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  • Porter

    Musing on Silver’s suggestion for future reference (as of course this blame and shame will recur)…I would enjoy watching the two-minute hate subject force their accuser to name the crime.

    Is it true you said the ‘N-word’ and if so how many times?

    What ‘N-word’ would that be? Neptune? Newcastle? Neuschwanstein? Speak plainly, we’re not children.

    Ummmmm….(turns to producer: Can I spell it?)

  • Jim

    “It’s all the nigger’s fault. If that nigger had not of held a gun to Deen’s head when he was robbing the bank that she was a teller at this unforgivable sin would have never happened. So it’s the nigger’s fault.

    Blacks are the most despicable race on the face of the earth. Whites get what they deserve for worshiping them.”

    So Deen gets assaulted, gets pissed about it, and SHE’S the one in the wrong according to the media? It is to laugh.

  • John

    Precious erased her twitter account after testifying in court.

    Junky gin soaked jab a the hut cretin. Star Witness!

  • Anon

    She could have simply said “I respect the network’s decision and won’t be discussing the matter further. For those of you who have enjoyed my work through the years, I hope to see you in another venue soon. And if not, thank you so much for our time together. God bless.” – This. You’ve got the right to not incriminate yourself(especially in the court of public opinion), and she should have exercised it. Nothing she said or even could have said helped her.

  • OT.

    Precious is illiterate.

    “Are you able to read that at all?” defense attorney Don West asked.

    Jeantel, head bowed, eyes averted whispered into the court microphone, “Some but not all. I don’t read cursive.”

    It sent a hush through the packed courtroom.

  • G Prune

    Paula should have said: the nigger who held me at gunpoint should have killed me.

  • G Prune

    The feds just wants more power through divide and rule. Short lived Republic for sure.

  • G Prune

    aa’s rampant crimes, decadence and incompetence without consequences from the state that we uphold. The feds power structure is based on intimidation of incompatibility.

  • Mark

    First off, Lauer is a Jew, worse yet a Yankee Jew.

    This all started because of her degenerate, alcoholic brother who mismanaged his restaurant that she made the mistake of being co-owner of. Through his mistreatment of staff and the lawsuit against that restaurant, she is maligned along with him.

    Paula Deen is naive, doesn’t seem that bright either, but she’s a good person. To stigmatize her as racist or some type of sadistic personality is way off the mark. She voted for Obama, she donated to Obama, she has personally helped blacks with their businesses and charities. There are blacks who attest to this.

    What’s interesting about this, is that it’s not even blacks who are complaining, other than trolls on the internet. The person suing her and her brother for “racism” is actually a White woman. Sharpton, Jackson and others are not attacking her. It’s Yankees and Jews that are the ones attacking her and so upset about it. Who are the people defending her? Other than her sons, I’ve only seen blacks defending her ironically. One pastor in particular.

    She’s just another example of how despicable our media and political culture are now, they’re constantly looking for racism, like the Salem witch trials, looking for those evil racist witches they can persecute and look down on. That alone should make people consider secession.

  • Mark

    Rachel (WTF?!) Jeantel

    LOL, I had my good laugh for the day watching her testimony.

    “You don’t think Creepy-ass cracka is a racial comment?” She responds, “no.”

    Talk about creepy, she used a bedroom voice the whole time, WTF.

    That they still continue to refer to him as a White male is beyond absurd.

  • G Prune

    “First off, Lauer is a Jew, worse yet a Yankee Jew”

    Weasel interviewer. Rodent.

  • Dan Poole

    “this filthy, disgusting, degenerate society which is fit only to be destroyed.”

    As the blacks like to say, we need some fire and brimstone in this bitch.

  • G Prune

    Matt Laurel is the quisentensential of northern elites; gut weasel with medical issues.

  • Lew
  • Fed Up

    I’m done. Bring on the race war. Fuck these niggers.

  • Apuleius

    “She voted for Obama, she donated to Obama, she has personally helped blacks with their businesses and charities.”

    So now, quite predictably, she receives her “reward.”

    “The person suing her and her brother for “racism” is actually a White woman.”

    Not really a surprise, is it? Anti-racist whites are the biggest shit stirrers around.
    Negroes did not start the WBTS; insane anti-white yankees did.

    Deo Vindice

  • Sean

    It looks like Zimmerman might walk on this one. I’ll enjoy watching the niggers chimp.

  • JP

    Note: I can’t believe anyone would want to be “respectable” in the eyes of this filthy, disgusting, degenerate society which is fit only to be destroyed.

    Wow, total respect re this comment. I wholeheartedly agree. Well said.

  • Kristine Lee Kelly

    I just want to say that I love my black friends because they see through the Illuminati and there fascade very well. It is not blacks starting the racial tensions it is the Jewish population that want world dominance.They want everyone hating and hunting people down for the kill.Most of my friends who are black recognize this clearer than anyone. They don’t hate Paula they hate the Illuminati who are behind this stuff.

  • War Blur

    I just stopped by to check out the gibbering of you racist dumbshits. You traitors who wave the disgusting flag of hatred should all be shot in the groin and be allowed to slowly bleed out.