Tales From Detroit: The D Collapses


I haven’t laughed so hard all year:

“For it is in the ruins of Detroit, which black people have been custodians of since 1973, and in the news of the financial collapse of the city today that any belief in racial equality dies. More so than the Apollo Space Mission proved what white individuals can collectively accomplish when the state sets a course of action.

For Detroit is a reminder of what black individuals can collectively accomplish when the state (the city of Detroit) sets a course of action emboldened by black power…”

If something can’t go on forever, it will stop … eventually. So it was with the long delayed financial collapse of America’s Black Metropolis.

Fox 2 News Headlines

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  1. It looks very much like Rick Snyder will be appointing an emergency manager to the city, which basically renders the mayor and criminal nigger city council completely impotent. Word is, the niggers are threatening a “1967 riot”. I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

  2. I am not laughing, I am pissed.

    Pissed because I KNOW is some way or other, the government’s just going to bail them out, either through congressional action of some kind, or another “stealth” bailout using printed money from the Fed. Maybe the Fed will let Detroit issue all of the Muni bonds they want, and just directly monetize the bonds, like they currently do with treasuries.

    White workers will just be screwed again.

  3. My guess is that the jew run FED wealth stripping operation is putting blacks way down the list of who to help by printing money. IMO blacks are all but going to have to threaten and start actually burning the country down before they get their money printing from the Shlockowitzes.

    Here in Illinois our resident jewish mayor just put the blacks on charity, saying that the private sector is going to have to pitch in to help the black holes of black graft. So unless there is some back door gooberment slushfunds he just told them to go pound sand.

  4. A good motto for Southern nationalists: “We’ve never been concerned about upsetting black people. We’d rather not, but we’re not going to back away from something we know is right just to please blacks. We refuse in Dixie to kiss their behinds”.

  5. Blacks simply can not sustain themselves in any venue outside a sparsely populated, game-rich savannah. In the absence of western charity, they would exist in fractions of their present numbers. But gripped as we are in the psychosis of out-group altruism, we will not practice neglect (preferably malign). And so will it be with Detroit. As predicted above, expect a muni bond float that will be generously subscribed by the FRB using quantitatively eased dollars. And the strip mining of our wealth continues.

    I suppose the last white man on earth will spend his denouement feverishly contemplating how to keep alive the billions of wretched africans braying for his blood.

  6. I suppose the last white man on earth will spend his denouement feverishly contemplating how to keep alive the billions of wretched africans braying for his blood.

    The End of History and The Last White Man, lol.

    It’s unreal what pathetic niggerlovers whites have become. Even if their niggerloving faltered I bet I could reignite it with a comment like, Bah, niggers are worthless pieces of black monkeyshit and watch delusional whites, choking with anger, trip over themselves to save, uplift and restore the noble black race to its position of ‘natural equality’ (lmao).

  7. If there were two whites left and one said

    “hey these coons are a plague”

    The other white would say:

    “seek help you madman and I pray for your evil soul.”

  8. It would be funny, if it were not so sad, to see the establishment blame this on everything but the most obvious reason. Republitards too, I chuckle every time they bitch about the “welfare” society ruining Detroit. Always followed up with calling it a Democrat plantation, like that’s going to cause black to come running to the Republitard registration offices.
    It reminds me of that Economist article several months ago. They were all scratching their heads about what was wrong with South Africa when the answer was right on the front cover.

  9. You guys make me laugh. You talk a lot of “trash” on this site. You wanna do something great for the white race then go out and have some kids. Have more than two kids with your flat bottom spouse and procreate. C’mon get off the coach in your mom’s mobile home, stop posting and strart multiplying.

  10. I interviewed David Bing a year ago in his office. I can tell you that there’s not a very bright light behind that big b-ball forehead.

    I am so sick of african American niggers. Right now on Comedy Central there’s some foul-mouthed nigger going on and on about bitch nigger this and bitch ass nigger that.

    Every time I turn on the tv there’s some button-ed up african humiliating a white woman who is bewitched by the black, while some ugly, creepy white fink saunters up in the background.

    The more I learn the truth the more bitter and jaded I become. The layers are thick, and though impenetrable for the majority of people with <90 or so IQs, for even dim-witted and thoroughly brainwashed whites there is a chance that things could turn around, and that once day it could be common knowledge that films like "Beverly Hills Cop" (which just aired on CC) for example were always and are 100% Jew-fest anti-white negro-uplift smear campaigns.

    Seriously, something's gotta give, at some point.


  11. David Bing is a nice old man. I don’t dislike him. He’s a well-tempered fellow, and would be well suited to sitting on the end of a dock catching catfish all day, but come on, he isn’t capable of running a lemonade stand, let alone a city.

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