Black History Month 2013: The Dead Heart of Africa


Al-Jazerra investigates 50 years of independence in Chad:

Note: Chad ranks 183 out of 187 countries on the U.N. Human Development Index. It also ranks 167 out of 174 countries in corruption.

The history of Chad since independence in 1960 can be summed up as a series of dictatorships, military coups, religious and civil wars, famines, more wars with neighboring countries, and finally Chinese neocolonial exploitation of its oil resources.

In the video below, there is some talk about how Chad suffers from the “resource curse.” The diamonds in the Central African Republic, Angola, and Sierra Leone are also commonly cited as examples of the “resource curse.”

Isn’t it strange how Australia and Norway don’t seem to be suffering from the “resource curse” in spite of being similarly endowed with diamond mines and oil reserves?

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    Resource curse…how droll. These poor drones would swim to the bottom of the Marianas Trench looking for any explanation but the obvious one.

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    I often read your blog without commenting, you do great work here. Please please please check out this crap going on Memphis with them renaming historical places to suit their own agendas.

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    No one really cares about groes, most of them would take a pill if it would turn them white and most DWLs wouldn’t lose a moments sleep if they all disappeared to Louies space ship.

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    South Africa mourns gang-rape victim – Brutal gang-rape and murder of 17-year-old woman stirs soul searching in country with world’s highest reported rape.

    If one can’t build a stable home or stable community, then one can’t build a stable and an advanced country, and this is why Africa has always been and will always be a shit hole.