1. According to the NYT and of all people Marco Rubio, the two Chechens acted alone, radicalized over the Internet.


    It never stops does it? A steady iron hard jet of absolute nonsense. Rubio really is a lying piece of shit.

    They are being written up as Angry Alienated Young White Men… As we speak. The level of deception is intolerable. A Cuban is telling us about two Muslim Chechen’s motives, filtered through a largely Jewish controlled press. Crazy times.

  2. Nothing surprising.

    It’s fascinating that you have two mountain men moved to the goddamn hub of cosmopolitan East Coast, American academia.

    They went berserk, well, no one could have anticipated this…

  3. somebody has to say it

    this blog has gone to shit

    I’ll continue to read what Hunter says, but the comments are complete shit.

  4. No one has mention the dead terrorist and the mud shark who sire his muzzy nose. She was subjugated to his religion and probably beaten her to wear a burka.She dropped out of college for work to support her worthless critter. Even if she did called the police of abuse. unPC.

  5. They get to stay here for 10 years, obey the law, work and pay taxes and receive resident status. And then add another 10 mil of their relatives south of the border who will be granted resident status also.

  6. “Third, House Speaker John Boehner’s daughter is about to get married to this Jamaican negro”

    Never allow your daughter on banana islands.

  7. The Gang of Ten….. except for the 2 male terrorists, there’s about as much testosterone in that group as in the Red Hat Society.

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