Black Flash Mob Runs Wild at Mall of Louisiana


The recent Black Undertow flash mob that degenerated into a 200-person brawl at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge ties directly into the gun control debate between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan:

Note: There is a reason why those lunch counters were segregated.

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9 Responses to Black Flash Mob Runs Wild at Mall of Louisiana

  1. J Spruce says:

    Nig nog shouldn’t have guns. Spears and bows as far as their being advanced.

  2. Afterthought says:

    “Juveniles” is a more biological term than “youth”, as in “juvenile gorillas”.

    I remember my dad getting very upset when I got a C on a calculus test. There is no integration possible here, only partition.

  3. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

    Food court must have run out of chicken and waffles.

  4. Reynauld de Chatillon says:

    Juveniles….you mean niggers?

  5. J Spruce says:

    Afterthought says:
    Juveniles” is a more biological term than “youth”, as in “juvenile gorillas”.
    Gorillas and Chimpanzee do not interbreed and have retain their identity status for eons in the animal kingdom. Territorial mammals and affectionate to one another .

  6. K Norton says:

    Fuck you and this website, you racist degenerate.

  7. Wayne says:

    K Norton: What do you mean by “racist” and where is it written that it is either wrong or bad?

  8. Elizabeth Morgan says:

    K Norton: So,just like most (all) liberals,you view the truth as racist,hide behind political correctness,and pray at the altar of obama?

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