50 Years Forward: Jews, Birmingham, and Civil Rights


Al.com has an article on Birmingham, the Jewish Question, and the Civil Rights Movement:

“The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. relied heavily on Jewish supporters, including one of his closest advisers, Stanley Levison, who took part in planning sessions for the Birmingham demonstrations. …

During the Selma march on March 22, 1965, hundreds of black marchers wore yarmulkes, Jewish skullcaps, in honor of rabbis who took part in the march from Selma to Montgomery. King asked Abraham Heschel of the Jewish Theological Seminary to take a position of honor at the head of the marchers. Five rabbis who were arrested held Sabbath services in the Selma Jail, according to archives of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.”

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  1. @ Hunter:

    I don’t think this Jew & Negro alliance was unique to Alabama. In most cities in the USA of any size the Jews helped the Blacks drive the White people out, and into the suburbs.

    What did the Jews have to gain? Well they were able to buy up distressed property from White owners for cents on the dollar. Property that the Jews could never have gotten there hands on otherwise for less than top dollar.

    In the North & cities where you have a large Catholic population, the Catholic church aided the Jew & Black alliance and became part of it. I’m sure you all remember reading about the radical priests? Not that the Catholics were doing it for money like the Jews, but, Catholic real estate speculators did benefit too.

    The loser were the White Protestants, who often had to leave very nice homes in the city to flee to so-so suburban tract housing.

  2. The Jews started the NAACP. Most of those “catholics” were Jews who “converted” to the Catholic Church. All of the Slave Ships that brought negroes to Europe and America were owned or financed by Jews. Jews definitely started the practice of “Block-busting” that moved blacks into White Ethnic Communities to drive Whites out. All of the New Suburban Housing Projects were started by the Jews like Levittown.
    Its All about Jews! Not Yankees or Liberals or Abolitionists; no its Jews!
    Know your Enemy or you don’t stand a Chance!!!

  3. Martin Luther King was a Communist. He was a Gramacian Leninist change-agent.

    Which brings me to the question: which ethnicity created the Communist ideology?

    Hint. “Some call it Communism; I call it Judaism”. Rabbi Stephen Wise.

  4. Its All about Jews! Not Yankees or Liberals or Abolitionists; no its Jews!

    Only if most Yankees are crypto-Jews.

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