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  1. !Silver says:

    July 18, 2013 at 4:26 am

    “The only thing I can say is that his ‘anti-racism’ is very bourgeoisie.”

    Bourgeoisie is a noun, you twit. The adjective is bourgeois. You can’t even get communism right yet you claim to be a commie”.


    “Black crime scarcely affects the ruling class, so you’re hardly sticking it to the elites by ignoring black crime. If anything, ignoring black crime is what the elites want you to do. ”


    “What a tool you are.”

    Yup. The Groundling “Marxists” have always ben the tool of the Elites they allegedly loath.

  2. “Hunter Wallace says:

    July 18, 2013 at 4:35 am

    Maxfield has it wrong”

    You said it, first! The fantasia that this Maxfield posted is akin ot the Jewish predilection for “Nazi” porn. It’s so off base it’s funny. Or would be if the situation wasn’t so sad. Maxfield knows NOTHING about the Blacks.

    I wonder is Maxie’s IP addy is the same as No Man’s….

  3. Parrish might be nuts, but I think he may be on to something.

    I didn’t know Don’s wife helped out poor niggers and wetbacks.

  4. Denise, marvelous essay regarding Pierce and Rachel on your blog. The description of Rachel was shockingly accurate, and the context in which you place her was startlingly perceptive. Absolutely the best literary analysis on the topic I have seen anywhere.
    One thought though, in describing the heritage Piers Morgan embodies, I would add Hastings, Stuart, Drake, Marlborough, and Plantegenent. Oh, I would also include “this blessed plot, this realm, this earth, this England” 🙂

  5. Hunter Wallace said: “I know why he is doing it.”

    Another possibility is that Derek Black wants to enlist in the military, using his college degree (if he has one yet) to leapfrog up to officer-hood. But the military is very adamant about keeping out overt white racists. And they’re even more stringent when it comes to selecting candidates for Officer Training Corps – OTC.

    So maybe Derek is looking to join the Navy, put on a spiffy new officer’s uniform, and then travel off to some foreign ports in order to sample the local poontang. If so, he’s probably been instructed by his Naval recruitment officer, his mother, and his new best bud Mark Potok to publicly denounce his racism and “get right with the Lord”, so to speak.

    For money, “respect”, and lots of sex action all come nicely bundled inside a naval career. To get that bundle of goodies, all our newly minted race traitor has to do now is just go out and get a haircut. Afterward, his dad can package up his shorn locks and hawk them on Stormfront.

    Somehow, I wouldn’t put it past him…

  6. They’ve posted his full email on VNN.

    Here he explains the Mantra:

    “White nationalism supports the premise that multiculturalism is a failure, and that politicians trapped in a multicultural status quo are oppressing white people in “their own country.” They typically blame the West’s movement toward inclusion on a conspiracy of Jewish power to promote multiculturalism at the expense of whites. White nationalists cite black-on-white crime statistics and the increasing prevalence of “nonwhite” cultures and values in western society, as well as the growing number of legal protections and employment opportunities that a “minority” status now affords. On the other hand, white nationalists consider white people in the US to be ostensibly the victims of an ongoing genocide brought about by immigration and miscegenation, and feel that when they try to speak up about it, they are subjected to a vicious double standard. They observe that Black Nationalism and Zionism are recognized as tolerable, but whites with a similar declaration are vilified as racists. When they attempt to claim an accomplishment or cultural production for the white race that produced it, they are called racists. If they produced their own Malcolm X, the nation as a whole would regurgitate. Thus their own white leaders are victimizing white people—the system has turned its formidable weapons against a white identity. Therefore they think that whites must oppose resistance to racism in order to guarantee the future of white people as a people.”

    Then he says he doesn’t agree with it, but he doesn’t refute that White Genocide is occurring. He just changes the subject.

  7. “Maxfield Parrish is as big creep as OD’s resident lecher Jack Ryan is.”

    Jack Ryan is probably guilty of no more than speaking the truth – bluntly.

    Denise: “Maxfield knows NOTHING about the Blacks.”

    I know that Chloe Black works in a job where part of her duties entails helping non-whites “empower” themselves – rather odd for a woman married to a leading WN. But then, she is not a WN, of that there is no doubt.

  8. Hunter says:


    If you are reading this, let’s talk about it on a special episode of “The Movement Turd.”


    Sure thing, Hunter. I’ll be doing a standard show on Thursday nights, 9:30 pm Eastern, 8:30 pm Central, almost always 15 minutes late. I’d be more than happy to have you call in to the show directly or via my landline tomorrow, or some other time.


    I think Derek Black is just a stupid little whigger kid. And since there are so many whiggers running to and fro, I blame their parents most of all. I think Derek wants to be a good lil’ whigger and fit right in or to get some pussy or just because like April Gaede’s lil whiggresses, because they didn’t want to live their parent’s lives. If Don Black was serious about keeping lil whigger Derek on the sheep farm, then he should have farmed out some “cherry-picking” duties to Lycia/$permFart Hoggess or even Starr from phorafags/feebs.

    Actually, I am banned for life over on $permFart. And not because of what I’ve said about Milton Munster Black or David Duck. But because both Black and Da Duck of Deaf hate Christian Identity and so they want to pretend that Debbie “Klunt” Downey and her little Meerkat Markkk Clowney of the Sapphiracy of Klunt and their “No Devil” Gerda-Kochite/Sheldon Emry kikeshit is genuine Christian Identity doctrine. Klunt and her little meerkat Markkk were up to their old tricks back around 2000 of censoring and banning genuine Dual-Seedliners who believe that there is indeed a Satan the Devil who popped Eve’s cherry in the Garden of Eden and she squeezed out the first jew when she raised Cain. Da Duck and Milton Munster like for Klunt and her Meerkat to ban people today while claiming to be Christian Identity.

    Anyway, after she banned one old DSCI minister, I dug up some shit about how Debbie Downey used to be the wife of this Washington State Klan Grand Dragon and he let her claim to be the Klailiff or second in command. Meerkat Markkk was the “Kludd” or Chaplain. Anyway the Kludd run off with the Klailiff, she got a divorce from the Grand Dragon and married the Kludd, thus being an adulteress in DSCI Law. But what was even funnier is that Klailiff was the sexual mascot of the Washington State Klan as well. So when I found out, I told Debbie Downey that she wasn’t no Klan Klailiff — she was the Klan “Klunt.” Klunticum-cums has hated me ever since for saddling her with that awful nickname. She couldn’t say that I was lying — and she did manage to name one of the wives of the Klansmen that finked her out. She did call me a ‘diablos’ or a malicious gossipper. Where-ever I show up, Klunt runs off. So I am bannable on sight on $permFart. Of course that doesn’t keep me from unleashing a whored of sock-puppets, some of whom get detected by another whore like April Gaede or a meercat like Hadding the Loveless Mattoid KAS-Fluffing Meercat.

    Of course, itz not just me. When LiarBill ‘MumpsNut’ DeClue(less) tried to get Klunt and Meercat Markkk banned on $permFart for fighting with them papist mackeral snapping baal-cult of Cybele Rometards, and due to LiarBill’s stupidity I was able to read MumpsNut’s private messages, Milton Munster told Jack Poot and Jack Poot told Lycia and Lycia told LiarBill that whatever Klunt wanted Klunt got — and it wasn’t just because Klunt used to have really big tits either.

    Anyway, the entire Whigger Nutsionalist and Christian Identity bowel Movements are full of jews like Alex Linder, Bill Finck, Eli James/jewseph Stalin Kutz-November and anglo-mestizo ZOGbots like TraitorGlenn Miller, WhiggerSwill Welas Williams, and Tard Biber from Floriduh. Maxfield Parrish’s WhiggerNations.com has Ol’ Niggerlips Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren, the jewnibrowed Mamzer from Mentor, who took down about a dozen or so of my forums, web pages and blogs.

    So some little whigger kid who just wants to fit in in kollidge and get some pussy and not take over the family business of ZOGbotting and racial master-debating gets no problem from me. He needs to live his own life — if possible. Besides, what’s another lil whigger tard from the loins of Milton Munster, more or less?

    Derek Black is merely some little whigger tard in the overall scheme of things. I have a lot more problems with the racial loyalty of Milton Munster Don Black and David Duck than I do some little whigger who if it wasn’t for the fact that Milton Munster daddy tried to make him do something that he didn’t want to do in the first place wouldn’t have ever come to the attention of anyone.

    Maybe see you tonight, Hunter.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  9. Free speech is one thing, but shouldn’t there be censoring of these vilest “words” never found in Oxford or Websters? Do you want to attract and inform Christian readers or repel them all, Hunter? We cannot read it. I suggest an “English language only” requirement that does NOT include “Urban Dictionary” http://www.urbandictionary.com/ expressions.

  10. It was evident to me from listening to the now-defunct Don and Derek Black radio show that Derek really never had his heart in the movement.

    I am not disheartened by this. WN will never become mainstream until the economy tanks (which fortunately is only a matter of time).

  11. Caldwell – thanks. My essay was about Morgan. A jumped-up Bufarilla (H/T Apuleius, for a descriptor that makes me laugh every time I utter or even think that term) like Jeantel is of absolutely no interest to me. I’ve seen that type of barnacle a million times before. It’s of no interest to me what-so-ever.

    It’s the Humiliation of Piers that fascinated me. Sick Comedy God – at the End of All Things. He’s bright, articulate, and extremely polished. In a sane, healthy society – he’d be a wonderful charming fellow. But look what Die Jude – Sauron – has done to him. As well as Derek. They put on the Ring.

    The edits you’ve suggested are actually what I was going for – but I literally have so many hours in a day. I had to wrap it up. Truly – if I don’t get things done when I can – the other demands of my life rush me on.

    I thank you for your insight. I will refine the piece tonight, and credit you.

  12. Caldwell says:

    ‘Denise, marvelous essay regarding Pierce and Rachel on your blog. The description of Rachel was shockingly accurate,’

    Would that Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly etc. had the guts to to read this on air.

    Denise: Various and sundry media outlets have been having immense fun with America’s latest Freak Fad, great big fat Hoodrat Rachel Jeantel. Jeantel smeared the American Collective Consciousness, when she appeared as the Star Witless, in the George Zimmerman Bolshevik Show Trial. This monstrosity, in every sense of the word, recently appeared as a guest on the acceleratingly pathetic Piers Morgan Marxist Lite Agitprop Hour. (snip)

    So now we come down to the end of the road. The bottom of the proverbial barrel. Rachel Jeantel’s appearance on the Piers Morgan Show. Jeantel is an archetypal American Ghetto Product. She’s a great big fat arrogant over-fed, over-indulged, over-endured, ugly, dull-eyed, 70 point IQ hostile repulsive Yard Ape. Trillions of dollars, paid by White taxpayers, countless hours of White self-sacrifice, and oceans of White blood and tears, have been utterly wasted in creation of this odious She Beast. She would not ever possess the ability to manufacture the hair extensions, and cosmetics she displays, were she to live for a millions years. Jeantel is not an aberration in the American African community; she’s the norm. She’s served one purpose, one purpose alone, in her useless, repulsive, parasitic excuse for a life – she’s forced millions of hypnotizes and truculent Whites, who have refused to admit that racial differences are real, and that We are Not All Alike Underneath, After All, to see what they’ve willfully refused to see. And for this we thank her.

  13. Denise: “Maxfield – how was the scene at the pool at the Raven this past weekend? Did you get any?”

    I don’t patronize any place that Derek Black hangs at.

    Or for that matter, Kevin Alfred Strom…

  14. HW you can see even the hard core still genuflect at the alter of the political and social left as the final authority.

    Literally if the splc wrote that HW was a “poopyhead” half the posters here would show up and debate what kind of “poopyhead” he is and always was and how they really knew it.

    One sad azz thread.

  15. “Maxfield – hahahaha!!! It’s so fun to see a troll be so not en pointe.”

    You’re definition of troll:

    ? Someone you don’t agree with.

    ? Someone capable of defeating you in a head-to-head debate.

    ? Someone whose background you have no idea of, and most likely would shock you if you knew. Hunter Wallace knows who I am, though in my present incarnation he is currently unaware. (We once battled Alex Linder to the death over on VNN) Just because you’re ignorant of just who you’re dealing with does not of me maketh a troll.

    As for Derek Black, he is an unequivable POS, despite your anemic defense of him. Even over on Stormfront, where he could be expected to have his highest level of support, there are more members denouncing him than otherwise.

    Derek Black’s name, I might add, should go down in the WN version of “The Black Book”, the exhaustive list compiled by SS General Walter Schellenberg whereby an estimated 3,000 British citizens where to be immediately rounded up by the Schutzstaffel once the UK was captured by German forces. That’s because traitorous individuals like that scrawny punk must never be allowed to think that they “got away with something”. As such, Derek Black’s been “kassed” (a new word I created based on the initials KAS – Kevin Alfred Strom) meaning that he’s been indelibly marked for capture and imprisonment by WN forces, once we make our move.

    His final destination will be Africa, as previously stated.

  16. Addendum: It appears that certain typographical symbols (such as “check marks”) show up as “?” on this forum.

  17. Why in the world would Don Black allow his kid to get brainwashed at New College? Talk about enemy territory!

    Wiki: ‘New College consistently is ranked among the top five for “Gay Friendliest Universities” according to the Princeton Review. In 2008, New College was ranked “number two” in the country.’

    Top five and once top two?!

    I can imagine the vibes of the staff and student body.

    Yeah, a great place for our children to be educated all right.

    Sounds like a haven for queers, liberals and antis.

  18. RobRoySimmons says:
    July 18, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    “HW you can see even the hard core still genuflect at the alter of the political and social left as the final authority.

    Literally if the splc wrote that HW was a “poopyhead” half the posters here would show up and debate what kind of “poopyhead” he is and always was and how they really knew it. ”

    That’s a very good point. lol

  19. I’m over this. Hope Derek Black goes apolitical .

    If he takes some time out, smokes some MJ, listens to Bob Marley, tries to get laid by pretty young women of various backgrounds, I wish him well.

    Just hope he doesn’t try to make $ money being an Antifa .

  20. Maxfield – MY definition of a troll is some-one who is writing utter rubbish. STUPID rubbish. I’m normally all for entertaining flights of fancy – but this case is rather serious. Utter nonsense and idiotic, baseless speculation does tend to be the the Hallmark of the Troll

    I’m not defending Derek AT ALL. I am on that SF forum. I’m getting criticized by some of the dullards there-in, who are defending Derek’s base and COWARDLY treachery. I’m being as delicate as I am capable of being, because Don and Chloe ARE dealing with the full shock of their little MONSTER’S vile malice.

    Derek will not be beaten up and sent to Africa anytime soon. We have to have the power to do something like that in the first place.

  21. Sam – sometimes people. even the best people, see what they really really really REALLY wants to see – not that which actually “is”.

  22. RRS,

    Start your own blog and activist group. Show use how it’s done. Your incessant droning is a distraction.

  23. Sam, I probably should have posted the commentary. I am glad you did, and indeed, it would be inspiring beyond description if it were actually read on the air.

    Denise, the degradation of Piers is poignant, but also perfectly predictable. In fact, the entire British Empire is now openly and shamelessly groveling before Rachel and everything she personifies. It is a despicable, foul, vulgar and grotesque display of social cowardice.

  24. They are doing more than grovelling. They have become full converts, fanatics and enforcers.

  25. Hunter – yup. It’s all self-serving BS. The little PRICK detests any-one and anything involved in WN, or White Advocacy. etc. Whatever term you wish to use.

    I have just deleted my real thoughts, out of respect to Chloe and Don.

    There was NO pressure. He took the shekels of his own free will. He sought them out. It’s all about vanity, and arrogance.

  26. I would imagine Derek Black knows a lot. Personal dynamics, private info on various activists, strategy discussions, who Don Black deals with (Taylor/Duke among others) and what they talk about, Stormfront financials. If he cares to, he can probably do some real damage by airing the laundry. This would be on top of handing our worst enemies a propaganda gift.

  27. Caldwell – I’ve been heavily, at long last, gotten into Tolkien. It’s all fantasy – but the reason his Middle Earth cannon is so successful, is that his works, like all Great works of Art, reveal essential truth.

    Piers, and the Little Prick, make Gollum look like a real Class Act. A regular Percival.

  28. Pro White Jo,
    I still do not really believe that. I still believe that the limousine-liberal globalists who louly and tirelessly advocate “diversity” do so knowing full well that is a sham, and at the critical moment, they will reverse themselves.

  29. @Caldwell

    Guys like Piers Morgan go out of their way to enforce it. Plenty of Whites do. They love their fine sounding words and will vote to kill you, if you disagree.

    Never forgive or forget these people, or they will be back to do it again and much sooner than you think.

  30. Lew – I’m using the “shekels” meme metaphorically. People do accept things, however, that are not of immediate cash value, but may be equivalent.

  31. Lew says:
    ‘I would imagine Derek Black knows a lot. Personal dynamics, private info on various activists, strategy discussions, who Don Black deals with (Taylor/Duke among others) and what they talk about, Stormfront financials. If he cares to, he can probably do some real damage by airing the laundry. This would be on top of handing our worst enemies a propaganda gift.’

    A treasure chest of incalculable wealth.

    I can just imagine what Derek was privy to over the years.

    Some of you may not like David Duke, but his site is a treasure trove of information.

    I’m sure the SPLC, the ADL, Obama, Holder, Eli the Weasel or any jew with deep pockets would pay a king’s ransom for info which could embarrass in the eyes of the public, all persons and groups, working to advance White causes.

  32. Every time a Black commits a crime, a police officer has to arrest them, a judge has to do a trial, a jury has to waste time.

    It is indeed a strain on the ruling class.

    I understand the distinction between bourgeois and bourgeoisie but (you should have figured out by now) that I post quickly and move on.

  33. Hunter Wallace says:
    July 18, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    “It’s over a woman.”

    The oldest sting in the book – the honeytrap.

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