Robert E. Lee Day 2013: Remembering Robert E. Lee


The title of this talk by Professor Gary Gallagher is “Robert E. Lee Confronts Defeat: Duty in the Wake of Appomattox.”

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71 Responses to Robert E. Lee Day 2013: Remembering Robert E. Lee

  1. John says:

    He said they were slow to anger but exceedingly avalanche-like once in motion. Brilliant insight but he clearly didn’t feel like taking up arms to stop them.

    Prophetic perhaps, but too old to take a side. I can’t blame an old man for backing out of the conflict though.

  2. John says:


    The correct form is “never slunk”…

    Grammar police!

  3. Rudel says:

    “The correct form is “never slunk”…

    Both The American Heritage and Merriam-Webster dictionaries permit “slinked” as an acceptable past participle to “slink.” “Slunk” jars the ears.

    As to your repeated scurrilous accusations that he never took a side in the matter: it is a well know historical fact that Sam Houston was a staunch Union man his entire life. You don’t know WTF you are talking about.

  4. Dixiegirl says:

    I’m trying to get all my history from southerners.

  5. I can’t help but notice how sad it is that we argue amongst ourselves as a mulatto is sworn in again before a crowd of feral negroes in DC.

  6. This is a niggerfuxated inauguration.

  7. John says:

    I didn’t dispute his Unionist sympathy. Though he couldn’t bring himself to shoot confederates either.

  8. John says:

    Originally I said he was a Southerner who was okay with abolition.

    Did he shoot at Union troops or Confederate troops to mark his loyalty to one cause or another? Once hostilities commenced he buggered off to a ranch.

  9. Hi John. I’m glad that you might win argument on the internet about Sam Houston as Barack Hussein Obama is talking about slave whippings and praising Lincoln. Beyonce is about to sing. This is high-mass for the freedom freaks. Even had a fat black woman talking about slavery. Newsflash: Obama says the struggle for equality is “neverending”.

    Some white Southern man with a funny name actually had some time at the mic. He talked about Alex Haley.

  10. John says:

    One more note for the inconsequential Rudel,

    You are some sort of German, from what I can tell…you should use the irregular verb endings, and resist linguistic standardization.

    Pretty soon the Webster will use stinged instead of Stung.

    Use the OED.

  11. John says:

    History has a nasty habit of repeating. Afterall the Jews were ejected by Edward I after 200 odd years of fiddling the exchequer.

    Things change rapidly.

  12. Apuleius says:

    We live amongst the delapidated remains of a Western Civilization built by Christian warriors, of which Robert E. Lee remains a last exemplar.

    The contrast between men like Lee and the phony deities of BRA (Lincoln, MLK, Obama) could not be more extreme. The sharp distinction between impeccable personal character and integrity alongside dignity and personal honor, as seen in Lee, and the self-serving, parasitic destruction wrought by the likes of the other three could not be more evident.

    BRA must erase the last remains of Robert E. Lee and his people.
    Or we must erase the last remains of BRA.
    White Southerners must choose between honor or continued corruption.
    Sooner or later.

    Deo Vindice

  13. Rudel says:

    “Originally I said he was a Southerner who was okay with abolition.”

    Yes you did and no he wasn’t. You ignorant oaf.

  14. John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia says:

    The sharp distinction between impeccable personal character and integrity alongside dignity and personal honor, as seen in Lee

    Whack, whack, whack.

  15. Proud Globalist Race Traitor says:

    Tamer, love that quote. “High mass for the freedom freaks.” And so it was; and I am glad to be one. You would do well to remember Mrs Evers’s prayer “be courageous but cautious”. As for other questions on this thread, I will get to them when i have more time to write.

  16. Whack, whack, whack.

    How old are you?

  17. John says:


    How is your pedantry working out for you?
    The man betrayed his local friends in essence.

  18. clayton mosby says:

    can we quit this fightin’over chicken shit? This is what they want from us!

  19. Joel Pennington says:

    Didn’t he lose? You don’t get holidays named after you for losing.

  20. KGeorge says:

    Hunter Wallace and Earl Butz,
    Thank you for both of these pieces. Belatedly, here is one for Y’All (and Palmetto Patriot and everyone else who holds General Lee in high esteem). I only found it today but thought that it’s a beautiful tribute.

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