Live Thread: 2013 CofCC National Conference

North Carolina

I’m going to show up in Winston-Salem and check in with the movement for the first time in three years. I didn’t get the chance to go last year.

Note: The lamestream is shocked this morning that Big Brother Obama is spying on and data mining ordinary Americans.

If you didn’t know that has been going on for years, well, you are an idiot. I’m sure the NSA has long had a list of every White Nationalist in America. There’s no point in trying to hide from the U.S. regime which already uses predator drones on American citizens.

More people should come to these conferences. “They” already know who you are anyway.

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  1. Have fun, be careful, and remember: Turning America into a police state like Israel, complete with Moslems, seems to be a Jew wet dream.

  2. “Hunter Wallace says:
    June 8, 2013 at 12:01 am
    A Gentile child was just sacrificed … and Sid drank the blood.?

    Only one?

  3. Its true they could spotlight you fairly easy. One tip never allow them the notion they are morally superior to you. Think of Orwell’s Big Brother where the goal was a confession that you loved BB. They confess to us

  4. @Jack Ryan “… amnesty/immigration treason bill …” What is the nation? What is treason?
    “In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation.” – Wikipedia
    The Cherokee Nation has a concept of itself as a nation. In One World Government with libertarian open immigration, everyone would a citizen of the nation, and a political sovereign would be legitimate if adequately representing libertarian ideals. In my philosophy, race is above creed because trust stems from genetic bond – not from ideology. Territory is rock and dirt. Genetics is human substance. Each White Nation should define itself in terms of political and tribal identity. The WN can define itself without territory. Whether or not the WN has control of territory is a political accident. Organize each WN politically and define the ingroup versus the outgroup for that particular WN.

  5. “Beware most of the posters on OD! They are agent provocateurs and crypto Jews! I think there are also marranos and mischlings here, too.”

    Well, at least you’ve finally figured that one out, Brutus!


  6. ““TabuLa Raza says:
    June 8, 2013 at 12:22 am
    Shooting in Santa Monica- six dead”

    Who cares?”

    Denise- I was wondering how you could be so callous, and then I looked at the pictures. When did Santa Monica- that 1960’s surfer paradise- of bleached blond surfer boys, and perfectly tanned babes, become this Multicultural Mombasa?


    I now understand. When the ‘Other’ takes over your country, and thinks that they have a right to live here, there comes a point when you just don’t care for what little hominidity they may possess- for, by virtue of squatting in your country, the ‘Xenos’ have beome little more than ‘collateral damage’- to use military terminology.

  7. Fr John! I only saw one pic, of the shooting. A Aftermath crowd scen. Tons of Orcs, with White, heavily muscled cops, standin around, trying to prevent the assorted Orcs fron going full on Orc Out.

    NONE of their creatures have single thing to do with me, or the people I love. I don’t; regard them as the same Species as mine. I’m NOT being sarcastic. I MEAN it, 110%, I literally MEAN that. All those Orcs represent are leeches. They will try to suck the life’s blood out of me and mine.

    White vestigially White cops ? I damn them to Hell, as well. What are THEY doing, taking paychecks, the the tax money of Whites, to mangage the orcs? Screw them , too. How DARE they? Money = time and energy. THEY are parasites as well. They should be HELPING THIER OWN KIND.

    I looked at your pic. I didn’t need to. I already knew what I would see. Why on Earth would I spend one single thought, for “compassion” on those Orcs?

    That’s time wasted. A thought wasted, and thrown away.

    I just attended a local baby shower. I young White girl, a lovely White girl, is impregnated by her White boyfriend. I’m “racist”, ya see. Her parents – my age – don’t approve of me. I was invited because I”m in the neighborhood. Other neighborhood ladies know aobut me, and we are on the same team. So we had a dandy time!

    The girl – she’s 18, and her young man live with her folks. Her generation is getting in the neck, thanks to the lunacy of her gandparents and parents generations. She and the young man have already suffered the depradations of the Joys of Diversity. I’ve had several talk with the girl, about the world. She’sa very sweet young gal; she’s not particularly interested in politics. She’s gonna have this baby, though – and shes THRILLED about the baby She doens’t like to think about the future, though. That’s OK. I’ll help.

    Her younger, BRILLIANT brother and I have conversed quite a bit. He’s interested politics, and everything. He knows he’s going to suffer for being a White male. He already has. He knows he’s not going to get a free ride in college, because he IS a White male. The family is not wealthy.

    I bought the baby lots of lovely, high-quality stuff. The baby will get more.

    These are MY people.

  8. Oh – and last week, I was out shopping. Some Orc kid was at a table, the grocery store, asking for donation to a charity. She was with some old White woman, in one of theose ridiculous Red Hat type hats.


    I looked at the kid pointedly, and looked at the pathetic old White Race Traitor, and said, “Agghhh. NO. Not today”.

    They got the messsage.

    I won’t be nice to Orcs, and their Race Traitor Keepers

  9. The small town Jewish communities in the South have been dying out for the last generation or so. The kids didn’t want to live there anymore. They wanted to move to Atlanta or New York. It was hard to find wives and husbands and the Jews’ children had to scour the area going to great (geographic and other) lengths to find Jewish boys for their daughters to date and Jewish girls for their sons.

    As the last marriageable Jewish children found mates and left Hickville for good, their parents came out as racial liberals.

    In fact, it was discovered that the Jewish shopkeepers had secretly supported the local NAACP chapters, served as conduits of information to the Blacks and the government about the local White community and so on.

    The hard truths about Jews remain: Jews are always adversarial to the people and culture in which they live. In particular, Jews have a long history of hatred toward the people and culture of the West—the TOO theme of Jews as a hostile elite.

  10. Richard Thornbourn’s discussion is somewhat different because it is based on his personal experience and observations

    In other words, no names no faces, nothing to back up his charges that Jews served as “conduits” to nigs.

  11. What’s the serious accusation? Southern Jews laid low until they could stick the knife. A centuries old pattern.

  12. “I want serious study to accompany serious accusations.”

    Serious studies yielding solid, irrefutable evidence is required to support these allegations and hearsay. Very lawyer-like.

  13. No-Man and Mosin you are on target. If you are going to make serious allegations against any religious or racial group, you should be able to back it up with at least a preponderance of evidence, if not proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you want proof that the Jews have tried to mess with the Church beyond a shadow of a doubt, read “Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements” by Rabbi Louis I Newman. This book, give documentation from Christian, Jewish, or other sources that individual and groups of Jews have conspired to undermine Western, Christian civilization by planting heretical doctrines, Jewish and Pagan, into the Christian Church. Since this is written from the enemies point of view, the book is invaluable as source material for folks like us. If an Anti-Christ Jew can write a well documented book like this, we should be able to find older books written by people on our side and support those who are writing new ones. We need to have these books so we can educate our folks that there’s a real case against the anti-white and Anti-Christian minorities in our midst, and that this thing is an age old struggle. We just can’t chant “It’s the Jooos” or some other group. We have to show why it’s them vs us so our kith and kin will understand the reasons to hang on to their ethic and racial solidarity. Otherwise, all is lost.

  14. “He also said the CIA assassinated JFK.”

    Lots of conspiracies: Maffia> J edger Hoover>Fidel Castro> Khrushchev>Telephone company> Federal Reserve>Bugs Bunny.Joe di Maggio.

  15. White nationalists aren’t a threat to anyone.

    The fact that they are put on a list doesn’t mean they are a serious movement.

    Juggalos are a bigger threat than white nationalists. Juggalos are officially classified as a gang.

  16. Not exactly sure what your link corroborates, Fr. John. we’re talking about Jews in Dixie being on some Negro gwapevahhun.

    I’m pro-beaner, that’s pretty well-known here. I’m also anti-Negro. The world is a complex place.

  17. “White nationalists aren’t a threat to anyone.

    The fact that they are put on a list doesn’t mean they are a serious movement.”

    They’re in dire straits of multi-cult chamber pot. Decade from now.Feds will be up shit creek without a paddle.

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jews were responsible for assassinating JFK. Jews are the most plausible suspects. Google Michael Collins Piper. He gets into the Meyer Lansky dimension, the Israel connection, and the owner of the local titty bar Jack Ruby who was also a Jew.

  19. Attorney General RFK went after the mob when Jimmy Hoffa was on the dole. Who is Lee Harvey Oswald? Was he a paid stooge?

  20. Matt Heimbach gave a great speech on the need for a White ethno-state and secession. Hopefully it will be put on the net at some point. It was well received.

  21. Also we should acknowledge that Metal Gear developed the termite meme before WN stole it. WNs will probably call themselves GB in a few years.

  22. “Not exactly sure what your link corroborates, Fr. John. we’re talking about Jews in Dixie”

    So there are two different kinds? As with white people, one evil kind above the Line and another, the good kind, below the Line?

    “I’m pro-beaner”

    A proponent of Hispanic immigration, then? To increase the ranks and power of Romanism in America?

  23. Only Foxman? I don’t think that’s true. The Bush-Obama DHS issued a bulletin claiming right-wing whites were a terrorist threat.

  24. The Paleo-Con Catholics love them some browns people. Reinforcements for Catholicism and cheap labor.

  25. The speech should have been well received. Secession from the Federal Tyranny is an excellent goal for whites in all states, important for ALL of us. Hispanic Catholic immigration is always harmful.

    • There was more Jew naming at the conference than ever before.

      – 9/11 was an inside job.

      – JFK conspiracy.

      – The Holocaust never happened.

      Lots of other stuff. The Jew was named at least 4 or 5 times.

  26. “I’m pro-beaner, that’s pretty well-known here. I’m also anti-Negro. The world is a complex place.”

    I’m an objective multiculturalist. All God’s chilluns got talent:

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