How The South Will Rise Again


In Forbes, demographer Joel Kotkin sees the Sunbelt South becoming even more dominant in economic power as the “new breed of carpetbaggers” flee the high tax, sluggish growth Blue States of the North and West:

“Perhaps the most persuasive evidence is the strong and persistent inflow of Americans to the South. The South still attracts the most domestic migrants of any U.S. region. Last year, it boasted six of the top eight states in terms of net domestic migration — Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. Texas and Florida alone gained 250,000 net migrants. The top four losers were deep blue New York, Illinois, New Jersey and California….

These trends suggest that the South will expand its dominance as the nation’s most populous region. In the 1950s, the South, the Northeast and the Midwest each had about the same number of people. Today the region is almost as populous as the Northeast and the Midwest combined.

Why are people moving to what the media tends to see as a backwater? In part, it’s because economic growth in the South has outpaced the rest of the country for a generation and the area now constitutes by far the largest economic region in the country …”

Note: In my view, this raises the obvious question: why not independence? Why should the South be governed by a non-Southern majority of declining Blue States that are hostile toward our cultural values and economic development?

I can’t see this being a fortuitous development either if the influx of transplants just ends up recreating Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina in the image of Blue States like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. Maybe their children will grow up as Southerners though like the children of European immigrants who assimilated into the dominant Yankee culture of the Northeast?

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  1. It is a big risk. I’d rather not have them here to be honest. I have seen what they do when they move. The Yankee-Judean does not assimilate very well in Southern culture.

    I don’t think this is a very good development. Economic power is not helpful if our culture is destroyed in the process. Secession is even more urgent to stop this process.

  2. Like David Tate says–The Cause Will Never Die!! To me Pastor Dewey Buddy Tucker had best idea of a South Movement—in the 70s…He had the National Emancipation of White Seed (NEWS) with the NEWS FLAG with Rebel Flag with four symbols of White Israel–The Ox, The Man. The Lion and the Eagle with Battle Ax News publication. Tuckers Church, Temple Memorial in Knoxville was bombed and Tucker put in Springfield Fed Prison. Richard Butler and Neuman Britton were members and also Beckwith a Minister of News. Aryan Nations came after News….A good article to read is SEVEN THOUSAND DID NOT BOW A MESSAGE ABOUT GODS HIDDEN REMNANT by David Wilkerson. In Eilijahs day only 7000 White Israel Men who believed in Yahweh. The same today—in the world….

  3. “Maybe their children will grow up as Southerners like the children of European immigrants who assimilated into the Yankee culture of the Northeast?”

    Surely, you’re old enough to know better than that. These aren’t European immigrants and this isn’t the 19th century. Carpetbaggers, indeed. On steroids; bred, born, and raised on liberal/ progressive ideology, entitlement, and guttier than we’ve ever dreamed possible. That *could* be our undoing.

    What’s the point of seceding if we fling open the doors and let them move in with us?

  4. The current racial demographic in the south will be ancient history in just a few years.The current/ongoing demographic slide will permanetly change the south

  5. “What’s the point of seceding if we fling open the doors and let them move in with us?”

    We have to make being anti-White, in a Pro White country, illegal and subject to heavy fines.

    If we don’t make life miserable for anti-Whites, they will return to power and secession will be in vain.

  6. For instance, every time ‘Proud Globalist Race Traitor’ says something anti-White’ he gets a fine.

    It will be just like issuing speeding tickets.

    If he can’t shut his anti-White mouth, eventually he will make himself destitute.

    That is how you deal with anti-Whites, in a Pro White country.

  7. I can’t see this being a fortuitous development either if the influx of transplants just ends up recreating Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina in the image of Blue States like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.

    The influx of transplants are the least of your problems, Hunter. Near the end of that article, Joel Kotkin (who always has lots of interesting facts and figures BTW) tells us what’s *really* driving population growth in the South:

    Rather than some comic-book version of a sleepy old south, the South’s dynamic metropolitan regions — not surprisingly, among the nation’s fastest growing — represent the real future of the region. They are becoming more diverse in every way. Houston and Dallas are already immigrant hotbeds; Nashville. Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh and Orlando all have among the nation’s fastest-growing foreign populations.

    Ya hear that, Southrons? Y’all have the fastest growing population of furriners. Lucky you. So while the South’s fast-growing economy is all well and good, I guess every silver lining has it’s cloud.

  8. Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia will all be blue states in four years.
    Time to learn some Spanish, fellas.

  9. The south is not going to rise. What we are seeing now is its final days. It will be unrecognizable in just a few years when amnesty really gets rolling.

  10. It can’t be preserved without secession or some type of constant cultural aggression. People from New Hampshire hate Massholes moving into their state. They’re trying to pass an income and sales tax, in a state that historically had neither. Californians do the same when they move to Colorado, Washington, etc. There’s no way to stop this unless people understand they they are the foreigner and they need to assimilate into the existing culture or maintain a separate minority identity.

  11. The last thing we need is more damnyankees and I mean the last thing. Any of the Biblical plagues would do us less harm

  12. I wonder if any of those factors considered by the demographer, who considered all apparently, account for the lower average IQ of the browns that are moving in.

    Maybe in a few more decades it will be safe enough for social scientists to put a race variable into their models.

  13. ” this raises the obvious question: why not independence?”

    There are not going to be any straight secession conventions like 150 years ago. There will be a long drawn out combination of nullification of federal edicts at the state, county and personal levels and selective federal crackdowns at same and sporadic armed resistance in reaction all combined with massive civil disorder in the cities and federalization of state National Guards all precipitated by collapse of the dollar and the economy. In other words a discontinuous and geographically dispersed increase in political chaos and social cohesion.

    We just entered a new phase of the recession as reported even by the governments own cooked numbers. It could start tomorrow with a collapse of the dollar or in five years more of economic depression.

    Even with a universal draft (which will be widely and wildly opposed) I don’t think the feds can keep the road, rail, farming, mining, manufacturing, and utility infrastructure fully defended. There simply aren’t enough police and troops available to keep every freeway and railroad overpass and bridge, every high tension line tower, and every power substation in the country guarded on a 24/7 basis.

    De facto secession and maintenance of law and order will occur when every able bodied man 16 years and older in any given state or region is on the same page and in the local militia; just as the founders intended.

  14. Jeppo is right, this does not bode well. This is the chamber pots of commerce at work. States are but incorporated business districts “open for business”. Seeing how my governor pimps my State pisses me off.
    I wonder, though, what percentage of these are returning back to the South?

  15. As Adam Smith wrote, the true wealth of a nation is the total of all the produce of society. From this produce, all members of society are fed, clothed, and supplied with the other nicities of life. Close to 50 percent of the population, based on my own acquaintances, work directly for local, state or federal government, so they are not “useful labor”, that is, they take their substanance from society’s produce, but don contribute themselves. Probably another 15 % work indirectly for government–contractors like Halyburton, L3, Lockheed Martin, etc.
    So my hat’s off to the other, obviously very productive 25%.

  16. @Stonelifter

    That’s actually in St. Clair Shores. I gotta imagine it beats being flooded by Mexicans though…

    Start learning Spanish, Stoney. Viva la Sur!

  17. Normally I am not a fan of Mr Rudel’s comments at the various places I’ve seen him, but his comment @1:10am was the hammer that hit my nail….

  18. Maybe I need to withdraw my previous comment. In the parts of the midwest I’m familiar with, the color of red is directly correlated to the number of niggers and bean niggers.

  19. Mr. Wallace, the South as you wish to rise cannot happen. You are ignoring the demographic realities. Niggers, lots of them. Mexicans, lots of them, and more and more. In fact Mexicans and Niggers produce more offspring than Whites an Mexicans produce more than Whites and Niggers combined.
    Your econmic stats are predicated on increased Third World immigration, which is the reason all those southern Republican Reps will join the Dems in voting for any immigration Law that will increase cheap Third World Labor. The result…a darker South.

  20. One thing I’d advise is to set up private security companies. That way, as I understand the law you can secure automatic weapons for the company… Hint hint. It’s also a way to formally train security teams and weed out unreliable or unstable elements. You need steady sane jobs worthy types who are basically on the same political page as you. Not total fanatics who’ll shit their pants.

  21. If Rudel’s predictions about urban disorder/Guard mobilization pan out the best thing patriots can do is sit out or support the Guard. Lots of good citizen-soldiers in the Guard…. lots of campuses and ghettos need to get shaken-up, we all know that.

    Imagine a straight Boy Scouts/Freikorps hybrid. That’s what this country needs.

  22. Tamer. The National Guard would be nationalized. Under the fist of a black president. Read Rudel’s actual post not the post you want to read. The National Guard will jut sit back and let the blacks rampage. Just as the cops do these days.

  23. Yours truly isn’t 100% Southern.

    I have a branch of my own family that came here from New York for military related reasons. I have cousins through my mothers side of the family in New York and Nevada.

  24. Intraregional migration doesn’t necessarily mean the transplants will stay Yankees. See the Okies who became Californians. The children of the transplants will intermarry and assimilate with the native White population.

  25. The number of blacks moving to the South, most of whom are professionals or retired public employees, is dwarfed by the number of Whites moving here. Even in the “Great Migration,” the number of Whites who left the South dwarfed the number of blacks.

  26. Anti-Whites, guess you’ll be fining 90% of the population then; since most whites are in fact anti-white.

  27. Yeah, OK. But this month the South needs to rise again to defeat the mass illegal alien amnesty.

    And if the South is going to be slaughtering hundreds of a thousands of a northern White people again, Southerners need to do something about South Carolina – Indian governor, Black GOP Senator, Queer RINO Senator leading the mass illegal alien amnesty.

  28. I can tell you by the dark blue spots on that map, it’s showing areas that are turning into metropolitan cesspools. It’s Agenda 21 areas. Oklahoma City is going to become an inner city ghetto with all the whites being pushed out of their “Heartland-type” safe city into the suburbs.

  29. Additionally, the small towns in Oklahoma have become so incredibly violent because of the influx of vile mud people, that it’s become one of the biggest states for home-schooling.

  30. Anti-Whites Are Evil,

    I agree that they have to be discouraged. I don’t know if that’s the tack to take with them. One thing yankees, lefties, and muds (black and brown- at least the pushy, defiant, racist kind) have in common is that they love a confrontation and thrive on it. They exploit kindness and politeness and can get very aggressive when it’s withdrawn or reserved. Some of them can’t *be* intimidated, so it’s easier to smooth them over and ease them out the door (then lock it, quick, behind them). Sometimes, it works just acting like they’re invisible.

    That aside, there are work-arounds for many situations (I am thinking of housing, specifically, and apartments, in particular. The same is true of employing them.) That wouldn’t be a concern if secession (or to some extent, nullification) happens. It’s passive-aggressive and a hassle, I guess, but worth it if it achieves the separation we want.
    It would be nice if it were merely “You can’t do that, here.”

    Texas has something of a California problem, but it’s not that bad- yet. My sister in Florida and a friend who moved from Plano to Wilmington, NC (both are very even tempered women) rant and rave constantly about the yankees, so I really hope it doesn’t get worse. Alabama is on the right track with the wetbacks.

  31. Proud Globalist Race Traitor says:
    February 1, 2013 at 4:13 am

    “Anti-Whites, guess you’ll be fining 90% of the population then; since most whites are in fact anti-white.”

    White people like to speed, some like to drink/do drugs and drive… When they behave like that, they are a danger to others. That is why we employ Policemen, to protect us all from the stupidity of our fellows.

    And besides, only a complete Moron would demand the right to be anti-White, in a Pro White country.

  32. Non-racists and racists each like to speed, some like to drink/do drugs and drive… When they behave like that, they are a danger to others. That is why we employ Policemen, to protect us all from the stupidity of our fellows. And besides, only a complete Moron would demand the right to be pro-White, in a multiculturalist, pro-equality, pro-freedom country.

  33. Maybe we can spare one county somewhere in the south or Mountain states, where all of the pro-white people can move to. Statistically, can anyone determine what might be the most conservative, most white and most racially aware county? Then we can predict how quickly it becomes a failed state with most people begging for their US citizenship back. The Neo-Nazis, Confederates, Linderites, Covingtonites, Christian Identity, aristocracy fetishists like Tamer, etc etc, will all have to share one country without a common enemy and not separated by the Internet.

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