Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Show: “1776 Will Commence Again” If Guns Are Taken Away

New York

Here’s a standing ovation for Alex Jones:

Note: In the interview, Alex Jones mentions how Santa Anna sparked the Texas Revolution by attempting to confiscate guns from his ancestors.


  1. In the end, a law is a law if it is enforced

    A law is a law if it comes directly from God or a good Christian king acting as his vicar. Some people actually try to sound the trumpet of atheism by pointing out the instances God supports slavery in the Bible. Who does that fool but those that have already been increased in misguidance? To a man with faith that justifies slavery. Though they misuse scripture and persecute us, our enemies cannot but inadvertently help us so who will say they are undeserving of our prayers?

  2. TYFUD: Pure bullshit. As far as the Bible goes, it is quiet strange that, racism and slavery being such scourages and sins on mankind, neither made the top 10 “thou shalt nots”. Did the letter to Philemnon say “Don’t go back, stick it to da man!”?

    Every law which men like to pretend come from God and Godly kings fits perfectly into the regulations necessary for our ancestors to survive the Ice Ages. Deadly Winters, sir, required my ancestors to depend on one another. Adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, etc destroyed the cooperation of the small tribes that hunted and dwelt together. Homosexuality did not bring about children to carry on the tribe. Marriage and all it’s regulations arose as well. A woman and her children would not surive long without a man, and neither a man or woman would last long in old age without children to care for them.
    Of course, little or none of this applies to the equatorial peoples.

  3. Equatorial people developed genes of sloth. There was no sure, annual death (ie Winter) to force discipline, prudence and economy on the people. Marriage was not nearly as important, as women could feed herself and a few kids by gathering. Brains were not forced to learn to build shelter, warm clothing, and hunt in packs. That’s why equatorial people never advanced, explored, or did anything else besides hand-to-mouth existence. Once this concept is understood, then the world makes sense.

  4. TYFUB was just a sockmuppet. I’m on my phone and forgot to change my user details.

    Every law which men like to pretend come from God and Godly kings fits perfectly into the regulations necessary for our ancestors to survive the Ice Ages.

    Everyone’s ancestors survived the last ice-age. Though some environments were certainly more strenuous than others.

  5. “Rudel says:
    January 9, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    “A nice White Marine (“ex” does not matter)”

    As any of us will tell you, there are no ex-Marines, only former ones.
    Semper Fi.”

    I know. That young man does my heart very good. There must be others like him. God bless him.

  6. The current out of Africa theory suggests that no more that 200 individuals crossed from East Africa to Arabia and populated the rest of the world. This band of people were special. I reckon that they were making an escape from niggers. Even if they were brown themselves, they risked everything to travel over the water. It shouldnt be called Out Of Africa but the Great Escape Theory.


    Britain had a lower murder rate *before* guns were banned and it has *increased* since the first gun laws.

    The murder rate in Britain went down for 600+ years from 1300 AD to 1900 AD. It was only at the *minimum* point that gun laws started to come into force i.e. only when violence was at its *minimum* did Britain bring in gun laws.

    The murder rate in rate in Britain has *increased* since restrictive gun laws came into place (mainly through allowing immigration from populations with a higher crime rate).

  8. The most instructive thing about gun laws in the UK is the importation of blacks.

    However, in Ulster handgun permits are quite easy to get. Ulster remains an armed camp.

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