand White women will not change until things are in a bad way. Like damn near africa bad.

  43. Stonelifter has it right – women stand for team woman and nothing else. Women have converted marriage into financial rape for men – and then cannot understand why men no longer want to get married. I note that no one attempted to refute my “turn it around” analysis of so-called sex discrimination – and I think I know exactly why.

  44. Clytemnestras – great post.

    Stonelifter – yes, you are correct. Re-read Clytemnestra’s post, until you leanr how to fix it.

    WN males can sit and stew about the perfidity of women (like THATS’ the new topic), or you can do something about it.

  45. Tim Rifats father is a Moslem. He talks about Anglo Demonic Reality. ADL is a Satanic Curse or Satanic Spell on White Race. It does not effect Mongolians or Negros. Rifat says that Occult and Psychic Energy is a real science. The British starting from Dr. John Dee have been the most powerful. The Rothchilds are the most powerful Satanist. Rifat talks about Bone Generators and The WHIP OF FIRE, Pulsa Di Nora of jews and how he now controls it with Abraham Ritual. Women and Men of White Race are both under Anglo Demonic control….. Notice the Windsor Building in Madrid, Spain andf Windsor House in England——-Who knows maybe Whip of Fire will also go to other places—nice thought. hey!

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