Bicausalism Type B


Here’s a brief explanation of why I lean toward “Bicausalism Type B”:

The short answer is Southern history. Jews have always lived in the South, but Southern Jews only played a marginal role in the downfall of our social institutions. The most obvious example would be the abolitionist movement, the War Between the States, and the destruction of the Confederacy.

Jews were never perceived as the major threat to slavery by antebellum Southerners. Try real hard to think of the Jews who were behind the abolitionist movement. Prominent Jews like Judah Benjamin of Louisiana and David Yulee of Florida resigned from the Senate when their states seceded from the Union. Jews fought for the Confederacy in the War Between the States.

During Reconstruction, Southern Jews joined the Ku Klux Klan. Montgomery was redeemed from Reconstruction by its first Jewish mayor, Mordecai Moses, who ran as “the true White man’s candidate.” Throughout the Jim Crow era, Southern Jews were part of the commercial elite in cities like Montgomery and Selma, and never seemed to have any problem accommodating themselves to segregation and white supremacy.

When the Civil Rights Movement erupted in the 1950s, Southern Jews were embarrassed by the sheer number of Northern Jews who came to the South, particularly in Selma and Montgomery, and many of them even joined the White Citizens’ Council. In the South, the Civil Rights Movement was never associated with the Jewish population. It was seen as the work of “outside agitators” – Jews, Quakers, Catholics, Northern Protestants, Unitarians – Jewish and Yankee radicals who arrived in the South from some point of departure in the Northeast or Midwest.

The history of the South is different from the history of the North. The threat to the South’s racial order has always come from the outside – through the existence of the Union – whereas in the North it has always come from the enemy within.

Basically, I don’t see Jews as the primary infection because, if it were not for the existence of the Union, I just don’t see Southern Jews overthrowing slavery, destroying the Confederacy, or rising up to overthrow the Jim Crow system.

Update: Here’s an excerpt from one of the most fascinating books about the Jewish Question in the South that I have ever read, Fight Against Fear: Southern Jews and Black Civil Rights:

“Opposition to Northern intrusion was also indicative of the fact that some southern Jews were intensely skeptical, if not openly scornful, of the need for immediate integration. Over half the interviewees included in sociologist Alfred Hero’s survey of southern Jewry argued that desegregation was proceeding “too fast,” admitting that they felt emotionally ill at ease about integration even when they accepted it as inevitable and in the long run desirable.” The ideological differences between northern and Southern Jews clearly expressed in a letter addressed to the American Jewish Committee by Montgomery, Alabama, Jewish Federation. “The White community in the South is generally opposed to desegregation,” read the letter. “The Jewish community in the South is part of the white community in the South.” …

Al Vorspan recalled one particularly heated discussion with Montgomery’s leaders that took place behind a locked door of a downtown hotel room. Having hoped he might convince his audience that the national Jewish organizations were taking the moral highground in supporting integration, Vorspan was horrified to hear himself and other New York Jews described as being “worse than Adolph Hitler” because of the way they “stirred up anti-Semitism.”

Here’s another revealing excerpt about the integration of Atlanta:

“For Charlie Leb, the Civil Rights Act was the beginning of the end. His intransigence had been a cause of considerable embarrassment to the Atlanta Jewish community. Marvin Goldstein shakes his head as he concedes that Leb was a “rabid” segregationist. “He shouldn’t have been,” asserts Goldstein. “He came from humble surroundings.”

Leb had always insisted that his business remained segregated only out of respect for the sensitivities of his white customers. This was nothing if not disingenuous. Situated on the same street as Leb’s was another restaurant called Harrod’s, which had desegregated before the sit-ins ever began. Almost every day, those who tried to eat at Harrod’s had to first pass through a Klan picket line. By contrast, the Klan posed no threat to Charlie Leb. As Charles Wittenstein explains, “He was getting a lot of admiration and attention and was the hero of the white race and that segregationist crowd, and he bought into it and continued to do so.” On January 27, 1965, a dinner was held in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., who had recently been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Among those who organized and attended the dinner were many of Atlanta’s Jews. Outside on the street, Klansmen paraded in protest. Marching alongside them was Charlie Leb. …”

Here’s another excerpt from Mississippi:

“This might initially appear a rather contentious remark. We have already seen that Jews ordinarily joined the Citizens Council not out of any ideological conviction but as a means of deflecting attention from their true feelings on the race issue. Yet in Jackson itself one of the most articulate spokespersons in defense of segregation was indeed a Jew, Al Binder. Binder, an attorney, was closely associated with the power structure, not only in Jackson, but throughout the state. It was he who led the prosecution of the Freedom Riders in 1961. “Al’s one of us,” asserted the leader of Mississippi’s massive resistance movement. “He’s our Jew.”

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  1. “Try real hard to think of the Jews who were behind the abolitionist movement.” Jews who are very isolated among non-Jews might think more like non-Jews.
    In 1860 there were only 6 Southern cities with populations above 20,000 people.
    Until around 1830 Charleston had the largest Jewish population of any city in the U.S.A.,_South_Carolina
    In 1860 the South was overwhelming rural. But leftwing Jews in Europe were already making huge inroads into controlling money and media. Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published in 1848. Karl Marx was a writer for the “New York Daily Tribune”. With daily sales of about 50,000 issues, the Tribune was the most widely circulated newspaper in the U.S.A. Was the Tribune strongly abolitionist? You betcha.
    There are very few Jews in the Far East but Jews’ media and money influence events there. In the 1950s most Jews who had grown up in the South may have been opponents of the red/pinko/black tide, but anti-antisemites should study the history of Europe for the past 1500 years.

  2. No-man,
    It really is important that I throw in my thought so the J’s and their proxies don’t further distract from the real issues of the day as is a way they manipulate non-J’s.

  3. “Enlightenment values are what drives the 1000s of Jewish journalists and media pundits to say mass immigration and diversity are good for every county except Israel?”

    Right on the money. If you think consistency is a requirement to sustain their beliefs any more than it is for any garden variety western liberal, think again. Beliefs are fundamentally irrational, even if self-deception inclines us to think otherwise.

    After all, wasn’t it the yankee Emerson (not a Jew) who proudly proclaimed “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”

    Perhaps you should pay more attention to the fractures that exist among Jews, if you really want to oppose them. Try answering the three questions I posed earlier, unless you find that that will violate the tenets of your Walter Mitty-like existence.

    Of course you could just sit in front of the teevee complaining about your victimhood and waiting for some outsider to save you just like some kind of post-Katrina nigger.

    Deo Vindice

  4. “In this Jews are no different from any other group.”

    Except that they are vastly over-represented in almost every field of power. Their views become our views. How many Ukrainian gentiles are studio heads?

    “One might even suppose that Jews are caught in the same destructive negative feedback loop as most whites are.”

    Except they are not in Israel. Why the difference? Easy, it benefits Jews to be liberal here and support open borders, multiculturalism, etc. That undermines white solidarity and allows them to gain power by pitting one group or ethnicity against the majority. It does not benefit Jews in Israel to be liberal. In fact, they aren’t really in a negative feedback here, either. Hasidic birth rates are above replacement level; they are in no danger of being bred out.

    “For people who claim to know so much about Jews, some questions are in order.”

    Actually, it is not necessary to answer any of those questions. They are beside the point. However, answering them does favor my argument.

    “What is the biggest fear of Jews?”

    In the modern era, it is undeniably a fear of a Holocaust repeat. Hence, their support of open borders and multiculturalism in the West – to prevent that from happening again. In fact, Jewish ethnic identity is immersed in such victimhood: the Holocaust, the wailing wall, the exodus (slave in Egypt), the Babylonian captivity, etc. This explains their voting patterns, too. They ally themselves with the party of the minority (democrats) against the party of the majority (republicans) in order to shelter themselves from such perceived persecution, or potential persecution at the hands of an alien majority.

    “Of course that would require abandoning the victim mentality.”

    A battered wife is a battered wife, regardless of the excuses she makes.

    “The only significant difference is that since they are a special victim class, most are extremely reluctant to abandon their group identity. Nevertheless, massive assimilation with whites continues and undermines their group identity and existence.”

    It does not. Hasidic/Orthodox birth rates will likely compensate for that. In any case, it does not matter. They have played central roles in the current immigration debacle. Why should I care if they are dumb enough to destroy themselves along with everyone else? I only care about my own people.

    “Amurricans are the minions of an atheistic materialist society spawned by false Enlightenment ideas that scoff at any notion of transcendence. It should come as no surprise that without a spiritual reference point, the only available route to “holiness” is defined as providing assistance”

    That’s ironic. Jews have played a central role in such a spiritual transformation here in the United States.

    “The Jews also changed America in some profound and not always positive ways. In terms of national identity, Jews were instrumental in the reformulation of America as a universalist society based strictly on ideology rather than on peoplehood, a change that set the stage for mass Third-World immigration and the much more profound redefinition of America as a multicultural society.”

    “Worried about Jewish media? Turn off the damn teevee. Nobody but you makes you surrender your time and energies to that useless device.”

    Worried about cancer? Never go outside, don’t drink anything with sugar, eat only lettuce, never use a mobile phone, avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes, don’t eat fish or meat, do not drink out of plastic bottles, etc. Practical? Not really.

  5. Apuleis

    So you’re saying enlightenment values and not tribalism is what drives the 1000s of Jewish pundits in the US MSM to say mass immigration and multi-culturalism is good for every nation except Israel?

  6. Hugh also agrees to sex only on date-night, her favorite restaurant, and that his mom is an insufferable bitch.

    But lo,

    He is oh so ready to do battle against the Jew! Heil!

  7. The purples are really outing themselves on this thread.

    What’s the favorite purple refrain? “We didn’t do anything.”

    Purple whites trying to help whites haven’t figured out that what works for purples doesn’t work for whites.

    Nice try though. Back to your synagogue study sessions.

  8. “So you’re saying enlightenment values and not tribalism is what drives the 1000s of Jewish pundits in the US MSM to say mass immigration and multi-culturalism is good for every nation except Israel?”

    No but it’s enlightenment values that drives whites to do nothing about it.

  9. Purple reciprocal morality: It’s all their fault.

    That’s very attractive to whites. I’m sure you’re onto something there.

    Did you come up with that while playing dradl?

  10. “How does one take responsibility for that which he did not do?”

    How is NOT admitting what was done NOT avoiding responsibility?

  11. “Whites would do something about it if the 1000s of Jewish media pundits who completely dominate the US MSM dressed like this.”

    So it takes someone dressed like that saying it for whites to determine that an open border, gay marriage and pornography are good things?

    I don’t think you have much respect for whites.

  12. The primary cause of the South’s racial and cultural misfortunes is the existence of the Union, not the Jewish Question.

    Slavery, for example, was destroyed by the Union Army. The mess that followed (black citizenship and civil rights) was imposed on the South by the triumphant Republican Party. It had nothing to do with the Jews.

    In the 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement was imposed on the South by the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court because White racial attitudes in the North had changed during WW2. It had nothing to do with the Jewish population in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma.

    In Birmingham, Jews owned the downtown department stores that were at the center of the 1963 civil rights protests. The Jewish department stores had enforced the local segregation laws for decades and would have continued doing so if it were not for the federal courts, the national media, and the pressure by black activists on the ground like MLK who came to Birmingham because they could count on their friends in high places.

    In the South, the Jews had long been reconciled to slavery, segregation, and white supremacy. If the Confederacy had won its independence, it is doubtful that Southern Jews would have ever challenged, much less succeeded in overthrowing the Southern way of life.

    The real threat to the South has always emanated from the Northeast. The threat was already apparent to the Anti-Federalists at the Constitutional Convention. Jefferson described it as “a fire bell in the night” during the Missouri Crisis.

  13. test,
    Excellent point with the photo. And also if they didn’t change their names so often. I’m thinking the J is synonymous for that lizard that changes his appearance to match the surrounds.

  14. “So you’re saying enlightenment values and not tribalism is what drives the 1000s of Jewish pundits in the US MSM to say mass immigration and multi-culturalism is good for every nation except Israel?”

    No test. I’m saying that the two are so inextricably linked that it is impossible to separate them. The universalist assumptions that undergird Enlightenment values were and continue to be “good for the Jews,” most especially in the sense that they render whites defenseless against hostile alien groups.

    Whatever superstitions about Jewish mind control you care to entertain, they cannot by themselves explain the wholesale adoption of Enlightenment values by western whites. The abolitionist movement stands as a clear example of the limitations of the argument that all our woes are directly traceable to Jewish influence.

    I don’t believe in Jewish supermen any more than I believe in magical negroes.
    The root of the problem is much deeper and far more disturbing.

    If accepting responsibility for our fate requires exempting our own from honest critique, then we are truly doomed. I don’t think the young Frenchies in this video are anti-white because they criticize the French radicals of 1968. FYI this video has been blocked by Jewtube.

    Deo Vindice

  15. “Basically, I don’t see Jews as the primary infection because, if it were not for the existence of the Union, I just don’t see Southern Jews overthrowing slavery, destroying the Confederacy, or rising up to overthrow the Jim Crow system.”

    Even if that is true, there are still several problems with this opinion.

    1.The time that you are referring to was more than a century ago and is not representative of the modern era at all. Who cares about 1861 or 1961? NONE of that matters. Only the current situation does. Currently, Jews play pivotal roles in this “outside” force you speak of: ADL, SPLC (funded by outside donors), Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Hollywood, NBC, CBS, ABC, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Comedy Central (owned by Viacom’s Sumner Redstone – try making the case for secession and see what Jon Stewart says about that), Neocons, etc.

    Jews play a central role in the modern era. Any other opinion is just excuse making. They are not a secondary infection (and even if they are, an infection is still an infection and shouldn’t be ignored). They are a co-infection. If secession is to be achieve, those with power must be successfully challenged and defeated.

    I do not believe that if all Jews disappeared into thin air that everything would be magically okay. I do believe, however, that if their power is weakened, they will be less able to defend the system that oppresses our people. It would make secession a real possibility instead of the pipe dream that it currently is. After all, we were able to secede once but, apparently, not a second time. Why? Well, our opponents control our media and political process this time.

    2. Jews did, in fact, play a central role in the elimination of the Jim Crow system….and so much else.

    3. Jews were probably more cooperative because there were fewer of them at the time. As they’ve increased in number, they’ve increased in power and willingness to use it for their own benefit against their opponents (hence, they support apartheid Israel while also favoring multiculturalism here). It does not matter whether or not they are cooperative here in the South, it only matters that they are antagonistic somewhere – which happens to be outside the South, where most of the media and power is located.

    4. This theory is dangerous. Say that you did get secession. What then?

    Well, some Jews would remain under this theory because, after all, they are only “secondary.”

    They would, in time, manipulate the system to allow more immigration, multiculturalism, etc. Being intelligent, they would also corner the media and condemn anyone who challenged them as “racist” or “anti-semetic.” They would corrupt our political system with campaign contributions and private donations to organizations such as the ADL and SPLC. Our politicians would pander to them to (and their immigrant allies) for money, eventually resulting in a replication of the mess you see now: open borders to weaken the majority, multiculturalism to prevent the masses from unifying against them, a warped foreign policy that favors Israel while providing NO benefit to us (see Canada – are you really going to say that DWLs are behind that foreign policy? Please), an education system that brainwashes the masses, etc.

    In other words, the whole cycle would start over again. They are an important factor in any nation-building consideration. Yankees may have been liberal before the Jews arrived, but the nation was only non-white “multicultural” after they did. That explains the difference between the 1924 and 1965 immigration acts.

    5. Here is a quote from the website you link to:

    “Yankees believed in liberal capitalist democracy and their ideology legitimized the Jewish takeover of their society without a shot being fired. Germany put up more resistance under Hitler because Germans were less committed to liberalism.

    “It’s really that simple: Jews thrive in liberal democracies, under communism, and other systems that substitute abstract ideology for ethnic or religious solidarity.”

    All of the above is likely true, but irrelevant to the current dialogue (it would be relevant only when secession is achieved and designing a new government is in progress). Pointing to the past does nothing to solve the ills of the present. The fact is, these people are now defending the system that deprives you of power. When an antibiotic is given to a patient, it eliminates bacteria in a broad spectrum manner. If you’re suggesting that people selectively combat “liberalism” or “Yankees” then you are going to lose, period.

    Saying that secession from the Union would solve all our problems does NOTHING to actually achieve that end. To actually accomplish that, those with power must be successfully challenged and replaced. Otherwise, it’s just talk – nothing more.

    “It’s really that simple: Jews thrive in liberal democracies, under communism, and other systems that substitute abstract ideology for ethnic or religious solidarity.”

    That’s ironic. Jews invented communism and have played a paramount role in ‘Merica’s effort to spread democracy around the globe.

  16. “The primary cause of the South’s racial and cultural misfortunes is the existence of the Union, not the Jewish Question.”

    …but the primary cause of the Union is the Jewish question. How do you get out of that trap? By pretending that most Hollywood studious, America’s most powerful media organizations (television, internet, newspapers, etc.), and virtually every major think tank, are owned by Ukrainian gentiles?

  17. If there was a genie who could grant me one wish and the choices were 1.) sending all the blacks back to Africa, 2.) every Jew in the South vanishing tomorrow, or 3.) the permanent dissolution of the Union, I would choose the third option without hesitation.

  18. hugh
    “Excellent point with the photo.”

    The thing is whatever other factors are part of this there is one single thing that would outweigh all of them. If Jews were visible to the average White person e.g. if they wore Orthodox dress and everything else was the same then the truth would *scream* at people from their TV screens 24/7.

    “The universalist assumptions that undergird Enlightenment values”

    Are precisely why this wouldn’t be happening if Jews were purple – because it would be obvious enlightenment values were being broken by the hypocrisy of 1000s of Jewish media pundits promoting mass immigration and diversity for everywhere except Israel.

  19. Last time I checked, Germany initiated the hostilities.

    The UK declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939. France did the same.

  20. @Apuleius: “The root of the problem is much deeper and more disturbing.” Population implosion for Whites of European descent with population explosion of Muslims …
    Jews and Muslims still have a viable religion, but Whites generally don’t.
    Your economies will collapse, along with your social safety net. – David Goldman
    I would say that the two world wars and the K.K.K. of the 1920s all indicate a lack of solidarity among Whites. The K.K.K. in the City: 1915-1930 by Kenneth T. Jackson
    Whites are threatened by extinction and it will not be an enjoyable experience for individuals who happen to be White.

  21. Some of my favorite quotes from Karl Marx:

    “It is the circumvention of law that makes the religious Jew a religious Jew.” (Die Deutsche Ideologie, MEGA V, 162)

    “What is the Jew’s foundation in our world? Material necessity, private advantage.

    “What is the object of the Jew’s worship in this world? Usury. What is his worldly god? Money.”

    “Very well then; emancipation from usury and money, that is, from practical, real Judaism, would constitute the emancipation of our time.” (“A World Without Jews,” p. 37)

    “Money is the zealous one God of Israel, beside which no other God may stand. Money degrades all the gods of mankind and turns them into commodities. Money is the universal and self-constituted value set upon all things. It has therefore robbed the whole world, of both nature and man, of its original value. Money is the essence of man’s life and work, which have become alienated from him. This alien monster rules him and he worships it.”

    “The God of the Jews has become secularized and is now a worldly God. The bill of exchange is the Jew’s real God. His God is the illusory bill of exchange.” (“A World Without Jews,” p. 41)

    Interesting, don’t you think?

    Securing the political autonomy of the South is the most important step white Southerners can take to remove themselves from hostile alien influence. It won’t solve all of our problems, but it does give us a more secure base of operation to limit the damage done.

    Deo Vindice

  22. “Until the 1830s the Jewish community of Charleston, South Carolina was the most populous in North America. With the large-scale immigration of Jews from diaspora communities in Germany in the 19th century, they established themselves in many small towns and cities. Immigration of Eastern Ashkenazi Jews, 1880–1914, brought a large, poor, traditional element to New York City. Refugees arrived from diaspora communities in Europe after World War II and, after 1970, from the Soviet Union.”

    Jews became a problem after the War between States.

  23. Crowley
    “Jews became a problem after the War between States.”

    If you don’t consider importing slaves a problem i think that is correct. The culture war to dispossess White Americans only really started with the mass immigration from the 1880s onwards.

  24. I disagree.

    The problem that we have today is exactly the same problem that our ancestors had in 1865 and 1965. Then as now, it was the Northern states pushing America in the more liberal direction, and it was existence of the Union that guaranteed the defeat of the Southern minority.

    John C. Calhoun saw it coming in his Southern Address:

    “Very different would be the circumstances under which emancipation would take place with us. If it should ever be effected, it will be through the agency of the Federal Government, controlled by the dominant power of the Northern States of the Confederacy, against the resistance and struggle of the Southern.

    It can then only be effected by the prostration of the white race; and that would necessarily engender the bitterest feelings of hostility between them and the North. But the reverse would be the case between the blacks of the South and the people of the North. Owing their emancipation to them, they would regard them as friends, guardians, and patrons, and centre, accordingly, all their sympathy in them. The people of the North would not fail to reciprocate and to favor them, instead of the whites.

    Under the influence of such feelings, and impelled by fanaticism and love of power, they would not stop at emancipation. Another step would be taken – to raise them to a political and social equality with their former owners, by giving them the right of voting and holding public offices under the Federal Government. We see the first step toward it in the bill already alluded to – to vest the free blacks and slaves with the right to vote on the question of emancipation in this District.

    But when once raised to an equality, they would become the fast political associates of the North, and acting and voting with them on all questions, and by this political union between them, holding the white race at the south in complete subjection. The blacks, and the profligate whites that might unite with them, would become the principal recipients of federal offices and patronage, and would, in consequence, be raised above the whites of the South in the political and social scale. We would, in a word, change conditions with them – a degradation greater than has ever yet fallen to the lot of a free and enlightened people, and one from which we could not escape, should emancipation take place, (which it certainly will if not prevented), but by fleeing the homes of ourselves and our ancestors, and by abandoning our country to our former slaves, to become the permanent abode of disorder, anarchy, poverty, misery and wretchedness.

    With such a prospect before us, the gravest and most solemn question that ever claimed the attention of a people is presented for your consideration: what is to be done to prevent it? It is a question belonging to you to decide.”

  25. You’d think southern man would retain enough semi-feudal ideals to reflexively support the Royal Air Force of the UK against a Germanic peasant revolt led by an ill-bred scamp. Without even getting into the blood-ties, exhibited on murals dedicated to the CSA throughout Northern Ireland… The language, culture and general affinity for the UK. The strain of sympathy to the German Socialist Workers betrays just how lost in the wilderness some Southrons are.

    Dixie’s blood and cultural ties to the UK do not warrant support for the RAF’s horrific and murderous ruination of one of Europe’s great countries and dozens of Europe’s greatest cities, nor does it warrant support for the UK’s alliance with USSR cutthroats and with our US occupiers. Enough Britons themselves opposed the war to make your suggestion that I am anti-British or disloyal to Dixie’s kindred plainly false. The war ruined England and the rest of the UK, only in a less visible way than it ruined Germany.

    And Poland, a country of no value to the Southron people, wasn’t even liberated at the end of it.

  26. This is such BS. The primary reason people don’t mobilize to change society for the better is they can’t. I wish someone here would address my point.

    The people with STATE POWER — a factor liars like Occigent always omit from the analysis — don’t give people an opportunity to make changes for the better.

    Non-white immigration, for example, is not brought up in elections by the people in power (Jews/ Yankee), the media is terribly biased (Jews) and everybody against immigration either is unelectable or is made out to be unelectable by the people with cultural and political power.

    Enlightenment values and this other bullcrap has nothing to do with it.

  27. 1.) If it were not for the existence of the Union, the ADL, the SPLC, and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society wouldn’t be able to, say, file lawsuits in federal courts to gut Alabama’s HB 56 immigration law.

    2.) Speaking of Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert’s sister recently lost to Mark Sanford in the South Carolina special election in Charleston.

    3.) The national media – CBS, ABC, and NBC – were in the tank for MLK during the Civil Rights Movement, but 95% of Southerners in Congress voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    More recently, the national media was in the tank for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and the overwhelming majority of White Southerners voted against him. The media doesn’t explain why Whites in West Virginia vote exactly the opposite way of Whites in Vermont.

    4.) Yankees had already used their military to impose black majority rule on much of the South decades before the majority of Jews arrived in the United States. There is a book called The Prostrate State: South Carolina Under Negro Government which explains what Yankees are capable of doing without Jews leading them on.

    5.) If the same people who supported abolition and integration and women’s suffrage in the past are supporting gay marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens in the present, it makes sense to point to their track record.

    6.) Were it not for Yankees and their Union, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Immigration Act of 1965 would have never been imposed on the South. The same is true of integrated schools.

    7.) Sure it does.

    The primary problem is the existence of the Union, not the Jews. It’s the Union, not the Jewish population in Alabama, that destroyed slavery and segregation in Alabama, and more recently gutted our immigration law and put Obama in the White House.

    Get rid of the Union and the obnoxious Jews that live here will be powerless.

  28. “If you don’t consider importing slaves a problem i think that is correct. The culture war to dispossess White Americans only really started with the mass immigration from the 1880s onwards.”

    Yes, importing slaves is most definitely a problem. I wasn’t thinking of that. Was the slave trade really only, or even mainly, run by the Jews? But yes, the Jews became a real problem with the import of Eastern Ashkenazi Jews. They were almost to a person blood thirsty communists.

  29. Whites have been selling out whites for Jews, fun and profit since the beginning of time.

    Does this continuous sell out make them less purple to us now, and we therefore less culpable for buying in? Sure, if it makes you feel better.

    But how the denial of this basic fact makes us more able to stop the whites that are selling out other whites in our cities, counties, States, Hollywood and DC, for Jews, fun and profit RIGHT NOW I do not understand.

    How does the denial of history make us more willing to act?

  30. The US federal government is controlled by Jews and white folks with what people here call the Yankee worldview. If you don’t like it, they suppress you. Somebody clear it up for me. How is that the fault of anyone alive right now?

  31. Lew, I didn’t duck your question. I rephrased it.

    So, how is not admitting responsibility for our past not avoiding responsibility for our present?

    To answer your previous question: One takes responsibility for something that happened in the past by admitting it happened so it doesn’t happen again.

  32. The media doesn’t explain why Whites in West Virginia vote exactly the opposite way of Whites in Vermont.

    But surely you recognise the many ways that the Yankee-centric Jewish media have altered Southrons for the worse. The politics and culture of a people are more than about whether they voted for Approved Candidate A or Approved Candidate B.

  33. “The US federal government is controlled by Jews and white folks with what people here call the Yankee worldview. If you don’t like it, they suppress you. Somebody clear it up for me. How is that the fault of anyone alive right now?”

    That is a truly bizarre take. I don’t know. I guess nothing’s our fault.

  34. “The media doesn’t explain why Whites in West Virginia vote exactly the opposite way of Whites in Vermont.”

    True but does it explain why *enough* of the White vote in Sweden, Britain, France, Australia, Vermont etc i.e. everywhere except the American South votes the way it does?

    I agree the American South is a distinct case btw.

  35. The key is the diffrence between Sephardim and Ashkenazim. Both are diseases, but the Ashkenazim are aggressive cancer while the Sephardim are like psoriasis. One destroys, the other just flares up and annoys from time to time.

  36. They have done it by changing the electorate. The Jew-Yankee media criticized the hell out of Alabama in the 1960s, but they only succeeded in pissing off the natives and fueling backlash politics.

    The Voting Rights Act, not the liberal media, is what changed the tone of state politics in Alabama and other Southern states.

  37. The Jewish media seems to hate Yankees just as much as it does Southrons, yet the Yankees continue to idolize their Jewish tormentors. Stockholm Syndrome. Southerners are probably the most patriotic Americans. More Stockholm Syndrome.

  38. crowley
    “Yes, importing slaves is most definitely a problem.”

    I wasn’t criticizing. I have a personal view but politicially it may turn out that the American South being partially vaccinated against PC by the experience of slavery and reconstruction turns out to be critical.

  39. If the Jews in the South vanished tomorrow, nothing much would change here. Every Jew in the Senate would still be there. Every Jew on the Supreme Court would still be there. The vast majority of Jews in the news media and entertainment would still be there. Most Jews in the House would still be there.

    If the Union were dissolved tomorrow, there would be a radical change overnight. 4 out of 5 Jews would be left behind in the United States. There would be no Jews in the Senate. There would be no Jews on the Supreme Court. There would only be a handful of Jews in the House.

    Without the federal courts, it would be open season on every hated federal court ruling and every hated federal law imaginable. The blacks would be instantly deprived of their federal air cover and would be at the mercy of the state legislatures.

  40. Jews play a central role in the modern era. Any other opinion is just excuse making. They are not a secondary infection (and even if they are, an infection is still an infection and shouldn’t be ignored). – Charles Martel

    But there’s the rub. Think of what I said elsewhere, that the secondary infection is like an opportunistic pneumonia (toxic Jewish influence) we caught because of our already weakened immune system. And such weakening was due to the primary infection we had caught centuries before: HIV (Christian universalism), an universalism that eventually developed into AIDS (Enlightenment values, French Revolution, etc).

    Think also of my Sunic quote in the other thread: “The Jews did not drop from the moon”, in the sense that we emancipated them throughout the 19th century—precisely after the West developed AIDS.

    This theory is dangerous. Say that you did get secession. What then? – Charles Martel

    Bicausalism is not dangerous. You will be surprised that I find a little refreshing Linder’s views on final solutions. You can kill every single pneumonia individual bacteria if you want, and still be conscious that the primary cause for the disease was HIV/AIDS.

    Let’s not confuse diagnosis with therapy.

  41. I guess nothing’s our fault.

    Yeah, troll. Because that’s what I said. Nothing is our fault.

    I only have three comments ITT alone clearly putting fault on a subset of whites.

    Are you a human being or a Python script programmed to spam variations of “it’s our fault; Jews are not relevant” over and over again?

  42. Basically, I don’t see Jews as the primary infection because, if it were not for the existence of the Union, I just don’t see Southern Jews overthrowing slavery, destroying the Confederacy, or rising up to overthrow the Jim Crow system.

    Maybe that’s true, I don’t know. But I have my doubts. Look at the history of the Jews in South Africa for a counterexample. Despite the general philo-Semitism of the white population there, and despite the Nationalists being arguably the most pro-Israel government on Earth (until the US claimed that dubious title), South African Jews–almost to a man–were the most implacable foes of apartheid out of all the population groups in the country, even the blacks.

    When Mandela and 18 other ANC terrorists were arrested at Rivonia in 1963, 9 of them were black, 2 Indian and 7 “white”. I put “white” in scare quotes because, naturellement, they were all Jews. And the Jews weren’t just hugely overrepresented among the ANC’s intellectual cadre, but were actual bomb-throwing terrorists like Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Albie Sachs and Denis Goldberg. Another one of these terrorists, Ronnie Kasrils, later went on to become a cabinet minister in the post-apartheid government.

    Jews were also, quelle surprise, dominant in the anti-apartheid liberal media of the era. Jews like Nobel Prize-winning propagandist Nadine Gordimer were instrumental in bringing the opprobrium of the rest of the world down on the white regime. Jews, alone amongst whites, almost universally supported the sanctions that almost brought the South African economy to its knees.

    Helen Suzman, a Jewess representing a largely Jewish district in Johannesburg, was for almost two decades the only anti-apartheid MP in the SA parliament. Powerless at home, her most notable ‘accomplishment’ was successfully trashing her country’s name and reputation in the international community.

    About half of SA’s Jewish population has left the country over the past 40 years. The obvious analogy is rats leaving a sinking ship. But for more than a century before that, dating back to the Kimberley diamond fields of the 1860s and the Randlord era of the 1890s, the Jews of SA were one of the richest and most powerful Jewish populations in the world. Like locusts in a field, they cleaned it out and moved on.

    Whether the Jewish population of the American South would have remained loyal to the Jim Crow system (if in fact they *were* loyal to it) is unknowable. But judging by the South African experience, I wouldn’t bet on it.

  43. Jews are relevant to the extent we’ve failed to sandblast them off our cultural ship.

    But they’re purple, they’re easy to see, and you’re one.

    Now go back to Tan, you fucking troll. Seriously, we don’t need your Unbearable Lightness of Being horseshit here. Go back to playing with the children, ok?

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