50 Years Forward: Flight Delays In Birmingham


OD’s probe into the history of Birmingham since 1963 continues:

“It was during that period that the Birmingham airport began delaying all air traffic for a brief period just before and just after midnight on New Year’s Eve; there were too many stray bullets in the air.”


  1. Any local news show is basically the highlights of BRA (or lowlights as it may be). In 1993 I found myself stranded at a motel in Western Iowa with the Omaha, NE news on the stupidvision and it was as negro infested as Chicago’s newscasts.

    Some superpower ‘Murika is, more like a vendor financed ponzi scheme with an armed security goon squad that forces people to pay into the kitty.

  2. Entries like the above should make every lawful gun-person cringe. The fools who let off “joy-shots” seem not to know, or to forget, or to blank out, that what goes up, must come down. Irresponsible conduct with firearms only puts more coal into the furnace in which the gun-haters want to burn our rights alive.

  3. I agree Robert but then again they are blacks and even the white/jew liberals don’t think much of your everyday ghetto dweller. I’m bombarded by the Chicago news/propaganda broadcasts and when they bring incidents up like these as arguments for gun control even the liberals get shame faced because of the ridiculousness of black social life.

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