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  1. The SPLC lie about everything and don’t allow opposing views on their rarely visited website. They did the same thing to the Gaede girls, which was denied afterwards.

    So I’d want to see a comment from the Black family and an unedited statement from Derek Black.

  2. Wow.

    I think it will turnout like the Prussian Blue Gaede Twins – young people trying to get away from 24/7 WN movement, have a normal life… Some very bad as# kissing, pandering is the price to be paid.

  3. If he wanted to quit White Nationalism, he could have said nothing, and just moved on with his life.

    Instead, he did an Ian Jobling and sent this groveling letter to Mark Potok in which he embraces every crazy leftist idea like “structural racism” and apologizes for “harming” Jews by posting on an internet forum.

  4. Not at all surprising. Militant, hardline WN, with the kooky beliefs it requires you to accept without question about the value or nature of other races was always a natural born loser. Not only do many eventually quit in disgust, their disgust drives them to (at least momentarily) repudiate even the more sensible WN views.

    Anyway, I wonder if the SPLC didn’t “have something” on Black to make him crawl before them. I couldn’t imagined toadying up to those shitbags.

  5. When I quit White Nationalism, it was because of the personalities that I kept encountering and their tendency to”detonate” or “blow up” on me. That was the main reason at the time.

  6. Well if it is true (and I don’t believe anything from the SPLC), the reasons given are the usual and that is the overwhelming Negativity in the movement.

    The problem I see with WN and Nationalist websites in general, is you go to them expecting WN to be about “identity, preservation and self determination for Whites” – Yet almost all of the discussion is rants about “niggers, jews and nazis” and everyone is angry and paranoid.

    White people don’t want to be around that constant negativity, because it saps their energy. IMO until WN ditches this negativity and embraces the moral high ground, they will keep hemorrhaging their young.

  7. HW,

    I thought you quit WN because ethnonationalism made more sense and had a better chance to catch on with the average person. Which I think it does — Look at MLP in France and her father JMLP before her: Their success wasn’t that they were white nationalists, but that they were French nationalists.

    As far as young Mr. Black, all I can say is that he can run all he wants as quickly as he wants from his “past” life, but his “past” life is going to keep up with his running from it step by step, stride by stride. Has Jennifer Rubin given up on busting Rand Paul’s chops on Jack Hunter because Jack Hunter has been absorbed into Pseudo-Libertarianism Inc jettisoning his past beliefs?

    Also, I can’t go into much detail, but people I know who have met young Mr. Black from time to time at one event or another (I’ve met him, too), whose sense of character judgment I trust, told me they never really trusted him and advised me not to trust him back. I happen to think that you just can’t trust someone who adopts an ideology at such a young age to be able to go the distance with it.

  8. Pretty much a phony article, but if I were him I would quit at that age and with that much undeserved attention. Hell then you can go play the “good” WN and slip the camel’s nose under the tent.

    Face it our enemies are not all that bright, they are running on the greatness of long dead Marxist shits.

  9. “The problem I see with WN and Nationalist websites in general, is you go to them expecting WN to be about “identity, preservation and self determination for Whites” – Yet almost all of the discussion is rants about “niggers, jews and nazis” and everyone is angry and paranoid.”

    In many cases these people have been keeping their thoughts to themselves for long years, unaware that there were others who felt similarly. So when they finally have the opportunity to express themselves freely the dam bursts. The older they are the more they can recall a time when their national identity was celebrated rather than denigrated and the more keenly they feel the loss and the more bitter their comments. (This last is probably much more true outside the US, where the mass diversity phenomenon is more recent)

    After that flurry, people quickly fall into the trap – and that’s what I see it as – of believing that standing up for one’s own group – for one’s own identity, preservation and self-determination – requires treating all out-groups as natural, permanent and devout enemies. That explains most of the anxieties and suspicions over disagreements.

    I think you’re right that on the whole it’s an overwhelmingly negative experience for most people and that most people lack the stamina to hold out for the long haul. People eventually want to enjoy the positive aspects of life again, and repudiating militant views they once expressed is seen as one way of returning to normalcy.

  10. In a draft of this post, I had laid out my three reasons for drifting away from WN:

    1.) The tendency of people in WN to “blow up” or “detonate” on you – people like Harold Covington, or Covington’s own more recent experience with “Axis Sally.” I was just tired of dealing with people like that.

    2.) WN is too abstract. It isn’t focused on a goal in the real world.

    3.) I have found my natural home in Southern Nationalism.

    I wanted to keep the focus on Derek Black so I deleted it.

  11. It’s a mistake to involve kids in the the Movement, as we have learned the hard way. Teach your kids right and wrong but don’t use them as spokesmen or public faces for anything. Religions do that too — they force children to publicly announce beliefs when they are too young to even have formed beliefs. You got to let kids be kids.

    White nationalism is like booze, guns and fast cars — for adults only.

  12. It’s true that a lot of people “blow up” because it naturally attracts people who are discontented. Glenn Miller said that it’s not good to try to help WN’s be happy or prosperous, because then they will abandon the movement and “go to Las Vegas with a suitcase full of cash.” I don’t want those kind of people. I want well adjusted, normal, happy people who became WN’s for the same reason people become environmental conservationists — to preserve beauty and civilization and unique genotypes for the long term.

  13. Kievsky

    It is perfectly apparent now that the very young Derek Black only adopted WNism due to parental influences. An 11-year old that spouts anything political is basically parroting his or her parents or teachers.

    In contrast, my own racially aware worldview and sophisticated ideology therein didn’t fully hard wire until the age of 20.

  14. I don’t see what choice I have but to take what he’s saying at face value. Moreover, his isn’t the first case of repudiation I’ve come across, so I’m also referring to a pattern I think exists. I did mention, though, that I wondered whether he wasn’t in some way coerced – I mean to backtrack by grovelling before the SPLC?

  15. I’m sure that “elite” college education was paid for by those evil White nationalists supporting his family all those years.

    White Nationalists (especially the leaders) are nothing but a movement of traitors, bs artists, and liars.

  16. “Can you believe it?”

    Yes it is quite a shock.

    Could be, SPLC operatives found something on him and threatened to use it, unless he sold out. They will go to any lengths, from what I have seen.

  17. Well whatever it is, he will now need to travel to Israel and pray at the wailing wall. That should be just the trick to complete the total betrayal.

  18. If the account is true it would be a bonanza for the anti-Whites. I hope it is bogus.

    If not, my guess would be the kid was under tremendous pressure being called a bigot, racist, anti-semitic hater. As a college student he would be an outcast to most of the students and possibly threatened daily.

    Because of his name and associations it would be absolutely impossible to forge a career for himself in in any field outside of his circle.

    Always seemed like a nice kid who was pampered a bit.

    His long hair and clothing could give the impression of being pretentious and slightly light in the loafers or odd to a degree, but Hunter just shot that theory down.

    Jew gal pal? Offers to write a book making him an instant millionaire?


  19. Also know this:

    Persecution, torture, the threat of torture works.

    Galileo was persecuted under the Catholic Inquisition, forced to recant his belief that the earth revolved around the sun.

    Old Bolsheviks confessed to being counter revolutionaries under Stalin’s show trials. Some National Socialist Germans confessed to impossible war crimes, gassing Jews, signing confessions in English, though they couldn’t speak English.

    The Red Chinese got children to denounce their parents, lot’s of accusations of “witches” and some confessions of witchcraft in SalemMass.

    So yeah, the religion of BRA, political correctness – it’s the evil cult we’re under.

  20. “If not, my guess would be the kid was under tremendous pressure being called a bigot, racist, anti-semitic hater. As a college student he would be an outcast to most of the students and possibly threatened daily.

    Because of his name and associations it would be absolutely impossible to forge a career for himself in in any field outside of his circle.”

    Taking that level of abuse would exhaust anyone. As an online activist you can take a break from it, but people like they Blacks can’t.

    And there wouldn’t be any point to getting an education, if you can’t secure employment after it. So it could be a tactical retreat. I hope so.

  21. I was always suspicious about Derek Black. He never seemed quite “right”. It turns out my suspicions about him have indeed been confirmed. He is a traitor, one without hope and one without redemption. Should WN’s ever seize power his name should figure prominently on the “Hunt Down List”. For he needs to be hunted down, taken into custody, and swiftly removed to an underground interrogation chamber.

    Once there, he will be softened up with brass knucks to the face and groin, then water-boarded. During this process, it must be impressed upon him that a WN government will never permit him to utter a single word against it, and so, by reducing him to a quivering, gelatinous lump of obedient flesh, he never will. Once he has been processed in this manner, his wrists will be secured with plasticuffs and he will be loaded onto a C5 Galaxy bound for a WN-controlled dumping ground somewhere in Central Africa. And there Derek Black will remain for the rest of his life, to live amongst all the other white traitors who have been removed from America, along with ALL the blacks who have been humanely relocated there as well.

    Your future, Derek Black. Better learn to speak Swahili…

  22. Hunter Wallace says:
    July 17, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    ‘He’s not a fag.

    He doesn’t have daddy issues. The SPLC doesn’t have any dirt on him. It is not because of a black or Jewish friend.’

    Hmmm. He gave his life to Jesus under a revival tent, renounced his racist past and was called to minister to the blacks in Haiti?

  23. This makes me feel better about being purged, banned from Stormfront for confessing that I liked some Motown music and UB40 also admitting under the influence of beer that I preferred many Indo European women in South America to bitter no fun career women in Chicago – oh, I also made lots of enemies with those in the Libertarian Ron Paul cult and 9/11 TRUTHERS ( always be on guard against humorless White Americans who insist that they and only they alone KNOW THE TRUTH! And their version of the truth is some crazy, kooky conspiracy mongering, mental nonsense that has nothing to do with healthy, sane pro White activism).

  24. May as well spill the beans, Hunter. The damage is already done. The truth might at least soften the blow (to the masses of pissed off SFers).

  25. Black has not only rejected WNism, he appears to have embraced the hardest of hardcore anti-racism in the process, and with the zeal of the convert. He covered the bases in regurgitating every anti-white cliche that I can think of. In doing so, he used rhetorical formulations that could have come straight from Tim Wise or Abe Foxman.

    I suppose he should be taken at his word, but it crossed my mind that perhaps he just wants a normal life. The outright denunciation of WNism in the harshest possible terms might help with this, make him more employable, or reduce the headaches that come with un-PC views in college or grad school.

    But by doing this in the way that he did, it amounts to a knife in the back of his father’s life work whether Don Black himself sees it that way or not.

  26. Two Words: Drama Queen


    Speaking of drama queens, “Maxfield” baby needs adult supervision.

  27. Sometimes, people who who have been over-adored as children “believe the hype” – and see themselves as the only person in the world that matters. What they want and think they need is the ONLY thing.

    They don’t see long-term consequences at all.

  28. Conviction (or what primitive Quakers called “convincement”) is a position about which an individual has become rationally convinced and is willing even to die for (to uphold it, rather than renounce it) — whereas social conditioning tends to “wear off” without constant positive reinforcement. (Now that is as “psychologising” as I’ll ever get.)

  29. “it crossed my mind that perhaps he just wants a normal life”

    Then why is he embracing the abnormal idea of same-sex “marriage”?

  30. A small movement of righteous men (and women) of CONVICTION willing to die for their understanding of truth is far more effective, and MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE, than a “popular” movement of the propaganda-CONDITIONED.

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