Amurrica Series: House Speaker John Boehner’s Daughter Gets Married (Photos)


I’ve never seen a more compelling argument against the “conservative” movement:

Note: This is more damaging than the Richwine purge.

“The daughter of House Speaker John Boehner has tied the knot with her Jamaican-born love in an intimate sunset ceremony set amid a lush Florida garden.

Lindsay Marie Boehner, 35, married construction worker Dominic Lakhan in a flowing white strapless gown that showed off a huge tattoo etched across her arm.

Her 38-year-old groom looked smart in a grey suit with his waist-length dreadlocks on display as he waited for Boehner to walk Lindsay down the aisle at Sundy House in Delray Beach on Friday.

The couple said their vows with the House Speaker looking proudly on – despite the fact Dominic had previously arrested for possessing marijuana. …”


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    Gee, can’t imagine why, LOL!

  2. Wait, Boehner is white? I’d always thought he was of the race Oompa-Loompa.

    History tells us that empires always end in deracination and dissolution.

  3. Most conservatives probably know nothing about this. And if they did, most would not be phased.

    The US is going to be a mongrel country. It is going to be a haven for married queers. It is going to be a country whose presidents will mostly be non-whites. It is and will remain a country firmly in the pliant grip of feminism. It will be a Third World country. It is going to be a country where many more social revolutions will take place, each more radical than the preceding one. There is going to be no “middle American” uprising in this country. It is a country where liberalism is going to triumph totally and comprehensively.

    By 2030 it will not really matter what the demographics are anyway. Non-liberal, non-anti-whites are frankly not smart enough and not savvy enough to head off their inevitable, decisive defeat.

    Maybe two or three centuries hence, a more able group of whites will have the prerequisites and can make a comeback. Maybe. In the meantime, liberal whites and Jews and their non-white allies are going to have their way with the future. I think everyone is cynically aware of this and realizes it. There comes a point when you know a boxer is going down. There comes a point when you know which team is going to win the game. There comes a point when you know which candidate is going to lose.

  4. Nobody. Just putting to words a long time obvious. Are you going to sit there and say you can seriously challenge my conclusions? Anyone? If you can, and I mean for real, I want to see it. I really do.

  5. Virus outbreaks thin the human herd. Multiculturalism is a mind virus. If whites are working together for their common good, having less trash to carry is a plus. From that angle, I look at these stories and see progress. Yes, the white count is going down, but the quality is going up.

  6. Let’s put it in perspective:

    “The US is going to be a mongrel country.”

    – The US has been a mongrel country since day 1, and always will be.

    “It is going to be a haven for married queers.”

    – Well, being a heterosexual myself, I hardly care whether or not to queers want to do something as foolish as become legally married.

    “It is going to be a country who’s presidents will mostly be non-whites.”

    – If that ends up being the case, then the US won’t continue on much further beyond that point, and you Southern nationalists (all dozen of you) will finally get your wish — the US will break up and you can live happily ever after, outnumbered by niggers 10,000 to 1, in your once and newly independent Dixie. Deo Vindice!

    It is and will remain a country firmly in the pliant grip of feminism.”

    – But you just said it will be a haven for same-sex couples! There won’t be any need for feminism then, will there?

    “It will be a Third world country.”

    – *yawn*

    “It is going to be a country where many more social revolutions will take place, each more radical than the preceding one.”

    – America was born out of radical social revolutions. Their part of our way of life. Quit crying.

    “There is going to be no “middle American uprising” in this country. It is a country where liberalism is going to triumph totally and comprehensively.”

    – I think you might be Harold Covington’s dream guy he’s been searching for. Pack your shit in a van, and get your pale ass up there!!! 🙂

    “By 2030 it will not matter what the demographics are anyway.”

    – Why are you dwelling on something so far off into the future, which you have no real control over anyway? People do the best they can each day, to the extent they are able. If that’s not good enough in your eyes, then YOU pick up a rifle and show everyone how it’s done. Until then, have a Coke and a smile.

  7. You know, I have to admit that the vanguard was right about these people. They are beyond redemption. There is zero chance that they are going to “Take Back America” and working through structures controlled by them like the GOP is a waste of time.

  8. “Can anyone seriously think of a more powerful argument against the conservative movement than pointing to that Daily Mail article?”

    I can’t, not right off, but I’m sure one will be supplied by the conservative movement itself in short order; they seem to be reaching crescendo levels regarding this sort of thing.

  9. It would not surprise me in the least if next week a top Republican announced at a SPLC fundraiser that incest with your mother is really a “conservative value.”

  10. Good luck though, I see things as Brutus does. It’s all done, it has been FUBAR for some time. Southern independence was defeated over a hundred and fifty years ago.
    Game the hostile govt., use it’s own weight against it.
    Recognize it for what it is.

  11. Any leaders down in the dirty to speak of?
    I have yet to see one southern man stand up in the public arena.
    No leadership and a population obsessed with nigger sports.
    The current status of the dirty south.

  12. Brief disclaimer;
    I am from the north and am superior to shit kickers from the south. I bathe daily and none of my family are married to their first cousins. 🙂

  13. I’m a Southerner trapped in a New Netherlander’s body. My insurance doesn’t cover the operation. It’s oppression actually, not being cis-regional aka regional-normative is the last socially acceptable form of discrimination one must suffer in silence in our country.

    What fascinates me most is how this British article, like the one posted on this same topic a few weeks back doesn’t pull punches. This gets back to the fact that the old class system made overt social racism unneccessary for the most part. Racism is at its ugliest in horizontal societies where the only difference between low-proles is a few inborn IQ points along with phenotypic markers.

    The fact that in BRA half the population worships Niggers and the other half think they’re satan kind of shows how sick this country is. That’s really not the right view to have of one’s natural inferiors. This social distortion goes back to the first federally supported uppityness that was reconstruction.

  14. The ‘browning’ of BRA is actually its induction into the Golden Circle. I’m not advocating immigration to the Southland but let’s be real folks, the southern whiteman was forged in this fire. He’s been at times an infinitesimal percent of certain deep state populations and thrived all the more. The lack of extreme social programs prevent a full-fledged Lumpen-Aristocracy like we see in the North.

    We are watching the southernization of the North. Boehner is white trash, read his bio and blood will usually out.

    When the social programs scale back in the north the Southern way of life will be vindicated. The Northerner will learn to “crack the whip” or he will suffer the uprising. It’s time to be filibusters again people.

  15. I suppose Europe is also being “southernized” now, as it becomes “browned,” and that the welfare will cease and the whip will crack. Enter the “Golden Circle.” of the Supreme Talmudists and their fellow whites of “the high churches” (the highest being Rome) ruling over all “their natural inferiors” (including the “trash” majority of the white remnant) to “create immense wealth.” Let slaves adore and love such despotism. It is the part of the FREE men to detest and to resist it.

    Regarding the post topic: What a Golden Circle scene! Huge tattoos displayed on her arm, long feminine dreadlocks adorning the male marijuana smoker — the standard bearer of so-called CONSERVATISM “proudly looks on,” evidently approving the revolting miscegeny!

  16. I suppose Europe is also being “southernized” now


    What a Golden Circle scene! Huge tattoos displayed on her arm, long feminine dreadlocks adorning the male marijuana smoker

    Blood will out. When it comes to the basketball colored Boehner-genes: “Better off without’em”.

  17. I wonder if the father disaprove of his daughter marrying a Jamaican . lets supose John Boehner had a fit with his daughter over the phone and became public news:

  18. I have to agree with one of Sean’s statements. Most souther men are obsessed with their nigga sports along with the southern white women.

    Both re is worse than a joke. He is a nightmare.

    I would have disowned my daughter.

  19. Europe MUST become southernized too, if the “Golden-Circle,” elite-supremacist-controlled, mixed multiracial, post-Christian or anti-Christian economy fully encircles the globe.

  20. Golden Circle is not post-Christianity. Golden Circle is European Christian supremacy in the New World. Islamification of Europe is a strike to the root of the Golden Circle idea.

    I can agree to disagree, Mosin but must point out these key points.

  21. Sean “I drops knives in front of federales” Fitzpatrick…

    Never will you live that confession down my son.

  22. The US is steadily turning into Brazil. Not a bad situation if you are a big land owner or
    Within the elite-de-elite.

    I think Hunter ought to do a thorough posting on the history of Brazil and contemporary conditions there.

  23. “Golden Circle is not post-Christianity. Golden Circle is European Christian supremacy in the New World. Islamification of Europe is a strike to the root of the Golden Circle idea.”

    I understand what you mean, but from my perspective, Golden Circle is/was not really explicitly or intentionally Christian (outside the Roman Catholic areas, if one counts Romanism as Christian); there was widespread miscegenation of “lower class” of whites with other races, and considerable Talmudic involvement.

  24. A crude analogy could be that the Golden Circle is like a White Christian Caribbean Caliphate. Yes there was miscegenation. Yes Jews were tolerated because they advanced the society’s goals rather than undermined them.

    Miscegenation and Jews are only threats to decaying societies that have lost their way. Miscegenation is a largely lower-class phenomenon, Jewish power takes shape only when the ruling class has become debauched. A Godly class system keeps the ethnic leaders strong, the lower orders content to attempt social climbing rather than leveling. The Golden Circle is an idea whose time has come, it is objectively ‘true’ an increasingly appealing in a world of rapidly perishing feelgood falsehoods.

  25. I think Hunter ought to do a thorough posting on the history of Brazil and contemporary conditions there.

    False. Hunter needs to come with me to my friend’s villa in D.R. There he can write the great caribbean novel.

  26. Hunter says: You know, I have to admit that the vanguard was right about these people.

    Amen to that!

  27. Brutus,

    I have a challenge to your view.

    Multiculturalism requires growth economy and cheap fuel.

    Can you tell me 2 things for sure:

    1. Multiculturalism can survive on 10 dollar a gallon gas and/or a ruthlessly contracting economy.

    2. There won’t be 10 dollar a gallon gas and/or a ruthlessly contracting economy.

    There’s a slightly better chance that they will keep this rattletrap jalopy of an economy going (a tiny chance) than there is that multiculturalism can survive the end of the Corn Syrup Cornucopia.

    Continued economic contraction will lead to a larger underground economy and smaller centralized corporate economy. Centralized corporate economy needs lots of energy for shipping, for “efficiency” of replacing workers with machines and with long distance transportation. And it needs people to be able to afford to buy their stuff.

    They have been doing 85 billion dollars a MONTH of quantitative easing. that’s the Microsoft fortune, EVERY MONTH. Tell me how much longer this can go on.

    Last Friday’s puddle of steaming guts was a supposed preview of the Fed’s “exit strategy” from its reckless policy of “quantitative easing” or “money” creation (or “liquidity,” if you like). In other words, they supposedly intend to stop juicing the financial markets with fake wealth, i.e. capital not accumulated from real productive activity, but just fictively created on computer hard drives. For the past year they have been doing this to the tune of $85 billion a month, “buying” US Treasury bonds and bills and an assortment of miscellaneous securities (mostly trash that can’t be pawned off on anyone else) through their so-called “primary dealer” bank cohorts, the too-big-to-fail usual suspects, who “earn” hefty transaction fees in the process of conveying all these pixels from Point A to Point B. These interventions are called Permanent Open Market Operations, or PoMo.
    The theory all along has been that this $85 billion a month would seep down to Main Street to provoke spending (increasing the “velocity of money) and therefore “jump start” the economy. The theory has proven itself to be complete horseshit, of course. All it has done is suppress interest rates on bonds, depriving old people of income off their savings by so doing. It also artificially jacked up reckless lending on loans for houses, cars, and college degrees, juiced the share price of stocks, and boosted food prices. Meanwhile, an increasingly former middle class languishes in a purgatory of foreclosure, penury, and desperation. The Fed can’t really do anything to help them. It can only burden them with more easy-credit debt, especially their college-age children. But ours is a financialized economy and finance is too abstruse for most ordinary people to understand, so they just muddle along in a fog of dashed hopes and repossession.
    Lately, though, the financial markets at the heart of the financialized economy — that is, an economy based on buying and selling increasingly dubious “paper” assets rather than on capital formation through producing things of value — are sending distress signals. The aforesaid efforts at economic dial-tweaking have only produced distortions and perversions in the basic functioning of the markets they’re designed to tweak. They pervert the “price discovery” mechanism by dumping “free money” into equity markets. They distort “risk premiums” by steering money out of savings, where it earns less than nothing, into riskier investments subject to the vagaries of everything from weather (commodity markets) to control fraud (bank stocks) to geopolitics (Toyota stock). They debauch market expectations in general by implying permanent artificial life-support. They promote market gaming such as front-running equity prices via high frequency trading on computers, naked shorting (pretending to borrow shares that, in fact, do not exist) and the abuse of futures markets — lately illustrated in the ongoing smash of paper gold and silver contracts, with the side effect of driving yet more money into stock markets. Finally, they undermine the meaning and value of money itself, which is the most dangerous game of all because when people lose confidence in their national currency, nations dissolve in political chaos.
    Despite the aura of control, Fed officials (and casual observers) may sense things spinning out of control. Of course, hyper-fragility is exactly the effect that all the Fed’s own actions would predictably lead to. When you divorce truth from reality, strange things are bound to happen. The Fed ventriloquists who speak through Hilsenrath at The Wall Street Journal suggest they would accomplish their exit from the current $85billion-a-month QE policy in a set of “halting steps” by irregularly dialing down QE issuance month-by-month to fine-tune the results on-the-fly, as markets may require. This is also complete horseshit because they could only accomplish controlled tweakings by somehow signaling their intentions beforehand through some lackey like Hilsenrath. Otherwise, they could not pretend to control the results of their actions. They might as well just throw spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks. Unfortunately, the “halting steps” idea would only provide even more opportunities for selective, complex front-running, shorting, and gaming — which is to say setting up more dangerous behavior with more uncertain and possibly destructive outcomes.

  28. I hear that a lot. I hear the economy is going to collapse and all the liberals and money changers plots with it. Is it? Or is it just being diverted away from a direction that has always in the past mostly benefited regular white people?

    I noticed Rushton in his latest book specifically “does not forecast an economic collapse.” Very interesting, I thought. Why does he think not? Just pulled it out of a rectal database? I think I know why.

  29. “Jews are only threats to decaying societies”

    Jewish heyper-ethnocentrism isn’t a problem.

    Its just that every gentile society that ever existed in the history of the world has been “decaying” for its entire history.

  30. 1. Multiculturalism can survive on 10 dollar a gallon gas and/or a ruthlessly contracting economy.

    2. There won’t be 10 dollar a gallon gas and/or a ruthlessly contracting economy.

    The USA would colonize Saudi Arabia, with Mexicans, if it had to in order to avert financial collapse. The US is not a teetering garrison state. Remember Kievsky, you think the price of food in the US is too low. Also I believe you to be mistaken when you say BRA loses wars. BRA was shopping, remember? The military was/is fighting on heavy rotation and they are obviously held back by BRAmachiavellian shenanigans at home- yet still accomplishing the (shitty) objectives.

  31. *Gross* is all I can say. A well-to-do lady like her could’ve married anyone, but she chose her Carib and squandered her racial inheritance.

  32. Its just that every gentile society that ever existed in the history of the world has been “decaying” for its entire history.

    That’s not true.

  33. No-man,

    Interesting commentary. So you grant that multicult will collapse without a growth economy, but you think that BRA-ZOG will hold on.

    Colonizing Saudi Arabia with Mexicans is an interesting sounding scenario. What you are saying is that the US will throw its weight around even more than it does now. Maximum chutzpah.

    we’ll see.

  34. Brutus,

    Are you talking Philip Rushton, who died last year? He was a psychologist, not an economist. I doubt he made any commentary on the economy. Someone like that is usually a specialist.

  35. Sean wrote

    “You southerners don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in terms of succession, Hunter.”

    Sean, you gormless wallaby, the word you were trying for is spelled differently.

  36. “Did you see the Heimbach video in DC?”

    Hunter et al.

    OT, but I just tried clicking on the Youth For Western Civilization link, and found that the account has been suspended. What gives?

  37. @ Brutus;

    Throw out your cheerios and get a fresh bowl.
    There isn’t going to be an incest promoting SPLC fund raiser.
    There is a law suit against SPLC in the Miami district federal court.
    The SPLC’s lawyer is yelling about my grammar. (Does that mean she’s at the pound the table stage??) 2:13-cv-14126 White V. Southern Poverty Law Center.
    The reason the SPLC targeted me was I found out about their spy in
    The reason I found out (other than a little help from a young white ACTIVIST was I’ve an intel background, sort of.
    Anyway in the course of my SPLC adventures these last half dozen years I’ve found out there are White Elites who are borrowing through the anti-white structural façade.
    The system is going down and these loosely organized White Elites are helping significantly. They’re just not on line talking about it.
    The closest thing to this coalition of White Elites I can find in history is the “July 20th” movement in WWII Germany that nearly assassinated Hitler.
    Not that these WE’s are violent by nature or act. They just see where the Empire is going and are giving it a little push. (John Boehner is not one of these White Elites.)
    But it’s going to be mainly the natural awakening of Whites that is going to do the most to change things. But some White Elites are way ahead of the average white, and they are doing significant things.
    Don’t complain, just give the Empire your own little push.

  38. I may be mistaken about it being Rushdon. It’s the guy who coined the term “super zips.”

  39. @ Melba peachtoast:

    Are you wedded to the idea of Southrons reforming a republic including the Deep South?
    I grew up in Florida and at this point am the only family member in my generation who’s not developed skin cancer.
    I like the idea of a Southron Republic, but why would any one expect the descendents of recent immigrations from Scotland and Germany to do well South of Macon? Three white’s I knew on a first name basis died of skin cancer, at an average age of 41.
    And there is the Negro question. What will you do in a Republic whose population is 30% African and 15% Mexican?

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