Memphis Students: There Will Be Blood



SNN has found an amazing story out of Memphis in 2013: if George Washington Carver High School is consolidated with Booker T. Washington High School, the result could be a bloodbath:

“MEMPHIS, TN ( – Students fear that combining two Memphis high schools will set off a turf war between rival gangs. The Unified School Board wants to merge George Washington Carver High School and Booker T. Washington High School to save money, but some students warn that will put their education, even their lives, at risk.

“The homicide rate is just going to shoot through the air,” said Carver High School Senior Romero Malone….

It’s like putting the Crips and Bloods together in a national convention.”

Note: Memphis is another city like Birmingham that was plunged into decline as a result of the Civil Rights Movement. Future historians will have their hands full sifting through these stories and trying to make sense of why it was allowed to happen.

  • Orthodox

    The opening statement sounding like something from the Onion News Network.

  • John

    By all means merge the two schoo’s.

    The Carvers can cut up the Bookers.

    Love it!

  • J Spruce

    If, big IF, an all white high school protest of city aa in their midst, the fbi, cia,swat teams swarming the building.

  • John


    One of the Honah Stoodints said this:

    “we are tired of people trying to kill our community.”

    I would like to play teacher and correct him:

    “Black people are exhausted by the effort to blame YT for black people killing the black population.”

    I translated his statement into English too:

    “wherein I blame [whites] for the terrible legacy of slavery. Do not send me to a school with a rival gang. I might get shot too. Help me!”

  • RobRoySimmons

    We whites are supposed to care? Why? Folks, whites are born to ask questions, bug folk and god blesses them of course are born to follow a simpler path in life, one of stagnation with perfection just over the rainbow.

    Once the simpler folk fail in evolution, could Memphis be made nice for white people? Can we even ask that question or should we just concentrate our energies on making “perfection” for simple folk?

  • We had a similar situation here. When the East St. Louis district closed the second high school in the district and merged the student bodies into the remaining HS they kept open, people were predicting the worst. Except the worst didn’t happen. The main reason is that real bad Bellcurvius ghetto apples in ESL have already dropped out before they get too far along into high school.

    Yes, there was violence at the new combined ESL Senior HS, but that’s dog-bites-man. There wasn’t any unusually high level of man-bites-dog violence after the merger.

  • Reverend Bacon

    I think that the fiscally responsible people (read: white people in Memphis that are weary of paying for all the freight of the blacks) should position this as a teachable moment. These gangs will learn to get along. Remember, according to the MSM, they are simply “youths.” Youths need guidance and positive examples. So, shove the “youths” together, teach them something about getting along, and the ones who kill each other? Well, more teachable moments for the rest of them. And smaller class sizes, and more savings.

    These “youths” need to sort themselves out before they create the next generation of “youths.” Perhaps they could do mandatory sterilization of anyone caught doing “gang” activity (graffiti, burglary, vandalism, or worse)?

    Regardless, if there’s some “tension” (read: riots), it’s a good thing for the whites who pay for their upkeep.

  • There will also be more blood in Fortaleza, a city which has roughly the same percentage of Whites as Birmingham had in 2000. Sadly, 142 people were killed there in February alone. It’s governed by a socialist. And the streets are not safe. Sound familiar? Same story throughout the former GC region.

  • John

    Is their blood actually blood though? Or just sludge?

  • GonerWithTheWind

    “… Bloods and Crips together in a national convention …” There might a lowest common denominator of all politics. Whenever there is a pile of money, people form a gang to get it. But, the lower members of the gang challenge the higher members, thus forming a challenger gang. For soft drinks, we see the champion brand Coca-Cola versus the challenger brand Pepsi. Bloods and Crips vie for the Afro-violence top brand. Democrats and Republicans vie for the top loot-America brand. Thus history unfolds.

  • Dan Poole

    “Future historians will have their hands full sifting through these stories and trying to make sense of why it was allowed to happen.”

    Naw. They’ll just blame it on raycisssm like they always do. Money and “privilege” followed whites to the suburbs, don’t you know? “Privilege” is why white communities are so safe and black communities are so violent. Just steal all of whitey’s money and give it to darky. Then darky still stop misbehaving. It’s never darky’s fault.


  • IS2013

    The burbs outside of Memphis are leading a ‘de-annexation’ movement-they want out of the shit hole that is Memphis Metro. Cordova is leading the charge and I cannot blame them. I know that many are not familiar with Memphis, but it’s a really bad bad bad place. The city wants to merge the districts into one super district-this is a money grab, plain and simple.

    They are already blacking over the historical monuments and places there-the Confederate parks. The whole town is a disaster.

  • GonerWithTheWind
  • Happy Confederate Memorial Day!

  • J Spruce

    even the aa are under the thumb of the power that be. let them
    work out their own problems.

  • J Spruce


  • This Raleigh lib is complaining that the NC GOP is turning the state into a “deep south” state. Unfortunately, he’s wrong, but its an interesting look inside the southern liberal.

  • YT

    Niggers in school is a waste of a strong back.

  • 313Chris

    Niggers in this country is waste of American soil.

  • Mr. Rational

    Niggers in this country is waste of American soil.

    Fix your grammar; they are a waste of American soil.

    Having seen what they made of a city where my ancestors once dwelt, extermination is merited.

  • 313Chris

    “Fix your grammar”

    Fine — Niggers in this country is are a waste of American soil 🙂

  • oscar the grinch

    Not enough slabery, apparently.

  • Lynda

    A suburb in Cape Town is pioneering a paintball gun approach to the boon wars with residents. I wonder if this could work for schools? Naturally, they have their libtard / whigs speaking out on cruelty and animal rights etc.

    I think it is just a matter of time before the boons get a hold of some paint guns.