1. White wet-noodle liberal revisits the magical land of his youth and finds he just cannot wrap his saintly race-blind mind around the disaster that is modern day South Africa.

    I found myself laughing aloud for real in numerous places, once when he said (with a straight face) to the White farmer who fired a few warning shots against a violent Black mob : “but surely gunfire is never justifiable” (or some similar nonsense), and again when he sat down in eager conversation with Jacob Zuma and essentially asked him if he was corrupt, LOL.

    Good times ­čśë

  2. Could someone define “democracy?”

    Is it at all compatible (and if so, how) with the American constitution and “individual freedom?” Can you have a Warfare-Welfare Statist Fascism (underwritten by communist think-tanked social controls) that is “democratic?”

    Idk—- way too difficult to decipher terms like “democracy” or “democratic”.

  3. Video Title: YT realized too late that YT cannot easily get back from Darkie the things YT handed over in a masochistic red mist, Comrade.

  4. Democracy- Rule of the Mob

    The last step before total anarchy… before death.

    In a line that starts with: Monarchy, Elite Republicanism, Common Man republicanism, democracy, anarchy, death.

    In pagan societies, this is an inevitable cyclical path- France already trod this road, and Edmund Burke analyzed it quite well- Cambria talks about this over on his blog. In European (christian) societies, the only reason for ‘common man republicanism’ is due to the fallacy of the Enlightenment- that ‘all hominids are created equal.’ Hilaire Belloc talked about this descent into the abyss, in his writings, when England was midway between an Elite Republicanism, and the modern “Common Man” republicanism- the latter, only possible and only considered the ‘rights of Man’ if non-White hominids are included in this definition. Which, by itself, is an oxymoron. To be a Man -is to be White. All non-whites are not Adam, by Biblical, historical, educational, penological, soteriological, and racial definition. [fair, ruddy, able to (visibly) blush’- aw-dam, Strong’s concordance, definition of Adam’]

    It would be better if they let the niggers of SA walk around half naked as they used to do before the Boers were displaced, and the English mistakenly sough to ‘edumificate them’ as part of their Enlightenment Empire, and instead, work to no longer consider them human- or let THEM consider themselves our equals. Then, as the animals on two legs they are, they would not elicit the misguided altruism and false pity reserved (rightly) for the Adam of God, by graceless, and deluded Whites.

  5. “Why is South Africa which was once a beacon of hope now the scene of such tragedy?” the narrator asks at the start….DUH,,pretty fucking obvious isn’t it???

  6. Reynauld de Chatillon says:
    May 1, 2013 at 4:04 am

    Nothing worse than a British hypocritical self hating race denier.

    Actually, there is. A South African hypocritical self hating race denier.

    Peter Hain was born in South Africa, and was an anti-Apartheid campaigner, working to bring about precisely the situation he now deplores, before he moved to the UK to help the Labour party stuff up their country, too.

    What a record. Two countries destroyed.

  7. Typical british propaganda of the rest of the world. When will britain answer for their war crimes? Some little wannabe pommie rubbish comes to South Africa and wants answers, because he is such a pompus ass. Live in South Africa, walk a mile in our shoes. Then you can open your mouth and sprout your crap. This country doesn’t have a government, we have a criminal organisation and if you say something against them you and your family WILL become targets. Democracy is the biggest lie ever, I don’t care what country your in. To all the self righteous people out their, come and live in SA, not as the wealthy do, but as the poor to middle class. Then you can open your mouth and tell me how your going to change the world. Even better come and farm in SA, let’s see how long you stay alive.

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