SNN on Thom Hartmann Radio Show

South Carolina


Comrades Palmetto Patriot and Matthew Heimbach will be appearing on the Thom Hartmann radio show tomorrow at 5 PM EST to discuss secession and Southern Nationalism:

Note: Vox appeared on the show earlier today and made a solid case for secession.


  1. This secessionist talk is Completely Absurd! Expecting FEDGOV to let you leave their Deathgrip of Taxes and Exploitation is as ridiculous as expecting n**** to voluntarily give up welfare payments and affirmative actions!

    They won’t agree willingly! You have to BURN A LEECH off! You can’t talk a Leech out of SUCKING YOUR BLOOD!

  2. I last 3 seconds on that. If this guy really believed in “self-determination for all people,” (lol)—- then what part of the constitution’s preamble FOR US AND OUR POSTERITY did he not understand?

    Posterity is ethnic. NYC, where he says he is speaking from, is 4% Northwest Euro Protestant, i.e. only houses 4% of “our posterity.” Now, 4% surrounded by foreigners does not feel free to grow it’s own culture… CANNOT SURVIVE in other words.

    OUR POSTERITY has nowhere in what was its own country to live.

    So, where’s “self-determination” for them???????

    Surrounded by 94% foreigners is not “self-determination.” Self-determination is impossible at these numbers. PTB know it, why doesn’t this guy?

    Oh… right… he’s “white like me.” So many people…. “white like me!”

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