Harold’s Bad Karma


Three years ago, we had a debate on this website about the South vs. the Northwest as the location of the White ethnostate, and Harold Covington wrote a perplexing book called “Freedom’s Sons” in which “Hunter Wallace” was the president of the United States and (for some reason) wanted to preserve the Union:

“Then along comes Hunter Wallace and his One Nation Indivisible,” Cardinale went on. “We’re still not sure how much of the ONI concept was Wallace’s and how much of it came from the think tanks and the various Jewish handlers who already had their hooks into the young Congressman from Alabama from back in his blogging days, but it was well thought out and well planned. America needed help, bad. It was obvious that the old two-party system was on its last legs, that it had failed miserably as successive administrations had made bad call after bad call for decades. They’d just lost a quarter of the country to us and the Aztlan beaners, Israel was gone and the economy was crashing, and the perceived wisdom was that if Amurrica followed the usual pattern of declining empires, it was time for a man on a white horse.”

Three years later, you ought to check out this podcast and listen to the people who used to appear with Harold on Radio Free Northwest. In Harold’s book “Freedom’s Sons,” I was the one who was manipulated and assassinated by a woman, but it seems his bad karma has caught up with him.

This is brutal. I’m glad we don’t have stuff like this in our movement.


  1. Thank God we don’t have this sort of insanity in Southern nationalist circles. There are problems in every movement but I see much more cooperation and tolerance (a word I think we should take back – it was one that Rhett, Davis and others used to attack our enemy in their day) in our movement.

  2. If you have an hour of time to waste, get some popcorn and listen to Harold’s former co-host (who is a bodybuilding pornstar) talk about screwing black guys with another one of his former acolytes named “Wallace” who was on the show attacking him.

  3. Take a minute to browse some of the comment threads — I shit you not, according to the site’s owner and longtime HAC-nemesis Reg Natarajan, Harold once boasted that he performed some bizarre seance ritual and summoned Hitler’s ghost.

  4. That’s why allying yourself with creeps just because they may profess some WN doctrine is a bad idea. Never give up your principles and trust your instincts.

  5. Reg Natarajan is some Canadian guy who’s been sticking in Harold’s craw since Covington’s feuds with Will Williams in the mid-1990’s. Natarajan’s latest, and quite funny, salvo against Harold is that after having acquired the sacred tri-color flag that Harold personally and ceremoniously gave to Axis Sally, he hung it on the wall right over his bed: http://www.axissallyraw.com/it's-not-that-bad/#comment-11932

  6. Bizarre beyond words. Those are some seriously damaged people.

    Reminds me of the place in the eighth circle of Dante’s Inferno where the damned souls of the falsifiers fight with one tearing at the other with his teeth.

    Deo Vindice

  7. White Nationalism is a mess and has been a mess for a long time. This is all it ever is. If I have to read or listen to one more Christianity debate I’m going to kill myself.

    WN is going nowhere. While a lot of their ideas are correct, they are for the most part incapable of creating and sustaining any kind of unity due to their vast cultural differences outside of “Whiteness.” I have also noticed that miscegenation is a big problem in WN circles. Many of them have non-White children.

    Southern nationalism’s problem (which isn’t a problem in WN) is that many Southerners are heavy into GOP politics and they love to play the patriotic American bit by waving the flag a little too much. “Take back America” mindset is the South’s biggest hurdle to overcome in order to achieve any real political goals.

  8. WN and even SN are ideologies, with WN being almost totally in the abstract sense where SN has an association with a real people of a real nation.

    Both ideologies are flawed operationally since both never bother to remove the PC mind block that is triggered by the anti-white’s use of the one word “racist” that triggers the emotional shutdown switch of the people they both need to reach.

    True story back in the day when I sent money to the LoS (so them good Christians could spend their time finding black confederates) I was at my health club talking to a very very nice woman from MS, the kind of woman from the right kind of family that the LoS needs to attract, and I told her I was thinking of going to the national convention of the LoS. I described it as a cultural/political org and the look on her face went to pure fright, I’m sure all she could think of was the klan, klan, klan.

    Lesson being, all you ideologues if you want your membership orgs to go beyond two dozen people need to remove the PC mind block that is in white people’s heads.

  9. HAC wrote a BOOK about you, HW?


    All the rest of the stuff, I don’t know, don’t want to know, don’t pretend to know anything about…..

  10. Oh dear.

    I must say Hunter, you are taking this vicious character assasination rather well.

    Why couldn’t Covington have made the bad guy, gay, Neo Con President in to a charactiture of Lindsey Graham?

    Oh well.

    Another reason to use pen names when doing any activism even remotely connected to White nationalism.

    Even if you are writing a letter to the editor opposing mass Immigration of Jew hating Islamic terrorists. – use a pen name.

  11. Kyle,

    Not everyone Covington had a feud with, turned on was a good guy. Covington apparently helped give queer pedophile Jew Nazi Frank Colin to the legal authorities.

  12. RobRoySimmons said,
    “Lesson being, all you ideologues if you want your membership orgs to go beyond two dozen people need to remove the PC mind block that is in white people’s heads.”


  13. “RobRoySimmons said,
    “Lesson being, all you ideologues if you want your membership orgs to go beyond two dozen people need to remove the PC mind block that is in white people’s heads.”


    Excellent question (I was going to ask it myself)- how DO you undo the lifetime of programming that everyone receives from kindergarten through high school as well as from the media? How?

  14. “HAC wrote a BOOK about you, HW?”

    If memory serves me correctly, Jack Ryan offered to contribute something like $5000 to Covington as an incentive to write his new novels. If indeed my recollection is accurate, would you say that that was money well spent, Jack?

  15. “I wouldn’t wish what these people (who used to be his followers) are doing to him on my worst enemy.”
    All that is really happening is that people are leaving his cause and then giving “exit speeches.”

    I would wish that on a certain enemy. I’ve done that to a certain enemy.

  16. Start with not using their term anti-racist its anti white, define the anti whites as the bad people not people you quibble with and write long essays about. Seond read some of our field work at BUGs

  17. RobRoySimmons,

    I think the racial angle is a losing proposition. People have been so indoctrinated with the “all white people are evil” mantra that trying to convince people its wrong will be almost impossible before its too late.

    I think it will have to come organically through the personal realization that those that they have the most in common with are all white. In other words, they need to be around other white people in settings that cause them to identify with those around them. I don’t know how to promote this other than fairs and such, but that takes a lot of money. Appleseed type programs might be a start, but I don’t think CofCC and LoS conferences are because they are only attractive to those who already self identify as white and/or Southern.

  18. Any type of organization with Nazi uniforms and pointless confrontational rallies ends up attracting mentally ill perverts.

  19. Rodger that about Nazi uniforms and idiots. But, alas, as incredible as it seems to anyone with an IQ above that of a retarded rat, many WN think those kind of people are “good activists” and are do a bang-up good job of “helping” us.

    A week or so ago on VNN, Glen Miller put up a thread praising a group of “Southern, pro-white activists.” If Morris Dees had paid me a hundred grand, I would be hard put to assemble a more Jerry Springerish looking crew to give the pro-white stance another black eye and make it an even worse turn off for normal white people. Yet Miller claims anyone who points this out must be a, let’s all say it together now, a KIKE!


    I despair of our chances of success. I really do.

  20. anon334, what are you referencing with nazi uniforms and confrontational rallies?

    Brutus, I don’t know anything about VNN.

    I’m talking about events that are mainstream, but don’t include entertainment that would attract non-whites. For instance, the music could be all bluegrass and country, or an historical reenactment of the first revolution or the colonial era in general. Things that don’t interest other peoples.

  21. When Formerly Useful Mamzers Becum-cum Useless Mamzers

    Last week I made “Skanky Don’t Know Dick / The Reltney Report” on Axis Skanky’s Cod-Cast. In it I said that Skanky’s little mamzeresses weren’t white because Skanky isn’t white. The vulgarism censored by Skanks wasn’t particularly obscene, albeit vulgar and meant to be so. And of course I wasn’t particularly worried about being censored because I have my own forum used as a blog in which I ridicule pretty much everyone in the bowel Movement and in the sundry collection of jews and mamzers cavorting in above-ground pretend Dual-Seedline Christian Identity that I call “The Wandering Mamzers of WikiPedia-Talksjew Christian Identity”.

    Now what exactly is a “mamzer?” A “mamzer” is an off-breed mongrel which is not of pure race. Since I don’t worry overmuch about the purity of the niggers, or beaners or gooks, this term is used to denote not-quite whites pretending, like Axis Skanky and others, to be pure White.

    Now I have used mamzers to hew my Movement wood and draw my Movement water like King Saul used the Gibeonites, i.e. the blonde, blue-eyed Amorite Canaanites who were the Sons of Belial that fooled Joshua and Phineas into not exterminating them. Since King Saul was pissed over the Gibeonites causing the Benjamite-Israelite Civil War within 50 years of the partial conquest of Canaan, Saul judicially murdered them while king and his sons and grandsons were executed by David at the command of YHWH after YHWH starved the Israelites for three years. (II Samuel Chapter 21).

    And I notice that Wedgie or Skanky deleted the posts of the Limey faggot Blister calling, falsely, me a convicted child molester. Actually, I was illegally locked up in a psychiatric prison for nearly three years and treated like the Soviet jewnion supposedly treated dissidents. As a result, I don’t have any use for idiots who want to refrain from using the Great Tribulation to cull the ZOGling whigger herd by over 90% and pretty all of the jews and almost all of the mamzers. Gotta say “almost all” of the mamzers because you want them to think that “good mamzers” might be speared, er, spared. Yes, yes, I’ll talk about “racial federalism” but don’t see how that is possible.

    So since I think that whiggers are the main cause of the death of the Whigger Race and jews a distant second, and thus am inclined to always escalate any conflict past the point of genocide, pretty much the whiggers and the mamzers pick up on what they ‘think’ is craziness but is actually exactly the sort of ruthlessness necessary for any herdsman to save the entire herd from diseased animals. Better to knock well over ninety percent of a diseased herd and save ten percent of the healthy animals than to lose the entire herd, especially when other herdsmen ain’t that smart and unable to look at the larger picture of survival. The ends justify any and all means, and survival of YHWH’s Servant Nation, the Remnant, is predominate. In fact, like any Crusader I firmly believe that when in doubt, simply kill them all and let YHWH sort them out.

    Some of this attitude filters out to the whiggers, jews and mamzers. As a result I’m judged to be psychotic by most whiggers, mamzers and jews. There is something about me that makes TraitorGlenn Miller flee out of my office or LiarBill MumpsNut’ DeClue(less) puke up a perfectly acceptable spaghetti dinner in my house. So I don’t doubt that another Dual-Seedline Christian Identity fanatic like Karl Gharst can and would terrorize a fraudulent mamzeress slut pretending to be a Whigger Nutsionalist like Axis Skanky. From what I gathered in chatting with her after my own podcast, Skanky run for her life even though her lil mamzeresses were safely parked with the ZOGling whigger castratti ex-humper. Skanky soon afterwards ‘found’ Harold Covington and after a short time betrayed him.

    Now I’m an ally, not a follower of Harold Covington. Nobody who is genuine Dual-Seedline Christian Identity can actually be trusted not to go all “OC Ogilvy” — and then some — if given the slightest opportunity. The Hwanger got all butthurt when it asked me in a side-chatroom if I would refrain from killing it if given the opportunity and having a high probability of getting away with it and I gave it the expected response.

    Anyway, I don’t have any interest in actually forming any Northwest Republic, although I have no problem with Harold trying to pull it off. I’m more interested in my Ten Thousand Warlords over Ten Million Ex-Whiggers Project and think that yes, it is not only possible, but inevitable.

    But I’m on good terms with Harold Covington, with Hunter Wallace, with Greg Johnson, and with more than a few others who aren’t jews or mamzers because we are in agreement that ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final must be destroyed and their “destructive criticism” leading to secession can do nothing but lead to the expected results of absolute and total racial, religious and class civil war.

    So listening to the Axis Skanky show is pure entertainment and sometimes something is learned about ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clown behavior.

    Hail Victory!!!

  22. The odd thing about the whole Axis Skanky affair is that the worst thing to come to light so far is . . . Covington’s decision to associate with Axis Skanky. That was as bad a case of Premature Populism as I can imagine. (http://www.counter-currents.com/2013/05/premature-populism/) But now that Axis Skanky is out of Covington’s life, the worst thing that she has revealed about him is that he smokes a pipe. Given the long list of charges repeated ad nauseam by Hadding, one would have expected more than that.

  23. Actually Greg, she’s revealed what a complete fake, a lazy deadbeat, and a pathological liar Harold Covington truly is. She also revealed that Covington tried to get her to file a false police report, which is a felony, confirmed that he does in fact sit on the internet all day and make hundreds of posts using dozens of sockpuppets, and she revealed that his rent and living expenses are being taken care of by some sugar-daddy in Southern California — you know, sort of like the one you’ve got supporting you, twink.

  24. Mr. Covington is a great writer and a solid, very good radio commentator…

    He’s not good at other things.

    HAC is not your best friend, not the guy who will get you a good job…

    Don’t make “the movement” your life.

    Get a life.

    14 words

  25. Jack Ryan writes: “Don’t make ‘the movement’ your life”.

    But then he writes: “14 words”

    – LOL!

  26. “Mr. Covington is a great writer and a solid

    Indeed. I enjoyed reading the “Brigade”.

    Escape from insanity.

  27. 313Chris,

    I haven’t followed this. But I don’t get why you or anyone would consider that woman credible.

  28. Why the bile, Chris?

    The smoking allegation can actually be confirmed independently of the word of an embittered, scorned, narcissistic whore. The rest, not so much.

    The claim that HAC is a lazy deadbeat is rich. Lazy deadbeats do not produce novels, blog posts, and weekly podcasts. That takes a great deal of talent and a great deal of work.

    Given that record, I find it doubtful that HAC sits on the internet “all day” posting with sock puppets. And if he did, well it may be a poor use of his talents, but the enemy has whole buildings full of paid professional online trolls. It is serious work, even if it is hard to take it seriously.

    I congratulate Covington if he has patrons who allow him to spend all of his time working for the white cause. The enemy has legions of professional Jews, blacks, Latinos, etc. pushing their interests. But the number of professional white advocates is vanishingly small. If you can do better than HAC, then by all means do so. Only positive achievements of your own give you the right to criticize the efforts of others.

    Now lemme get back to my fundraisin’.

  29. “Novels”

    His writing style is absolutely atrocious, it banks on the fact most WN don’t have college degrees. You should get back to taking off your shirt and doing a kegstand for cash, in Fire Island or Frisco or wherever you are rent-boy.

  30. @Lew

    “..I don’t get why you or anyone would consider that woman credible.”

    – Her statements about Covington are credible for no other reason than that she was Covington’s personal assistant and appeared on his podcasts numerous times. She’s obviously an utter train-wreck, but that doesn’t invalidate every now-confirmable statement she’s made about Covington’s behavior and the scam he’s running.

  31. Covington is THE best writer in the post World War II world.

    Read his historical fiction / horror/ mystery novel :

    The Black Flame

    Really good, great…

    Just don’t give him your name, don’t give up your day job.

    Keep the faith.

    14 words/88


    Say a prayer for us straight, WASP regular White guy … left behind.

    Left behind in Chicago.

    Staring straight out in the face of hell, getting no female support, doing the best I can, keeping a stiff upper lip…

    Very loney this beautiful sunset Chicago night, wishing Courtney from Alabama was here so that I could crawl across broken glass streets and beg forgiveness for the crimes of Yankee, unionists.

    What can I say?

    We were wrong.

    Stay strong kinsmen. We’re not extinct yet.

    14 words/88

  32. Hey, for those who are Christians, then what is forgiveness? We all make mistakes and take paths that are dead ends. For those who are not Christians, it is about growing up and recognizing past mistakes. I have not read Covington’s books. Maybe some day, but I despise a woman who seeks to destroy someone whom she had a relationship with, out of some sort of petty vengeance. That’s so Jewish. Walk away bitch and shut up. This is about more than you.

  33. Ulfric says:
    White Nationalism is a mess and has been a mess for a long time.

    Because most of them were government agents.

  34. The whole premise is dumb.

    “America is multi-cutural not by design, but because Jews came in there and subverted it.”


    Economics is everything. I’m amazed how I had any self-doubt in the past in condemning the white nationalist movement. How I didn’t fully condemn them early enough.

  35. The Reltney Report — An Auntie-Waycist Narcissistic Lying Mamzeress Skank Goes Off.

    Having listened to pretty much all of Axis Skanky’s squaw-casts and as much of the video of this “lying narcissistic whore” — Dr. Greg Johnson’s assessment — as I could stand, you find out quick enough that Axis Skanky is a loveless “lying narcissistic whore” with the brains of a sparrow and the morals of a jack-weasel, hating like all she-orcs her life and wanting to end it by her own hoofs as soon as possible.

    This week’s squaw-cast was especially a case in point. Axis Skanky was both gloating and moaning about her sickness in having her steroids nearly kill her, take her out of performing in any more freak shows this year, cause her pain in her joints and scarring of her red-nigger hide and a whole awful lot of self-induced personal destruction that it indeed seems likely that Skanky will be worm-shit long before the NVA “Force 101? purges this nasty she-orcess from the face of the NorthWest.

    Of course some other meercat was bitching about being placed on moderation as are all of my postings and Harlan Markwiler’s as well. Harlan is greatly disappointed at the degradation of HAC-haet provided by Axis Skanky and Wedgie the Nig-Nog Golliwog from the Canuckistani navvy.

    The answer is of course Axis Skanky moderates and censors her blog provided her by Wedgie. Skanky is as cowardly as she is narcissistic. The meercat bitching was right to make his own copy of what it posts, then cumpare it to what Skanky allows to be seen. I myself take similar precautions on my postings and make sure that any posting is first drafted and edited on my own v-bulletin forum and the finished product lastly posted on the enemy blog or forum or comments section. Axis Skanky isn’t my first ZOGling gliberal whigger or mamzer ass-clown and this isn’t my first rodeo either. Someone like myself knows how to use the meta-tagging and keywords and post it to my own forum to where whatever is censored will show up, and a narcissistic mamzeress skank like Axis Skanky won’t be able to keep herself away any more than a good deal on blacksnake dildos and splinterlsss landscape timbers.

    Anyway, Axis Skanky admitted that she had edited last week’s “Reltney Report”. She of course lied about how I had made sexual innuendos against her lil’ mamzeress skanklings and her whiggroid castratti ex-alleged inseminatard. The way to get that goatess’ goat is to simply point out for the 666th time that since Axis Skanky isn’t whigger racially, neither are her lil’ mestizo-anglo mamzeresses that she has squeezed out of her skanky stanky. Axis Skanky wasn’t too thrilled about me telling her that it wasn’t right for Karl Gharst to try to take and raise her lil’ beastesses of the field even if they was whigger. Axis Skanky, like all jews, doesn’t like to be told that the Evil Aryan nutcase sees both tail and snout and that it needs to go back to jewpard skrule and learn how to tuck in both snout, tail, hoofs and mangina when lying on a branch like a kikpard over a game trail in Happy Whigger Hunting Ground, oy vey. In fact, this week during chat Skanky revealed yet again to this born South Dakotan Swede that she is a mongrel, but far be it for me to give it lessons in cooncealment.

    So what does it matter, anyway? Doesn’t everyone know that Axis Skanky is a lying narcissistic mongrel whore anyway? Yes, but, sometimes I do like to have fun trolling, and in doing so take both virtual hide and pelt.

    Now some other ZOGling whigger or mamzer faggot named Franklin didn’t like my forwarding what Dr. Greg Johnson wrote on Hunter Wallace’s blog. And so it called me a child molester and Dr. Johnson a faggot. So some cowardly mamzer faggot gets to call names from in secret, does it? And yes, of course it does — for now.

    What none of these perverted and underbred mongrel critters like to admit is exactly what they fear: That while ZOG is destroying the ZOGling whigger ass-clown herd animals by the millions like the passenger pigeon and the buffalo that these useless eaters will soon enough have nothing more to eat. There isn’t anything left of the Roman urban proletariate when, after Rome fell, from a population of over a million to 35 thousand during the Dark Ages. Given that there are no “noble barbarians” to take over, once the Great Tribulation gets going and the butchery begins, what exactly does this sparrow-brained chirping mamzeress and her chimping nigger-gook faggot have to look forward to?

    These delusional sub-animals gloat routinely about how Hair-old isn’t accomplishing much trying to get the whiggers and anglo-mestizos together to form a Northwest Republic, and as “proof” point out how Hair-old couldn’t detect a nigger-kike humping red-nigger mamzeress with a history of doing porno and that wastes ZOGbux on steroids. All somewhat true but totally irrelevant. Someone like Covington trying to make racial bricks without straw and with shit instead of clay can’t afford to be too picky. All Covington can hope is that his Hitler or Napoleon will be sieved out because of his racial propaganda amongst the thousands of listeners and hundreds of dreamers and dozens of doers. Harold casts a wide net because Harold has to do so.

    Now myself, who operates on different assumptions — that the salvation of YHWH’s Servant Nation lies in the extermination of over 90% of the whiggers and almost all of the mamzers and jews — I need more niggers like Wedgie or Bryan Reo, and anglo-mestizo whores like Axis Skanky or jewboys like Eli James and Bill Finck less than a fish needs a bicycle. Rather, proper Christian Identity Revolutionary procedure involves going with the flow of History and letting ZOG/Babylon implode while making sure that the Remnant stays underground. Thus, like Karl Gharst and myself, we pretty much do as we please within our own circles.

    You see, I don’t need to prove to myself that ZOG destroyed my family, sent me to a psychiatric prison and there tortured and doped me up. I am alive and free today because I never stopped hating. Thus I see no need to deny my intent to destroy the lives of everyone who is not of the Remnant by means of violence and terror, to make alliances with those like Covington who is going my way 85% of the time insofar as fighting with ZOG/Babylon is concerned, and to simply take advantage of the gathering wave of chaos and devastation to seek political and religious power to save the paltry few millions of the Remnant and to render over to damnation billions of the rest. Unlike the sparrow-brained narcissistic mamzeress skank performing her masturbatory act in a one-ring circus provided by a nigger-gook faggot Canuckistani ZOGbot, at least I have a purpose in life other than orcitude.

    Axis Skanky’s cod-cast this week was especially idiotic. Nearly an hour of yapping about the state of its self-induced freakazoid carcass and how it is suffering unnecessarily. I never had much sympathy for Lance Armstrong getting testicular cancer and having to cut its nuts off. I have even less for some mongrel skank who in running away from Karl Gharst abused the pity and sympathy of my ally Harold Covington.

    Hail Victory!!!

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