How The South Will Rise Again


In Forbes, demographer Joel Kotkin sees the Sunbelt South becoming even more dominant in economic power as the “new breed of carpetbaggers” flee the high tax, sluggish growth Blue States of the North and West:

“Perhaps the most persuasive evidence is the strong and persistent inflow of Americans to the South. The South still attracts the most domestic migrants of any U.S. region. Last year, it boasted six of the top eight states in terms of net domestic migration — Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. Texas and Florida alone gained 250,000 net migrants. The top four losers were deep blue New York, Illinois, New Jersey and California….

These trends suggest that the South will expand its dominance as the nation’s most populous region. In the 1950s, the South, the Northeast and the Midwest each had about the same number of people. Today the region is almost as populous as the Northeast and the Midwest combined.

Why are people moving to what the media tends to see as a backwater? In part, it’s because economic growth in the South has outpaced the rest of the country for a generation and the area now constitutes by far the largest economic region in the country …”

Note: In my view, this raises the obvious question: why not independence? Why should the South be governed by a non-Southern majority of declining Blue States that are hostile toward our cultural values and economic development?

I can’t see this being a fortuitous development either if the influx of transplants just ends up recreating Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina in the image of Blue States like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. Maybe their children will grow up as Southerners though like the children of European immigrants who assimilated into the dominant Yankee culture of the Northeast?

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  1. “Then we can predict how quickly it becomes a failed state with most people begging for their US citizenship back. ”

    As an anti-White, living in an anti-White country, the economy of a Pro White country would be none of your concern.

  2. @Anti-Whites done be Evil

    I say boo to the State to enforce such a thing, it is better to put it upon the people’s shoulders than give it to the State. Boo the State, yay the Whites(some of them at least) and boo to the nay Sayers. Also yay Nigger Month yipee! I have Great Expectations Huntsky. No not the book by Charles Dickens.

  3. Is anyone familiar with Arizona’s current demographic trends? I was surprised how they’ve come out harshly against illegal immigration, not due to the realities of the problem, but because I assumed their demographics were similar to Democrat and pro-open border New Mexico. It’d be interesting to see if Arizona is getting more white immigrants because of their policy.

    Issues worth considering: a ban on abortion, if your state doesn’t already have it. Active deportation of illegal immigrants. Ban on sodomy and sodomite propaganda organizations (like the Russian law). Put that flag back up over the statehouse! This will drive out the yankees you don’t want, and pull in those you do want.

  4. But are these ”new carpetbaggers” just working people looking for a place with more jobs, for instance Texas or other oil-boom areas? Or are they immigrants who are always mobile, looking for the best pickings in employment or handouts? We can’t assume that it’s all business owners migrating.

    And I’m really confused, Hunter: do people really change their character by moving to a new locale? Did millions of early ethnic European immigrants to New England give up their French, Irish, Portuguese and Italian character to assume the ‘Yankee liberal” culture? It’s always been my belief that genetics can’t be overwritten by ‘culture’, especially if the adopted culture is different from that of the immigrant’s origins. Ethnic Europeans had very little in common with New England Anglo-Saxons. Same with Northern transplants to the South in our day. If they really are a different people, as has been the meme here on this blog, then can they become Southrons, even by intermarrying?
    So then is the South a proposition nation? Is it really all about culture and attitudes, not genetics?

  5. The Man From Mars says:
    February 1, 2013 at 6:49 am

    White anti-Whites have done a lot of harm to all White countries and in the future we will treat them, just like the Idiots and Retards, that speed and crash their cars into innocents, or the clowns that insist on driving while drunk.

    Witless Idiots will always be with us, even after session. We have to plan for that.

  6. The economy of every country is a concern to me. Just like pro-white commenters here probably know more about African countries and their economies than almost everybody else. We’ll see that again in this current Black History Month I’m sure. Endless discussions about the price of bread in Nigeria when you could be doing real activism for southern independence. Fine with me.

  7. Africa has half of the world’s natural resources and half of the world’s most productive farmland and still, they can’t feed themselves, even with all the loans and free aid we give them.

    Whites are a world minority, we allow Black people to live with us as a minority and we even made one of them our President.

    There is nothing more we can do for Black people.

  8. Whites are the only RACE on Earth, that is not allowed communities or countries of our own.

    It is time for Whites to look after our own interests once again.

  9. Open your eyes Hunters, yankees rarely assimilate. Which is why here in NC we have the lost counties.

    Once again some yankee tries to pin their shameful actions on jews, talk about escape goating

  10. Ps, our negro and mexican problem are directly related to our yankee problem; negros were never a problem until the damnyankee decided to make them a problem and no one can address the mexican issue in the way we would prefer because of the Yankee, liberal, west coast voting block

  11. Tax the ‘Damn Yankees’ whenever they are anti-White. If they won’t stop misbehaving, then keep on taxing them. A destitute White anti-White, will be no threat to anyone.

  12. Even if you had a punishment code for yankee behavior( & there should be one) they are still a foreign people and do not belong in the South

  13. Well that is the thing, if they won’t change, they will leave on their own accord, because the punishing fines, will make it impossible for them to remain.

    Their behavior is already criminal, according to the letter of international law, but that law has no meaning, until someone starts to enforcing it. Pro White nations should be the first to start enforcing it.

  14. @ Sean says:
    I’d bet the IQ difference between wetbacks and southrons is not very substantial…”

    Why do you even say things s/a this? It just exposes that you are probably a Victim of Propaganda—and got everything you know from public schools or msm and hollywood movies. Also, why do you have no sympathy for what was down to the south (in terms of rape and starvation, during war on American civilians, burning them out of their homes and so on?) Why would you have sympathy for indians and others (for being put off land but not Americans?)

    Seriously, who told you to hate the south? And how do they benefit? And why did you, personally, just jump on the bandwagon?

  15. HW—

    Am curious. Do you have any family actually in the south before the WBTS?
    And anyone who fought for the Confederacy?

  16. PGRT—

    Did you grow up lower middle class (like the child of school teachers, either military or socializing professions?) Just curious. Those people seem to have gotten the worst dose of it, since they are in families who decided to make their money by “selling the message” (i.e., doing “peace keeping missions,” or getting public school paychecks). The teachers, in particular, think they are “smart.” In reality, plenty of smart people are innovators, creators.

    Seriously. Did you come from a public paycheck family?

  17. The “new south” has, as a base, the people who were socialized under FDR. Europeans who came in masse, never having been outside of the Welfare-Warfare or other feudal structures. Now, they tell the Generational Americans they are the “smart ones,” (generational americans are, increasingly, called all the names previously applied to the southerners.)

    It’s a Usury State.

    The “new south” looks REALLY good right now (the houses are all so shiny and new!—if “cookie cutter” with cheap landscaping). And the people are happy (they just got out of little tenement flats, often smelling of the chinese restaurant below them… and EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP in the south!— they can buy a McMansion—“the American Dream!” (to their base materialist minds). Besides, they know all about rednecks from t.v.—so they are a great moral force now!

    But EVERYTHING has to be gotten ever cheaper (for the yankee) and nothing is gotten from created wealth (but only usury and debt)—- and so it’s the “mexicans before the mexicans.”

    Already it looks like New Jersey before New Jersey went bad. (Suburban NJ used to be pretty; many very nice little towns; Just like other suburban NY areas).

    Because it still looks pretty— no one can see why it is just another Detroit (due to how it will progress, b/c of how it was taken)

  18. I’m not pro White in the same sense, Anti-. I am pro Southron Whites. And by that I mean long term, your family fought the damnyankees Southron. No one else belongs in the South, all other Whites change our traditions and culture. Other Whites should fix their shit and not fuck up ours

    yankees hate us DG, probably because their own track record is so piss poor. that’s the why of it and all that matters on the topic.

  19. @stonelifter

    I understand where you are coming from. I am not for a global super state of Whites, because under the White banner, there are different subgroups of Whites and I want to preserve that heritage.

    For example, I don’t want to see random Whites from Europe, flooding into Iceland, because that would destroy their unique Icelandic quality. Even though I am not Icelandic, I will still help the Pro White Icelanders keep their country White.

    Whites are being attacked all over the world and it has nothing to do with being Southern, German, Boer, or Imperial British.

    We are being attacked because we are White.

  20. “yankees hate us DG, probably because their own track record is so piss poor. “

    I don’t hate Southerners and there is not a damn thing wrong with any of my “shit” as you so charmingly put it. And the track record of my ancestors is one of hard and honest work. I also wouldn’t move down South because with the exception of the Appalachian Mountains the climate is piss poor hot and humid, and the place is full of niggers. Give me the Pacific Coast and the wide open spaces of the West (along with Kentucky Bourbon.)

  21. dixiegirl, you are partially right; in my mother’s family we have been in the education industry for three generations now. My father and his family are from a lower middle-class business background though; he is very pro-black though even moreso than my mom because he played basketball and became friends with them.

  22. PGRT—- Marx said that HOW YOU GET money (not how much you have) defines class. Can you at least connect HOW YOU GET money generationally, working for the existing system in the teaching industry— and your anti-white attitudes? By preaching global-race-traitorism you get FOOD.

    Try to step back from that SD (State Dependent) paycheck for a change. Economism is just one way to frame what life could be. Money isn’t everything.

  23. It’s good to be reminded again of the very slow growth, almost non-growth, in OUR state, and that more of the rootless cosmopolitan “NET” people are moving south, taking their money and bad influence with them.

  24. Dixiegirl, I do understand. The problem of economism has been called by lots of other names, and I agree with you about it more than most on this site, who honestly think that the most important thing about having a more white country will be that they will be richer. I do honestly think though that we are better off culturally in a multiracial diverse society. I also recognize that I am in a culture of career educators which will be severely damaged not just economically, but also socially and culturally, and perhaps even in danger of our lives, if the current system ends.

  25. “so you stand by your peoples decision to arm negros and kill Southron Whites to collect tariff money?”

    My people don’t want anything to do with Negroes and don’t give a big rat’s ass about taxing anybody. I’d have half a mind to go down South and help fight the feds if you all decide to resist first.

  26. Buffalonians — Detroiters long lost cousins across Lake Erie. Hang in there, guys. “Don’t give up the the ship!” 🙂

  27. @ “…I do honestly think though that we are better off culturally in a multiracial diverse society. I also recognize that I am in a culture of career educators which will be severely damaged not just economically, but also socially and culturally, and perhaps even in danger of our lives, if the current system ends….”

    You sound more honest than most. Perhaps if you were not so strident in imposing multi-racialism (on one group and only one), you would not be such a polarizing influence, which is why you feel potentially “endangered.”

    Can you understand that whites (who identify themselves as white) might feel “endangered” also?

    And are you saying you want them “bred out?” Knowing that the “multiculturalism” (multi-racialism) which is applied only to them, will mean “diversity” only in countries they once inhabited (with Asians even having many countries committed to their unique type of Asian-ness, for instance—Koreans, Chinese, (even sub-groups areas of that), Japanese, all very uniquely different.) Same in Africa.

    So, you are saying you want europeans (and their main sub-groups) as such, to cease to exist? Right?

  28. @ PGRT
    “…..lower middle-class business background though; he is very pro-black though even moreso than my mom because he played basketball and became friends with them….”

    Was he union affiliated? (It’s not a criticism, just asking)

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  31. Dixiegirl, my father wasn’t usually in a union but my grandfather and great-grandfather were. I expect that eventually many countries will become multiracial, including many of the Asian ones people seem to envy so much here. Whites will always exist, but they will need to learn to live alongside others, and this will happen because most people will have multiracial people in their family. In fact about half of my family is multiracial because of some of my aunts and cousins marrying outside the race. That’s my other big problem with white-centered thinking at a personal level.

  32. P.G.R.T., you need to master “the lessons we have learned” noted in my comments on the Timbuktu thread. It’s all very simple here.

  33. PGRT—- you’re personally invested. Your family got a generational paycheck for preaching multi-cult (to white kids in traditionally white countries). And you “stood by your principles” and became a large intermix family.

    Fine. But don’t you see a double-standard in insisting that this existence (of your family) be extended to all whites.

    Also, WHY ON EARTH would you think that China or Japan intends to become an Asian version of multi cult.

    You are very naive, sounds like.

  34. @ PGRT— at the exact time your family was to become ‘blended,’ Africa has been appropriating white farms, like in S.A. So, diversity only pertained to you.

  35. It is the white race’s fault for colonization of the world to an unprecedented level, and they don’t belong in Africa after the brutal apartheid system; people on this site will claim it wasn’t so bad, but I’ve read enough about it and it really was evil. The American continents have been racially mixed since the Age of Exploration and have been built by all races. They belong to no race. I would have no problem with Europe being a white-centered continent and scaling back immigration, but I have no interest in fighting for it either.

  36. Proud Nitwit,

    You do a good job of covering it up, but I bet the sort of racial realism you find on sites like this eats away at you deep inside. At some level you’re aware of the emptiness of your multiracialist blather and that’s why you can’t resist returning here.

    Your father sounds like a real piece of shit. I’m sorry for being so blunt. No one wants to hear his father talked about so harshly. But the amount of raw delusion it takes to think anything good at all could come from loosing wild nigger apes on society makes people like your father the scum of the earth. I would literally piss on him if I could — indeed, I’d drown him in piss.

  37. Proud Globalist Race Traitor says:
    February 3, 2013 at 7:56 am
    “It is the white race’s fault for colonization of the world to an unprecedented level”

    Oh ho! Now you are justifying GENOCIDE against White children, using “History” as as excuse.

    Only a few years ago, these anti-Whites were denying RACE even exists.

    Now they are identifying Whites as a RACIAL group and they are not denying they are involved in our GENOCIDE, they are JUSTIFYING our GENOCIDE… in PUBLIC.

    You wouldn’t need to JUSTIFY GENOCIDE, unless you are committing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  38. PGRT is the natural extension of yankee thinking since the 1840’s or so and another reason the South must secede to survive

  39. stonelifter says:
    February 3, 2013 at 12:38 pm
    “PGRT is the natural extension of yankee thinking since the 1840?s or so and another reason the South must secede to survive”

    I think we can get people just like this guy.

    I am wondering if we can go after anti-Whites at the local level.

    Can local government issue them fines when they do this? We are always suggesting Whites run for small government. Now I am wondering, what can we do in regards to anti-Whites, at the small government level?

  40. There was virtually nothing in SA before the Dutch landed.

    Just hunter gatherers, who were largely left alone to hunt and gather. The white population was so small and dispersed that the San were intermingled with the Boers as family.

    The problem with SA is the Bantu. These locusts ought to wiped out. They have ruined a lovely place augmenting one of the most beautiful places on earth with nothing but shit.

  41. Fines are bullshit, and the could keep things tied up in courts cor years. I think we should ignore BRA and all its laws. We should adopt some version of outlaw kinism, where we do what is right for our people, break laws wherever needed and never vote to convict Whites for political actions when on jury duty.

    With that said, I’d rather see a resurgence of night riders

    Some here might enjoy reading this ( once you get past a couple sentences of jew worship)

  42. Proud Globalist Race Traitor says:
    It is the white race’s fault for colonization of the world to an unprecedented level, and they don’t belong in Africa after the brutal apartheid system…”

    If I showed you historical evidence of Indians wiping out a whole branch of my family, you would just say the Indians were justified, b/c the white people (us) just should not have been trying to carve out an area for a fort in Appalachia.

    But if I say the English should immediately genocide all immigrants to England, you will say they are evil and that is not justified.

    This is how you expose that you’re simply interested in getting rid of the white people and not others. You say “europe could be white” (even if you “would not fight for it”) only because you know the PTB do not see that future for it (and so it’s a safe moral argument, like the “moral” middle class blathering on about anti-abortion—right up until their own 15 yo is pregnant by the wrong boy).

    You’ve taken the safe road. The road that pays. Don’t you ever wonder what else could be? How it might feel to be freer?

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