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  1. @jef

    Rifles and shotguns – no permit required, no registration

    Handguns – purchase permit or CPL required, no registration

  2. Hahaha. Nature has a way. White, normally peaceful, people on a rampage hit the target 95% of the time, Chimps seem to miss 95%. It’s the only thing that keeps the murder rates down. That disparity in lethality and good medics explains a lot.

  3. Last week, near where I live in the small town of Milan, Indiana, a roving gang of niggers from Cincinnati murdered a 68 year-old white woman, Nancy Hershman. The three blacks came into Indiana in search of a house to rob and kill the inhabitants. The gang consisted of two sixteen year-old black boys and a twenty-two year old black girl, Allison Moore, probably the leader of the pack. They shot to death the old woman, a friendly retired EMS.

    The reaction of the town, and it in Indiana, apparently a “stand alone” state concerning voting patterns as noticed by this website, the reaction of the people here is not encouraging regarding race. Everyone assumed the murderer would turn out to be either some local hoodlum(s) or a family member, and indeed a grandson, I heard, and an in-law were initially detained and questioned by the police. Stories were abundant; you heard everything. It was first said the woman was stabbed multiple twenty or thirty times. Then people were saying she was shot. Then it was her throat cut, and so the gossip went, all hearsay given the status of official reporting by the simple residents living here. As soon as the news broke of the arrests of the criminals, that they were from Colerain Township of Cincinnati, I knew it was probably niggers. About ten minutes research turned up a mugshot of Allison Moore. Later reports, including last night’s eleven o’clock news out of Cincinnati, included Moore’s mugshot.

    But as I said, the reaction of people around here has been something else. You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of such murders that has happened here over the last forty years or longer. The revelation the killers were a band of feral blacks out on a random hunt and winding up on a side street of sleepy Milan to carry out their inclinations has struck the residents here about the same way the recent election struck so many clueless conservatives. They refuse to believe the attack was what so many racialists are now familiar with: just another gang of feral blacks seeking out some white to attack, rob and kill. All sorts of conspiracy theories are now being floated to try to account for the niggers driving the forty or so miles to wind up at Hershman’s house to kill her. Yesterday, when I tried to talk to some people here about how common and typical the crime turned out to be, I met a firestorm of opposition. According to them, I must be stupid as hell; they had a bridge to sell me; I’m a dumb “college guy” who “doesn’t know the ‘real world’ and the kind of “stuff I read all the time” is “not reality, etc., etc. Everything I tried to tell them was shouted down. Moreover, the locals are now convinced the police are “lying” and “there must be far more to the story because you know three blacks just did not drive out here and go up to that house randomly. Now way.” But all reports indicate the Indiana State police detectives have concluded the gang of blacks came and chose Hershman’s house at random. There is nothing in any of the reports as far as I can tell that is anything but standard in these cases and even most murders in general. They initially detained and investigated relatives and any locals that might have had reason to be involved, and discarded these. And evidently there must have been evidence left behind at the house to indicate the killers were from where they turned out to be from, since apparently the Ohio police must have been alerted and been working on the case too from the start, as reported in the reports on the arrests. In other words, I don’t see anything but what the police investigation has revealed. They seem to have done a good job and did it quickly. But that, too, is being heavily criticized by most people here. A week was too long, apparently. The police should have said something the first hour, something to “help protect” the people, whatever that means, but I have heard it continuously from nearly everybody. Which is another thing I tried in vain to point out–that the police’s job is not to protect people but to investigate and collect evidence. But the people here think the police should have immediately released every detail of evidence and their investigation to the public. When I tried to tell people that the police usually hold back from the public certain information and evidence in murder cases, I was once again set upon as some kind of weirdo and fool who doesn’t know anything, lol.

    But it doesn’t look like the people here are too receptive to the fact that feral blacks are now coming across the state line to kill and rob at random. They don’t want to hear that. They seem to instead prefer inventing more gossip about some kind of elaborate conspiracy, and to listen to first one person and then another’s third or forth hand “facts” about whether the woman was shot or her throat cut. Any police report is ridiculed and dismissed in favor of what someone heard while out grocery shopping.

    Here is a couple of news reports on the crime:



  4. UPDATE: Michigan no longer requires a handgun purchase permit, if you are buying from an FFL dealer. Dick Snyder signed it into law this past December. Go figure.

  5. People will do anything to preserve the illusion of security. No amount of cognitive dissonance is too great. If they actually acknowledge what happened, their illusions would vanish and they might have to jeopardize their status in the community by actually doing something about it.

    Better to run away and hide or invent elaborate conspiracy theories. Even better is to demonize and discredit anyone who does speak the truth. Most people are sheep at heart. That is why good leadership (sheepdogs) is necessary for a stable society and why democracy (a nation of sheep) inevitably destroys itself.

    Sheeple is not really so much as perjorative as it is a bald statement of fact regarding human behavior. The herd instinct. Thank God for the sheepdogs among us.


    Deo Vindice

  6. Brutus,

    Look upon it as an opportunity to convert a few people.

    This sort of “random” stuff is common enough with the vibrant future astronauts.
    Much the same thing happened with Amanda Knox. A dumb nigger killed a mixed race girl and the prosecutor had to pin it on a terrified yank and her boyfriend.

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