Fifty Years Forward: 100 Percent of Homicide Arrests In Birmingham Are Black


Browsing over this list of 25 homicides in Birmingham from January 1 to May 20, 2013, I have determined that of the 15 arrests made so far this year, 100 percent of the suspects are African-American.

  • GonerWithTheWind

    “… 100 percent of the suspects are African Americans.” This is the type of statement that we do not find in MSM. I think that people of White European descent need four things: education about political and economic reality, particularly involving racial and ethnic conflicts; simple and clear plans for actions; optimism, self-discipline, and self-improvement; reawakening of instincts for survival and reproduction.

  • GonerWithTheWind

    There is a proverb: “What’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh.”
    “Cold-blooded murders are frightfully common here. Some kill people in order to be allowed to wear the red tail feathers of a parrot in their hair…” – David Livingstone “The Last Journals of David Livingstone”

  • Erico

    How do we get these parasites to stop procreating, unleashing more parasites for us to support. Ever time I see one of these worthless POSs riding their fat asses around in an electric cart at the grocery store maxing out their food stamp cards, I swear I want to knock it over. 9 out of ten times they head out to the parking lot to get in their suv parked in a handicapped space. Pathetic!!!!
    Yah I’m talkn to you Shanikha and Tyrell. You to lil Ray ray.